Playing in every rank from BRONZE to PRO level in one day (SSL edition)

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What it's like to play one Rocket League game in every rank in the new season 3...
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SunlessKhan 19 päeva tagasi
What old video or series should I bring back next?
Luke’s World
Luke’s World 17 tundi tagasi
Your wife playing fluumps wife
Michal Pavlisin
Michal Pavlisin 17 päeva tagasi
Hes not try his goals and u see that is hard
Christian Trevizo
Christian Trevizo 17 päeva tagasi
Please bring back the true stories of the players pleaseeee
VG Supreme
VG Supreme 17 päeva tagasi
Toxic takedown
GamingWith Lotus
GamingWith Lotus 17 päeva tagasi
@IncensedComic08 Gold 2 that’s kind of how he was playing, but it gold 3 it’s not how he was playing for my account rank he played it well
Daily Dose of Funny Moments
Daily Dose of Funny Moments 4 minutit tagasi
I feel so bad for the SSL who gave there account to sunless lmao
Jamie Plume
Jamie Plume 22 minutit tagasi
Im in gold
Jenius -
Jenius - Tund tagasi
Golds don’t air dribble 😂
Elon mustekt
Elon mustekt 2 tundi tagasi
I thought you were going to play different in bronze
The July Sun
The July Sun 2 tundi tagasi
I’m gold and i can’t air dribble lol
The July Sun
The July Sun 2 tundi tagasi
But I’m working on it tho
S1rVin3 7 tundi tagasi
I don't know what the heck sunless thinks how good golds are but I am Diamond 3 and still am worse air dribbling than what he did to these Golds
Dylan Wyatt
Dylan Wyatt 15 tundi tagasi
you know how hard it is to play with mouse and keyboard
Zani Racasa
Zani Racasa 15 tundi tagasi
Can you add me please in Rocket league
Kaiden Ponce
Kaiden Ponce 16 tundi tagasi
Whenever he said I’m a gc and rn he ssl so how is he a gc when the rank was on ssl
Abdullah Alkhthlan
Abdullah Alkhthlan 19 tundi tagasi
the gold was a smirf i think because i think he had alpha boost i think
i’m a weeb
i’m a weeb 22 tundi tagasi
im a gold and feel attacked lol he makes us seem so bad we are decent (some of us)
Electro 22 tundi tagasi
Sunless : beating them and says this is extremely for they’re rank . Also sunless : stops a plat 3 div 4 from being diamond
SAMUELPLAY YT 23 tundi tagasi
2:54 The sound effect😂
Carson Alberda
Carson Alberda 23 tundi tagasi
My brother is in silver and he’s better than you trying to do silver
Jeevan Dhaliwal
Jeevan Dhaliwal Päev tagasi
Im a gold 3 and ive done a breezi
Liam Craggs
Liam Craggs Päev tagasi
They making plays look really bad
Adrian Osman
Adrian Osman Päev tagasi
Im silver but close to gold
Lil_pizzaboy Yt
Lil_pizzaboy Yt Päev tagasi
Play eu 1s silver
MAXCST429 YT Päev tagasi
Why are my D2 enemy’s Better than c3
Nightmare Päev tagasi
Im better then the diamonds and im gold
jett menzies
jett menzies Päev tagasi
im not ranked
monster 007
monster 007 2 päeva tagasi
CrxckedPlayzz 2 päeva tagasi
6:19 ummmmmm sunless..........
