Why These 4 Countries Produce the Most F1 Champs

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Drivers come from all over the world to compete in the most prestigious racing series on the planet: Formula 1. But which countries have produced the most champions? The answer may surprise you.
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Donut Media
Donut Media 2 місяці tagasi
2014 not 2012 😑
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 11 päeva tagasi
@Enrique Pršlja meaning US cares more about Indy than F1
Enrique Pršlja
Enrique Pršlja 11 päeva tagasi
@Andrew L. sorry but dont see the point in Indy when you have f1 and the cars are faster and more complex
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 11 päeva tagasi
@Enrique Pršlja and Indy
Laxy Yorma
Laxy Yorma 25 päeva tagasi
@bowlchamps37 Other people from other countries may call Finns (and Islandics) as Scandinavians, but it is so little mistake, that Finns do no get mad or offended about it. Nordic or Scandinavian, who cares.
Laxy Yorma
Laxy Yorma 25 päeva tagasi
@EyesOfByes It's not so big mistake. Islandics and Finns don't get mad if somebody makes this tiny mistake. (When saying Finland and Iceland are Scandinavia)
Swif Teh
Swif Teh 6 minutit tagasi
The UK absolutely does not have a climate like Alaska. It's more like Oregeon.
rastas _
rastas _ 31 minut tagasi
I'm from Finland and I was really scared when I was like 7 and when my uncle drove down a dirt path to our summer cottage to take us fishing. It went up and down, side to side and he just had an insane speed in it. I nearly pissed my pants. Like a year later I was driving the same road with my fathers summer car, but a little faster.
ryan caldwell
ryan caldwell 5 tundi tagasi
I wouldn’t put the USA on this list, Germany, Italy, uk, Finland would be my guess or even France in there somewhere
Federico Reyes
Federico Reyes 15 tundi tagasi
forgot about politics
MWXYT 20 tundi tagasi
Why was Nico Rosberg blurred in this video? 🤣
Freddie Evans
Freddie Evans 22 tundi tagasi
Don’t remember Lewis winning the 2012 title
Christer Albäck
Christer Albäck 22 tundi tagasi
This was really interesting. As a Finn driving on frozen lakes throughout my youth I think you really nailed it regarding the roots of Finnish driving skills. The same actually applies for Swedish ones, although the interest in F1 in Sweden plummeted with the death of Ronnie Peterson just as with Senna in Brazil, and has never really recovered. One aspect of the Nordic driving style is that it “oversteered”. No one displayed this more than Ronnie Peterson, but all Finnish drivers have had the same preferences. However, nowadays, as Fernando Alonso, with his “understeered” driving style, has shown many times, it is not necessarily the fastest style, and it is also harder on the tyres.
Peeratach Ritthikarn
Peeratach Ritthikarn 23 tundi tagasi
'bwoah' is how Finnish win the championship because Kimi says it all the time
Wladner Klimach
Wladner Klimach 23 tundi tagasi
Brazil holds 8 F1 Titles. You've problably forgot about Nelson Piquet. So why did you put Finland in front of Brazil?
Nintendokid 06
Nintendokid 06 Päev tagasi
Disliked cos u included norther Ireland and not Ireland
Dave Meads
Dave Meads Päev tagasi
Lol 2 champions 😂😂😂😂🇮🇹💩
Kaslu !!
Kaslu !! Päev tagasi
American being american. Whatever...
Augusto B. Tremarin
Augusto B. Tremarin Päev tagasi
Sick deftones shirt!
Bartoloměj Prouza
Bartoloměj Prouza Päev tagasi
Jochen Rindt was German too i think.
Maxski Päev tagasi
Quality not quantity
Tony Reis
Tony Reis Päev tagasi
Biggest reason for the Mercedes slump from 1955 on was due to their with drawl from racing, "a move influenced by the deaths at Le Mans that year" ... they dominate.
Tim Watz
Tim Watz Päev tagasi
Why is Nico Rosberg censored?
Thomas Moll
Thomas Moll Päev tagasi
This was a great YT video! - An interesting subject, thorough research, and a delivery following a clever story arc. Kudos for that 👍🥳👏
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 2 päeva tagasi
Thinking about F1 going full electric and I actually don't mind now. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Why, well it's about what we have already. We haven't seen teams having to fix engines during races for a very long time. Fuel stops no longer exist. When a engine goes or has an issue it's typically a DNF. So going E 🤦🏾‍♂️ does it change the history of F1?
Blaise Hope
Blaise Hope 2 päeva tagasi
Mercedes left motorsport after the le mans disaster, that's why they didnt have a title from 1955 to 2014
Maurício Arcanjo
Maurício Arcanjo 2 päeva tagasi
But why Argentina have 5 titles? What made Fangio so great?
Michael Justine Sanez
Michael Justine Sanez 2 päeva tagasi
That DEFTONES shirt is sweet
JoeToAChainsaw 2 päeva tagasi
That DEFTONES merch though
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 2 päeva tagasi
Massa almost made Brazil no2 for about 6 seconds :(
Michael Walden
Michael Walden 2 päeva tagasi
That Mercedes "German" engine is made in Brixworth, Northampton, England.
