Ricfon 19 tundi tagasi
at this point melusi is just an operator with a gun
Esmaeil Ansari
Esmaeil Ansari 19 tundi tagasi
Hello dear Ubisoft I wonder when you want fix my game I'm brewing storm after 3 months
Cooking With Collin
Cooking With Collin 19 tundi tagasi
Whoever made this needs a raise
Mr Hat
Mr Hat 19 tundi tagasi
Daubeny showed himself
TheBtremb 20 tundi tagasi
Someone for the love of god tell me how to spend unused weapon tokens?
Spicy Big Chicken
Spicy Big Chicken 20 tundi tagasi
When I saw the deadly hare I lost it. I never would’ve thought they would make a Monty python reference. Imagine if the new hero was the black knight from Monty Python
Shifty Jim
Shifty Jim 20 tundi tagasi
Really havin a great time with this one overall. This is probably the best game to come from Ubisoft in at least 5 years.
Kenway Crusader
Kenway Crusader 20 tundi tagasi
You’re going to Brazil
Waibryte 20 tundi tagasi
The killer bunny, nice Easter egg
Brakkie Banka
Brakkie Banka 20 tundi tagasi
Do the audi rs6 and the audi rs3 in the game.
FTT Krember
FTT Krember 20 tundi tagasi
We gonna ignore the fact that Doc whiffed on Finka in the first half?
BlackLight94 21 tund tagasi
This would have been less hyped if you cut to a scene where Blackbeard goes to a table in the corner where Edward is secretly seated and he just says, "that's another keg of rum for advertisement, boy," as Edward forks over a bag of coins 😅
Serious Spaghetti
Serious Spaghetti 21 tund tagasi
Krindig 22 tundi tagasi
Always love how For Honor puts more effort into these trailers than putting effort in balancing the game and making it more noob/casual friendly.
ironduke 22 tundi tagasi
I liked how the black tusk stopped fighting as well when they saw the cleaners
Kaname Kuran
Kaname Kuran 22 tundi tagasi
I love hearing apollyons voice just tells you that war is going on and what apollyon loves to see
Gharza Dzaki Rachman
Gharza Dzaki Rachman 23 tundi tagasi
Also, Please don’t tell me another warmonger would take astrea place. Unless it’s the dragon warmonger. Then I would accept
Surviver 23 tundi tagasi
Downgrade kings.
Super Duper Paratrooper
Super Duper Paratrooper 23 tundi tagasi
Where’s Thermite damn it?!
Kaiser Morty
Kaiser Morty 23 tundi tagasi
After 4 years he showed himself
Mohnkor 23 tundi tagasi
March 5 of 2021 and still no news about this game
Danny Ohio
Danny Ohio Päev tagasi
Bulls vs Wolves. Looks like a basketball match.
Nina Päev tagasi
So The Bull vs The Wolves who would win???
GTX RTX Päev tagasi
i love the crew 2
Ajinkya Meshram
Ajinkya Meshram Päev tagasi
Finka saying u and me any time to Pulse at the end of the video.
Sevdam Büyük
Sevdam Büyük Päev tagasi
Yoinked Päev tagasi
Excited, again, for another year. Cheers team🍻. Thanks for keeping the game alive!
Ren The Rengend
Ren The Rengend Päev tagasi
The strabic goa T
The strabic goa T Päev tagasi
No this is what i call, breath taking.
Sergio Riggio
Sergio Riggio Päev tagasi
New executions: "Looks like you're going to the Shadow Realm, Jimbo!"
Athan Kar
Athan Kar Päev tagasi
we need crossplay across all platforms
Athan Kar
Athan Kar Päev tagasi
why are the servers down?
Gabagooligan827 Päev tagasi
You know I was rooting for Horkos but I saw Daubeny and nutted so Chimera all the way
Fireprism Päev tagasi
Something I've noticed is that with the rabbit execution, the person you use it on will still be making the gargling noises like 4 seconds after their head has already been bitten off lol
lobstergod Päev tagasi
cool video shame its dead
gggd dhhd
gggd dhhd Päev tagasi
Deadly hare Thats a monty python reference if ive ever seen one
Kyle Black
Kyle Black Päev tagasi
Wow you guys have really shown me how garbage the dev team behind AC Valhalla is, you guys communicate with your players, add actual content and not CONSTANTLY ADD paid armor, when the game is so broken there are still day 1 players stuck, unable to progress. Plenty more but the point is, ac valhalla sucks massive and I wish you guys had a hand in making it a playable game with gear that does not cost 20 dollars real cash.
