Our Stalker Texted Us...
Someone Predicted Her Birth...
An Undercover Officer Contacted Us...
[Trailer] Someone Contacted Us...
[Trailer] Tomorrow we call him...
We're Being Followed....
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I Never Meant For You To See This...
I Found Out How He Did It!
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Coming Soon...We Put Our Plan in Action
Alexander Bankert
Alexander Bankert 15 tundi tagasi
It sounds like that they we’re amputating someone
BadSamajama 15 tundi tagasi
It sounds like a heart monitor
Attempts To Draw
Attempts To Draw 15 tundi tagasi
Theroy: maybe Nelson’s son was taking “life’s blood” and about died, that explains the heart monitor beeping faster and faster, and his kid saying, “I wanna go home” and the hospital intercom calling for Nelson Syphus.
Max Ellarby
Max Ellarby 15 tundi tagasi
I never fort this was made but but now I know there no way that this could be made up at all it's to sick
lil Jathan
lil Jathan 15 tundi tagasi
Realizing for the first time in this whole series that in the beginning they say it’s for entertainment only
Kelly Mccarley
Kelly Mccarley 15 tundi tagasi
Matt said he hates other Tesla drivers. But his dad drives a Tesla.
Bradley Jachimek
Bradley Jachimek 15 tundi tagasi
Why not Texas
KittyyKhaosGaming 15 tundi tagasi
"Not texas. Its too hot." Well not lately. Lmao
I eat homophobes for breakfast
I eat homophobes for breakfast 15 tundi tagasi
Y'all what if "D" was married to Syphus and she is trynna expose him cause something went wrong with their kid
Milo Buell
Milo Buell 15 tundi tagasi
You did such a good job faking this
Kylie Baughman
Kylie Baughman 15 tundi tagasi
My behind the scenes link doesn't work :(
I’m HAPPY inside. G
I’m HAPPY inside. G 15 tundi tagasi
play it backwards it’s probably a 2 way tape
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 15 tundi tagasi
Is woods not a stoner?! I could’ve sworn that I would’ve seen a bong in his room lol
Azryo Is Santa
Azryo Is Santa 15 tundi tagasi
All I am going to say is they are in a warehouses and it is a big tractor or truck backing up.
eman21 15 tundi tagasi
What if inserting the key set off a GPS ping because he wants the car back and needs to know where it is
Captain Beast
Captain Beast 15 tundi tagasi
Idc if this is staged or not, this is just weird, even with the recording it sounds like a female screaming when there seems to be a drill sound, even when the male yelled I want to go home, that is just crazy, I can't imagine what even happened, the sounds, the screams, the voices, the setting that's seems to be a warehouse, I just seems to real, even though most of this may be staged, it's just weird, but theory, that man who was yelling may have been the young Nelson Syphus who several years later was at one point the boss and leader of Syntec because if they called his name over the radio, wouldn't it make sense that they called him as a test experiment for Syntec, and the female, Syphus did say -D was a female, what if that female scream was -D this all adds up, I mean to me it does, the fact they called Nelson Syphus, and that there was a female scream at the end who most likely could have been -D
Super openings
Super openings 15 tundi tagasi
Def clear up and separate the audio
Wade Brennan-Millar
Wade Brennan-Millar 15 tundi tagasi
Anyone else read the bottom of the description but still continuing to watch?
Amber B
Amber B 15 tundi tagasi
Check the other side of the tape
Sara Gulden
Sara Gulden 15 tundi tagasi
What if D was syphus's wife also the sounds make it sound like it was a hospital. Like one of the makeshift ones with just curtains in between each room
Tairak 15 tundi tagasi
And all of that sound recording has to have happened in the rooms they work in everyday...
