Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL Season

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gilberto alvarez
gilberto alvarez 2 päeva tagasi
This is video was so full of ads
Pete the Christian Terrorist
Pete the Christian Terrorist 4 päeva tagasi
I just wanted to say that Jesus loves you very much and paid a horrible price on the cross at Calvary for you Peg you can accept Jesus as your savior anytime you want. As the old saying goes he is only a prayer away
Matthew Goldfarb
Matthew Goldfarb 7 päeva tagasi
Washington Steelers Week 13
CandG Productions
CandG Productions 4 päeva tagasi
NoobROBLOX gaming
NoobROBLOX gaming 13 päeva tagasi
does lamarr know how to pass?
E 14 päeva tagasi
Chiefspin 15 päeva tagasi
Chiefs vs chargers week 2 should be on here
CandG Productions
CandG Productions 4 päeva tagasi
Moshi Moshi Man
Moshi Moshi Man 16 päeva tagasi
I’m surprised NE vs. SEA didn’t make the list
Yonald Tfurd
Yonald Tfurd 17 päeva tagasi
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Cristian Vega
Cristian Vega 17 päeva tagasi
Cardinals bills #4 because of one pass 😐
Ped ._.
Ped ._. 17 päeva tagasi
what about dolphins x raiders
Chiristian Banda Mondragón
Chiristian Banda Mondragón 17 päeva tagasi
Seahwks v Pats? Chiefs v Browns? Bills v Rams? Denver v Chargers? (the one with the big ass choke) Bengals v Browns? Bro they are missing a lot of great other games
Aiden Dine
Aiden Dine 18 päeva tagasi
The seahawks pats game somehow wasn’t in this video
Emma Tschan
Emma Tschan 21 päev tagasi
number 1 should have been brown vs steelers wildcard
Np Np
Np Np 22 päeva tagasi
Bro did that really just miss the Vikings vs Seahawks that was like the 2nd best game this year
Harper Trochelman
Harper Trochelman 22 päeva tagasi
Good games but where is Patriots vs. Seahawks Panthers vs. Chiefs Titans vs. Steelers
PhoenixGaming 23 päeva tagasi
I preferred the Seahawks vs Cardinals to be game of the season.
Brandon Walser
Brandon Walser 26 päeva tagasi
How on earth is the packers vs saints not on here
daewyhkimlopadesan neyskdayekiashnea
daewyhkimlopadesan neyskdayekiashnea 26 päeva tagasi
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Noe Alvarez
Noe Alvarez 27 päeva tagasi
a good game that no one really talks about was the Bucs @ Bears
TJ_y_u Simpin
TJ_y_u Simpin 28 päeva tagasi
How pats vs Seahawks was not in the top 5
Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen
Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen 29 päeva tagasi
Where is panthers vs chiefs
Kevin Kong Torres
Kevin Kong Torres 29 päeva tagasi
I’m surprised the Chargers vs Raiders game from week 15 isn’t here, it was probably the best TNF game of last year.
Julie Porter
Julie Porter Місяць tagasi
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Ethen Taylor
Ethen Taylor Місяць tagasi
Where the heck is the pats vs Seahawks week 2 that was more entertaining than some of these games or the buccs skins wild card ?
SafDaBoss Gaming
SafDaBoss Gaming Місяць tagasi
6:09 The Including Playoffs for falcons fans has just gotta hurt
SafDaBoss Gaming
SafDaBoss Gaming Місяць tagasi
4:02 This gives me super bowl 49 vibes
Bryce Johnson
Bryce Johnson Місяць tagasi
I’m sorry but Patriots vs. Seahawks shoulda been in the top 5.
CYRUS BOUGHEY Місяць tagasi
the run by Metcalf at 23:58 is crazy as hell!!!
Burke Highlights
Burke Highlights Місяць tagasi
Where's titans vs steelers at
Orlando Vela
Orlando Vela Місяць tagasi
the 49ers qb drafts tom brady and rodgers fun fact they wanted to draft them
Nils and Lucas
Nils and Lucas Місяць tagasi
My opinion #1 should be Cardinals vs Bills
TheNumber28 Місяць tagasi
Bears v Bucs?! 🤬
Kaden Schiro
Kaden Schiro Місяць tagasi
What a effort!!! 11:32
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
MalRulesAll Місяць tagasi
2 things. Yes the Ravens and browns game was the best game of the year and 2 I knew Atlanta season was gonna be iffy after they didn't jump on that onside kick 😭🤦🏾‍♂️😂
zakhi trusted
zakhi trusted Місяць tagasi
thanks for making this i am a big fan of football
TristanHarvey Місяць tagasi
This is before I watch this video If you even dare to put the super bowl on this list I will unsubscribe, never watch the NFL again, burn all of my memorabilia, and more. It was a BLOWOUT. such a boring game. I, as many other Americans did, stOpped paying attention at halftime. Even though TB12 solidified himself as the GOAT, as an actual game, it SUCKED.
Johnathan Lahmann
Johnathan Lahmann Місяць tagasi
25:04 is the dumbest stat I have ever seen
MasterDon Gaming
MasterDon Gaming Місяць tagasi
Titans vs Texans Week 17?
dtotino gaming
dtotino gaming Місяць tagasi
listen i’m happy the colts are here, but i don’t have the heart to watch the wild card round game again... woulda went to OT if blankenship hit the 33 yarder...
Brandon Brockbank
Brandon Brockbank Місяць tagasi
As a packer fan even though we lost the colts game, it was a phanominal game
Dane Overdorf
Dane Overdorf Місяць tagasi
Chargers at Broncos??
