A Secure Minecraft Vault in a Secure Minecraft Vault in a Secure Minecraft Vault in a Secure...

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft Redstone video, Mumbo builds a Secure Minecraft vault inside of a Secure Minecraft Vault inside of a... Well, you get the picture. Inspired by my Minecraft Base inside a Minecraft Base and my Minecraft Bunker inside a Minecraft Bunker, this newest instalment has even more Minecraft security, and even bigger Minecraft piston doors than the previous! Featuring multiple redstone vault doors, Minecraft colour combination locks, Giant Minecraft doors and more.

Filming channel: eeexs.info...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Jonas Jucevičius
Jonas Jucevičius 9 tundi tagasi
I wach like 10m vid in qnd I'm just saying omg omg I cant believe how it cool if I can be you I will build op builds redstone omg
BlueWingApe 22
BlueWingApe 22 16 tundi tagasi
Me: fail at red stone with a tutorial Mumbo Jumbo: LETS DO THIS THING
zach attack
zach attack Päev tagasi
Your redstone is so good. Keep up the good work :)
Mumbo Jumbo broke his record for most mistakes he ever made.
Meep Päev tagasi
Bruh they could’ve just mined through the iron and dirt to get inXD
kinh kills
kinh kills Päev tagasi
I want to download that world
Joshwa Smith
Joshwa Smith Päev tagasi
Mumbo: spends hours on redstone contraptions Me:just breaks blocks and takes the iron blocks in the door
DominantMMOs Päev tagasi
2:51 just listen
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 2 päeva tagasi
Poggers for God..,
Minstrel 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo just made an SCP Containment Vault
Jerry Catabona
Jerry Catabona 2 päeva tagasi
Please make Grian break in to it in survival
Cooper Finnegan
Cooper Finnegan 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo: very secure Me: I have a pickaxe
Tre Turner
Tre Turner 2 päeva tagasi
lol 6.9k comments, nice
Officially Random
Officially Random 2 päeva tagasi
Everybobdy gangsta till someone mines through the doors
Landon Carnahan
Landon Carnahan 2 päeva tagasi
a vault in a vault in a vault????????????????
Wyatt Slusher
Wyatt Slusher 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo did exponents in his head...
Max Gillisse
Max Gillisse 2 päeva tagasi
yoww please let that world go to the open so our fellow redstone engineers can look how uve done it and try o recreate ur stuff
پوریا طیبی
پوریا طیبی 3 päeva tagasi
No android
NotCozzy Bro
NotCozzy Bro 3 päeva tagasi
I love your vids tho🙂
NotCozzy Bro
NotCozzy Bro 3 päeva tagasi
How big do you make it?
T dog
T dog 3 päeva tagasi
The straw that broke the camels back
Uan De Leon
Uan De Leon 3 päeva tagasi
He: makes a Big long Massive Vault's me: Goes To the side
AleX 3 päeva tagasi
Iron vault is anme
Nabil 5526 Playz
Nabil 5526 Playz 3 päeva tagasi
I wish mumbo jumbo is in my server to help me make a vault . TO SAVE MY DIAMOND OF COURSE
Big Chugss
Big Chugss 3 päeva tagasi
What’s stopping me to mine straight through
silver fang11
silver fang11 3 päeva tagasi
branch 4 päeva tagasi
This man's makes this and idk hiw to even make an item Frame lock
BlackDoomDuck 4 päeva tagasi
If you put a nether portal in the vault you can then have a vault in a vault in a vault in the nether in a vault in a vault in a vault
mario caramol
mario caramol 4 päeva tagasi
Ellis Darcie
Ellis Darcie 4 päeva tagasi
The meek control intialy laugh because plain chiefly sail out a fantastic trumpet. supreme, hallowed triangle
Malin Uygur
Malin Uygur 4 päeva tagasi
Laughs in diamond pickaxe
sdbadik 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah, the vault is cool and nuts, until someone just mines through the vault's door
diggy's games
diggy's games 4 päeva tagasi
imagine this with the create mod
Retro Steampunk
Retro Steampunk 4 päeva tagasi
That’s a rookie number of vaults you gotta bump those numbers up
The shadow of a kitten !
The shadow of a kitten ! 4 päeva tagasi
It’s the STRAW that broke the camels back.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 4 päeva tagasi
the redstone is not that complicated the redstone:
Alesso Cedric
Alesso Cedric 4 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo: this is easy The Redstone:[]
John Wilson
John Wilson 4 päeva tagasi
What I hear when Mumbo explains redstone: shususndusiaieuhdncos
Killian Mensik Kennedy
Killian Mensik Kennedy 5 päeva tagasi
how? just how?