Benjamin Espina
Benjamin Espina 2 päeva tagasi
Diamond Eyes is awesome.
Tekno G
Tekno G 2 päeva tagasi
Why was nico blurred? Haha
Bonita Boys
Bonita Boys 3 päeva tagasi
Argentina would be there thanks to Fangio soooo
Mikey Renshaw
Mikey Renshaw 3 päeva tagasi
Cool facts🙂
Jerry Vaisanen
Jerry Vaisanen 3 päeva tagasi
Do same type but replace f1 with wrc😂
aaron Macrae
aaron Macrae 3 päeva tagasi
So many false statements it’s crazy
Alex Groccio
Alex Groccio 3 päeva tagasi
aaron Macrae
aaron Macrae 3 päeva tagasi
Racing point was Canadian
geezyX 333
geezyX 333 3 päeva tagasi
Sisu means stomach in Ndebele and Zulu lmao 😂
Jennifer Stevens
Jennifer Stevens 4 päeva tagasi
as of 2021 imola race yesterday, britain also has 700 podiums
Andrew Grove
Andrew Grove 4 päeva tagasi
Lmao why was nico’s face blurred out?
nuckels 4 päeva tagasi
Nice shirt
Chico Ferraz
Chico Ferraz 4 päeva tagasi
sometimes i wonder if americans think brazil is just a huge favela
Lawrence Smith-Davies
Lawrence Smith-Davies 4 päeva tagasi
Val terry bow tas
Arto Hiltunen
Arto Hiltunen 4 päeva tagasi
Just ask Sebastian: he knows, that the Finns are different.
Yash Nair
Yash Nair 4 päeva tagasi
hold up ye didnt even mention nelson piquet
Sebastian McGriff
Sebastian McGriff 4 päeva tagasi
Keep F1 coming
Igor Luiz
Igor Luiz 4 päeva tagasi
Great video, nice writing! As a brazilian, the analysis was spot on
Maikkeli 4 päeva tagasi
Steven Asselman
Steven Asselman 5 päeva tagasi
.... Finland is not a Scandinavian country. That is to say, if you take all definititions of Scandinavia, the core three countries - and the initital meaning of it are Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Another reason is because Finland has more ties with Estonia than Sweden... So yeah. Not Scandinavian in my book.
Zyan Jr
Zyan Jr 6 päeva tagasi
Sisu unless its bottas
Triple Roku
Triple Roku 6 päeva tagasi
Finland actually isn't a part of Skandinavia at all, Finland is in Fennoskandia. But yeah, good video after all. I believe that in Finland we have so many great drivers (Mika Häkkinen, Mika Salo, Valtteri Bottas, Kimi Räikkönen, Markku Alen, Ari Vatanen etc for example.) because we learn to drive so young and we have a lot of different driving conditions here in Finland. So I think that Kimi Räikkönen is pretty much right when he said what he said. BTW I learned to drive a car when I was just 7 years old and I got my first car.
Hans Schultze
Hans Schultze 6 päeva tagasi
German car makers: *cough* volkswagen *cough*
Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson 6 päeva tagasi
I don’t see why you need to input your biases onto something that just needs to be factual. ‘It’s not an obvious choice for a champion country if you ask me’??? Its offensive
Daniel Passos
Daniel Passos 6 päeva tagasi
Shaun Leyshon
Shaun Leyshon 6 päeva tagasi
Cough cough* sir lewis Hamilton
Heric Mantovani
Heric Mantovani 7 päeva tagasi
I'm brazilian and I still watch F1 hahaha, but popularity surely decreased around here after Felipe Massa's retirement from F1 and the monotonous Mercedes winning form.
Jarmo Haapala
Jarmo Haapala 7 päeva tagasi
Finland is a Nordic country, NOT Scandinavian
Guilherme Pereira
Guilherme Pereira 7 päeva tagasi
Cadê os br porra?
masa kujala
masa kujala 8 päeva tagasi
when you talk about finland did you forget about rally??
Oreki Houtarou
Oreki Houtarou 8 päeva tagasi
Argentina have a 5 titles
Emmo Martins
Emmo Martins 8 päeva tagasi
not mentioning piquet??
nightnope 8 päeva tagasi
Vorakit Lertackakorn
Vorakit Lertackakorn 8 päeva tagasi
Did he mention Schumacher's teammate? (Michael, not Mick)
Vorakit Lertackakorn
Vorakit Lertackakorn 8 päeva tagasi
Finland, Home of Kimi Raikkonen.
Gianluca Risa
Gianluca Risa 8 päeva tagasi
Hello, America. In today's episode of "how to get confused", presented by "Europe", Mario Andretti was born in Montona, which used to be Italy, but is now part of Croatia. You're welcome
anirishnirvana 8 päeva tagasi
The UK also has the greatest driver to never win a championship - Sir Stirling Moss
Tiago Veit
Tiago Veit 9 päeva tagasi
Not even one single mention about Piquet... so disappointed.
ocwaveoc 9 päeva tagasi
If it takes you more than a minute to get into the meat of the video, you deserve a thumb down. I hate videos where they drag you on and on and have a super long intro.
cody J
cody J 9 päeva tagasi
No love for Canadian drivers?
