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Dynomite 10 tundi tagasi
I got a soda stream ad on this lets gooo
Spiffy 10 tundi tagasi
10:08 speaks for itself
K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou
K0sm1cKid, SWIMlovesyou 10 tundi tagasi
Did the TV in the back say Gex 4? Is this a bizarre conspiracy that they have the long lost cancelled fourth installment of Gex?
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 10 tundi tagasi
So I thought this was a beer tasting show or something like but I was then confused cause in like isn't that girl like 18 or something.
**Erica **
**Erica ** 11 tundi tagasi
Jesus I love when Max gets wasted. So fucking entertaining
Aidan Perrins
Aidan Perrins 11 tundi tagasi
vape have lithium batteries good job they didn't explode
Bee Hambonio
Bee Hambonio 12 tundi tagasi
Bombe Alaska is meant to be set on fire, former chef.
Jake K.
Jake K. 12 tundi tagasi
Kiehuva 12 tundi tagasi
Those grin faces tho
Dr. Rockso
Dr. Rockso 12 tundi tagasi
I kinda hate this you could have made a vid about buying me a car but I have to do some shit to get out
Toitle nes
Toitle nes 12 tundi tagasi
I thought max calmed down since human cake but this video has singlehandedly disproven that idea
Walkswithtrees W.
Walkswithtrees W. 12 tundi tagasi
I miss Filthy Frank but Im glad he is doing what he likes now too 💜
Sharishth Singh
Sharishth Singh 12 tundi tagasi
Oh boy how did I missed this.
William Lyall
William Lyall 13 tundi tagasi
Badlands chugs is a legend!
THE FINGER 13 tundi tagasi
Chad fuckin gasp hahhaHAHAAhaaha
RageGames_ 67
RageGames_ 67 13 tundi tagasi
Everybody loves the editor give him a raise
Perma Chub
Perma Chub 13 tundi tagasi
You guys have never looked better. Love the content
Elijah Branham
Elijah Branham 14 tundi tagasi
Didn’t pewdiepie do this?
Clayton Lewis
Clayton Lewis 14 tundi tagasi
we need merloehfnuj fuisa f;hsdbuvbiadsgya spg;ypahbsu olhasjn,fms a more
dodge ram 1500 1996
dodge ram 1500 1996 15 tundi tagasi
I kinda want a money shirt
Jack Myers
Jack Myers 15 tundi tagasi
For the longest time i had HowToBasic and Anything4Views mixed up and thought Chad was the legendary egg man
Andres M-H
Andres M-H 15 tundi tagasi
Andres M-H
Andres M-H 15 tundi tagasi
I'll never get tired of chads laugh
Hunterr 15 tundi tagasi
They couldn’t survive American public schoo
Val 16 tundi tagasi
Shit just went from zero to one hundred real fucking quick I couldn't even understand what was going on lmaoo
one them simple boys
one them simple boys 16 tundi tagasi
chad:"catch ya later" dude:"thank you so much" *trying to open door* chad:"what, did it lock?" max:"we're gonna kill you :)"
478N 16 tundi tagasi
love you boys but please stop wasting so much food, it's hard to watch :c
Meow Holly Meow
Meow Holly Meow 16 tundi tagasi
Delivery guy is DanTDM mixed with Raab Himself.
Man Man
Man Man 17 tundi tagasi
This shit had me rolling LMFAO
Chrippe Bror
Chrippe Bror 17 tundi tagasi
what a fucking legend bruv!!
Weekachu 18 tundi tagasi
okay but how is max still alive lmao
ray smith
ray smith 18 tundi tagasi
s . z
s . z 18 tundi tagasi
I like how they're just straight up drinking glue
Mezgo45 19 tundi tagasi
2:26 that paint tasted so gross it turned Chad American?
tigershot 19 tundi tagasi
Yes Chad shake tonic water smart
Thom 19 tundi tagasi
Max was chaos incarnate. What happened? lol
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes 19 tundi tagasi
There was an ad with 17 second lefts of the video wtf haha
sorrynochannelhere 19 tundi tagasi
I love this channel
TheBaconPancake 20 tundi tagasi
मेघा अग्रवाल
मेघा अग्रवाल 20 tundi tagasi
33:42 yeah they cross the view count.i agree.even nonsense video has so much count.
