F1 LIVE: Spanish GP Post-Race Show

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Join us LIVE for the Post Race Show in Barcelona. Will Buxton and Pietro Fittipaldi are your hosts for all the immediate reaction, analysis and driver interviews from the fourth round of the 2021 season.

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Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Місяць tagasi
I am having BAD feelings for Mazepin.
Jason Jansen
Jason Jansen Місяць tagasi
We need more Sam
John Deardon
John Deardon Місяць tagasi
Monaco will probably need several safety cars. I think it almost inevitable some of the rooki drivers will have some problems.
Morgan Perkins
Morgan Perkins Місяць tagasi
I’m not buying the fastest car garbage a lot of Max fans are trying to deflect. Fact is Max has led 144 laps this year to Hamilton’s 75.
F1ollower Місяць tagasi
Laps led is not same as the race pace.
the original mxzrevman
the original mxzrevman Місяць tagasi
Boring Boring Boring....if Joey lagano or some other driver in Nascar won 90% of all races .. and 75% ofall polls ..nobody would watch
7sq Місяць tagasi
The face diaper makes you look and sound like idiots .
Eduardo Calvillo
Eduardo Calvillo Місяць tagasi
The girl with the short skirt and white boots behind made it hard to concentrate on the commentary 4:29. ( not complaining )
Grant Challinor
Grant Challinor Місяць tagasi
I think this was a watershed moment in the season - Red Bull and Max looked-gobsmacked at the end of the race. Christian Horner looked devoid of any answers..... Hamilton won this race in equal machinery but (putting aside a great team behind him with a great strategy) his driving style massively helped him in this race - turning early into the corners and using less of the track (preserving his tyres and keeping his car flat). Max doesn't appear to be able to do that. LeClerc also used a similar style to Hamilton and took his Ferrari in front of the other Red Bull..... I think Verstappen will win more races this season (I hope the amazing battle we're being treated to continues) but I think Max Verstappen was shown-up a bit on Sunday...........
Vincent Fischer (C0br4)
Vincent Fischer (C0br4) Місяць tagasi
I like sam collins but did they steal the Teds Notebook format there?
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel Місяць tagasi
F1 has 4 tiers; 1) Mercedes & Red Bull, 2) McLaren & Ferrari, 3) Alpine, Alpha Tauri, Aston Martin, Alpha Romeo, 4) Williams & Haas.
Cary Coller
Cary Coller Місяць tagasi
Yawn 🥱. Another boring "Hand it over to Lewis" race.
Mark Jamel DC
Mark Jamel DC Місяць tagasi
love the netflix crew sprinting towards their next pivotal made up plot point
Matteo Nanni
Matteo Nanni Місяць tagasi
Only 6 DNFs over 4 races is pretty impressive. A bit boring maybe, but wow.
MrMvidz Місяць tagasi
Everyone talks about the big fight between Lewis and Max, I only see pretty big Merc advantage in the races. Sure, it's closer and RBR are better in qualifying but Hamilton have so much in reserve and can bide his time in the race.
hamborg2 Місяць tagasi
In the first, Verstappen 💥 his albue💥, to the left. Hammilton wery quickly break off. Orherwise it vould bee a major crass 💥🎶😳. OMFG😳
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala Місяць tagasi
Sam Collins is so informed and interesting that I could watch his information all day! Please encourage Sam to do more of those informative walks that help a lot of us older and newer @F1 fans.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Місяць tagasi
blooskys1 Місяць tagasi
Another humiliation for what's left of a declining sport. The targets for 13 different winners for the 23 races seems too far away to save this sport. It reminds the viewers of global warming... Everyone knows its happening but no one wants to change the end result. With advertisers spending money on other sports, cars lacking sponsors and the failure to attract another two teams to the grid you would have thought steffino Deminicarli would have resigned this week. The same pointless result will be repeated in Monaco if the world bothers to watch at all. The sport needs to deliver on the BSC Consulting Groups proposals of using BTC weighting of cars, compulsory 3 pit stops at Monaco, and provide far more free to air coverage for those left with any interest in this failed sport... With mercades deciding whether to continue as team owners F1 can't put the hard decisions beyond Thursday this week to save what's left of the sport.
Fatima ali vlog
Fatima ali vlog Місяць tagasi
Plz sport me
B.Sunil KUMAR Місяць tagasi
Gasly could have used his reverse gear? Like Lewis did at Imola in the gravel!
Manoj Patankar
Manoj Patankar Місяць tagasi
who is that on Will's t-shirt?
