Vivinko Pisar
Vivinko Pisar 17 tundi tagasi
Anomaly: That's Slovanian flag. People from Slovakia: Am I a joke to you?
Disrespect fuckboi
Disrespect fuckboi 17 tundi tagasi
Blaster maniac
Blaster maniac 17 tundi tagasi
Adrian Sumega
Adrian Sumega 17 tundi tagasi
I got insta tilted for Like 5 sec when he siad "slovenia" 🤣
David Slokar
David Slokar 17 tundi tagasi
How much was the total cost
Winke 17 tundi tagasi
Lutz Bálint
Lutz Bálint 17 tundi tagasi
this room probably smells like beer shit and mold
Peder Frostad Lyngvær
Peder Frostad Lyngvær 17 tundi tagasi
Its to funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
EternalBroGamer 17 tundi tagasi
I activate King Crimson every time I hear anomaly say "before the video starts"
cesnakova bagetka
cesnakova bagetka 18 tundi tagasi
Why slovakia flag
B1TE 18 tundi tagasi
Does the clothing anomaly wears remind me of something?
Retro 18 tundi tagasi
He could've shortened this video so much by saying I don't like action movies or comedy well well content
Finn 18 tundi tagasi
2:04 and anomaly is the asperger king
Daniel Zx0
Daniel Zx0 18 tundi tagasi
alternative title : swedish men spray beer at each other while giggling
Nexus //
Nexus // 18 tundi tagasi
2:15 Hello from Slovakia <3
Dontshutmeup 18 tundi tagasi
I am deeply insulted that papa did not like delirium tremens
Sniper King of the snipers
Sniper King of the snipers 18 tundi tagasi
Very beer
MrUD1X 18 tundi tagasi
In Poland we have beer called HALNE and this beer have few classes of strong, HALNE has 6% or a bit over it, HALNE MOCNE (=strong) has 7% and finall HALNE MEGA MOCNE (=mega/very strong) which has 10%. From time to time you are able to find the beer which contains from 12 to even 17% of alcohol, so if you will be in Poland you must to buy beer and make video with the similar topic :D
Kristián kinor
Kristián kinor 18 tundi tagasi
Nice toothbrush
Dávid Havran
Dávid Havran 18 tundi tagasi
Greetings from Slovakia.
mohamed zain
mohamed zain 18 tundi tagasi
bruh in Egypt we got 20 percent beer
Tuur Carmen
Tuur Carmen 18 tundi tagasi
As a Belgian I'm deeply offended. great vid.
AsianSheikh2004 18 tundi tagasi
Chris ;)
Maximus Stemberger
Maximus Stemberger 18 tundi tagasi
Eyoo. Whoa. Hey. Slovenia you say? SLOVENIA?!!!!?!?!? That is the Slovakian flag. Not the SLOVENIAN flag. 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮 🇸🇮 ≠ 🇸🇰
Senpaj Penpaj
Senpaj Penpaj 18 tundi tagasi
after watching this video i went to grab myself a beer
PepeGamer2295 18 tundi tagasi
Ahhh I wish I could afford all three of thoose plushies
Damian Wasielewski
Damian Wasielewski 18 tundi tagasi
In Poland we have beer with 13%
Ali Olcay
Ali Olcay 18 tundi tagasi
ohav noy
ohav noy 18 tundi tagasi
your plashi 1 foot its a really big foot men (i mean you fat )
AXE 斧頭
AXE 斧頭 18 tundi tagasi
do ipa video only and rate them
R.a.g.e 18 tundi tagasi
Theres polish legendary beer, called "harnaś". It only has 6%, but it is extreamly easy to get drunk. Its really cheap like 2pln so about 0.50€ and it is "lager". I recommend you to buy this beer for Papa. Its painful to see top grade connoisseur, not trying this legendary drink, thats part of polish cuisine.
3xrd 18 tundi tagasi
Papa really has to visit a drink store in germany. He would be in heaven
Branislav Lacuška
Branislav Lacuška 18 tundi tagasi
Lol hello from slovakia, btw nice flag xd
AroloxX Gaming
AroloxX Gaming 18 tundi tagasi
I love how he's calling people making their day :)
Leo Bremer
Leo Bremer 18 tundi tagasi
HereCome DatNoob
HereCome DatNoob 19 tundi tagasi
I hope papa has a long life ahead of him, I hate to see the day that you upload saying hes gone😢
PepeGamer2295 19 tundi tagasi
12:00. 13:23. are the best ones
TheWehzy 19 tundi tagasi
night_fury_123 19 tundi tagasi
Can you do try not to laugh
Maria Simonsen
Maria Simonsen 19 tundi tagasi
Drizpy 19 tundi tagasi
Pipaho 19 tundi tagasi
Papa drinking was funny but you’re milking that joke too much... You took him out of his job because it had a health hasard and now you’re making him drink like wtf. Comment from an old ass fan, you’re funny without making papa drunk.
night_fury_123 19 tundi tagasi
If you dont do anymore then i will cry
Daniel K.