Manuel Carannante
Manuel Carannante 5 päeva tagasi
mine does not work...
Jaxson Harvey
Jaxson Harvey 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: builds the most complex 4 by 4 piston door Me: just the classic way
Sarah Haynes
Sarah Haynes 5 päeva tagasi
You don't even no how to make a mob farm.
The one human
The one human 5 päeva tagasi
I wonder how many comments say “I’m just gonna breakage door.” Like the criminals they are
Fxdezyツ 5 päeva tagasi
10:31 "Mumbo jumbo loses his 2nd brain cell"
UltraKrillex 5 päeva tagasi
6:38 Mumbo: Before 4x4 piston doors were big! Me: Thats a 2x2 piston door.
diggy's games
diggy's games 4 päeva tagasi
Its a 4x4 with a dent in it dont r/woosh me
Dragonair Girl
Dragonair Girl 5 päeva tagasi
I swear this is going to be a theme
roman siegel
roman siegel 5 päeva tagasi
the straw that broke the camels back
Tommy M.
Tommy M. 6 päeva tagasi
The zonked window concomitantly listen because stinger promisingly fence anenst a pricey citizenship. wide-eyed, selective ex-husband
The Great Commander White
The Great Commander White 6 päeva tagasi
You should ask people to test how secure your builds and tell them to try breaking in.
Wesley Ridge
Wesley Ridge 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine if they all closed I. Sequence
Edward Rannie
Edward Rannie 6 päeva tagasi
can you do a 'red stone for dummies' video?
Christian Deciantis
Christian Deciantis 6 päeva tagasi
he makes it sound simple but its not that simple.
Emily Hutchison
Emily Hutchison 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine getting through there just fine dirt
Skelyvelocirap 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: attempts to make the most secure vault by putting vaults in vaults in vaults in vaults... Also Mumbo: uses glass for the roof
CaptainRickey 6 päeva tagasi
You've made one small error in your vault building. You've not accounted for thieves on the prowl, ready to rob you as soon as the vault opens. The vault needs a failsafe switch, to be used when inside the vault so the vault can not be opened and you don't have an open door in your back. In fact I'd go as far as to say that all vaults need failsafe switches. Failsafes aren't just for closing the door behind you either, it makes it so that you can go inside and be safe for a while, lay low while thieves are out there trying to get in but can't because of the failsafe. Besides that, even with failsafes, if the thieves are outside your massive piston door, and you go inside after entering the correct code, closing the door behind you, the thieves just have access to the correct code now. So the best thing to do, really, is to close the door by changing the code, right? But doing that currently will make it very hard to get inside and from inside it's going to be very difficult to reach the lever and stop the code from changing again. Instead, I propose that the correct code only stays active for about 15 seconds (can be delayed by redstone circuits) and afterwards starts cycling and from the inside, the circuit can be stopped. This would require a secondary redstone input to the system. The second one is a lot harder to make a redstone circuit for, especially a hidden one, as the pillars quite simply stand in the middle of the room. So instead, just add a 10-15 second timer to the already existing circuit that allows the user to always spin at least 2 torches. The third one is quite simply a door that should nearly never be reached but if I see correctly, all you have to do is take out the password, as the system will only be updated when the button is placed, is that correct? If so, genius system, just make a failsafe so the doors close behind you. The last door... are those doors currently inactive? Does that mean that you could just walk up with a redstone torch and place it? That seems very unsafe? I feel like those should be inverted, so that there's no way to ignore the system completely.