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Місяць tagasi
We're gonna see some surprise q1 exits in Monaco bc mazepin is gonna crash
J P Місяць tagasi
Great race, great commentary by all. And go Pietro! Very humble, knowledgable, and most importantly very deserving of the opportunities that he earns
FreshCoolBeer Місяць tagasi
2007. 2014. 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. 2020. 2021. nine-times BEST CAR ON THE GRID, that's what LW is. What other driver in history of any sport drove 9 times the best car on the grid in his/her career, the problem is, what if the next year is the tenth time he gets to drive the best car on the grid, the silver bullet of the F1 2022 season is gone, again. AT THIS POINT I ONLY WISH, Verstapen, Leclerc, Ricciardo and Norris get the chance to drive THE BEST CAR ON THE GRID at least one time in theirs careers but hopes grow thinner and thinner with the passing of time. Lewis Hamilton the MOST LUCKIEST DRIVER IN HISTORY OF MOTORSPORT. I want to see Prost, Senna, Fangio, MSC, Lauda, Alonso, Vettel driving the BEST CAR ON THE GRID 9-times also if possible. ...but people thinks he's the best ever so, there's no fighting that. So, be, it. And yes, in 2008 the best car on the grid was the Ferrari but the McLaren was no slouch either.
V12 Naturally Aspirated
V12 Naturally Aspirated Місяць tagasi
ten-times my dude, you forgot to count 2008 and eleven if we add next year too. i agree most overrated driver in history, Mercedes-Benz is the only MVP here.
Aishwary Gaonkar
Aishwary Gaonkar Місяць tagasi
It's a boring race when Lewis Hamilton wins Ps. Exception - Turkish GP 2020
Fred Taylor
Fred Taylor Місяць tagasi
Love this dudes big hair big belly big thoughts
Adebayo Ogungbesan
Adebayo Ogungbesan Місяць tagasi
I love this Fittipaldi guy. This other guy who has his brown nose stuck in Max's you know what should take a break.
Christian Horner
Christian Horner Місяць tagasi
Come home Daniel
Andi amHappy
Andi amHappy Місяць tagasi
Let’s maze pin the roulette in Monaco, the key factor in race decider.
Oolong Місяць tagasi
More Sam please!
KieferClarkF1 Місяць tagasi
This mask nonsense outdoors needs to stop.
Alexander O'Brien
Alexander O'Brien Місяць tagasi
Does Will's arm ever get a break?
Aryan Thaman
Aryan Thaman Місяць tagasi
The intro was amazing. Give the sound guy a medal. 🏅
In case you missed it
In case you missed it Місяць tagasi
Westly Lewis
Westly Lewis Місяць tagasi
"If 'ifs and 'buts' were cans of nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas..." Will Buxton is a blooming Legend!
Westly Lewis
Westly Lewis Місяць tagasi
@Kamal Saleem thanks dude. You learn something everyday. Lol
Kamal Saleem
Kamal Saleem Місяць tagasi
It's "If it's and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas."
Werner Coetzee
Werner Coetzee Місяць tagasi
Imagine if Sam AND Ted are both at the circuit on the same weekend, the teams will go crazy with all their interference.
ben spibey
ben spibey Місяць tagasi
Pietro should take Mazepins seat, they guy knows a lot but money talks sadly
DickNixon19 Місяць tagasi
Pietro is a natural on the mic. 😊👍🏽
Shortlands Admin
Shortlands Admin Місяць tagasi
2nd race this year that Mercedes outclassed Red Bull.
Sean H
Sean H Місяць tagasi
19:12 *Narrator:* _he was not fine_
Андрей Бородин
Андрей Бородин Місяць tagasi
Одни болтовни
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie Місяць tagasi
What's the point of Pole Position if you don't have the inside bend? You try hard to get Pole, but the "better" place is the second place on the grid !!! Just like today in Spain !!! If the first corner had been on the left, minus a step would never have overtaken Lewis Hamilton !!! Mercedes has the best and fastest car and Lewis is just really better than minus !!! Forza Mercedes !!! Forza Lewis and Bottas !!! FU minus Verstappen, FU RBR !!! Merc and Lewis Rulezzz !!!
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard Місяць tagasi
Best pre and post show out there. I really enjoy listening to the conversations.
Luiza Castro
Luiza Castro Місяць tagasi
Pietro is back!
leongt1954 Місяць tagasi
Dan is starting to come to grips with the McLaren and Monaco is one of his favourite tracks
CGIPadawan Місяць tagasi
We will never know what Will was saying in the first 30 seconds of the show. :P
Jah Blessin
Jah Blessin Місяць tagasi
Sam is NEVER boring ! Funny he would say that (jokingly I’m sure) always love the content across the board cheers from the usa. Sad to see max couldn’t hold off lewis :(
Eli James
Eli James Місяць tagasi
I love your car
Douglas Turner
Douglas Turner Місяць tagasi
More Sam, please.