Rad 20 tundi tagasi
Max throwing up on himself like a big baby is hysterical.
Peter Booth
Peter Booth 20 tundi tagasi
5:27 is that old school runescape bread??
Pavol Krajčovič
Pavol Krajčovič 20 tundi tagasi
little 2016 vibes
Cass W
Cass W 21 tund tagasi
weebs everywhere crying out in pain
RJK 22 tundi tagasi
I was actually looking forward to how that pizza would of looked, but Max is fucked in the head.
Yeeter Yeet
Yeeter Yeet 22 tundi tagasi
What jumper is chad wearing
quackzila 23 tundi tagasi
Anyone else think Max is going down a self-destructive spiral
Splashy Entertainment
Splashy Entertainment Päev tagasi
"Elmo went out with it" Are the greatest words I've heard this year
Tim S
Tim S Päev tagasi
I love you chad but this video was a FUCKING disaster
nub nub
nub nub Päev tagasi
I have among us aids
crispysprinkle Päev tagasi
This podcast just further cemented the fact that keemstar is such a douche
Hunter Ellis
Hunter Ellis Päev tagasi
my dad said he was gonna make me potato soup and then him and my mom got in a fight and beat each other and i don has soup.
Killroy Päev tagasi
Max slowly turning into chad.
Z Del
Z Del Päev tagasi
Don't bother looking there's none left to buy :(
Vunga Päev tagasi
Who's a cute little lesbian?
TRAVISLOL Päev tagasi
Episode idea, feed me nuggets and I'll only chew them in half before swallowing. I'll deadlift until they come out like a fat nugget machine gun. Lmk
Overeactive Päev tagasi
that out ro
Jimi Hamilton
Jimi Hamilton Päev tagasi
mcdonalds parmie burger????
Overeactive Päev tagasi
B A Päev tagasi
That ad read hit too hard
ELDR1TCH_3NT1TY Päev tagasi
paying food delivery drivers to eat us out
Likeitornot Päev tagasi
I don't know why it took me so long to start watching this channel, good shit lads
Anthony DeMauro
Anthony DeMauro Päev tagasi
Those look like the same gloves from the Super Trash Bros video that Ian wore after eating the fire flower.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Päev tagasi
Hello Max and Chad i really love you're video's stay safe,Also i like you're hair Max Can i request?Can you listen more on Joji's songs
dodge ram 1500 1996
dodge ram 1500 1996 Päev tagasi
I'm still hoping to see another random japan vlog.
burntCrab Päev tagasi
I think everyone's scared of you because of human cake
jackybs Päev tagasi
This reminds me of the good ol days..... Good times good times.
Julia Compton
Julia Compton Päev tagasi
lol you dinguses the patreon link is currently slash "coldones​"
『Ogawa』 Päev tagasi
I’m still laughing at the idea of walking out in the morning and seeing a half naked Alex with a bow tie sleeping in my compost pile.
Texas People
Texas People Päev tagasi
What’s with the large Indian demographic in their area.
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes Päev tagasi
Best uber eats driver ever, damn that ending was abrupt
Big Bruh
Big Bruh Päev tagasi
British man
Ultra Unity
Ultra Unity Päev tagasi
I so glad at the guy who eventually came in, Cool, got guts, and was in charge. Damn good mad lad!
Thomas Tervit
Thomas Tervit Päev tagasi
this made me cry
Jordan rakes
Jordan rakes Päev tagasi
As an American I'm actually pretty jealous of your awesome ketchup packets 😂
Rapster Päev tagasi
i saw your tiktok
dough bro
dough bro Päev tagasi
ohh $10k AUD. So like $1.30 btw its a joke for any pepegas out there
ចុយ គ្នា
ចុយ គ្នា Päev tagasi
is that papa frank’s show? oMFg
Naufal P.R.
Naufal P.R. Päev tagasi
1:25 "egg" LoL🤣
Damian Matras
Damian Matras Päev tagasi
7:19 I've lost it! 😂😂 I have pissed myself laughing! 😂😂