Ravens forever
Ravens forever 20 tundi tagasi
I love how when people complain about the Jimmy Smith vs Michael Crabtree no call ignore that Crabtree pushed off first. Even if that was DPI/defensive holding which it wasn’t, number 59 of the 49ers gets away with a blatant holding call at 2:20:03 lmfao
Ann Skaife
Ann Skaife 20 tundi tagasi
Nick Mine
Nick Mine 20 tundi tagasi
The jolly smoke optimally follow because basket modestly hammer astride a parched cable. good, tremendous rectangle
Davi Miranda
Davi Miranda 20 tundi tagasi
todo dia tenho que vir aqui, não tem jeito
Oragnutang Gang
Oragnutang Gang 20 tundi tagasi
This Washington team looks promising. Get a dedicated QB and a couple more offensive playmakers and they could be serious playoff threats.
- Ju -
- Ju - 20 tundi tagasi
He looks like a wr.
Pipe Moya
Pipe Moya 20 tundi tagasi
Shakira won the súper bowl
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 20 tundi tagasi
Tom Brady by far
Home DES
Home DES 20 tundi tagasi
Dolphins should draft him. Bengals and Eagles won’t get a chance to get him.
Brad Carter
Brad Carter 20 tundi tagasi
Aaron donald is the reason russ Wilson wants to leave the seahawks
Durrr Burger
Durrr Burger 20 tundi tagasi
Are people forgetting when diggs mossed the raiders defender I thought that was a good throw by Allen
Daguy Carrillo
Daguy Carrillo 20 tundi tagasi
11:21 a war stomping
GetUr InkUp
GetUr InkUp 20 tundi tagasi
The GOAT!!!! If he had a strong line he wouldve got em mltple rings...
Siddharth amin
Siddharth amin 20 tundi tagasi
Drow 20 tundi tagasi
XO Till We MF OD in sin city yurrrr
No Name
No Name 20 tundi tagasi
Dolphins draft looks more like browns
Daguy Carrillo
Daguy Carrillo 20 tundi tagasi
This performance not suck those are just haters
Oney Flores Santana
Oney Flores Santana 20 tundi tagasi
Sin duda no me canso de ver este Súper Bowl, para mí el de Katy Perry y Shakira ft JLO son los mejores!
Aiden Reynolds
Aiden Reynolds 20 tundi tagasi
Mahones we got to beat them with are scoring Kicker so we beat them with field goal Mahomes sure. Wait 31-9 loss
David Miller
David Miller 20 tundi tagasi
The lethal wren lately sign because mayonnaise multivariably stop amid a right birthday. succinct, uttermost pickle
I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:4 20 tundi tagasi
John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.
Yuki Moshi Channel
Yuki Moshi Channel 20 tundi tagasi
Beyonce : Say Whhhhaaat?!?! I Loooooove itttttt!!!!!
Duane Angeles
Duane Angeles 20 tundi tagasi
Did the Redskins give him a contract extension?
ViniVince 20 tundi tagasi
4:16 minecraft
Sylvain LHS
Sylvain LHS 20 tundi tagasi
What's the tittle of the song when she's with Missy Elliot?
jennifer okah
jennifer okah 21 tund tagasi
Joseph Locricchio
Joseph Locricchio 21 tund tagasi
The belligerent sociology systematically rescue because feature gully calculate after a uptight woolen. shiny, lovely impulse
Talon Liebig
Talon Liebig 21 tund tagasi
Bunch of nervous seahawks fans talking out they cheeks in the comments
Jameson Does it all
Jameson Does it all 21 tund tagasi
Cowboys w
Matheus Martins
Matheus Martins 21 tund tagasi
6:20 11:10
Rob 1
Rob 1 21 tund tagasi
what a call to punt it down 28 with 4 mins left 😒
Alex Nunes
Alex Nunes 21 tund tagasi
A cena é que eu canto melhor, mas este gajo até se safa
Alex Nunes
Alex Nunes 21 tund tagasi
mas ele tem um bigode fixe
The one with the letters
The one with the letters 21 tund tagasi
5:12 Daft punk in the background then the boy makes the transition
Gabriel Zavala
Gabriel Zavala 21 tund tagasi
This was for you titans fans Titan up and go bills
David Amuka
David Amuka 21 tund tagasi
Repent God loves u
Gabriel Zavala
Gabriel Zavala 21 tund tagasi
What is this star off good but end so Garbage because the pats and steelers both did it. so somebody's team might be next but at it could be a free playoff berth.
Kristen Martz
Kristen Martz 21 tund tagasi
Dude you guys have it so mixed up, the colts played the NFC NORTH, not the NFC SOUTH!
jimmy lynch
jimmy lynch 21 tund tagasi
4:12 That's gold.
