Bill H
Bill H 6 tundi tagasi
I'd chuck a fiver in the pot to enable the landlord to bring a legal case against the bully mad handling him - anyone else?
Aries37 6 tundi tagasi
No one in this entire world ever saw a hurricane or typhoon before Mitzi Jonelle's was born. These people are so FULL OF THEMSELVES.
Maurice M.
Maurice M. 6 tundi tagasi
Like 99% of the cops out there. Great job! My deepest respect for all officers risking their lives every day to protect and serve the public!
NyahsMom26 7 tundi tagasi
RIP Saint "Lil Homicide". U really "lived" up to your name....
Michael Field
Michael Field 7 tundi tagasi
A trade deal won out over safety, but they lost both safety and a trade deal.
NyahsMom26 7 tundi tagasi
I think they think a slight British accent makes this nonsense more believable..... SMH
Joy Mangalath
Joy Mangalath 7 tundi tagasi
Dubo aur maro ...religion is a curse to this country
Raj 7 tundi tagasi
Sue the basterds, that's all they want us all to do, feel like sheep, lets all take an emergency approval of a new Tech MRNA vaccine that tells your own cells to make covid,
MR .TEA. 7 tundi tagasi
Want to open new coal mine in the uk whilst touting climate change convention.
paul j73
paul j73 7 tundi tagasi
Should ban all psychopath politicians from pubs.
STAG 7 tundi tagasi
How he didn't knee that goone in 5ne balls is beyond me. I would not have had the restraint.
Emma Jones
Emma Jones 7 tundi tagasi
Love it. What a guy.
Paradox Pete
Paradox Pete 7 tundi tagasi
We will find out the hard way too in the UK unless Johnson gets his finger out!
Wa ge
Wa ge 7 tundi tagasi
Bill Gates' America's biggest land owner.
Amrit Pal Singh
Amrit Pal Singh 7 tundi tagasi
When they say gender pay gap. How many genders they are speaking. Gender is a state of mind they say no?
Lost in translation say it again.
Lost in translation say it again. 7 tundi tagasi
Heil! Ze Vun Vorld Order.
SHASHI STUDY POINT 7 tundi tagasi
America hmesha se matlabi raha h modi ko samghna chahiye hmara achha mira America nhi Russia hai
dave oneil
dave oneil 7 tundi tagasi
No surprise there then. The government should be ashamed of what they are doing to their citizens. I support civil war and overrun of government etc
SHASHI STUDY POINT 7 tundi tagasi
America not giving ingrediants material to india this is totally unacceptable #BIDEN HAS NO MERCY
SuperSnotgun 7 tundi tagasi
Islam backwards dangerous ideology cult
David Green
David Green 7 tundi tagasi
MORE lefty MSM propaganda
elaine foster
elaine foster 7 tundi tagasi
its about time the guv did some think about it they post to have a jab done now they are loosing there love one i feel so sorry for all of them its heart breaking blame china or some one do some think about it or they will loose more pepple
venomtail1 7 tundi tagasi
One more reason to go nuclear