B.A gaming
B.A gaming 15 tundi tagasi
Matthias try playing the other side of the tape it might play something else I am young but I know a little about cassettes so try it
Mikalynn Rodriguez
Mikalynn Rodriguez 15 tundi tagasi
I live in Texas 👁💧👄👁
Popperfis 15 tundi tagasi
Every matthias video feels like it's scripted (maybe it is maybe not) but it does because of the camera. It's just so smooth and people are sometimes if not all thetime ignoring it.
Benjamin Headley
Benjamin Headley 15 tundi tagasi
To be fair there's a red mountaineer that comes to my school everyday so...
Ruby Diaz
Ruby Diaz 15 tundi tagasi
The person Said that let me out I wanna go home
Jpod123 GG
Jpod123 GG 15 tundi tagasi
Can we just get like a video of just the tape so we can just hear try to break it down so we can hear it better with out you guys talk sorry if that part sound rude
IJpandaman31 15 tundi tagasi
Woods: all kids have cavities Me: I am a adult and have never had a cavity
ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ :ᴏ
ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ :ᴏ 15 tundi tagasi
Asian Adventures
Asian Adventures 15 tundi tagasi
With cassette tapes usually if you flip it around and put it in there might be more to here
Wilyum Martinez
Wilyum Martinez 15 tundi tagasi
And to keep The sound is the guy being electrified
Backgirls 34
Backgirls 34 15 tundi tagasi
Hey the beeping cold be a heartbeat sensor I mean they do expiremnets so it makes sence to monitor heartbeats
Lps Moonlight
Lps Moonlight 15 tundi tagasi
When Matt said not Texas it’s to hot i was like boi Texas just had a snow storm
The [REDACTED] 15 tundi tagasi
They test ██████ █████ on them. ████
ARES 15 tundi tagasi
Ok when I heard that tape the first thing I thought of was SCP Foundation
E P 15 tundi tagasi
play real life among us in your studio, it would be awsome if so
Lynae Lau
Lynae Lau 15 tundi tagasi
The beeping is if it's at a hospital and maybe it's one of the experiments they were doing it the patient
Ryan Brungardt
Ryan Brungardt 15 tundi tagasi
Now he’s gonna get pissed that you broke his car😂
Graham Kent
Graham Kent 15 tundi tagasi
this is like a scooby do episode
ll Trapz ll
ll Trapz ll 15 tundi tagasi
Matt with bald hair looks like a gym teacher lol
Jonny 15 tundi tagasi
Ok... Crazy thought here but what if Nelson Syphus was in an insane asylum? What if he is the one you hear scream?
Rise_Vision _YT
Rise_Vision _YT 15 tundi tagasi
Idek what this is but at 35:20 this is like a scp thing and the guy screaming is a D-Class which is an experimental inmate.
Master Carson
Master Carson 15 tundi tagasi
I just realized that them finding the box means they fofilled his request which the Apple 2 said not to do!😬
K Saidat
K Saidat 15 tundi tagasi
That's not good....
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 15 tundi tagasi
Ah hem 7 digit code to the vault just saying
daniel serna
daniel serna 15 tundi tagasi
What if syphus was betrayed by his partner, and he's trying to get evidence to get out
Samline092 15 tundi tagasi
Lil_ diyon
Lil_ diyon 15 tundi tagasi
Matt: He wants us to find something Sam:So he wants us to find something
Samuel Reeves
Samuel Reeves 15 tundi tagasi
Remember the pegasus drawing with the van? I bet the cars were for that. Edit: And he needs Life's blood for something
Liana Zalyashko
Liana Zalyashko 15 tundi tagasi
🤢I’m feeling queezy just by listening and by reading the comment s . sry Matthias, I think I’ll just relax for a few day s and that means to not watch your videos because it is upsettingto me
James thomason
James thomason 15 tundi tagasi
Creepy as heck
The One1465
The One1465 15 tundi tagasi
24:50 I thought my iPad died oof.
