Iiro Kupari
Iiro Kupari 23 tundi tagasi
This guy could have just got a gun and shoot everybody easily at this point tbh
BassManiacFishing 23 tundi tagasi
WOW! stunning! what can I say? that was amazing.....truly amazing!
Ruben 23 tundi tagasi
StephanieLovesJesus1 23 tundi tagasi
*********AWESOME & AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********* ******WOW WOW WOW A MILLION TIMES WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******
Debora Tereza
Debora Tereza 23 tundi tagasi
UAUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 😍😍😍😍😍❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sammy Poston
Sammy Poston 23 tundi tagasi
I have never liked this guy but I like his determination. But he’s horrible
Ella 23 tundi tagasi
Wilson Lim
Wilson Lim 23 tundi tagasi
I was blown away not just once or even twice
Kieran Shae
Kieran Shae 23 tundi tagasi
she needs to be on Broadway
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 23 tundi tagasi
I can see her staring on a sitcom!
hassan odemakin
hassan odemakin 23 tundi tagasi
My mouth was literally agape throughout this performance. Damnn. So mortifying yet gripping and exciting. Wooooow
나무무무 23 tundi tagasi
아니... 왜 날아다녀...?
The Match
The Match 23 tundi tagasi
It's Kool in the beginning of her song she spreads her arms...than takes off.
Robert Goff
Robert Goff 23 tundi tagasi
They lowered the final board when he was in the air lol
helen llera
helen llera 23 tundi tagasi
Kudos to these very talented guys
Jenny Orellana
Jenny Orellana 23 tundi tagasi
😂😂😂😂 LMAO
Becky Tibar
Becky Tibar 23 tundi tagasi
I know god’s always with me ✝️
Mike Burnett
Mike Burnett 23 tundi tagasi
If only I could find a way to personally message her and tell her she is the the most beautifully precious woman I've ever seen with the voice of an angel.... love her...
bong bactad
bong bactad 23 tundi tagasi
Miracle happens every second ...God bless you Nightbirde👼
Knut Einar Edvardsen
Knut Einar Edvardsen 23 tundi tagasi
6mil views
L o v e l y
L o v e l y 23 tundi tagasi
Wow. That girl got some pipes.
E. M. Rivera
E. M. Rivera 23 tundi tagasi
my mouth was hanging open the entire time... like... WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! i feel so happy for them and that Golden Buzzer was so well deserved! God bless them and their talent, effort, and dedication!
MistaC 23 tundi tagasi
God bless you Jane!
Akmal L
Akmal L 23 tundi tagasi
5:02 fraid that he couldn't make it. Lucky they had practice this soo many times they knew how to support each other.
jon Doe
jon Doe 23 tundi tagasi
1.8k boards lost their life that day and came around and disliked this videos..... Sorry boards I kinda enjoyed this
Gerard Roll
Gerard Roll 23 tundi tagasi
I can’t wait to see what they do at the live shows 🤞😄🤞
ĪKRÄM ĐŻ 31 23 tundi tagasi
She make cryy 💔 with herr beautiful voice
mauricio cadiente
mauricio cadiente 23 tundi tagasi
Jason’s Music Lab
Jason’s Music Lab 23 tundi tagasi
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Päev tagasi
1.8k fat, dirty and unhealthy couch potatoes disliked this video
Alexias B.
Alexias B. Päev tagasi
"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy." She hits the point! And in such an honest and natural way. Great voice, great charisma! Just unbelievable... Jane herself has to struggle with a difficult life and fate 🥺 and with her song she conveys such an important message and a guiding principle that we should always keep in mind. And that in every situation in life. Thank you for being there Jane! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart! ❤️
Lefteris Notas
Lefteris Notas Päev tagasi
A) Fake spider and B) the paper stamped to this shape (Not random, but make it look like it's random by having the option of putting random ink spots) with tentacles. 99.99% of people will said the looks like spider. (Calculated guess) The fact that Heidi put the hand inside and had them thinking that will be a real spider, the fear of something affects the observation skills. Other than that, there was a cool video and sounding ambient on the background.
Cheryl Clear
Cheryl Clear Päev tagasi
I like the 1st group and the comedian, but I DON'T like the lady guys in the mask
Kevin Craftonga
Kevin Craftonga Päev tagasi
They totally deserve it. I can only imagine the level of discipline and hard work that's behind such an excellent performance. I wish them the best going forward. May God bless them all.