Muhammad Afzal
Muhammad Afzal Місяць tagasi
Will, You guys are not taking everything into consideration in your talking. You talked so much about Max's and Redbull's strategy and how they got it wrong and what else they should have done etc.etc. What you didn't talk at all is the Merc's had two cars against just Max. So he had to cover for two cars and that had an impact on why he couldn't stop too. Hey I am a Merc fan, but the point I am trying to make is you guys need to think a little more before talking on air. The viewers expect you guys to give them the full picture, else what's the use in just throwing arms and legs all over the place. Hope you take this as positive feedback. Thanks.
Muhammad Afzal
Muhammad Afzal Місяць tagasi
and you guys forgot Piere Gasly's jump out of the box ... lol ... time to take some notes I guess ....
perplexity Місяць tagasi
I love will buxton's energy. amazing bloke
Kris A
Kris A Місяць tagasi
Yap, yap, yap,.... and we KNOW Lewis is gonna romp home with ANOTHER title. See ya all in 2022. Red Bull, you ain't trying hard enough, you were losing over a SECOND a lap to the Mercs. Pathetic.
Martin Harder
Martin Harder Місяць tagasi
More Sam please! I'm with you Sam, it's not boring at all.
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida Місяць tagasi
What u guys don't see is that Max is very aggressive towards other drivers. This second time he takes Lewis Hamilton out of the track. He aspects that everyone moves out of the way and one day it's going to end up really bad for him, and the drive he's driving against.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Місяць tagasi
What he did is fine it's with in the rules. I'm not a max fan before you say anything.
Dryd3701 Місяць tagasi
People are learning its not just a fast car that make merc a legendary team
Big Pundo
Big Pundo Місяць tagasi
Sam deserves so much more airtime, such a brilliant presenter
Sports Mag
Sports Mag Місяць tagasi
I'd happily watch hours of Sam wandering up and down the paddock sneaking into the teams garages to have a look and talk about all the tech stuff.
Anne Rud
Anne Rud Місяць tagasi
Excellent commentary! Thank you sooooo much for taking David out! It was so interesting and well done. Very enjoyable!
Donny Leong
Donny Leong Місяць tagasi
since Sky hates Ted, maybe he should work for F1 alongside Sam and Scarbs - that's a line up I would pay to watch.
d b
d b Місяць tagasi
Sam should host a Tech Talk after each race, similar to MotoGP Could be a hit
Terry Lau
Terry Lau Місяць tagasi
Why so few praises for Lewis in these comments? He MADE the strategy work. He MADE the difference. Come on guys, let's appreciate this super talent more.
1pr007 Місяць tagasi
@MarshallGA12 You keep saying the Merc is faster yet MV beat the fastest lap time set by Bottas by 1.3 secs
MarshallGA12 Місяць tagasi
@Arif Rahman yeah, no problem, peace ;)
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman Місяць tagasi
@MarshallGA12 Got your point, mate. I think we both understand each other now. People can say the wrong comments from time to time....that's how a community reacts to events when too passionate. But you shouldn't take everything too seriously. Sorry for my earlier comment to you.
MarshallGA12 Місяць tagasi
@Arif Rahman I get it, but many people saying Red Bull is the best car or atleast equal with Mercedes, but it is not true, that is my point.
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman Місяць tagasi
@MarshallGA12 I've been watching it for 22 years. I don't know how you think the world goes....but if I was a racing team who is half a second quicker than competition, then I won't show my full speed either coz absolutely no need for that. It's for others to do their bits. Mercedes is slightly quicker than RB. But not by so much that will stop Max from winning at all cost. If he can outsmart Lewis then he can be successful. But thinking Lewis n Mercedes will make it easy for them, that's where you guys are seriously wrong. If you want something, you'll have to go and get it done yourself. I hope you got my point
Green Beans
Green Beans Місяць tagasi
Sam in the paddock is like kid in a candy shop.
Mr West
Mr West Місяць tagasi
2022 seven or eight drivers fighting for championship 😅😅 I really love to see that.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Місяць tagasi
That's never happened before at anytime
Jack McClendon
Jack McClendon Місяць tagasi
All of your audience is skipping the first 15 seconds because of the 15 loud beeps that are completely unnecessary. We clicked on the video, we know its starting if its not live. Please drop the beeps or at least lower it to the last 5 like the starting grid lights...
꧁Miss Marquise꧂
꧁Miss Marquise꧂ Місяць tagasi
Sam Collins is the BEST co-host - love him!
Arif M M
Arif M M Місяць tagasi
Didn’t ask the most important question of the day. Why didn’t you let Lewis past? It could have potentially cost him the race. Are you just driving for you now?
skamekrazy Місяць tagasi
Sam's the goat
Vaughn v Dyk
Vaughn v Dyk Місяць tagasi
In a sport of millionaires can no one purchase a mask that fits their face
Alex Vanburen
Alex Vanburen Місяць tagasi
I like Sergio Perez but he is not an improvement over Albon. Albon’s finishes were closer to Verstappen’s.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Місяць tagasi
I suspect that Hamilton would have made that tire last in the Williams.
a v
a v Місяць tagasi
How much did an Alpha Tauri mechanic pay Sam to get them a close shot of the Ferrari wheel nut?
