The Radioactive Beach In New York
Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose
How Many Languages Are There?
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Why The Web Is Such A Mess
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I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
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It’s pronounced GIF.
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Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?
Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunked
Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?
Matt Aze
Matt Aze 17 tundi tagasi
im grateful when they add n/y count, so know if slow at task 5/20, instead of just hung at 20%
AG45 17 tundi tagasi
cant wait for the sequal 3018 we sent galactic bread to the edge of the galaxy
OBIOMA ONYEKWERE 17 tundi tagasi
"27,728,356 views" and counting. i future dudes hiiii.
Wiliam m
Wiliam m 17 tundi tagasi
Frogboyaidan 17 tundi tagasi
e here from jobos channel
Paulo Boe
Paulo Boe 17 tundi tagasi
Ey Tom. Just a little heads up. Its still exactly right at 27.738.400 views
Kieranキーラン 17 tundi tagasi
Damn him saying the hurling finals when there Gaelic football and it’s the all Ireland hurling finals
Blake Deaton
Blake Deaton 17 tundi tagasi
These Can Plants Kill?
Magic Trick88
Magic Trick88 17 tundi tagasi
March 2021 Update: It’s still spot on
jeremy bird
jeremy bird 17 tundi tagasi
A carryover from baseball left handers can be referred to as southpaws.
owenjj93 17 tundi tagasi
Spot on still.
jeavoo-bro 17 tundi tagasi
11 years ago... Somerfield... And the size of those quality street tins!!!
Destory 17 tundi tagasi
idegteke 17 tundi tagasi
Just enjoying the fact that nobody will ever read or like my comment so I can type literally whatever I would like to.
Dar Brett
Dar Brett 17 tundi tagasi
3:32 All four columns look like they're the exact same colour to me.
Conifer ConnieTreeCow
Conifer ConnieTreeCow 17 tundi tagasi
the ad right before this video had a grue background
Norbert Ágoston
Norbert Ágoston 17 tundi tagasi
You didn't go fast enough!!!! Over 100mph is good and it actually sounds in tune
Me 17 tundi tagasi
One of the perks of being a EEexsr: tax-deductable vacations :)
PatrickFPV 17 tundi tagasi
It bugs me a little that you don't explain the other uses of VPN (especially business cases and also private cases). If you want to connect two sites of your business so they share one network, a VPN might be a solution. Also if you want to make stuff available for yourself or friends on the internet, giving them VPN access to your network is one of the safest ways to do this. For example I have set up VPN for my parents so they can access my NAS and store family pictures / documents and stuff there.
Babak Mohammadi
Babak Mohammadi 17 tundi tagasi
Oh the timeless Tom..
samsam21amb 17 tundi tagasi
It is actually perfect.
Giles Holliday
Giles Holliday 17 tundi tagasi
Oh my god as i saw the question I said Harold and it was second place. Tom Scott martian telepathist confirmed??
PossiblyAMagicMage 18 tundi tagasi
Kirby's Dream
Osama Ali
Osama Ali 18 tundi tagasi
Max T
Max T 18 tundi tagasi
Nice video
Lee Birchenough
Lee Birchenough 18 tundi tagasi
tictacs are like 100% sugar but because a serving is just 1 tictac they get away with saying 0 sugar
magic pissenlit
magic pissenlit 18 tundi tagasi
é, è, ê and ë are still a thing on french and belgian keyboards, no need for some weird key combination.
James Bowen
James Bowen 18 tundi tagasi
quibbles about categories could be a great podcast name.
I C U 18 tundi tagasi
Uhmm guys... no joke my youtube literally crashed after clicking on the video. I had to write this comment from a PC.
delta250a 18 tundi tagasi
That long shaft at the end. 😂
GD lifesteal
GD lifesteal 18 tundi tagasi
a backtick is this: ` it is not only used in programming it is actually used a lot in script-writing
EachHitMedium 18 tundi tagasi
tell that to the jamaicans, batty boy
Northumbria Bushcraft
Northumbria Bushcraft 18 tundi tagasi
When i was little i thought turning that knob made the light turn green faster.
Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen
Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen 18 tundi tagasi
worse than my washing machine 🤔
General Cole
General Cole 18 tundi tagasi
U just gotta go fast. There's a vid of someone that does it at 100mph and it sounds a lot better. You'd prolly have to be at 125 to get it sound right.
Mo 18 tundi tagasi
It does not matter what you vote, it matters who counts the votes. We've seen this extensively in the 2020 US Elections. Totally corrupt. with lots of proof, affidavits etc...
M0jibake 18 tundi tagasi
3:50 it's the Merrie Melodies cartoon outro
The Rain Shimmers
The Rain Shimmers 18 tundi tagasi
This is exactly the sort of video which you look at and assume the speaker is going to overly simplify the topic and miss out on key points that create the controversy to begin with
lyiriyah 18 tundi tagasi
All of those are words in Welsh
Onni Ahonen
Onni Ahonen 18 tundi tagasi
Floyd Thompson
Floyd Thompson 18 tundi tagasi
It's the American way to screw stuff up.
