Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27
The Vlog Squad Responds - H3 After Dark #26
Caroline Grace
Caroline Grace 7 tundi tagasi
Trisha is still not using the hand wipes before her spray tans idk what to say 😩 Her spray tan lady doing her dirty not wiping her hands down for her 😩 ugh
Walid Ossman
Walid Ossman 7 tundi tagasi
Ethan's such a child. I love it.
Iona Todd
Iona Todd 7 tundi tagasi
best vlog ever
Peri 7 tundi tagasi
that thing with Koi Footwear is so disappointing... i love their boots b/c they use only vegan leather, but i mean fuck, it's hard to deny those shoes being a direct ripoff of TF's brand. fuck. well, does anyone have any suggestion for other cute vegan footwear brands? 😅😞
Ashley Ann
Ashley Ann 7 tundi tagasi
I would actually leave the house to hang out with them
Katelyn the greatlyn
Katelyn the greatlyn 7 tundi tagasi
I love this new family dynamic,!! Went from them saying she will NOT watch our kid, to now all best friends.
Summer Valentine
Summer Valentine 7 tundi tagasi
What a coincidence they stated how they won their lawsuit hopefully they win the stupid triller one too
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Pretzel and cheese..pickles?? You can get that anywhere! 🤦‍♀️ Something different?!?!
Angie Ramos
Angie Ramos 7 tundi tagasi
Happy birthday!!! My bday was this weekend too!!!
L L 7 tundi tagasi
HBO is my daddy , daddy. 🤣🤣🤣
Georgina Wadsley
Georgina Wadsley 7 tundi tagasi
Our family had to put down our dog of 12 years because she bit children, the post man, any other dogs and used our cat as a chew toy every day. She was such a loyal dog but as she got older she got much much worse. The vet told us to get her put down months before because she was so bad. We tried to keep her separate from the cats and any visitors, and we thought about rehoming but theres not many homes that don't have children, other animals, post service and absolutely no one around when you take her on a walk. I can understand why they would come to a decision but I still cannot talk about it without tears and heartbreak. The decision was so so hard and took a long time to come to. This dog couldnt have been so bad if they can still have their baby sit next to it but I do believe that, although it's so hearbreaking, putting down the dog is sometimes the only option.
InhaledExhaled 7 tundi tagasi
Wait is that trishas brother?
Mathias Kjeldgaard
Mathias Kjeldgaard 7 tundi tagasi
The most american video
Leen Abusalem
Leen Abusalem 7 tundi tagasi
I FIND THE BEST QUOTES ON FRENEMIES: VLOG #1 ____ Trisha: “you look like you blew a smurf” Ethan: “Fuck ya, that’s my fantasy” ____ Hila: “why do they put salt in the water?” Trisha: “to make uou thirstier” Ethan: “to make me infertile” _______ Ethan: “planking for trishas birthday!! you let me know when you want any more planks” _______ Ethan: “I dare someone to come be fatter at Disneyland” *starts gyrating the popcorn*
Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke 7 tundi tagasi
Something about this was just weird. Not sure if it's the face stuffing while others starve, or the throwing away of money like it doesn't matter. Could also be that Trish clearly wouldn't have clout without H3, yet seems to be dropping weird comments as if she's getting ready to leave H3 behind the second someone pays her.
InhaledExhaled 7 tundi tagasi
Normally id be the one to comment “chew with your mouth closed” or “dont talk with your mouth full” but this cideo is god damn vibey i love everything about it and the negative isnt effecting me!😂😍
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Soda is soda. Diet or not. Its not good for you regardless 🤦‍♀️
No One
No One 7 tundi tagasi
Living for this
i v y
i v y 7 tundi tagasi
9:54 did Trisha say, “Skinny and pregnant to Hila” to Hila ?!
xPlatybelodon 7 tundi tagasi
Trisha's outfit so cute omg
Katelyn the greatlyn
Katelyn the greatlyn 7 tundi tagasi
I want the cup
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 7 tundi tagasi
I learned alot about ethan eating patterns in this video and trisha handles he's disorder really well cause she understands him
Welkin 7 tundi tagasi
Ok, who edited in that dog bark. Ian I'm looking at you
Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor 7 tundi tagasi
This vlog give me like early vlogger vibes like it’s not so over done & fakey love it!
