The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen

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Tom Scott

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Or: "Tom's Cockup Trip".
This is a story about a television title sequence, and about me, as a child, watching it. It’s also a warning about how EEexs won’t last forever, and it's the reason I'm climbing one particular hill in the Lake District. Merry Christmas, Denis Norden.
DoP: Simon Handley from Skylark Aerial Photography
Music: Benjamin Squires
Animation: Matt Ley
Thanks to John Hoare and the Lake District National Park Authority
Filmed safely:
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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 4 місяці tagasi
I know this video's a bit personal; it's not the sort of thing I normally do. But it seemed like a good story to tell for Christmas.
Clyde The Wonder Dog
Clyde The Wonder Dog 10 päeva tagasi
It's your youtube channel, we watch it for you
Jimi Berkeley
Jimi Berkeley Місяць tagasi
This video rules! has me pumped to put some real effort into a track rn! also it got me thinking its mad nowadays even air shots are cheaper because you can get a drone to film now!
TheBestMOC Місяць tagasi
are you really 36?
Eduardo A.
Eduardo A. Місяць tagasi
@Tom Scott, I hope you realize that you will be, for someone in the future making entertainment content in a format we can't even imagine today, the guy who makes the needle in the compass move.
joel dryden
joel dryden Місяць tagasi
Thank you for making it :)
David Curry Films
David Curry Films Päev tagasi
Ahhh this takes me back to 11 years old 😭
EPOCH 2 päeva tagasi
What an incredible video Tom
TheColombianSpartan 2 päeva tagasi
"It's also a warning how youtube won't last forever" I'll be honest, i can't imagine life without youtube. So many youtubers make me howl with laughter, amaze me with their musical skills, or damn good video's. I know it won't last forever, but... would it end within our lifetime? I think not to be fair
Skoot McSkeet
Skoot McSkeet 2 päeva tagasi
I rarely finish watching a video and am overcome with joy and content in what i watched. I wish I could like a video a thousand times. Nothing short of phenomenal.
Nishant Ray
Nishant Ray 3 päeva tagasi
tom Scott : change is coming my google history : how to download a YT channel for personal use
Lana 3 päeva tagasi
Wow, what an excellent video!
Waggsmith YTP
Waggsmith YTP 3 päeva tagasi
I partially remember LWT. Although sad to say, it was taken off the air in 2003
S 3 päeva tagasi
I'm glad I watched this in the middle of the night; thank you, Tom Scott.
CoolEgg 3 päeva tagasi
its called tik tok. thats whats comming
X_Jota_X 3 päeva tagasi
Great job mate. Incredible. Can’t believe this one almost escaped my attention.
Methmal dhananjaya
Methmal dhananjaya 3 päeva tagasi
Probably one of the few EEexsrs that giving props to someone to make video about them instead milking them when they are down.
Avixk 3 päeva tagasi
Your videos are powerful.
Perry Heun
Perry Heun 4 päeva tagasi
Is this why the Dory plushie moves around in the background of each Tech Dif episode?
RoboCario 4 päeva tagasi
How did you time that ad break perfectly amd why is no one else doing it on youtube?
Pacfox from Miiverse
Pacfox from Miiverse 4 päeva tagasi
That was Amazing!
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor 6 päeva tagasi
Why is this so British 9:18?
100.60 hunters
100.60 hunters 7 päeva tagasi
That ad break was clean as heck
Jeff Creamer
Jeff Creamer 7 päeva tagasi
This is simply wonderful : ). Thumbs up!
Aiden Namix
Aiden Namix 9 päeva tagasi
i loved that you added the queue dot in the top right , im sure others noticed it too and it really does bring back memories of old TV shows.
Hriday 9 päeva tagasi
Woah. Look at those subtitles. How did you style them so much?
