Sem Nome Temporariamente
Sem Nome Temporariamente 13 tundi tagasi
Nando Moura.
Matthew Flor
Matthew Flor 13 tundi tagasi
BigAli27 13 tundi tagasi
And thus, gravity was discovered.
Ian Chesney
Ian Chesney 13 tundi tagasi
Dad award of the year!
Oompaloompa94 13 tundi tagasi
Probably drives a massive Chevy truck to look mean and tough, can’t figure out how a gas stove or fire pit work.
L Grace's Scetchbook
L Grace's Scetchbook 13 tundi tagasi
See you in 7 years!!
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 13 tundi tagasi
“ no no no no”
Snow Perfect
Snow Perfect 13 tundi tagasi
See u in 10yrs when someone gets reccomend
Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet 13 tundi tagasi
When even the scissors says this is a bad idea
Remilia Scuntlet
Remilia Scuntlet 13 tundi tagasi
And thus Gravity 2 was made
Jasmine love
Jasmine love 13 tundi tagasi
Thee excitment and the disappointment in this man
Sgt. Johnson
Sgt. Johnson 13 tundi tagasi
Everyone: 👁👄👁 cat slap good Me: trying to figure out the meaning of the numbers in the title 🤯
hyacinthdibley2 13 tundi tagasi
I’m sure many in/from other countries without constant electricity are finding this interesting and hilarious. Welcome to the club Texas. Welcome. :-)
Diane Brock
Diane Brock 13 tundi tagasi
Why doesn't someone help the poor cat, just walking by sad so sad people can be so heartless
subzby_sue 13 tundi tagasi
hi people in the future! did u get this in ur recommended? ya... us too🐔🐔😂
Enigma 13 tundi tagasi
That ow at the end was so soft hahaha
Wildforthecats 13 tundi tagasi
She’s dern cute.
Steven B
Steven B 13 tundi tagasi
well played for 3.4milly views
BTS & ARMY forever 砍杀
BTS & ARMY forever 砍杀 13 tundi tagasi
Maurizio Martinez
Maurizio Martinez 13 tundi tagasi
Which market did you use
crimson wicked
crimson wicked 13 tundi tagasi
240p what is this 2002?
Donna Gonzales
Donna Gonzales 13 tundi tagasi
The thirst on this vid on the comments lol. She is gorgeous and kind and gave no judgements, maybe the reason why he decided to find her, and pursue her, If she's married or have a bf, then highly likely he would respect that. If he's taken even when he was in prison she would too. But if both of them are single then I don't see the problem, sexual or love or maybe both you can see the attraction and joy in their eyes and that warm hug is telling. I'm straight as heck, but even I find her very attractive.
harpreet s
harpreet s 13 tundi tagasi
What if this guy sues the company because the car fell on him
Nomrah-_- 13 tundi tagasi
in the first 3 minutes my power came back on i made a hot pocket and played minecraft
grilled me
grilled me 13 tundi tagasi
it's a Ford and a BMW for a reason son
Banjara Soul
Banjara Soul 13 tundi tagasi
Omg that’s soooo my 5 yrs old niece....
reborn new
reborn new 13 tundi tagasi
Your creative mode trial has ended...
groofy gamer
groofy gamer 13 tundi tagasi
Every legend video is lower then a minute 😂
Euphoria 13 tundi tagasi
perfect cut
Timberwolf DT Productions
Timberwolf DT Productions 13 tundi tagasi
She’s wonderful!
Huy Trần
Huy Trần 13 tundi tagasi
It's a bird or chick 🤔🤔
jean flores
jean flores 13 tundi tagasi
Yeah, he hit.
Joshua Kline
Joshua Kline 13 tundi tagasi
Prison ruins the mind, preserves the body. Am 40 and i look 25 at best
groofy gamer
groofy gamer 13 tundi tagasi
Guys come here after 10 years because every video of this type is recommend after 10 years
TheU2bstud 13 tundi tagasi
“That will be $9,000.00 please.”
MaroniteCatholic101 13 tundi tagasi
Hi 👋
StrongBrock13 13 tundi tagasi
Here 7 years early!
Georg3 13 tundi tagasi
Poor texas 😢 it's bad enough their education system is messed up by conservative nut jobs who think reason and science isn't the way to live but hey let's deregulate the ⚡💡 because derp de derp
Dead Again
Dead Again 13 tundi tagasi
Lol he saw this one coming
indomitusEvehementis 13 tundi tagasi
At the automotive shop, we would make the newbies show us their skills by changing the spark plugs on a diesel truck...
