Dandy Don
Dandy Don Tund tagasi
I hate Duke. Izzo is blue collar all the way, wish we had a coach that chewed on nails like Izzo.
At Home with Kaiping!
At Home with Kaiping! 2 tundi tagasi
Jim Valvano, makes me keep saying "Jim Valvano running on court" man, he was so excited. Sadly like @conservative guy said, his life ended too soon :(
Cdizzle Gaming
Cdizzle Gaming 3 tundi tagasi
He’s too dominant, while he’s ONLY GETTING BETTER WITH TIME 🤯🙏🏼💫 GO BLUE 👏🏽
George Floyd's Ghost
George Floyd's Ghost 3 tundi tagasi
14:19 I always imagined they were all yelling: “WE WUZ KANGZ!”
austin kittridge
austin kittridge 3 tundi tagasi
I want to say this is the greatest college basketball game of all time but I can’t Bc it’s not the national championship game so Villanova vs NC is the greatest game ever
Paul M
Paul M 5 tundi tagasi
That North Carolina tea, was loaded. How IU win is amazing.
SlyRacoon 8 tundi tagasi
I still don’t know why tacko fall does not start as center for the Celtics
bandit1 10 tundi tagasi
That was epic. Yet, LeBron James is on social media talking about social injustice. The NBA has collapsed. For all you future NBA players, don’t destroy your future by following him.
elquebi 11 tundi tagasi
A few observations 40 years late: 10:20 Announcers say double dribble, and that he dribbled two times. I could not see what they were talking about. Maybe I'm looking with 2021 lenses. 55:44 Magic called for travel, which McGuire says it looked strange but it wasn't. I agree with Al 59:11 Both announcers say Magic traveled. I think Magic picked up his pivot a little early to start his dribble, but not at the gather. Oh well. Sycamores didn't do themselves any favors with the poor free throw shooting. With about a minute left, and Spartans up by 9, Packer and McGuire were saying game over, while I was thinking , What are they talking about? I forgot, no threes and no shot clock! lol Dean Smith Tar Heels were notorious with his four corner game killer back then.
Jack Wilderman-nielsen
Jack Wilderman-nielsen 12 tundi tagasi
Gosh he is just so good. Sad to see him leave but he made the right choice. At the start of that zags game I said oh my gosh I think we could win and then we fell apart. Just in the wrong region
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 12 tundi tagasi
Could you upload Creighton vs UCSB??
Kaliba King
Kaliba King 13 tundi tagasi
Bill Misiura
Bill Misiura 13 tundi tagasi
1:34 Have Mercy Mr. Iverson!
E and E videos
E and E videos 14 tundi tagasi
When the game was real. Glad I was able to watch these legends play for years
Kaliba King
Kaliba King 14 tundi tagasi
Michael Brand
Michael Brand 15 tundi tagasi
Memphis just squeaked by Boston College, otherwise we would have had an all Big East Final Four
SB15gaming 15 tundi tagasi
He might have been the most underrated player in the country this season
Douglas DeNunzio
Douglas DeNunzio 15 tundi tagasi
Baylor always came to play when one dominates the season the past.
Phillip Haynes
Phillip Haynes 16 tundi tagasi
Talented young man
BloodyL3gend 16 tundi tagasi
pure talent.
stealthraidzgaming 16 tundi tagasi
Joel Ayayi is my favorite college player
라마다르네상스호텔줄리한테호구잡힌 윤석렬
라마다르네상스호텔줄리한테호구잡힌 윤석렬 16 tundi tagasi
This game may never have happened. Magic wanted to go to Indiana State, but Mom told him to stay close to home. So, he went to Michigan State.
Erich Dewald
Erich Dewald 13 tundi tagasi
Imagine Magic and Bird teaming up lol just sounds ridiculous and insane
Media SL - Second Life
Media SL - Second Life 16 tundi tagasi
unbelievable 😜
C. Griff
C. Griff 18 tundi tagasi
aka Game Winning Shots 😁💪🏾 He was in SUPER CLUTCH MODE during that tournament Impressive 👌🏾
C. Griff
C. Griff 18 tundi tagasi
Miles Simon from AZ is all over this vid lol #AZ 💪🏾
LOLMAN 9538 19 tundi tagasi
Kurt Russell Ignacio
Kurt Russell Ignacio 19 tundi tagasi
future spurs!
Champ The Maverick
Champ The Maverick 20 tundi tagasi
34:36 Ankle
Roar I’m a lion
Roar I’m a lion 20 tundi tagasi
That one announcer: *YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS*
hodell82 22 tundi tagasi
Pretty cool. A few of those angles I had never seen before.
Nate Clermont
Nate Clermont 22 tundi tagasi
A lot of potential to be a great player at the next level
Brian Belknap
Brian Belknap 23 tundi tagasi
Jay Wright just walks off...I would’ve lost it
TRD BRD 23 tundi tagasi
Go Blue Franz
A. C
A. C 23 tundi tagasi
C R Päev tagasi
Tate George could have changed history... Uconn wins this game they win the National championship
Jose_B_Snazzy Päev tagasi
Future Timberwolve
MAIZE Päev tagasi
Cdizzle Gaming
Cdizzle Gaming Päev tagasi
Cdizzle Gaming
Cdizzle Gaming 23 tundi tagasi
@Atomic Boi Yessirski I definitely am. Maize & Blue forever 〽️🙏🏼♾
TRD BRD 23 tundi tagasi
Go Blue
Atomic Boi
Atomic Boi Päev tagasi
Are you a Michigan fan
Eli Maiorana
Eli Maiorana Päev tagasi
1:38-1:43 How is that not a double dribble
TK 2016
TK 2016 Päev tagasi
He adds good character to any team he plays on. Very valuable addition.