Just a random old skeleton
Just a random old skeleton 21 tund tagasi
Pair this up with super bowl XXXIV's ending, and you got a perfect sh*t sandwich
40 Hours
40 Hours 21 tund tagasi
all the twoset fans searching this up including me :)
Chipmunks World
Chipmunks World 21 tund tagasi
The people those who disliked because their hip's lie😂🤣😂
James Sveinsson
James Sveinsson 21 tund tagasi
Was that a bust of Elmer E Fudd
Onan. O
Onan. O 21 tund tagasi
4:51 Wilson ran faster than the wind to knock that guy
lifewithjordan 21 tund tagasi
Hope my bengals take him tbh
Just a random old skeleton
Just a random old skeleton 21 tund tagasi
Seahawks Fans after seeing 0:36: *DEMONIC SCREAMING*
smitty jergensons
smitty jergensons 21 tund tagasi
10 years later.... Tom's won 4 more 😂😂
Joshua D
Joshua D 21 tund tagasi
This wasnt really an upset they were just the first good team the Steelers faced
What about Rob?
What about Rob? 21 tund tagasi
Great play calling on that first Cowboys drive.
CLIMAX TV 22 tundi tagasi
I feel loke Trevor Lawrence is gonna be a bust and zach wilson gonna be sneakyy good, idk he plays kinda like mahomes
mike anderson
mike anderson 22 tundi tagasi
This guys never gonna make it in the NFL. I no BS said that once.
Mvp Dj
Mvp Dj 22 tundi tagasi
I’m really cheering for the Jags and I’m a pats fan.#GoJags
Jeep Gaming
Jeep Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
Kinda Rude putting a superbowl match in The weekends Concert
Agastya Devarakonda
Agastya Devarakonda 22 tundi tagasi
The way to beat the Packers: Pull a Raheem Mostert
Donny Adi
Donny Adi 22 tundi tagasi
Hey... Where is the 400+ yards run behind line of scrimage? It's fun to watch.
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 22 tundi tagasi
just witnessed history!
know body
know body 22 tundi tagasi
He’s no Drew Bledsoe that’s for sure. Lol
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham 22 tundi tagasi
The adaptable giant genomically whip because spain explicitly squeal up a cagey expansion. sulky, vivacious cocoa
Spyerk Smith
Spyerk Smith 22 tundi tagasi
Agastya Devarakonda
Agastya Devarakonda 22 tundi tagasi
Imagine: ‘13 Seahawks D + ‘07 Ravens D
Aein Arhmin
Aein Arhmin 22 tundi tagasi
eeexs.info/dash/fmd4l6iahYaEhXY/video m
KAREY ELIAS 22 tundi tagasi
Ppl that I know say Trevor is a bust but I don't believe it
Cooper S
Cooper S 22 tundi tagasi
Jaire Alexander PLEASE🙏🏼
the future is today
the future is today 22 tundi tagasi
Why isn't ABEls superbowl performance not at 100 million already ?
Tzoreol 22 tundi tagasi
The Green Bay Packers will win Super Bowl LVI
HHF 3i
HHF 3i 22 tundi tagasi
Shakira is definitely from another breed..
RinatyaNessim 22 tundi tagasi
This performer has barely any energy. All that buildup, and then... barely anything to show for it. Good singer, but this show is strange energy wise.
Nate Lowe
Nate Lowe 23 tundi tagasi
Harris 2 ATLANTA
Death Puncher
Death Puncher 23 tundi tagasi
He is still the best TE in the Game! And that after 1 Year of doing nothing.
Jeremy Winston
Jeremy Winston 23 tundi tagasi
Im from STL and I lived that season!! So proud of KW!! He got his shot and took it and never looked back. What a year that was for STL Rams fans!!
justcallmesinner 23 tundi tagasi
It’s the Satanic references for me
Uriel Robles Peña
Uriel Robles Peña 23 tundi tagasi
what about heartless. in the night. in your eyes :( :( :(
Moses Valle
Moses Valle 23 tundi tagasi
Mcglinchey sucks so bad
Uriel Robles Peña
Uriel Robles Peña 23 tundi tagasi
falto heartless, in the night , in your eyes :( :(
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 23 tundi tagasi
These 2 ceush5every offseason
Charles Doliguez
Charles Doliguez 23 tundi tagasi
cecil grover
cecil grover 23 tundi tagasi
1 hit wonder
c. okay
c. okay 23 tundi tagasi
00:34 💕
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore 23 tundi tagasi
I’m not crying at all