I Bought A Water Park
7 päeva tagasi
We Joined The Military...
14 päeva tagasi
Frindjinny6 19 tundi tagasi
I imagine theese guys fighting Germany in ww3 and end up in Kurdistan firing mortars at a “sea monster”
ashley :}
ashley :} 19 tundi tagasi
SoOoo did she go out with him?
Lucas Oro
Lucas Oro 19 tundi tagasi
Ruby_ 19 tundi tagasi
The true question is did tommy get clarence?
Skerblash 19 tundi tagasi
Bruh my first roller coater was the fury 325, and the thing was pog.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 19 tundi tagasi
rest in peace clarence...
mer 19 tundi tagasi
i love it how they keep bringing up gogy lol
SinsAndSacrifices 19 tundi tagasi
Tommy is like me at six flags, I'm scared and trembling because I'm terrified of roller coasters.
Azairya Ponce
Azairya Ponce 19 tundi tagasi
Tommy is a wuss
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR 19 tundi tagasi
*can u compliment me?* 😔
Little yellow lemon Xxx
Little yellow lemon Xxx 20 tundi tagasi
Tobbo:I LIKE-A DA BEE! Me:*about to choke because is laughing to hard*
Pebble III
Pebble III 20 tundi tagasi
BigFloppaMoments#13 20 tundi tagasi
Why do you look like your skeleton is being melted in the thumbbail
Sova 20 tundi tagasi
You’ll get her next time tommy💀💀💀
Ryan Paul Nico Franial
Ryan Paul Nico Franial 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy my boy
ㄥ卂ㄩᎶ卄卂乃ㄥ乇 20 tundi tagasi
Vetiburg 20 tundi tagasi
Seems like Tommy enjoyed riding the Blade. Technoblade: W h a t
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 20 tundi tagasi
Technoblade: *H E H*
XxgetgoodxX Getgood
XxgetgoodxX Getgood 20 tundi tagasi
Not trying to be rude but why are you so scared of a fricking rollercoaster
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 19 tundi tagasi
I am also scared of them people have different fears such as the dark,spiders,etc
Guy 20 tundi tagasi
Did she except? Tell me man, I gotta know. If she did, you dropped this king 👑 Edit: I need to start watching the videos through before I comment. Fuck me man.. You’ll eventually find that one mate!
alex Alexa xoxo
alex Alexa xoxo 20 tundi tagasi
yooo tommy someone likes you
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 19 tundi tagasi
I don’t know if it’s true but someone said it was Wilbur’s editor I don’t know though
Balerie_2004 20 tundi tagasi
8:46 honestly if I saw that damn thing in my room I’d stomp on it till it is a small brown stain
Balerie_2004 20 tundi tagasi
Pause before you click the time
Banana Random Dice
Banana Random Dice 20 tundi tagasi
This guy kinda looks like TommyInnit
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 19 tundi tagasi
I think I get the reference….if it even is a reference
Supreme Overlord
Supreme Overlord 20 tundi tagasi
I so feel for him, here. Everyone considers me a dead weight at theme parks, because I'm so afraid of all the rides.
Elizabeth Allred
Elizabeth Allred 19 tundi tagasi
Honestly same #DeadWeightSquad XD
insaneplay 20 tundi tagasi
i haven't been to an amusement park in so long this makes me want to go to one
Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy the smiler is nothing like the thrill coasters in America
Halfbeast Kid
Halfbeast Kid 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy that girl has no taste
ItsIsabel 20 tundi tagasi
I like how this video is just Wilbur terrorizing his little brother while Phil gets slightly more fed up with his bickering sons each ride they go on.
Mr. Blair
Mr. Blair 20 tundi tagasi
"are we cowards?" Wilbur 2021
iEny 20 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: on Brazil we call that "Montanha russa" that means russian montain :)
Snakeyboi Boi
Snakeyboi Boi 20 tundi tagasi
i want to see just tubbo cam for 18 minutes
FarmerMyles 20 tundi tagasi
Best way to ask out a girl
W O 20 tundi tagasi
The end😭😭
Another One Pot
Another One Pot 20 tundi tagasi
7:48 This is the Face of a Big Brother Bully
freya sandstrom
freya sandstrom 20 tundi tagasi
Stop swearing
GameSlayer 20 tundi tagasi
I honestly feel bad for tommy.