Jacob Tetrault
Jacob Tetrault 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t know why he acts like it’s a surprise when it’s in the thumbnail
curzon79 10 päeva tagasi
Don't forget when talking about Brazil in F1 to mention Nelson Piquet who won 3 championships
DAN KING 10 päeva tagasi
Short answer they are rich
Pedro Nunes Domingos
Pedro Nunes Domingos 10 päeva tagasi
How can you not say not even nelson piquet's name in the whole video?
Will Ross
Will Ross 10 päeva tagasi
Sugarcoat it all you want. For a country with such a huge population as the US, only two world champions is laughable!
rublaj 10 päeva tagasi
Brazilians are also biggest world cup champions, MMA champions, SURF champions, tennis champions (guga)... do I sense a pattern? ;) Gringos can't imagine how huge senna is for Brazilians. Cheers.....
Roni Röntynen
Roni Röntynen 10 päeva tagasi
On Finland If we speak about rally is The best rally gounty
Kat Hipskind
Kat Hipskind 10 päeva tagasi
All the F1 videos please
Hari DJ
Hari DJ 11 päeva tagasi
Mercedes really had a slump after 1955? Sometimes these American channels never get their facts right. Mercedes stopped racing after 1955, due to the incident in Le Mans. They only returned in 2010. And also Lewis Hamilton won his second world championship in 2014, and not 2012
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti 11 päeva tagasi
"Some of you might struggle to find Finland on a map" Also Americains: *points at Italy* iS tHaT pAriS?
glennaldosf 11 päeva tagasi
I think in Finland's case, it's because they are good at crossing the Finnish line!
Nahtaivel Official
Nahtaivel Official 11 päeva tagasi
It would have been nice to have mentioned Nelson Piquet as well.
Alex Lazebat
Alex Lazebat 11 päeva tagasi
no constructors championship til 1958. And Mercedes withdrew from F1 in 1955 because of the Le Mans disaster. Also 1954 was the first time they was allowed to enter F1 because of the war.
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 11 päeva tagasi
Great video... thank you for being correct about Brazil
Rflexxgunner 11 päeva tagasi
No everyone can find Finland because we didn’t school in the states and therefore have a good education. 👍👍
Gustavo Santana
Gustavo Santana 12 päeva tagasi
Sadly is true, to all brazilian f1 died with senna
Fábio Nemer
Fábio Nemer 12 päeva tagasi
How can you not remember Nelson Piquet? That failure was incredible. He was champion of this thing three times.
Macd Macd
Macd Macd 2 päeva tagasi
Pensei o mesmo
Dobrovdy 12 päeva tagasi
did he say valtteri bottas as Valtery bowtass
Jayar Greenidge
Jayar Greenidge 12 päeva tagasi
I don’t know if anyone mentioned it here but Brazil had 3 F1 champions. You forgot Nelson Piquet!
MrEndersai 12 päeva tagasi
Deftones t-shirt + F1, nice
Ville Siltanen
Ville Siltanen 12 päeva tagasi
I can find finland on the map bc i live there
Andrew Love
Andrew Love 12 päeva tagasi
Is the UK a country now? Is that part of the Brexit deal? 😂 Wow we really do suck at geography. The UK is not a country guys. My lord.....
Diogo Amancio
Diogo Amancio 12 päeva tagasi
Brazilians reached 9 titles for 25 seconds. :(
J P 13 päeva tagasi
As a youngster going to Finland for summer holidays at gradmas, every sunday Häkkinen v Schumacher..everyone had the T shirt. Those days are long gone..nobody gives a flying fuck about F1 and rightly so...also WRC was big with loads of big names....same story now..nobody cares. What went wrong?
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo 13 päeva tagasi
Nigel Man-sell lol
paul leader
paul leader 13 päeva tagasi
We're just British, we do it better
Pedro Artur
Pedro Artur 13 päeva tagasi
F1 doesnt show in television here in Brazil anymore. Not sure about the future of the sport here...
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 14 päeva tagasi
Haha typical ignorant American.
cliff bird
cliff bird 14 päeva tagasi
nearly all US indy champions that converted F1 failed miserably. F1 drivers who were bad in F1 won indy championships lol Mansel won the F1 championship then went to the USA and entered Indy racing and won it in his 1st season. He was to old to carry on in F1 so thought yep indy is for old drivers than cant cut it in F1 anymore lol.
DORU HUM 14 päeva tagasi
Cause of ww2
Ricardo GILDEZA 14 päeva tagasi
And what about Nelson Piquet?
Alessandro Novelli
Alessandro Novelli 15 päeva tagasi
Mercedes left after the 1955 season and came back as a team in 2010 so it really is no surprise they didn’t win anything between 1956 and 2014
TheInsaneupsdriver 15 päeva tagasi
higher rate of wealth produces more people that can afford to get into the sport makes a huge difference. I for example have been over 200MPH and i just drive a delivery truck for a living.
J M 15 päeva tagasi
WOW Very nice example of great Finnish Bands
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