Daniel K. 19 tundi tagasi
2:14 my country!
Nythand 19 tundi tagasi
Gizzards are very popular in southern United States, my father ate a ton as a child and he continues to eat them, its a very poor person food, very cheap, high in nutritional value, and you have to grow a taste for them, i still to this day hate them, Hope someone enjoyed learning this fun fact.
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here
Hey Vsauce Robbery Here 19 tundi tagasi
I wonder who cleans it all up
Jordan Jimenez
Jordan Jimenez 20 tundi tagasi
I cant start to imagine the smell inside that fucking room. The carpet full of beer and all kind of liquid and other shit man it must smell
Gigi Gigel100
Gigi Gigel100 20 tundi tagasi
Marcus Frank Vieira Vieira
Marcus Frank Vieira Vieira 20 tundi tagasi
Nononono 6:54😂🤣
Dillmations 0o0
Dillmations 0o0 20 tundi tagasi
eating baba ganoush for 24 hours. do it now.
SomLord 20 tundi tagasi
Thanos did the dirty on papa @anomaly
-Swedude- 20 tundi tagasi
uUUhhh vidrigt :D
Алихан Нурмуханбетов
Алихан Нурмуханбетов 20 tundi tagasi
TSG Sweki
TSG Sweki 20 tundi tagasi
i want to buy some of the youtooz but my parents say no:(
zed xd
zed xd 20 tundi tagasi
Power brink
Power brink 20 tundi tagasi
Anomaly, IPA maximus 8,2 istället för den andra är så mycket bättre ❤️ så enkel att dricka att du säkert får i din far ett par utan problem!
Tgbs 20 tundi tagasi
aNomaLy say: run car snow pen hehe you know what it means ;)
seppy 20 tundi tagasi
why does these plushies got assholes in midle?
NunuNice 20 tundi tagasi
Hentaii CrasherWolf
Hentaii CrasherWolf 20 tundi tagasi
Can we get a link where we can order it too?
Jesper Thureson
Jesper Thureson 20 tundi tagasi
08:28 when the autism kicks in
Shrederz 20 tundi tagasi
9:00 hahahahha
danny haytov
danny haytov 20 tundi tagasi
im form bulgaria лайно
Michal Gasparik
Michal Gasparik 21 tund tagasi
The Slovak flag just makes me happy 😏
Accio 21 tund tagasi
POV: Anomaly 30 year old virgin lives with parents and makes videos for living
Dezo Poliko
Dezo Poliko 21 tund tagasi
Am i the only one who feels sad when he throws the beer on papanomaly?
Adam Pelach
Adam Pelach 21 tund tagasi
Tf that slovak flag xddd
Andrew Kane
Andrew Kane 21 tund tagasi
You kicked our national cakes 😡😡
EDDY_ PLAYS 21 tund tagasi
7:50 Anomaly is the Ocean Star
Kiro Fox
Kiro Fox 21 tund tagasi
Hey! Let him take a bath in licorice! x'3 That will brainwash him ^^
minkyho kanál
minkyho kanál 21 tund tagasi
The dislikes are from my slovakian neighbours🇨🇿🇨🇿
aWes_CMBF 21 tund tagasi
Anomaly 10.5 omg it’s strong boy yeeeyy Me who drank Absinthe ._.
SnOpeK Domowei
SnOpeK Domowei 21 tund tagasi
recording + editing: 1 hour cleanup: 12 hours
spineksas1337 21 tund tagasi
Swedish big boy putting his step dad in alcoholism oh man
Nikola Vulić
Nikola Vulić 21 tund tagasi
third flag dont exist
Nikola Vulić
Nikola Vulić 21 tund tagasi
12.23 how he said that
MoT0R He4D
MoT0R He4D 21 tund tagasi
It's good Anamoly doesn't drink. These antics at party would end with an ass whooping
Suáve -
Suáve - 21 tund tagasi
His dad is slowly turning into Gandalf.
Onefull 21 tund tagasi
and you didn't even try a tripel Karmeliet
malucc0 bz
malucc0 bz 21 tund tagasi
Where is the Mamanonaly?