Dawoud Yousaf
Dawoud Yousaf 2 päeva tagasi
They are soo bad they should be silver 3
Dawoud Yousaf
Dawoud Yousaf 2 päeva tagasi
Ok these plats are embarrising us plats
Wookie Gaming
Wookie Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Om confused, I'm a golf but I play like the diamonds in this vid
Evan 2 päeva tagasi
I started this game late last year, this was my rank....hahha its very funny looking back now that I'm champ rank =) I was 100% this bad when I first started
shoak 2 päeva tagasi
You inspired me to become amazing instead of bronze 3 I’m plat 3
Angel Saver
Angel Saver 2 päeva tagasi
Can I ask something I am a bronze 3 and I double tap and air dribble is that good
owo Jacksimo2011
owo Jacksimo2011 3 päeva tagasi
I am gold and I am well better than those noobs
Skeli Conex
Skeli Conex 3 päeva tagasi
Bro, golds can't air dribble 😑
Paradox gaming
Paradox gaming 3 päeva tagasi
The platinum game reflects exactly my games, my teammates that cut me off, there bad at defense and they can’t 50
Matches rewind
Matches rewind 3 päeva tagasi
Sunless is way to good in gold
juan sebastian baquero rojas
juan sebastian baquero rojas 3 päeva tagasi
That plat game is not even close to my plat gameplay
babatunde baldski
babatunde baldski 3 päeva tagasi
Stark playz
Stark playz 3 päeva tagasi
In Oceana the players are a bit harder than the US East players. What I meant is that in silver and gold the players are a bit better than US East silver and gold
Ottoman 2749
Ottoman 2749 3 päeva tagasi
You copy SniiperRL
Omar Barajas
Omar Barajas 3 päeva tagasi
Not how people play
minecraftgoodxd 4 päeva tagasi
iam plat two they look golds
Sem Swankhuisen
Sem Swankhuisen 4 päeva tagasi
I Play competetive silver and gold in EU server and its way harder than this
Neko Tamo
Neko Tamo 4 päeva tagasi
Im a plat 2/3 and all plats are try harding there is no way that those players are plats
Xp-YouTube 4 päeva tagasi
Nolan Breckon
Nolan Breckon 4 päeva tagasi
what car did sunless use for gold please reply with an answer :D
rob gross
rob gross 4 päeva tagasi
Silvers can Ariel sunless Khan
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 4 päeva tagasi
I like your game play
Hikai Kayoken
Hikai Kayoken 4 päeva tagasi
these diamonds are like golds in my experience.
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 4 päeva tagasi
This is not how these ranks play it can't be
Ser Jaime Lannister
Ser Jaime Lannister 4 päeva tagasi
10:09 I think you need a larger sample size. Diamond has definitely been way better to me than plat, but the amount of salt, leavers, and trying to ff after going down 1 goal with minutes left still is unreal.
Ser Jaime Lannister
Ser Jaime Lannister 4 päeva tagasi
Da'Joun Dotson
Da'Joun Dotson 4 päeva tagasi
Diamond players are the kinda guys that'll hit a 360 musty double tap off the wall then proceed to whiff every subsequent ball
Fortnite Gamer157
Fortnite Gamer157 4 päeva tagasi
CHiLDiSH 4 päeva tagasi
next time you do this, you should do a whole segment in training on how you think that rank does free play
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 4 päeva tagasi
I see how bad plats are I am the best plat
Grt Figra
Grt Figra 4 päeva tagasi
Watching this video makes me relive the pain of getting through the lower ranks
Katarzyna Kuziemkowska
Katarzyna Kuziemkowska 5 päeva tagasi
I'm sll
Itz Zabor
Itz Zabor 5 päeva tagasi
I’m stuck in gold when I beat my Dimond friend what am I doing wrong...
WilliamC 26327
WilliamC 26327 5 päeva tagasi
I’m pretty sure Ik 2 opponents from this vid The earthexpert champ 3 and the flaming legend silver 3
Roger Yu
Roger Yu 5 päeva tagasi
Silvers are wayyyy better
Voticz 5 päeva tagasi
Esad551 5 päeva tagasi
13:00 lmfao really 😂😂😂
Oscar Kristiansson
Oscar Kristiansson 5 päeva tagasi
U play like a diamond
The Wolf Gamer
The Wolf Gamer 5 päeva tagasi
Why does everyone judge platinums so much. I feel like most of the majority of people are platinum.
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi 5 päeva tagasi
I’m bronze yesssss
Michael Penrod
Michael Penrod 5 päeva tagasi
Lol no one air dribbles in Gold, not that I would know, I mean.... 😭
Luke Dahtler
Luke Dahtler 5 päeva tagasi
I'm better than plat and i'm gold
Pradip Acharya
Pradip Acharya 5 päeva tagasi
william's every gold i play with
koksters 5 päeva tagasi
can u teach me you so good you are like god:D
predator _killss
predator _killss 5 päeva tagasi
Can anyone just teach me how to control car in air?? It's sooo damn harddddd, as soon as I jump from the wall, I mess up🙃 teachh meeeee
Daunte Jones
Daunte Jones 5 päeva tagasi
I’m gold but I air dribble better then taht
John Henderson
John Henderson 6 päeva tagasi
THat jst edit was perfect lol i loved it.