꧁E̸nnḁͦrᗪ꧂ 13 tundi tagasi
No cameras were harmed making this
Pain 13 tundi tagasi
Isaac Newton: Why you copyin me bro?
groofy gamer
groofy gamer 13 tundi tagasi
And this is how gravity was introduced 😐
mona demi
mona demi 13 tundi tagasi
And here's us...separating hours old calf from its mother, denying calves mother's milk just so farmers can make a few extra $$ off the milk, killing these intelligent creatures just cause we like to pepper & salt our steak.....I hope there's a separate heaven for these docile, patient, bearing creatures.
CallMeNina 13 tundi tagasi
So basically catnip is crack but cat version
Matthew Flor
Matthew Flor 13 tundi tagasi
Jay RueMars
Jay RueMars 13 tundi tagasi
Linker 2A03
Linker 2A03 13 tundi tagasi
The cat looked like it knew the guy was going to crash before his knee even hit the chair. “Nope, I know how this ends.”
sahith vibudhi
sahith vibudhi 13 tundi tagasi
Dog: STFU let me untangle my bone, Karen
kendra keogh
kendra keogh 13 tundi tagasi
U can the fake laugh 😭🤚
Max Moncrief
Max Moncrief 13 tundi tagasi
This is how many times he said dada👇
Thomas Capital
Thomas Capital 13 tundi tagasi
Wow. Move over riki tiki tavi
LilyAnn Nguyen
LilyAnn Nguyen 13 tundi tagasi
Hey uhmm do you want a snack maybe like an icecube : behaves immedietly
ボン脳 13 tundi tagasi
ThatBadGamer 13 tundi tagasi
After all this effort we know know who the favorite parent is
Cat and Emmi
Cat and Emmi 13 tundi tagasi
Me watching the cat jump on her 🍒: 😰
Riverei_ O.O
Riverei_ O.O 13 tundi tagasi
She was so genuinely happy for him this is so sweet 😂🥺
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 13 tundi tagasi
Im 21 and still look twice as older than them 2 😢
Ray Benavidez
Ray Benavidez 13 tundi tagasi
Goombas be like :
Goddess Ahri
Goddess Ahri 13 tundi tagasi
That's a cute cat I wanna pet it. ❤️
ramesh khusahal
ramesh khusahal 13 tundi tagasi
Fun fact the video is ten year old but uploded nnoe
MareAnna McCord
MareAnna McCord 13 tundi tagasi
IT THE CC IT SAID " who broke my face"
John Wayne
John Wayne 13 tundi tagasi
i didn't have rolling anything.. !! my shit was off from Monday morning to Wendsday night
Mythix 13 tundi tagasi
When your god ki runs out
Naël The weirdo
Naël The weirdo 13 tundi tagasi
Dad: I'm laughing on the outside CRYING ON THE INSIDE
GUSTAVO SAURO 13 tundi tagasi
Newton be like
Rotorblade22 Vision
Rotorblade22 Vision 13 tundi tagasi
Ohmygoodness how adorable.
PointyTailofSatan 13 tundi tagasi
He meant to do that.
Tomas Mendez
Tomas Mendez 13 tundi tagasi
of coarse it is gas!💯
Jeremy 13 tundi tagasi
If he was tried as an adult at 16 he'd be about 37 when he got out, which I can see. He says he met her during his time in prison so she could be any age. He doesn't say she was there the whole time. She looks to be about 25ish imo
Kimberly Thames
Kimberly Thames 13 tundi tagasi
baudi Movin
baudi Movin 13 tundi tagasi
You can hear the light being switched off??
Alex Ofsanik
Alex Ofsanik 13 tundi tagasi
The cutoff is what really makes this
Nicholas Swidan
Nicholas Swidan 13 tundi tagasi
that's the mood!
Ceddricc 13 tundi tagasi
"do it again! do it again! do it again!"
manyx tavinas
manyx tavinas 13 tundi tagasi
Anti-gravity toy: *exists* Isaac Newton: *"I'm gonna destroy this toy's whole career"*
good Chicken
good Chicken 13 tundi tagasi
My dad used our fireplace as a stove.
Bango Bongo
Bango Bongo 13 tundi tagasi
That ain’t no snitch that’s a business man Stoncks
Toppat king Firey
Toppat king Firey 13 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: The girl hates her life.
Juki Hiw
Juki Hiw 13 tundi tagasi
The car was telling you to change your fire alarm battery