GPAngel 10 päeva tagasi
I was wondering how the cameraman was able to climb this hill without falling and filming you. Funny how things work. (Also the outtake at the end is great, perfect for this video)
Art Review
Art Review 10 päeva tagasi
I think the most mind-blowing aspect of this video is that It'll Be Alright On The Night has actually been a thing since the Nineties. I thought it went the way of the Dodo long ago.
Mme. Kadesa
Mme. Kadesa 10 päeva tagasi
That was amazing
Corey Trevor
Corey Trevor 11 päeva tagasi
Some dude just walked up a mountain backwards.
Jesse Karhiaho
Jesse Karhiaho 11 päeva tagasi
I've watched this video multiple times and I got to say that this is one of the best videos ever from this channel and maybe even the entire platform. And it's mostly just about a title sequence for a show I had no knowledge about or connection to as I'm not from the UK. Still the 18-minute long video does not feel boring at any moment. Everything starts by talking about a very obscure subject and in the end it's something much bigger. It's just fantastic.
The Restoration of Dr Who
The Restoration of Dr Who 13 päeva tagasi
Transition from title sequence to real set is right at 6:28. You can see the slight miss-alignment.
Naeringsvarde 13 päeva tagasi
Very interesting I'm glad I watched it
Moje minifilmy
Moje minifilmy 13 päeva tagasi
Wow. I have chills every time I watch this! Good job!
Bokaj Llensch
Bokaj Llensch 13 päeva tagasi
I a do an appranticeship at a very big TV station in Germany. There are some older colleagues who worked there since the 70s. They tell a simular story about how Televesion has changed over the decades.
Merlin Valtin
Merlin Valtin 13 päeva tagasi
11:57 got an ad ;-; I hate how that part worked perfectly for me ;-;
Matt 14 päeva tagasi
Your poor cameraman had to walk backwards up a hill
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 14 päeva tagasi
That spinning thing at the top really got me checking if I was watching tv
Zarnox 14 päeva tagasi
Who else noticed the little thing at the top right at the end of part one?
Wren MacNeil
Wren MacNeil 14 päeva tagasi
this is an awesome video but I'm reaaallly distracted by Tom's hood being stuck under his left backpack strap
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark 15 päeva tagasi
the ending just feels very off in hd
Colleen Williams
Colleen Williams 15 päeva tagasi
I think my equivalent wad Twin Peaks or certain pieces of classical music. They have a lot for the sake of making more out of the art
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 16 päeva tagasi
So they burnt money just became they could, with no real benefit? Sounds like 'jobs for the boys'.
John Sensebe
John Sensebe 16 päeva tagasi
I wonder if the compass needle was actually real, though. It wouldn't take much effort to paint it out, then add an new one in digitally that the artist can then animate. Good attention to detail, no matter how it was done.
JoeG2 Jerry
JoeG2 Jerry 16 päeva tagasi
"Sometimes it takes a little bit of time and effort to make something your really proud of." Also climbs a hill for a ending to the video
simon Templar
simon Templar 16 päeva tagasi
loved the little spinney thing before the break in the top right hand corner.
Non - human
Non - human 17 päeva tagasi
What's TV, Tom?
Jacana Productions
Jacana Productions 17 päeva tagasi
Now I know why Tom has 3.7m subs!
shadow 14305
shadow 14305 17 päeva tagasi
O you who film the wheel and cut to windward. Consider Television, who was once fancy and expensive as you.
Max Beech
Max Beech 17 päeva tagasi
So love the little cue dot Tom! 👌👌👌
YTPEXPERT 17 päeva tagasi
The helicopter is the main character here. They based the contours on the helicopter etc...
CharlesFreck 17 päeva tagasi
Tom Scott teaches me to strive to be better and do my best; DrRandomerCam reminds me that doing as much as you can is always enough.
Shadowmaster 18 päeva tagasi
I’m starting to think Tom really like compasses spinning
J. R.
J. R. 18 päeva tagasi
J. R.
J. R. 18 päeva tagasi
Awesome Video...
Big DogCountry
Big DogCountry 19 päeva tagasi
8:30 and now for something completely different.
