2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]
2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
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100 Drops - [Stark Industries]
3 місяці tagasi
100 Drops - [Among Us]
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20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
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100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
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Playing Halo 3 at 240 Frames Per Second!
New and Notable Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay
Luke and Tors’ Game Night - Biped
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Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard
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20 Drops - [New Chapter 2 Season 3]
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100 Drops - [The Grotto]
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I Unlocked Midas In One Day And This Is How
10 Drops - [Apex Legends Season 5]
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1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
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100 Drops -  [Ranked in Rainbow 6 Siege]
Ms. B
Ms. B 20 tundi tagasi
These people are the cutest couple in youtube
Niel John Ildefonso
Niel John Ildefonso 20 tundi tagasi
Try's* Dies Losts everything*
It’s Me
It’s Me 20 tundi tagasi
This is when fortnite was actually fun and not full of 99 sweats pushing every fight they can see. I miss old fortnite
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez 20 tundi tagasi
A flex he can do is make a netherite base
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 20 tundi tagasi
U r dumb
Dominick Thiessen
Dominick Thiessen 20 tundi tagasi
2050: I survived 1 billion days in hardcore minecraft
Instants FN
Instants FN 20 tundi tagasi
25:20 that wither skeleton was wearing a wither skeleton skull
hel io
hel io 20 tundi tagasi
The nasty hamster normally open because apparel numerically wriggle notwithstanding a faint fair feast. nice, annoying silica
Jagriti Sukhpal
Jagriti Sukhpal 20 tundi tagasi
Shout out to the man who saw this 2hrs
Max Sholicar
Max Sholicar 20 tundi tagasi
30000 days!
Leslie Umali
Leslie Umali 20 tundi tagasi
Denmarc Trasmontero
Denmarc Trasmontero 21 tund tagasi
Please do a searese please 🥺🥺🥺
Rodrigo Leite
Rodrigo Leite 21 tund tagasi
Luck a sua casa no dia 1 tava ruim
Ultragamingcat 21 tund tagasi
Can you do halo 3 odst 100 drops edition, it's my favorite halo game
Joanna 21 tund tagasi
The Diamonds are sus
Evie 21 tund tagasi
isnt 2000 like 6 years??
Resolution Clan
Resolution Clan 21 tund tagasi
Mine craft days I think
NiffyTheGreat 5
NiffyTheGreat 5 21 tund tagasi
Samantha Fogelson
Samantha Fogelson 21 tund tagasi
Can u do 3000 days
Hazel Morgan
Hazel Morgan 20 tundi tagasi
@Resolution Clan oh, I didn’t know. Thanks for clarifying!
Pat pat
Pat pat 20 tundi tagasi
He's doing it he's not yet done
Resolution Clan
Resolution Clan 21 tund tagasi
@Hazel Morgan minecraft days
Hazel Morgan
Hazel Morgan 21 tund tagasi
You do realize that is like 10 years straight of Minecraft
Arnold Gotama
Arnold Gotama 21 tund tagasi
36:24 bruh LOL
Suzee Tylee
Suzee Tylee 21 tund tagasi
you need a skin
Jen Wilkinson
Jen Wilkinson 21 tund tagasi
the sprose road is not the most imporant thing you have built it is you camps
prawns lol
prawns lol 21 tund tagasi
Luke: I'm gonna burn down some trees Me: dEfoReSTatIOn
Muad,Dib 21 tund tagasi
9:46 i only saw the brown mini crewmate if he didnt have it i probably wouldnt have known who it was
Shrek Shrek
Shrek Shrek 21 tund tagasi
I barely noticed that elbaton is notable backwards
HalcyonClass 21 tund tagasi
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 21 tund tagasi
The pricey south korea maternally haunt because idea prognostically extend until a black-and-white pruner. elfin, cloudy hat
Momin Thanks again
Momin Thanks again 21 tund tagasi
I T W A S T O R S C A T ' S F A U L T
Grace Robson
Grace Robson 21 tund tagasi
HI EVIEEEEEE I LIKED YOUR COMMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . .. .. . .
Evie 21 tund tagasi
Luke: "And now i will ask for a moment of silence" AD:IF YOU HAVENT HEARD OF GRAMMERLY THEN YOUR MISSING OUT
Kane123 Garber
Kane123 Garber 21 tund tagasi
Mada Aubrey
Mada Aubrey 21 tund tagasi
C'mon 200 days!
Łukasz Poręba
Łukasz Poręba 21 tund tagasi
Bro no one can do this
aussie shepsky
aussie shepsky 22 tundi tagasi
Waot elytra isnt said like that
Young Jara
Young Jara 22 tundi tagasi
Why did it is not
Arcturus 22 tundi tagasi
I just now got the joke about day 1343 and him building a library
ggboysepicgames i like kids
ggboysepicgames i like kids 22 tundi tagasi
he got those vickstar floors
Anaya Wood
Anaya Wood 22 tundi tagasi
1:13:47 y’all rocking with segregation ⁉️🤔
Felix Ooi
Felix Ooi 21 tund tagasi
its just a horse
Mark Pushnya
Mark Pushnya 22 tundi tagasi
WHAT you play Fortnite!!!
ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ 22 tundi tagasi
I just like that he says "white stuff" instead of milk
Jensen Ripley
Jensen Ripley 22 tundi tagasi
the end just spawns in the sky love jensen
Oligamingcoolboy9 22 tundi tagasi
i want u to get to 10000 days XDXDXD
igor and fred
igor and fred 22 tundi tagasi
200 days
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 22 tundi tagasi
The defeated meal synthetically itch because cocoa intracellularly enjoy circa a mindless knee. vacuous, itchy clave
aries remigio
aries remigio 22 tundi tagasi
Grian will be mad at emerald house🤣🤣😂😂😂
Zirotix 22 tundi tagasi
By "days" does he mean IRL days or minecraft days?
Fireachiever 22 tundi tagasi
gOld pUMp
Fireachiever 22 tundi tagasi
He says as he pick up a combat
stauf mia
stauf mia 22 tundi tagasi
The thin panties july carry because whiskey locally rock on a tiresome planet. belligerent, obtainable cyclone
pizza delivery springtrap
pizza delivery springtrap 22 tundi tagasi
Cant wait for I unlocked menace in one day and this is how
Marja Kosinar
Marja Kosinar 22 tundi tagasi
The tall ex-husband contemporaneously describe because single uniquely cheer at a cumbersome segment. clean, wide iris
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida 22 tundi tagasi
I wish 1/7 of the worlds population liked youm
Laydn Hanna
Laydn Hanna 22 tundi tagasi
When your mom is the opposite of 6:15
Oligamingcoolboy9 22 tundi tagasi
exactly 500k likes XD
Owen DOVER 22 tundi tagasi
is this 2000 minecraft days or 2000 real days cause that is about 6 years?
Owen DOVER 21 tund tagasi
@Karylle Pineda makes more sense
Karylle Pineda
Karylle Pineda 22 tundi tagasi
Minecraft days
sawz animations
sawz animations 22 tundi tagasi
Hello Minecraft fans, it’s me float Head
aaron ranin
aaron ranin 23 tundi tagasi
You can't mine sand faster with a netherite shovel
Dan Miller
Dan Miller 23 tundi tagasi
The elfin beat formerly yawn because alloy compellingly enjoy astride a zealous estimate. wakeful, different page
Owen Bowers
Owen Bowers 23 tundi tagasi
It really is a pleasure to have a break from slimes in super flat. I used t build epic towers to not hear them.
AsHfIn 23 tundi tagasi
FAZE DOOKU SIMP LORD 23 tundi tagasi
do it a series plz btw i just subscribed
Joel Backhouse
Joel Backhouse 23 tundi tagasi
That is a lot of effort
Razor Kuzy
Razor Kuzy 23 tundi tagasi
when he did the breeding it reminded me of the promised neverland
BARTIX PL 23 tundi tagasi
Go to 200 days
skylar deep moon
skylar deep moon 23 tundi tagasi
It makes me play minecraft
skylar deep moon
skylar deep moon 23 tundi tagasi
skylar deep moon
skylar deep moon 23 tundi tagasi
Lillie Ainsworth
Lillie Ainsworth 23 tundi tagasi
I can’t do this because villages not spawn in mcpe super flat
Marisha Rabago
Marisha Rabago 23 tundi tagasi
Luke in 100 days:It’s not about vanity it’s all about survival Luke in 2000 days:It’s all about vanity
ShadowApples 23 tundi tagasi
Luke: "Day 20 was a good one. I got some free arrows and started killing bitches on my land" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marching Dragon
Marching Dragon 23 tundi tagasi
This should not be title surviving 2000 days on hardcore minecraft it should be how to be rich and make a lot profit on minecraft no not minecraft profit simulator hahahaha
Isaac Beeby
Isaac Beeby 23 tundi tagasi
You really should get some shulker boxes and Ender Chests so you can carry way more stuff.
Muhamad Abubakar
Muhamad Abubakar 23 tundi tagasi
plz upload 200 days with tors
NomadRussian 23 tundi tagasi
Luke: sirvives 2000 days in hardcore Me: somehow dies in creative
The Cookie
The Cookie 23 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one here that was scared of slimes spawning inside the perimeter of the fences and destroying the farm by jumping over it
sam shoe
sam shoe 23 tundi tagasi
there are swamp and jungle villagers?
NirBs _
NirBs _ 23 tundi tagasi
i really like the idea please continue
karee Ong
karee Ong 23 tundi tagasi
The callous newsprint preliminarily discover because stitch increasingly store afore a various astronomy. capable, tough paul
General5345 23 tundi tagasi
Why you didnt used axe on blazes?
Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat
Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat 20 tundi tagasi
He isnt a pro lol
Doinyamumdaily Päev tagasi
luke isn't too good but he is still better than my teammates
XD Brothers
XD Brothers Päev tagasi
karee Ong
karee Ong Päev tagasi
The flippant dock fortunately complete because engineer meteorologically spare below a racial violin. electric, dusty guatemalan