The DACK LASH 18 tundi tagasi
This guy should run for president
David Seaford
David Seaford 18 tundi tagasi
They need to salt this out
Igor Budziński
Igor Budziński 18 tundi tagasi
Goverment cant handle this level of threat
Jaakko Pöntinen
Jaakko Pöntinen 18 tundi tagasi
What kind of twisted person would ever even think of using more than one space after a stop. Where would you even get such an idea? Who teaches that? Who the heck does that, really?
Always ready for your calls..
Always ready for your calls.. 18 tundi tagasi
Court records mentioned, surely a record? Interesting story all the same :)
T.A 'TRIGGER' SHEARD 18 tundi tagasi
Sid DeHound
Sid DeHound 18 tundi tagasi
Question: My Pc did not alert me or recommend this . My phone did. And before you start .......... All the same settings
hamsteerio 18 tundi tagasi
I dont know morse code but i despise high pitch sounds, stop damaging my hearing @tom scott so i can keep hating them!
Trekkie99 18 tundi tagasi
Best superpower IMO. That or being a Replicator from Star Trek
swedemeister 18 tundi tagasi
Crash crash crash crash crash chhhdjhhgwbnh4tn
Markus Schwarz
Markus Schwarz 19 tundi tagasi
watchin him step on the door frame ... hurt me nobody. is .ever. supposed. to. do. that
Abduljalil Kazimov
Abduljalil Kazimov 19 tundi tagasi
it is still working :)
Elizabeth Arellano
Elizabeth Arellano 19 tundi tagasi
NintyFan 19 tundi tagasi
2021 and it's even worse 🙃
Arik 19 tundi tagasi
I got the feels my palms were sweating looking at this this is the worst place to be on a rainy day
Napoleon Rabbit
Napoleon Rabbit 19 tundi tagasi
That's for maximum pleasure...
Artem Katelnytskyi
Artem Katelnytskyi 19 tundi tagasi
Maybe this is why progress bars since windows 7 (or maybe vista) have an animation going on on a bar, to let a user know, that in fact things are happening and the pc hasn't crushed. Yet.
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson 19 tundi tagasi
0:38 smeagol working the camera there
New Western Grove
New Western Grove 19 tundi tagasi
Now there is a phone app that does exactly that, put your face in movies
geebeefreebee 19 tundi tagasi
Putting this in 144p and watching him freeze the confetti is amazing
TheGreasyJungle 19 tundi tagasi
Shigity Schwa? Schfifty five.
Devanshu 19 tundi tagasi
It's incorrect now
Ego death
Ego death 19 tundi tagasi
6:54 UFO
chegeny 19 tundi tagasi
The US state of Indiana had an unfinished nuclear power plant at Marble Hill. After spending $2.5 billion the project that began in 1977 was abandoned in 1984. More than 100 U.S. plant cancellations happened after the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. Chernobyl was the kiss of death in 1986 for nearly any further new developments.
Harish 19 tundi tagasi
Why garlic bread? Because it's delicious
Ludus Artifex
Ludus Artifex 19 tundi tagasi
only for me 05.03.2021: This Video Has 27,726,718 Views
15schaa 15schaa
15schaa 15schaa 19 tundi tagasi
Wait, why can't you be drunk in a pub? That's what they're there for.
Wheeler Dealer
Wheeler Dealer 19 tundi tagasi
I'm just gonna pronounce every single G word with a hard G, except from Gif which I will pronounce with a soft G. See how many people I piss off.
Deceased Duck
Deceased Duck 19 tundi tagasi
"What're you in for?" "Played ding dong ditch"
majestic 19 tundi tagasi
The scary comb grossly stop because carriage partially fire inside a cheap house. rural, bashful walk
AndyF563 19 tundi tagasi
It's correct for me 27,727,599
Aivaras Sungaila
Aivaras Sungaila 19 tundi tagasi
Kartheek Nagamangalam
Kartheek Nagamangalam 19 tundi tagasi
Child Tom Scott: Fr*icking Tokyo drifts round the bend. Adult Tom Scott: Listens to the nice GPS lady saying: "Turn right at the roundabout."
Balázs Veisz
Balázs Veisz 19 tundi tagasi
why would anyone dislike this video?
MrEmiriv 19 tundi tagasi
tell that to the ccleaner guys with their restarting progress bar, or the windows file explorer with their asyntotic one
Johnny 2 hats
Johnny 2 hats 19 tundi tagasi
I clicked on this video and was like 'hey you know who that guy sounds like...that geography guy Tom Scott'... then I realised this is actually him in one of his primitive forms.
Simon Howes
Simon Howes 19 tundi tagasi
Perfectly acceptable to say when greeting: “are you well?”, person responds, the you reply back with “I thought you were!”. 😊
MoronMan 19 tundi tagasi
still spot on. lets see if it can last a year
Parism 19 tundi tagasi
That must be whats its like to be a psychopath trying to figure out morality.