Infinity Evan
Infinity Evan 7 päeva tagasi
This is the kind of thing you’d need to protect dirt on tbt2
Eddie Watson
Eddie Watson 6 päeva tagasi
Gangsta Chicken
Gangsta Chicken 7 päeva tagasi
Your due for another vault video lol
Max Seel Rowe
Max Seel Rowe 7 päeva tagasi
Wo mumbo can count
ky guyk
ky guyk 7 päeva tagasi
The jumbled ambulance energetically peck because tenor causally mourn beside a cruel spark. deadpan, uppity hour
A G 7 päeva tagasi
Everyone: We use the vault to store valuables Mumbo: *R E D U N D A N C Y*
Otur Animations
Otur Animations 7 päeva tagasi
6:12 glad I’m not the only one
Katerina Lee
Katerina Lee 7 päeva tagasi
h...how... how just how? your soooo good
Robel Landry
Robel Landry 7 päeva tagasi
The far lipstick relatively wish because ikebana certainly note barring a ill foot. handsomely, nauseating trigonometry
SuperSawyer08 7 päeva tagasi
2:48 did any1 see that piston on the top left lol
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore 7 päeva tagasi
1:32 red stone in a nutshell
TheMythicalUniverse 7 päeva tagasi
Ok, but what if Mumbo Jumbo helped make Zeus’s vault....? It would be the truly inescapable prison
E 7 päeva tagasi
In my smp i made a vault inside a vault in a vault etc. it was a huge loop and the expensive items were just under it the whole time
mcbone_kenney 8 päeva tagasi
i was half expecting him to secure boats and hoes in that vault
C OKeeffe
C OKeeffe 8 päeva tagasi
Solomon Antony
Solomon Antony 8 päeva tagasi
16:25 Mumbo:64 combination Me:a stack of combination
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson 8 päeva tagasi
6:15with subtitles
ben nelson
ben nelson 8 päeva tagasi
Where are my boats and hoes.
Downhour Productions
Downhour Productions 9 päeva tagasi
Just realized this is his 500th Redstone video. Makes sense he did the old Outro and it’s a vault
IsyaBoiRottenGrape 9 päeva tagasi
I figured out the password for id card *passWordL0L*
Sebastian Dominguez Navarro
Sebastian Dominguez Navarro 9 päeva tagasi
Imagine unlocking all that security for only 1 block of dirt
Galaxy Guy
Galaxy Guy 9 päeva tagasi
I'm mad at mumbo for not putting boats and how's in the chest
ItzAivanPlaysYT 10 päeva tagasi
Well we miss the old one the (Hello everyone this is mumbo) I really miss that
Callum Jenkinson
Callum Jenkinson 10 päeva tagasi
love how he said he didnt want to make it complicated as if it isnt hard enough already, my brain fries just watching redstone but its so coool at the same time
Om Shetkar
Om Shetkar 10 päeva tagasi
Why is it 6.8k comments??? Make it 6.9k boisssss!!
S̵̡̈t̷͑͜r̷͓̽a̶̡͒ẘ̴̠b̷̟̀e̴̺̐r̸͓̕ŕ̸̥y̴̛͔ 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: *makes flying machine Me: a true redstone engineer
Velqa On YT
Velqa On YT 10 päeva tagasi
Pickaxe - Am I a joke to you?
RTX 8K 10 päeva tagasi
I'm pitnipmipminapaapinha
Jan Spiteri
Jan Spiteri 11 päeva tagasi
10:31 MumboJumbo.exe has stopped working
Ozoix 11 päeva tagasi
Ok man, we get it. *you hate vaults*
Kyan De Sutter
Kyan De Sutter 11 päeva tagasi
this is what i call *VAULTCEPTION*
Prince sidon
Prince sidon 11 päeva tagasi
only 64? ive made a piston door with over 1k combinations
JPA55MOR3 11 päeva tagasi
Someone help me understand the point of this, aside from the coolness yes. But two things 1. Why the multicolor password if he only memorized the last color 2. Just mine a hole to get in right? Why hit a switch or fancy codes / redstone when a pickaxe will open anything
AdminPlayz 12 päeva tagasi
Christopher Greentree
Christopher Greentree 12 päeva tagasi
If it wasn’t the needle that broke the camels back
Adhil Manningal
Adhil Manningal 12 päeva tagasi
Fully piston door
Adhil Manningal
Adhil Manningal 12 päeva tagasi
Bedrock wall grass break survival
Adhil Manningal
Adhil Manningal 12 päeva tagasi
Redstone build super
pierson post
pierson post 12 päeva tagasi
not to be rude but I use you're complicated red stone vids to go to sleep too because I don't understand any thing
Christopher the Great
Christopher the Great 12 päeva tagasi
Hey mumbo, go play fallout!
BlazingBlitz234 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo i can do that without a code its break it lol
BlazingBlitz234 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo i can do that without a code its break it lol
Jennifer Huynh
Jennifer Huynh 12 päeva tagasi
Only 4 vaults
Kenai McAnnalley
Kenai McAnnalley 12 päeva tagasi
6:15 captions what the acual fuck
Villads Bredmose Brandt
Villads Bredmose Brandt 12 päeva tagasi
I love vaults too! Haha i also like these videos
Luke DeVinney
Luke DeVinney 12 päeva tagasi
One word: bedrock
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