Oscar Fernando Perez
Oscar Fernando Perez Місяць tagasi
More of Sam and Laura!!
its benjy MU
its benjy MU Місяць tagasi
Oh hey look race highlights. They're for Barcelo-🥱Barce-🥱🥱Bar-😴😴😴😴😴😴
isshyfux Місяць tagasi
Pietro deserves a seat in F1
LunaJo/Jolanda Місяць tagasi
We can't even lipread the first few seconds :)
Chinmay Sardesai
Chinmay Sardesai Місяць tagasi
Why Alonso is sitting down during the interview?
Alex Divo
Alex Divo Місяць tagasi
He is elderly
Aranu Місяць tagasi
yes but max was 3 seconds a lap faster on soft tires. who knows how long those wouldve lasted.
Safwan Sheikh
Safwan Sheikh Місяць tagasi
This channel need to post a mclaren vs ferrari clip for this race
reddevilkev Місяць tagasi
The moment Lewis pitted the 2nd time Max had to stop right after and gamble on the softs. I think he would had a more greater chance to win
reddevilkev Місяць tagasi
@Chris Collins Bottas last stop were softs mate and to drive to a podium in that car isn't hard even for Bottas who is a puppet on a string for years now .
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Місяць tagasi
@reddevilkev Bottas had medium tyers. Don't matter if he's a loser that's been on the podium more times than most other drivers. Bottas still would of got max.
reddevilkev Місяць tagasi
@Chris Collins it was worth it but 3rd ? Hmm that I don't think so because he would have had fresher tires than Bottas who is a loser anyway
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Місяць tagasi
The soft would of not lasted. He would gone down to 3rd if they went to soft.
kepeh yoyo
kepeh yoyo Місяць tagasi
Sam Collins , great analysis !! Hope you can do it on every race
Isak Ibrahim
Isak Ibrahim Місяць tagasi
Leclerc what a driver man, consistently getting the best out of the car. No right to be fighting for podiums
Fatih Demir
Fatih Demir Місяць tagasi
Daniel is getting serious in the car more, he is smiling after the race more. We love this dichotomy! GO RİC GO
Victor Louis
Victor Louis Місяць tagasi
I 'am watching F1 since 1962 East London (South Africa) and since 1970 Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) Seen nearly all of them since 1968. I've been in Germany; Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Monaco, Sweden, etc. Fan of Jody Scheckter and Ayrton Senna and today Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo but I also enjoy Indycar. Best race 24H of Le Mans 1988.
Pablo Tassinari
Pablo Tassinari Місяць tagasi
Pietro bring a WIN in Indy 500!!!!!
M Gurnick
M Gurnick Місяць tagasi
R/WallStreetSilver Місяць tagasi
2:22 fist bump denied.
arkadik asaturyan
arkadik asaturyan Місяць tagasi
40:22 FERRARI 😈😈😈
klepetar Місяць tagasi
i have soo had it with the Lewis Hamilton world tour.. this was a 2nd race that i did not watch 'til the end.. what a zzzzzzzzzzz race..
fillsgarage Місяць tagasi
This race showed the Mercedes is better than Redbull
Yuu Місяць tagasi
Sam: "I'm just gonna go down here and look at what Alpha Tauri is doing. Will probably annoy them, but it doesn't really matter." 28:00🤣
Sjoerd Eggenkamp
Sjoerd Eggenkamp Місяць tagasi
Pretty boring race again. There is lot's of build of excitement but nothing really happens. 20 laps before the end it was obvious lewis was going to win.
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira Місяць tagasi
...Hamilton... ... the predator....
Will Pine
Will Pine Місяць tagasi
What was Alpine thinking with 1 stop?
benoit declercq
benoit declercq Місяць tagasi
Again Sam the pitman.. best insiders ever
nkopodi Kgalema
nkopodi Kgalema Місяць tagasi
Let us a moment and just appreciate what we are witnessing, a master at work. Thank u for the memories Lewis, you are the greatest of all time
sw653j Місяць tagasi
Cool Bobby Unser T-shirt...Will
Jack's Vlogs
Jack's Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Advice Ndlala
Advice Ndlala Місяць tagasi
Mercedes Petronas and Lewis Hamilton are just giving Red Bull sleepless nights.
Think ItOver
Think ItOver Місяць tagasi
Looks like Gasly aimed for the wrong line.
dronevilOO Місяць tagasi
Sam must attend every race. His contribution is priceless!
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