Cullen Penman
Cullen Penman 6 päeva tagasi
Why do I always save the hardest silvers
Samuel Juarez
Samuel Juarez 6 päeva tagasi
You didn't do pro
NRG alx
NRG alx 6 päeva tagasi
brooo i want you to do something like you carry a bronze to like grand champ
Aiden Nelson
Aiden Nelson 6 päeva tagasi
Can I be a gold in your video plss I'm gold 1
Awesomesauce Presly
Awesomesauce Presly 6 päeva tagasi
When he said better at whiffing and blaming teammates I remembered my teammate that missed the save that went cmon tm8 wtf????? And spammed what a save
Oliver Bates
Oliver Bates 6 päeva tagasi
I'm a gold and play better then DIMOND
Dababy Convertible
Dababy Convertible 6 päeva tagasi
Bro how are they ssl I’m bronze one div one and that an ez clap I should be in rlcs but my teammates are holding me back “/
Dom North
Dom North 6 päeva tagasi
I’m a plat but I wish I played other plats like these ☹️
Sebastian Rivera
Sebastian Rivera 6 päeva tagasi
I’m C3 and that looked way too easy lol
Scizx YT
Scizx YT 7 päeva tagasi
Sunless if that’s plat I deserve champ/diamond
Iplaymm2 friend me
Iplaymm2 friend me 7 päeva tagasi
In silver now gold's frickin do ceiling shots lmao and silver for me is a little faster no offence to my fellow silvers
UnIdentifiedMan 7 päeva tagasi
Lmao. I love how diamond is the most confusing Rank haha, We are the Middle rank! Weve got people who can do just about anything a GC can do just not as consistent and are missing some mechanics really. If I could get over this D3 hump/Plateau id probably be in C1-C2. Practice makes perfect. Plus I dont have many chill people to play with on PC that I can click with lol.
Nikko 7 päeva tagasi
Well EU plat is absolutely nothing like SAM plat lmao. Plat games are way more sweaty. Also diamond is way better in EU lol.
SweatyLikesChicken_YT 7 päeva tagasi
My diamond 3-champ 2 games are a lot more skilful Oh and when I was plat it was so much faster, but still plat-like because they are bad
GXHSH XD 7 päeva tagasi
me watching this and being bronze 3 hahahahhaha
Konstantinos Eleftheriou
Konstantinos Eleftheriou 7 päeva tagasi
Guys can someone tell me how you can see how many mmr points do u have in rl?
Sven Braeken
Sven Braeken 7 päeva tagasi
The plat game isn't accurate at all it is plat 1 div 2 so basicely gold
Spiron Spirit
Spiron Spirit 7 päeva tagasi
I feel like, as a gold, the difference between youtubers' expectations of golds are different from actual gold matches, there are some great gold players and a few that play like silvers but most are decent and can play somewhat speedy and do basic aerials, positioning and saves are pretty good, most just aren't on target, but if they are, someone with boost will save... unless you're in standard in which case everyone is worse than silver doubles players. I hate standard.
Penny Thomas
Penny Thomas 7 päeva tagasi
You suck to be a ssl
Qualygaming 7 päeva tagasi
That ssl sent you to Brazil
José Luis Ayú Prado
José Luis Ayú Prado 7 päeva tagasi
wait......diamond is not the last rank??
FaZe_tari Gaming
FaZe_tari Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
U did sliver wrong
Spectr 7 päeva tagasi
When your in Champ 1 and still use controller vibration :/
ayoob alshibani
ayoob alshibani 7 päeva tagasi
why plats are noobs im plat also
Evan is a bot
Evan is a bot 7 päeva tagasi
I’m silver and it’s more sweatyer than my games
AlexTheGnome 8 päeva tagasi
season 2 me: peaks at platinum season 3 me: cant leave gold 3
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 4 päeva tagasi
I just became plat today
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 4 päeva tagasi
Lol ikr
Tim Oaks
Tim Oaks 8 päeva tagasi
There wasn't enough countering your shots (or more likely your teammate's shots) to be a true representation of gold/platinum.....
kebabsommer likes tacos
kebabsommer likes tacos 8 päeva tagasi
plat in eu are much better
Jadlind gaming
Jadlind gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Im in bronze cauze i dont play rank ill say im about the skill of a gold but that bronzes that you played with sucks wby dont i get bronze enemy like that i mean alotta bronze can airial now and there toxic
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