pida siouy
pida siouy 17 tundi tagasi
OMG, hole 2 Uli:; "Even Calvin's mad at Paul ..." I had to stop the video for a minute I was laughing so hard!
Cody Park
Cody Park 17 tundi tagasi
What’s the blur on 17 tee? Lol
Uchiha 17 tundi tagasi
Once Brody gets comfy and gets everything good. I swear he’s gonna be the hardest thrower or most distance in disc golf history it’s a fact.the dude can throw a fucking regular frisbee 160yards.... lol js a average person can throw 30 yards on a good not windy day lol
Mr H
Mr H 18 tundi tagasi
When someone is up for a shot could you move their scorecard on bottom up slightly? There's only 4 names so it would make it much easier to follow.
Jonathon Roe
Jonathon Roe 18 tundi tagasi
Scrilla's Reviews
Scrilla's Reviews 19 tundi tagasi
What shoes does Eagle have on in this vid?
Nicolas 19 tundi tagasi
28:46 holy smokes that is insane. How high he hit that tree, where Calvins drive after him just came to a gound stop
Randall Kornholio
Randall Kornholio 19 tundi tagasi
Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? 30:10
Kyle Wollman
Kyle Wollman 20 tundi tagasi
stu dro
stu dro 20 tundi tagasi
Chanley wears mask in the fresh air..lol
Hamann Cheese
Hamann Cheese 20 tundi tagasi
Did Oakley just quote Biggs before he got blown up? Lol
James Reavis jr
James Reavis jr 21 tund tagasi
These videos are the comic relief I need during work
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 21 tund tagasi
Best sat morning routine. Cup of coffee and Jomez!
Friendly Player
Friendly Player 22 tundi tagasi
Damn i felt bad for eagle. And mcbeth on that first hole :D
Thomas Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson 23 tundi tagasi
I originally saw this video not too long after it came out while I was just bored and surfing EEexs. I’d never watched any disc golf before in my life. Now, I love to play disc golf whenever I can and I watch Jomez’s coverage of every tournament. Thank you Jomez for introducing me to such a great sport!
shani yan
shani yan Päev tagasi
Wow, that final round coverage is going to be lit.
Maxie1337 Päev tagasi
As a beatboxing disc golfer, I was very confused to hear Big Jerm randomly talk about NaPoM and beatboxing, I thought I had another tab open or something haha
Savage Titan
Savage Titan Päev tagasi
Dang, they are having a really rough round at five under when my best is nine over
Tim Go THROW Päev tagasi
I am a little disappointed. No caption. There a lot of deaf disc golfer out there who want to watch this. Especially myself, It is hard to see what the dice say.
Ryan Vanderburg
Ryan Vanderburg 23 tundi tagasi
Great suggestion! I'll consider that next time we do this. Thank you!
mrromantimothy Päev tagasi
This isn't a changing of the guard, but you can see it on the horizon Paul is having to deal with all these young Lions coming up he needs to just be himself and he'll be all right ,he's pressing a little too hard,These are four of the most fundamentally sound backhanders on the planet, they all have their own unique thing going on, which isn't a bad thing , eagle looks like a cannon when he throws, notice how their feet are at the 10 and 4 position of a clock at their release point off the T calvin's putting is perfect, he's got the release point and everything where he can be consistent with it. If you could draw an imaginary line between the center of your body and what your aiming at you can see that players who putt like Paul Ulibarry those players are standing on a tightrope when they putt and they have the crappy balance that a person would have, if Uli would rotate his feet 10 degrees counterclockwise putting , his front foot to the left and his rear foot to the right of the imaginary line , he could control not only his Left Right aim, his balance point also, keeping it in the center of his body. he would still start his putt off his back leg and he could even keep his lift leg flare follow through , a good follow through is important anytime you throw a disc, doing this would give him more consistency,with his putting game , he has everything else. Of course this is all just my opinions but yeah what have you got to lose Paul? try it
Seth Heasley
Seth Heasley Päev tagasi
The real round I want to see is the Zero Routine round. So no stepping up to the front of the box and visualizing, just grip it and rip it. No 20 seconds of prep on a putt, just toe the line and let it fly.
Buttor Max
Buttor Max Päev tagasi
Hole in one 17:04 Thank me later
Seth Heasley
Seth Heasley Päev tagasi
It's fun seeing these guys without their Game Faces on. Dickerson seems way more chill than he does during tournaments.
Gary Blagdon
Gary Blagdon Päev tagasi
Chris threw flat turn overs, not anhyzers on his first two shots on hole 2. More noticeable on his second throw though.
Cameron Zalewski
Cameron Zalewski Päev tagasi
Someone start a GoFundMe to get Jerm a new polecat
Andres Ascencio
Andres Ascencio Päev tagasi
We need more eagle, Dickerson and Eric content . This is gold .
Stu Dunn
Stu Dunn Päev tagasi
Someone get on that gif from 7:40
ReluctantAardvark Päev tagasi
Not disc dice........…!
forrestisnt Päev tagasi
Uh. My hyzers go left. I need more practice.