Fluxie 19 päeva tagasi
You gave all that pep talk and my gut reaction was: "Psshht. How good could it possibly be?" And oh my. I was blown away. That is the greatest title sequence I've ever seen.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 20 päeva tagasi
It Will Be Allright On The Night was the event we stayed up for on a Sunday night in the 70's.
Tyler Trembath
Tyler Trembath 20 päeva tagasi
This is probably the greatest and most genuine tribute to anything I’ve ever seen, and it still matches the rest of your content while honoring the show and being something you personally enjoyed. Love to see it Tim.
R W 20 päeva tagasi
I think also they specifically modified the cover of the map to have a map of the UK on the cover for the laser beam to target, or even commissioned OS to make a one off with Great Cockup on that part of sheet . I've got a copy of this particular OS Map (Outdoor Leisure 4) from around the same time and the cover has a photograph on and the key is in a different place. . Even more effort gone to if they did commission that.
A Casual Cactus
A Casual Cactus 22 päeva tagasi
POV: You’re walking up a hill and Tom Scott follows you and monologues about a TV intro.
Bob Drooples
Bob Drooples 22 päeva tagasi
EEexs can't die quick enough.
Lillian Swaim
Lillian Swaim 23 päeva tagasi
You know it's a great video when the end gives you goosebumps
Lev Carter
Lev Carter 23 päeva tagasi
11:53 Why does this happen at the top right?
cornishcactus 23 päeva tagasi
This video has come to mind a couple of times recently. If you can watch the BBC iplayer search out Sarah and Duck. It's a whimsical kids carton but sometimes the attention to detail is astonishing for such a show. In the episode Birthday Buoy the characters are on a boat, when it pulls away the flamingo ( yes it's whimsical ) who is standing takes a tiny step back as you may in real life, his head also bobs slightly in motion with the boat. It's detail that's simply not required but it's there, someone cared, someone made the compass spin. In another episode, I forget which, it's raining at night. Most cartoons would simply have constant rain lines across the screen but in this a light source, such as Moon or Sarah's torch cause the rain to be clearer and illuminated around that object while it also appears to fall at different speeds across the scene depending on how far away it is from the viewer. It's one of the most realistic depictions of rain I've ever seen in animation.
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 23 päeva tagasi
Tom once again showing-off his uncanny skill for hitting marks while delivering epic monologues.
David Sharkey
David Sharkey 23 päeva tagasi
This was one of your best yet. Thank you. Also thanks for the nostalgia overload. I genuinely needed that today. 👌
[EDINATOR] 24 päeva tagasi
This is my favorite video of yours
Seb Smith
Seb Smith 24 päeva tagasi
virtual reality. thats all i will say.
Dragz johnson
Dragz johnson 24 päeva tagasi
Diferance between millennials and premillennials is the premillennials went that much farther to make the effort to detail . . Millennials just barly do enough to get it done
Chloe Velvet
Chloe Velvet 25 päeva tagasi
I really want to walk up that hill now
Alec Robertson
Alec Robertson 25 päeva tagasi
Respect to the cameraman for walking up the hill backwards
Daidarabotchi 25 päeva tagasi
What a genuinely, genuinely lovely video. Thanks for going above and beyond, Tom Scott.
Elk182 27 päeva tagasi
I literally can’t imagine Tom as a kid
Peter Reid
Peter Reid 28 päeva tagasi
Thank you... on so many different levels.
Thann Banis
Thann Banis 28 päeva tagasi
Finally. A EEexs video with a proper ’throw to commercial’ 👍🏻
Rick Simon
Rick Simon 28 päeva tagasi
TV doesn't die, it gets replaced. But it is still the same thing: people watching shows. There is no reason to assume that will ever change. Since theatre was invented thousands of years ago, people have wanted to watch shows.
you is stupid
you is stupid 28 päeva tagasi
Thank you, Tom Scott
Sole Ice
Sole Ice 28 päeva tagasi
The swanky turtle effectively care because divorced oceanographically reach during a tearful crayon. uptight, stingy show
Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark 29 päeva tagasi
I think the best title sequence is You’ve Got Mail. If you remember it, it’s absolutely amazing.