Reign 7 tundi tagasi
i dont like how ethan yells at Dan, something I hate watching when I watch the podcast. Also Ethan's passive aggressiveness bothers me so much.
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Corn dogs and popcorn?? 🤨 Come on you guys!! You can eat one of those from home! Try something that not everyone usually or can eat!
benjamin k033
benjamin k033 7 tundi tagasi
american food is so bland its freaky
Cg K
Cg K 7 tundi tagasi
30 minutes of pure love and joy 🥲 life deals you some tough cards but it always works out in the end 🙌
Jonny Lim
Jonny Lim 7 tundi tagasi
i honestly love how trisha and ethan became such great friends and now trisha has such a great and genuine support system.
haley !!!!!!!!!!
haley !!!!!!!!!! 7 tundi tagasi
That whole event should put triller in court where do they get there money they rented out a whole hotel had mega celebrities come PRIVATE JETS etc etc I watched cheers brothers podcast “I awkwardly met Pete Davidson” and one of them went and it’s very interesting to hear what she said/saw and it was all paid by triller and no one uses triller anymore and it never got as big as tiktok so
Alzar Pomario
Alzar Pomario 7 tundi tagasi
You really went crazy about dogs. They are not family, they are not valuable part of thi society. You lost your mind on this topic, h3. The pet industry and the pet ownership is a world illness.
Mezza Tazza
Mezza Tazza 7 tundi tagasi
1:03:17 1:11:15 2:18:10 (Timestamping to show stuff to bf who won’t watch the full thing)
Ali Zuro
Ali Zuro 7 tundi tagasi
Fresh faced Trisha is giving me young Mary Kate & Ashley vibes 😍 Does anybody else see it or just me?
Maria P
Maria P 7 tundi tagasi
H3 should do a true crime series js
A GMCR 7 tundi tagasi
LOVE frenemies-style vlog. Can we get frenemies at a waterpark vlog followed by frenemies on safari then I'm thinking frenemies camping trip in the style of Bear Grylls and so on and so forth?
Joseph Cambio
Joseph Cambio 7 tundi tagasi
Disney Lahn
xPlatybelodon 7 tundi tagasi
Glad to see trisha's sister okay 🥰
Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid 7 tundi tagasi
Trisha has THE most amount of hair in
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Trish! You telling yourself that you just get fatter everyday and you don't care is self sabotage!!! Dont do that to yourself!!! Don't give up! Stop telling yourself that you can't do it!!!
Emily J
Emily J 7 tundi tagasi
This is so entertaining i love the idea of more vlogs!
Hop along howie
Hop along howie 7 tundi tagasi
The whole Donald Trump bit was lame. I was cringing like I do when I randomly catch clips of SNL.
Heaven Lee
Heaven Lee 7 tundi tagasi
whoever edited this, just *chefs kiss* 10/10 i laughed so hard at all the zoom ins on Ethan while he was eating xD especially during the sandy churro xD
MsJoey 7 tundi tagasi
Keemstar is disgusting!
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Trish my son is 5 and a half. I used to workout at gym before I had him. I still am working out. It really does take a lot of time, patience and dedication to looking better, for yourself. Once you look better, you feel better! And it's only up from there!!
Tayyaba Iqbal
Tayyaba Iqbal 7 tundi tagasi
I feel so good after watching this , SO WHOLESOME !!!!!!!!! Love you guys 🥰🙏🏼👑
Mimi Tortie
Mimi Tortie 7 tundi tagasi
Whoever put the jazz music in the background needs to be fired
Tara L
Tara L 7 tundi tagasi
She likes the popcorn because it’s warm
cursed and jaded
cursed and jaded 7 tundi tagasi
Being Australian, this is exactly how I imagine everyday American life 😂 This was so wholesome tho, loved it.
confusedhouseplant 7 tundi tagasi
trisha is adorable, they look like a little elf in that dress. glad yall had fun.
Gabby Dejesus
Gabby Dejesus 7 tundi tagasi
I love the editing
Frank Tom
Frank Tom 7 tundi tagasi
Imagine your jokes based on someone's disabilities. Weird, strange odd.
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
Omg radddd editing and adding of the rollovers!!! 👏
Amanda Joki
Amanda Joki 7 tundi tagasi
I can't stop watching the: There's no such thing as a coincidence hahaaaa wow y'all are KILLING IT
Slay 7 tundi tagasi
i love u sm guys but what happened to trisha hand omfg the tan honey the tan
Georgina Gurney
Georgina Gurney 7 tundi tagasi
Is it me or did a dog bark noise come on at 13.04 to go with the corn dog without the dog?