KreppelSeppel Päev tagasi
Eagle: "You should be sad when other people are throwing bad shots." :)
agnaeus Päev tagasi
why are the drone shots of the holes 30 sec long? and par 4 they are like 50sec? can it be faster hello
Brayden Spann
Brayden Spann Päev tagasi
12:40 when they shoot better than you probably would normally
werigubskdjgb Päev tagasi
Anyone but me vibing to this theme?
Hucksty Päev tagasi
my face hurts! not laughed so much for ages!
jed glass
jed glass Päev tagasi
These baskets are poorly designed! So many slip-throughs. Painful to see.
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Päev tagasi
Jerm once again with maths 32:00. 'We've gone 53 holes'.... Errr did you skip a hole Jerm?
HelariApina Päev tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks roller on the first hole makes kinda sense. Those fences stop your disc pretty close to the basket :D
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Päev tagasi
Best sat morning routine. Cup of coffee and Jomez!
Päev tagasi
Lmao Paul tries way too hard to lower his voice for his little intro vid, maybe try that hard on providing insight in your commentary instead of just sounding like a dumb stoner
Päev tagasi
0:41 wtf..?
Flip Flat
Flip Flat Päev tagasi
I didn't know Ricky can throw 700 feet, i thought he was topping of at 550 or so. I feel like i throw far, but i would need 2 two throws to land next to his drive. 😒
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Päev tagasi
Calvin looks like he's celebrating 4/20 early in that thumbnail
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Päev tagasi
It's fun watching Ricky make ALL the shots. It's obvious he's working hard to be so good. Good for him.
Knorr Stockpot
Knorr Stockpot Päev tagasi
Very professional 😑
Jason Clemente
Jason Clemente Päev tagasi
wow, outstanding!
PorkySage Päev tagasi
Jump cuts don't work with VO. Hearing the Bushnell ad make me uncomfortable
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon Päev tagasi
Calvin look like he from the hood. Every time he on the tee he check his left before he do anything😂
Disc Chuckers Anonymous
Disc Chuckers Anonymous Päev tagasi
Kyle Rodriguez
Kyle Rodriguez Päev tagasi
This was very entertaining... I’d love to see Simon, uli, Brody, oakley... 4 entertaining guys... would make for the funniest round!
Nick Evans
Nick Evans Päev tagasi
Why are we still watching DGPT promos from last year?
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Päev tagasi
gamergoohoo Päev tagasi
Eric Oakley and Eagle are hilarious together
Zach Brennan
Zach Brennan Päev tagasi
I came here to watch Eagle throw grenades
Charles J Gartner
Charles J Gartner Päev tagasi
why is the thumbnail of this a shot of some guy shooting in crazy rain?? Clickbait??? Well, I kinda clicked on this to see a match where maybe it started raining but they kept going. So, ya, kinda the definition of clickbait.
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith Päev tagasi
*pidder padder lets skiddadle*
Will Helms
Will Helms Päev tagasi
Hi, yes. I’ll take Calvin mix’s up every week please.
Wide Right
Wide Right Päev tagasi
Thomas Gilbert is in every frickin video and I absolutely love it
John Hall
John Hall Päev tagasi
Loved this. So great to see top-level pros having fun!
John Hall
John Hall Päev tagasi
I've got to say, I've never seen Chris D in this kind of footage. I love it! In tourney coverage, he's all biz, Robot Chicken. Here, he's cutting up. Excellent stuff. Eagle's usually funny, good here. EO seems like a pal. Unsure who the 4th is, but good, too! This post is after 2 holes. Scores remind me of what I'd probably shot on a good day.
G Stat
G Stat Päev tagasi
Was this from a while back!? Confused why yall Are back at waco
Jack Lonnquist
Jack Lonnquist Päev tagasi
Thomas Gilbert is the hotdog bandit
Ryen Brousseau
Ryen Brousseau Päev tagasi
Why is Ricky running after hole 15- are they trying to beat the wind ?
djjolly 037
djjolly 037 Päev tagasi
Omg the tilt as a wildcard is genius
Delaney Sowards
Delaney Sowards Päev tagasi
Please do more things like this this! 👍
TheWrongPerson Päev tagasi
Chris Dickerson has to be one of the most enjoyable people to have on a razz round. Love it!
Mark Humes
Mark Humes Päev tagasi
Fantastic work jomez. Hope to see more of these in the future!
Daniel Chatham
Daniel Chatham Päev tagasi
9:56 Eagle: for me it’s under-stable. Everyone else: ...
Russell Sullivan
Russell Sullivan Päev tagasi
Ricky for president 2024
Thinh Ho
Thinh Ho Päev tagasi
They really just hit us with a triple ad?? Sneaky guys
David Goh
David Goh Päev tagasi
1:09 is that a sneaky Brodie Smith cameo I see
Casey smith
Casey smith Päev tagasi
So then Ricky Wysocki could beat the old forehand record set by Scott Stokely in 1999, I think that is still the record but I am not 100%.
ronburn Päev tagasi
Have an ultimate disc as a wildcard or throw something different like a football or softball.
whatsfordinner Päev tagasi
can someone explain how come there's only 4 guys in the final? How does the tournament match up work?
customind1 Päev tagasi
McMahon just getting hated on by Yellow-Shorts the whole round. Game play was well entertaining. Thank you
war.on. buffets
war.on. buffets Päev tagasi
Now that is prime time Uli