Philip Harris
Philip Harris Päev tagasi
God Bless this woman
andygirl333 Päev tagasi
They are all so AMAZING!!!! I Love their Hearts! 💗💙❤🤎🧡💜💛💙💚🤍🖤
Red1.artmoves Päev tagasi
amazing so so so powerfull amazing job guys wowwww
NouhaylaSone Päev tagasi
A reflection of the Kpop culture they promote ! Magnificent
Tanya Moore
Tanya Moore Päev tagasi
I follow T3 on TikTok (@t.3official on there) & this performance was nothing short of phenomenal! ♥️
eden Sebastian
eden Sebastian Päev tagasi
wow wow wow extraordinary performance..
Arlene Ameerali
Arlene Ameerali Päev tagasi
This was amazing, they deserved the golden buzzer
katorogi limon
katorogi limon Päev tagasi
the best to be ok.. 😊😊😊🥰🥰
Leons Dismas
Leons Dismas Päev tagasi
She left me with tears whole over😭
Francisco Moniz
Francisco Moniz Päev tagasi
Kevin Craftonga
Kevin Craftonga Päev tagasi
Physics left the building...
Ebba Debelo
Ebba Debelo Päev tagasi
The devil in disguise
esther wiskel
esther wiskel Päev tagasi
I would have pressed the button and brought down the glitter👏👏👏👏👏BRAVO🥰👍♥️ GREAT Sophisticated performance.👏👏👏👏
Urban Street Freddy
Urban Street Freddy Päev tagasi
I am here for the 4th time. With every time more tears than the last. The best ever performance and the best golden buzzer moment.❤️ this song will always be motivation everyday
Jonaldy Quintero
Jonaldy Quintero Päev tagasi
😳😭😍😳😭😍😳😭😍 Nightbirde #respect 🙏
Cediny Mortime
Cediny Mortime Päev tagasi
AMazing performance
madan pradeep
madan pradeep Päev tagasi
andygirl333 Päev tagasi
I broke down 😭❤ My 8 year old brother died in 1997, I was 9
Marcus S.
Marcus S. Päev tagasi
america's got trash
HYBE LABELS Päev tagasi
Angel Colon
Angel Colon Päev tagasi
He’s hilarious, let’s hope next round he doesn’t stick with just ethnicity jokes. Keeping an eye for him
Aprilia Rizky Riadini
Aprilia Rizky Riadini Päev tagasi
Marlon Gerald Bernales
Marlon Gerald Bernales Päev tagasi
the transparent disc was shown at the very end when they did a slow mo to the side. It would have been more awesome if they didn't change cameras.
ScottBradyFitness Päev tagasi
I hope this guy goes far
VZDubz Päev tagasi
He was on my cruise and was the comedian
Greg Cantelli
Greg Cantelli Päev tagasi
It's not that I didn't like the way she ended the song...It's I wish she wouldn't have stopped singing. I've watched this 50 times. And the 6.3k that gave this a thumbs down are just internet trolls.
Toco Van clief
Toco Van clief Päev tagasi
Looks like 21 years old .
onebrightlady Päev tagasi
It's just a show and the judges are the part of that show. I think it's made up and planed ahead
Yasmin Mae
Yasmin Mae Päev tagasi
Donna McCrory
Donna McCrory Päev tagasi
So precious! Beautiful beautiful woman and Spirit !!!!
Samantha lamboy
Samantha lamboy Päev tagasi
Ed Päev tagasi
he did the same act on Magicians Got Talent
Alivia Larson
Alivia Larson Päev tagasi
She should be a country singer and on movies as a good act of a soft ball player
Jeoncé Drae
Jeoncé Drae Päev tagasi
This just made me feel good I was bored today this lifted the mood of my day thanks!
Jonathan Christiansen
Jonathan Christiansen Päev tagasi
Success is about focusing Your energy on what creates results and using what you already know
dheerajdelhi Päev tagasi
Superb talent, just speechless
andygirl333 Päev tagasi
Beautiful soul right there 💛
Sonni C
Sonni C Päev tagasi
The dislikes are from ITF
msbutterfly714 Päev tagasi
Dont get me wrong I think this young lady can sing but this was not a song for her to sing.
Manoharan Ramachandran
Manoharan Ramachandran Päev tagasi
3:22 damn that entry!
Marwan Aljohani
Marwan Aljohani Päev tagasi
I love when howei said to the first guy “ it’s so bad I love it “ Have you seen your stand up mate , it’s not that different mate
luis Mendoza
luis Mendoza Päev tagasi
OMG she is stronger
David Huang
David Huang Päev tagasi
This was undoubtedly one of the worst seasons.