Andy Far
Andy Far 7 tundi tagasi
Honestly after Frenemies started and the Klein’s invited her into the family (even though there was the drama at first) Trisha seems the happiest I’ve ever seen her. I really hope she is because it’s great to see.
ImDefinitelyHigh 7 tundi tagasi
You eat so much shit omg. It must take ages to come out
dee ke
dee ke 7 tundi tagasi
29:42 the synchronization of me saying omg lol
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 7 tundi tagasi
don’t worry ethan, i just went to wiki feet and signed up so that i could give u a five star rating king.
Georgina Gurney
Georgina Gurney 7 tundi tagasi
Wow Trisha your skins looking great!!!! Love is radiating from you x
Supperman 7 tundi tagasi
calebdzn 7 tundi tagasi
trisha looks so good with this hair omfg
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 7 tundi tagasi
You know its going to be a good episode when the beginnings introduction has the Freenemies Podcast logo a castle!
A Z 7 tundi tagasi
"quill next" "okay harry potter" hhahahahahahahah
RainbowAlpaca 8 tundi tagasi
"WE'RE VACCINATED" Then why the hell are you wearing masks???
Justiceforbimini !
Justiceforbimini ! 8 tundi tagasi
I personally was around an aggressive dog of my aunties growing up, the dog was 'damaged' after being neglected from previous owners and he was taken in from a rehoming centre. I remember being 13 or so and my auntie encouraged us all not to look directly in his eyes and other things to not pose any threatening behaviour... I was ALWAYS on edge around the dog. Then when I was just sat on the sofa it came at me and bit my nose (I got a scar on my nose). My auntie still defended him, rather than my safety (as a human). Eventually the dog had to be put down because he got an illness. But in my opinion human lives outweigh an animals life if their safety is at risk.... but other options should be considered in different situations rather than just death for sure.
Chelsea Grega
Chelsea Grega 8 tundi tagasi
How is Hila so effortlessly cool
liran sindel
liran sindel 8 tundi tagasi
I loved the accent :) LMAO
ella rowland
ella rowland 8 tundi tagasi
57:53 paused is a really lovely shot of Hila. 💕🌿
Krille Pille
Krille Pille 8 tundi tagasi
Screeches about being responsible during ThE pAnDeMiC then goes to crowded public places like disneyland. A real ”essential” trip during these trying times. But you wore a mask and that make you and people around you safe. Then you sit down and remove the mask to eat end blabber when AcCoRdInG tO tHe ScIeNcE this a deadly virus that survives for hours on surfaces and in the air. But hey, who cares about being consequential when you can become a millionair hypocrite.
Krille Pille
Krille Pille 7 tundi tagasi
@Andreea Matei lol yeah that’s complete bullshit even according to mainstream
Andreea Matei
Andreea Matei 7 tundi tagasi
They are fully vaccinated and studies show that you can’t transmit the virus after both doses of the vaccine
Martín A. G.
Martín A. G. 8 tundi tagasi
This civil lawsuit jail from keemstar dropped so fast. What a loser 😂
xkuulei 8 tundi tagasi
10/10 gonna watch this again
sanb05 8 tundi tagasi
The dog killing wife reminds me of the blonde chick on tiktok who does the WASP skits
Heather Paz
Heather Paz 8 tundi tagasi
oh to be eating domino’s pizza on the way home from disneyland with my besties 😭🤭
Robert Florance
Robert Florance 8 tundi tagasi
get dan the chair
Kajsa Djärf
Kajsa Djärf 8 tundi tagasi
Good job ediiitorr/sss
RainbowAlpaca 8 tundi tagasi
Get your fuckin masks off, you're outside!
Berfin Güzel
Berfin Güzel 8 tundi tagasi
This whole episode was very depressing and also healing for me. I struggle with bpd with hard depressive episodes and I also feel like a female female crossdresser and more so I see myself a lot in trisha. Seeing someone getting the same hate as I do in my personal life such as being narcissistic when I'm totally coverred in self hatred and pity, or being a bitch or attention seeker, hurts me too as I feel for her. All I wanna say is that I'M PROUD OF YOU TRISHA.