Roblox With us
Roblox With us Päev tagasi
Brian Taremwa
Brian Taremwa Päev tagasi
this young boy will become an nba superstar, mvp watch the space . call him steph
lia lialaia
lia lialaia Päev tagasi
A truck driver during the week and an NCAA all star during the weekend. Respect
trevor bird
trevor bird Päev tagasi
Go cry in your pillow Gonzaga. Baylor for the win!
Avier Sierra
Avier Sierra Päev tagasi
Last mock draft he's projected to go to Utah Jazz. Good pick.
Anonymous_Raider Päev tagasi
future rocket 🚀
HKim0072 Päev tagasi
#1 seed UNC and #1 Memphis would have the next games. Davidson gave Kansas the toughest challenge.
C. K.
C. K. Päev tagasi
Think about all the great Kentucky teams that didn't go all the way and somehow THIS team did. Jeff Sheppard? Scott Padgett? Give me a break.
Joe Flores
Joe Flores Päev tagasi
Next year we will do it for John wooden
Kaliba King
Kaliba King 14 tundi tagasi
Sol Sol
Sol Sol Päev tagasi
With the amount of talent and the draft this year plus the million draft picks, we will win a championship with him. Too bad he'll be backup, un reality he doesn't seem like a franchise leader! So backup for OKC in the new super team will be a great role for him🙌🏾
C. K.
C. K. Päev tagasi
My least favorite player in college basketball history. The single flukiest National champ ever. UConn that year was utterly mediocre until that 11 game lucky run.
Suho Ryu
Suho Ryu Päev tagasi
the thumbnail makes feel like he's doing a magic trick.
Jason Päev tagasi
future hawk
アロハ英語NPO法人 Päev tagasi
Muss bus!
C. Satia
C. Satia Päev tagasi
He's gonna be the draft steal
Steven C Highley
Steven C Highley Päev tagasi
Was BYU unaware of a little thing called a "jump shot"?
Steven C Highley
Steven C Highley Päev tagasi
"Coach. we've tried shooting 4-footers on Shaq a hundred times and he blocks almost all of them. What should we do?" "Shoot a hundred more."
myopicseer Päev tagasi
Hey look. It's Bird against Mich St.
Kreutz Päev tagasi
Butler was so cool, calm, and collected this tournament, especially against Gonzaga!
Rob Kinstle
Rob Kinstle Päev tagasi
Pelphrey was out of position he was supposed to front Laettner and he is off to the side
izan gilani
izan gilani Päev tagasi
Juzang declared lettsss gooooooo
walterlv01 Päev tagasi
USC was badly under-seeded. Oregon has always been a very tough out in the NCAA tournament under Altman and it was very unusual to see them get blitzed like this.
Jared S
Jared S Päev tagasi
That's my name!
Daniel Goss
Daniel Goss Päev tagasi
Gonzaga: We deserve respect and recognition as one of the premier basketball programs in the country! Also Gonzaga: 0-2 in championship games
LJ Gryphons
LJ Gryphons Päev tagasi
Johnny Juzang is GOAT
DeadReckoning Päev tagasi
I remember watching this game. MSU was dominant in that tournament & won their games by the biggest point margin at the time. And before the 3 point line. Now that's old school.
yo niha
yo niha Päev tagasi
Well this’ll be a short vid 🤣
LJ Gryphons
LJ Gryphons Päev tagasi
Tristan Ritsema
Tristan Ritsema Päev tagasi
Scott Bancale
Scott Bancale Päev tagasi
I knew he would be a great player since game number 1 in a Baylor uniform as a true freshmen. He came to Baylor as a transfer after 48 hours or less at Alabama then he contributed right away as a freshmen. He came to Baylor in the same offseason as Macio Teague and Davion Mitchell committed to Baylor. No matter if Jared decides to turn pro now or comes back I know he will do what is best for him. I could see him going pro or coming back to improve draft stock.
Matthew Ramsey
Matthew Ramsey Päev tagasi
KingCesar92 Päev tagasi
Rockets need this guy! Fade for Cade! 6’8 pg that can score and rebound?? 🤯
Champ The Maverick
Champ The Maverick Päev tagasi
Dick Buttkiss
Dick Buttkiss Päev tagasi
Boilermakers fans are still stung by this. they were THAT close.
Kyle Gaffney
Kyle Gaffney Päev tagasi
Did I miss something? Why would you intentionally miss the second free throw at the end of the game when you are only up by three?
Sonic 2 päeva tagasi
They were never going to win a ship without Hunter so might as well have the 16 seed finally win!!
Demari Aponte
Demari Aponte 2 päeva tagasi
Proud of this kid. Known him since he was a baby
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme 2 päeva tagasi
It is ok Larry....Magic has AIDS and you don't
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Päev tagasi
You think magic got Aids lol.........? Okie doke
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 2 päeva tagasi
Sequoia blues on EEexs