Zx4R Päev tagasi
This game needs a come back it’s so good
DEXXTER Päev tagasi
Please put hot permanent
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Päev tagasi
I completely understand not being tired of work but being tired of meaningless work 1:26
Saber 440
Saber 440 Päev tagasi
I would buy this
CasualGryphon Päev tagasi
"The true meaning... of courage." Unfortunately for you, society will not see it that way.
Jawad Abbas Awan
Jawad Abbas Awan Päev tagasi
The vibe that this game had and still has is nostalgically satisfying.
Holden Cross
Holden Cross Päev tagasi
I smell daubeny.
ALI HJT Päev tagasi
After 6 month gonna fix your game or what?
FriskeCrisps Päev tagasi
Talks about all the deadly viruses yet finka doesn't have her head fully covered...
Akfui Päev tagasi
Dragging tf out of this
TheUnluckyCrow 23
TheUnluckyCrow 23 Päev tagasi
The Shadow
The Shadow Päev tagasi
So daubeny will be a new hero?
martin ortiz
martin ortiz Päev tagasi
Duuuude DAUBENY? Ok im hyped xd
Excalibur 801
Excalibur 801 Päev tagasi
Why was this trailer so badass wtf?!!
Glizzy Päev tagasi
Drannion Animation
Drannion Animation Päev tagasi
*"I want you to split me ASUNDER..."* - Jon Smith
McCrackles Päev tagasi
Man, this is why Im addicted to this game time and time again, cant wait for another year of awesome content and surprises!
Gavin Lump
Gavin Lump Päev tagasi
Hey Ubi....when we getting heros unique executions again? That would be neat....
Titanman Päev tagasi
Bought the game and been playing for a while and haven’t seen him in there yet
Joseph_ALR Päev tagasi
Add Crossplay and save the f***** game how is that not clear to you? People are leaving because of the player base, i can’t find a match in death match playlist for 16 minutes.
Dylan D.E.D.
Dylan D.E.D. Päev tagasi
"The true meaning of courage." I felt that. This trailer is epic and awesome. Edit: oh and also DAUBENY!!!
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo Päev tagasi
Apollyon voice just gets me going i swear its too badass
Stone Gardea
Stone Gardea Päev tagasi
@The Keeper its a mix of both, in the beginning Apollyon says "what did you think would happen" and at the end she says "you are my wolves"
The Keeper
The Keeper Päev tagasi
That isn't Apollyon's voice it's Astrea's she's voiced by a different actress
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo Päev tagasi
@Stone Gardea definitely
Stone Gardea
Stone Gardea Päev tagasi
Agreed it has this epic tone to it like final boss tones
xboxjunkie1931 Päev tagasi
i feel like in real training kalis rifle would be banned even with low powder simunition considering how hard it hits and a couple operators don't wear obvious armor
Apple salt
Apple salt Päev tagasi
Anyone know who the new hero is or are they even releasing a new hero cuz I don't know
Apple salt
Apple salt Päev tagasi
@Stone Gardea thanks
Stone Gardea
Stone Gardea Päev tagasi
2 new heroes one every 2 seasons
iEnVy Waifu
iEnVy Waifu Päev tagasi
Bro are we actually getting a third knight hero in a row.
Shook Tea
Shook Tea Päev tagasi
For Honor devs have stated the two heros this year will NOT be in the knight faction.
MistahWhoop Päev tagasi
Praying and hoping this comes back this year
Beowulf 725
Beowulf 725 Päev tagasi
Ghostface video game $10 mill
Beowulf 725
Beowulf 725 Päev tagasi
Social paycho society perfect for the Trump psycho society we survived
Branden Walker
Branden Walker Päev tagasi
Beowulf 725
Beowulf 725 Päev tagasi
Bad boys bad girls video games and blue streak video game diamond heist a diamond video game with all great diamnd movies. $50 mill free games ps5
Mileena Kahnum
Mileena Kahnum Päev tagasi
Am I the only one that wants a witch character, like she can have a weapon but I want to see some magic like the lady from the new mulan movie
Cekseiro 20 tundi tagasi
@Mileena Kahnum For starters, how would that even work, in what is more-or-less a fighting game built on the wet dreams of HEMA and Kendo fans? Sure, it's slid into fantasy territory for a few years, by now, but having what amounts to an outight magician (beyond what what we have can ALREADY do, like Shaolin's teleportation and the draconite stuff) is a few steps too many.
Mileena Kahnum
Mileena Kahnum 21 tund tagasi
@Cekseiro not exactly like her but I want to see someone that uses magic
Cekseiro 21 tund tagasi
1, yes. Yes you are. 2, *that's* the movie/character you're going with, for this?