Ameer McCrary
Ameer McCrary 15 tundi tagasi
Syntec is doing illegal expiraments on people and killing them
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline 15 tundi tagasi
C'mon people, Y'all missed the best part. Start -> 16:28... I'm dying... Woods' response.
Daisy Alvarez
Daisy Alvarez 15 tundi tagasi
It could be like a heart beat bc on the past videos it said he did do like experiment and maybe that in the glass is blood of those people im just saying
Anne Leclair
Anne Leclair 15 tundi tagasi
I don’t know why but hearing the heart monitor made me wanna cry, anyone else or just me?
mobile gaming
mobile gaming 15 tundi tagasi
3:55 I Am Rolling On The Floor Lol
Hailstorm 03
Hailstorm 03 15 tundi tagasi
Let’s be honest we all wanted them to do the candy challenge
alex fumero
alex fumero 15 tundi tagasi
Woods little catch though 😊
Pansexualien Mikki
Pansexualien Mikki 15 tundi tagasi
omg I cried....
Pansexualien Mikki
Pansexualien Mikki 15 tundi tagasi
like hospitals.
Pansexualien Mikki
Pansexualien Mikki 15 tundi tagasi
anything medical triggers me
Crispy Cookies
Crispy Cookies 15 tundi tagasi
Cranked Connor
Cranked Connor 15 tundi tagasi
I have done some deep deep digging and have found out that DR. Nelson Syphus was an employee at syntech weather this whole thing has been staged witch I don’t believe it has I can confirm that DR. Nelson Syphus was a co owner
TTV ceo0217
TTV ceo0217 15 tundi tagasi
1 i live in texas so im a little offended 2 its freezing in texas or at least where i am in texas
Hangin’ with Nick
Hangin’ with Nick 15 tundi tagasi
Let us hear the woods things
Kaitlyn Gomez
Kaitlyn Gomez 15 tundi tagasi
Hearing “I wanna go home” I am tearing up omg That is terrifying
Cheez-Its Christ
Cheez-Its Christ 15 tundi tagasi
So does this mean we’re never going to hear Wood’s monster tape
Kristy Therrien
Kristy Therrien 15 tundi tagasi
Flip the tape over .....
T2 Slipstream
T2 Slipstream 15 tundi tagasi
Nope scratch that. After hearing that I don't wanna read a book about that
jason lane
jason lane 15 tundi tagasi
the tape is a recording of one of the rooms they had the beeping is the pulse monitor. its one of their test subjects
Ty Reinders
Ty Reinders 15 tundi tagasi
Or friends.
Cyanide And Co.
Cyanide And Co. 15 tundi tagasi
Ask Syphus what was on the tape
JAKE Palencia
JAKE Palencia 15 tundi tagasi
Woods looked so scared give him a hug :(
TTV mayo7211
TTV mayo7211 15 tundi tagasi
I've never had a cavity but I am eating candy right now!!!
Bestgameryt 15 tundi tagasi
People used to drill into peoples head, that could explane why we heard a drill, a scream and why D said Nelson had gone too far.
Presley Smith
Presley Smith 15 tundi tagasi
It says it’s dake
Marcus Perkins
Marcus Perkins 15 tundi tagasi
Well damn Texas dont want yall anyway
Beau Brown
Beau Brown 15 tundi tagasi
I think that the recording was the first successful operation, operation 863
Edd Hdz
Edd Hdz 15 tundi tagasi
They keys of the Cars can de copy but they have to reprogram the key whit new code
Tuti Craft 1108
Tuti Craft 1108 15 tundi tagasi
People drill into peoples head .when a concoction to release the pressure so it (the blood) can cloth back up. And that is also why we probably heard high pitched noise because it will make that noise because all the pressure it getting released. that could explain why we heard a drill, a scream and why D said Nelson had gone too far.
Moonlight 15 tundi tagasi
This proves that they where doing human experiment
Infinite Terror
Infinite Terror 15 tundi tagasi
Check the journal by using a uv light just a thought.