Dev Sharma
Dev Sharma 29 päeva tagasi
Sometimes Tom Makes me Cry for no Reason and I'm saying this Ironically We love you Tom
Jacq0 29 päeva tagasi
This is a really nice story, and a great homage to the work that people put into a project! Really inspiring!
Oxolotleman Місяць tagasi
That feeling is how I feel after watching a jon bois chart party
ccc310 Місяць tagasi
This video makes you realize that all successful people got inspired by the "weirdest", most specific stuff in existence
Seamus Colgan
Seamus Colgan Місяць tagasi
Tremendous stuff indeed!
Westeford // GamerLink5
Westeford // GamerLink5 Місяць tagasi
This perfectly explains my logic when designing games. Getting every detail just right down to the last pixel. Getting every sound's timing just right. Hand-drawing all of my sprites when I could just render them in 3D much quicker. Because it's not a detail that most people will understand or get or notice, but I'll be proud and it'll be special for the very few who notice.
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson Місяць tagasi
Your camera operator deserves more than you can afford, no doubt.
ShaunieDale Місяць tagasi
For some obscure reason Tom, this is possibly the best of your videos I've seen to date. Keep up the excellent work.
TaxEvader Місяць tagasi
Tom Scott when the compass needle doesn't spin: >:(
Stephen Walsh
Stephen Walsh Місяць tagasi
Probably showing my age saying that I noticed the ad break indicator.
Metabloxer Місяць tagasi
...did this video lose monitization? I didn't get the ad during the break.
Chiefofbricks Місяць tagasi
One of Tom's best videos yet
Christopher Feldmann
Christopher Feldmann Місяць tagasi
In tribute to this homage, Tom you finally earned my subscription. It's a long time coming any way but it feels right to do on this video. Wonderful way to reflect and say all the right things to tell someone how much you appreciate their work.
Elbownian Місяць tagasi
My only complaint is that your tone is too conciliatory when you're just truthing.
Gaozu Tang
Gaozu Tang Місяць tagasi
eAzrail Місяць tagasi
Subbed because of this video
em fritsche
em fritsche Місяць tagasi
why did that make me cry-
jacob warkentin
jacob warkentin Місяць tagasi
Absolutely love how in most- non location based videos you’re just kinda going for a hike. Makes it feel like I’m hearing facts from a buddy while we go on a walk!
James Hutchings
James Hutchings Місяць tagasi
Ghost of 90s computer animator that haunts the ITV studios: At last...I can rest...[disappears]
QUINNCI QWOTHERS!!! Місяць tagasi
Idk what exactly the next media surge will be, I don't think you can know, people in 2006 had no idea about youtube, vine, or tiktok, but personally I think it's going to be something to do with VR. Think about it the thing that gets the surge in media always had innovation and promise beforehand, say youtube, right before youtube took off the innovations to computers were insane, video sharing became easier, phones working as a mobile computer, innovations in laptops making them somewhat portable. We see the same thing in VR, different companies making different versions, quality of life innovations, motion tracking, ease of use with better less intrusive tracking technology.
GreatGwiaz Місяць tagasi
This was lovely and inspiring, thanks for sharing, Tom.
Stipe Poljak
Stipe Poljak Місяць tagasi
This is only channel on youtube that i watched all videos. Greetings Tom, from Zagreb.
Ravenesque (MorriganRaven)
Ravenesque (MorriganRaven) Місяць tagasi
What an amazing video. For everyone out there behind the scenes going the extra mile... You're awesome, and an inspiration.
P G Місяць tagasi
Tom, I only discovered your channel recently but I am really enjoying your content - thanks for sharing!
diegox1994 Місяць tagasi
i can't believe you made me cry. god damn Tom, you're a treasure
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