Dagon Zilla096
Dagon Zilla096 20 tundi tagasi
Anyone heard of a ride called the Mr.freeze
nexus. flare
nexus. flare 20 tundi tagasi
20:00 the pain
The_Random_Bard 20 tundi tagasi
this is the saddest movie ive ever watched
Arif 20 tundi tagasi
Me when I saw thumbnail: oh that tommyinnit Me when I saw the channel name: oh that is not tommyinnit Me when I saw his pfp: oh that really tommyinnit
Lloyd Woolhouse
Lloyd Woolhouse 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy I’m going to Alton towers in the morning about 9am can I meet you there I love to meet you and will my stepsister loves you
Sofia Diaz-Castillo
Sofia Diaz-Castillo 20 tundi tagasi
you look like a ginger in the thumbnail
Muhammad al Fatih fadlurrahman
Muhammad al Fatih fadlurrahman 20 tundi tagasi
7:48 :D
Orange P1e
Orange P1e 20 tundi tagasi
I want a clap for the employee at the end of the rollercoaster
Kinsey._.k Bubblez
Kinsey._.k Bubblez 20 tundi tagasi
why is the water so green
Anh Ha Linh Nguyen (Anh)
Anh Ha Linh Nguyen (Anh) 20 tundi tagasi
when tommy says i can do the blade i feel like doing something with a knife
Yamen Mohamed
Yamen Mohamed 20 tundi tagasi
"lets do the blade" - Tommy 2021
Combocambo Clips
Combocambo Clips 20 tundi tagasi
Alternative title: 3 rich kids buy out a pool and command adults to keep them alive while they film making back the money they paid for the pool
Sembian Selvan
Sembian Selvan 20 tundi tagasi
Y no mask??
Thirds 20 tundi tagasi
sad that tommy got rejected
nikolina 600
nikolina 600 20 tundi tagasi
Why is end kinda sad eveb tho its probably staged😭🖐️
Marilyn Diaz
Marilyn Diaz 20 tundi tagasi
I need Tommy’s pink mask
Matthew Petrov
Matthew Petrov 20 tundi tagasi
rip she basicaly rejected him
Jeonginsfox 20 tundi tagasi
Phil: you can’t have Seconds later Wilbur gets cotton candy
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith 20 tundi tagasi
At the end that girl isnt worth you!! ^^
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie 20 tundi tagasi
8:46 pause here 😂😂
STORM 20 tundi tagasi
Just me or is this channel better then his main channel
XxphoeleenxX 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy is like ay ipad kid how cute
Crash 20 tundi tagasi
The fact that the end was a bit means they’re probably already dating
woolierfrog 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy never dies.
JoeMarz 20 tundi tagasi
I really dont know him.....
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 20 tundi tagasi
poor tommy :'(
that one guy 2.0
that one guy 2.0 20 tundi tagasi
We just have to appreciate Tommy's mask
Kirstie Clarke
Kirstie Clarke 20 tundi tagasi
Oh no i feel so bad he started crying oh no
woolierfrog 20 tundi tagasi
This is really cool
P0GCHAMP 20 tundi tagasi
That was sad 😭😭 I felt that 😔
Joshua Hicalde
Joshua Hicalde 20 tundi tagasi
Look Tommy he's is so frienle
Wonsz Jormungand
Wonsz Jormungand 20 tundi tagasi
Tommy: I'm very high Also Tommy:
Gregory Doe
Gregory Doe 20 tundi tagasi
When I got the actual fact about salaries was during the lockdown. Salaries don't make you rich, I started trading last year and I bought my first house in the beginning of this year. Then realised I wasted a lot of time
Jack Cleaveland
Jack Cleaveland 20 tundi tagasi
Would like to communicate with you any help or tips on how to be profitable will really help
Jack Cleaveland
Jack Cleaveland 20 tundi tagasi
Also started trading stocks last year and my story hasn't been great ,lost nearly 35k$ to investments just had to take a few steps backwards
Dasha Vladimir
Dasha Vladimir 20 tundi tagasi
I'm glad it's working for you congratulations 👏.
Gregory Doe
Gregory Doe 20 tundi tagasi
I trade stocks, it wasn't easy going when I started but through the right personnel I was able to build and grow. I earn thousands weekly trading
Witsel Justin
Witsel Justin 20 tundi tagasi
That's Amazing, how profitable is your trading?
aMuffins 20 tundi tagasi
tommy really rode the blade like no tomorrow
Crash 20 tundi tagasi
I like how he wasn’t scared to jump out of a plane but he is scared of a roller coaster
endo was taken
endo was taken 20 tundi tagasi
poor boy, the girl just didnt care :(
Ame Willett
Ame Willett 20 tundi tagasi
I fell bad for Tommy
Blobmaster 20 tundi tagasi
Is Phil dream
xAJ 20 tundi tagasi
i subscribed you're welcome
TheFugazis 20 tundi tagasi
Change title to Soy boys ride rollercoasters
BaconGaming 20 tundi tagasi
Oooooh drrrrreeeeeam
Roland Holmdahl
Roland Holmdahl 20 tundi tagasi
As an American, Theme Parks are a lot scarier and faster over here.
Zibs 20 tundi tagasi
the sec he saw the word blade he is thinking of riding techno lol
maxey9711 20 tundi tagasi
Tell me this is not a single dad taking his sons out for a fun day at a theme park while the older son constantly teases the youngest while the dad tiredly tries to assure the youngest that everything’s fine 😂😂