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Місяць tagasi
I saw some conspiracy video where the guy was explained as long how Hopkins was wearing magnetic gloves in the Hail Murray catch... I guess he's never punched his own hand and noticed how that causes you fingers to slap around the hand that's punching, but in 2020 I don't know why I'm ever surprised by idiocy anymore.
CLIMAX TV Місяць tagasi
Take those boring ass plahoff game out Saints buccs week 1 should be in it Titans vs steelers Patriots vs seahawks for sure should be a top 5 game of the year!!!!
Jaden Dewar
Jaden Dewar Місяць tagasi
how was packers saints week 3 not on here or pats and seahawks
Titanscj2k Місяць tagasi
12:00 Derrick Henry is the fourth player in franchise history to rush for 1000+ yards in three straight seasons.
Nathan Goettsch
Nathan Goettsch Місяць tagasi
for once the sb isnt the number 1
Angelo MTZ
Angelo MTZ Місяць tagasi
Packers vs saints
Viro ViranVictus
Viro ViranVictus Місяць tagasi
OK if you were gonna have a Raiders/chiefs game it should have been the one from earlier in the season at Arrowhead. Far better game. Only suffers from being an early season game and having less playoff implications is its only flaw.
Both of the Cardinals games were better than Cleveland/Baltimore.
Isaac Місяць tagasi
Notice they didnt put Raider vs Chiefs week 5 cause that is when they lost😂
apimentose apimentose
apimentose apimentose Місяць tagasi
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Jonathan Nepoose
Jonathan Nepoose Місяць tagasi
Great games....but I disagree with this list. lol
Sangay Chophel
Sangay Chophel Місяць tagasi
did anyone see rivers when it was 4th and 1. 1:56
Manila Zaman
Manila Zaman Місяць tagasi
Seahawks cards #1 btw I’m not a Seahawks or cardinals fan
BRYCE SIGMUND Місяць tagasi
Huntley should have been in the draft BAL
Jackson Booz
Jackson Booz Місяць tagasi
we all know why number 4 is top 4
JaDversary Місяць tagasi
The touchdown at 3:18 is so satisfying to watch haha
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez Місяць tagasi
What about week 5 saints bs chargers saints made a big comeback
FunnyTikToks_YT44 Місяць tagasi
11 is saints vs chiefs
NotSkye Місяць tagasi
Ever notice 3 of these games are from week 11
23 Місяць tagasi
Damn chiefs lost to raiders and bucs. This brings a smile to my face. Keep beating those chiefs raiders!
WI3SEONE Місяць tagasi
im looking forward to cardinals next season, had some great games this year
Obaid Jafri
Obaid Jafri Місяць tagasi
How was week 2 Seahawks bs pats not in
sem dikher
sem dikher Місяць tagasi
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babatunde abiola
babatunde abiola Місяць tagasi
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Mateo Chen
Mateo Chen Місяць tagasi
Dolphins Raiders is #1. That was plain ridiculous
Easton Lawlor
Easton Lawlor Місяць tagasi
I’m just glad that ravens vs browns was number one. That game was amazing
TMX ELITE Місяць tagasi
lets go we got the best game and we got the w
TheArrow 1233
TheArrow 1233 Місяць tagasi
The falcons decided to watch the nall
DatBoiDylan Місяць tagasi
Imo the cardinals vs Seahawks game was better than ravens vs browns it’s close tho
Mohnish Vairavan
Mohnish Vairavan Місяць tagasi
I thought the Broncos chargers game should have been here
Mitchel Bleier
Mitchel Bleier Місяць tagasi
My top 10 1. Ravens Browns 2. Cards Hawks 3. Bills Cards 4. Pack Bucs 5. Browns Chiefs 6. Raiders Fins 7. Hawks Vikings 8. Pack Colts 9. Boys Falcons 10. Colts Bills
Caleb Thorpe
Caleb Thorpe Місяць tagasi
Washington vs Pittsburgh should of been there
8trackrecorder Місяць tagasi
Benjamin Novak
Benjamin Novak Місяць tagasi
How was the Steelers v Browns Wildcard game not on here
Coby Michalik
Coby Michalik Місяць tagasi
Good season
Coby Michalik
Coby Michalik Місяць tagasi
Carmine Novielli
Carmine Novielli Місяць tagasi
1000th comment 😏
James Dickerson
James Dickerson Місяць tagasi
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Jandro Seef
Jandro Seef Місяць tagasi
How isn’t Dolphins vs Raiders week 16 not here
Chris Місяць tagasi
Dolphins be raiders?
carson.capalot Місяць tagasi
9:24 what kind of stat ?😂
Damien Williams
Damien Williams Місяць tagasi
Week 12 panthers vs Vikings?
Demetrius Almanza
Demetrius Almanza Місяць tagasi
This is one of the few times I ask for likes, but I’m actually intrigued to know. Who actually believed that the Bucs were going to win the Super Bowl from the start of the season and not one of these bandwagon babies that are sad their team lost, let me know. 👇🏻
hoghead Місяць tagasi
Flip 2 and 1
Rekcha Місяць tagasi
That Falcons vs Cowboys game should never be mentioned again. How can you not know that, as the receiving team, you can fall on an onside kick whenever? This is AN NFL TEAM, NOT A BUNCH OF MIDDLE SCHOOLERS
ollieTHICC Місяць tagasi
I’d honestly put the first game between the Steelers and Ravens on here around number ten or something, that game was hype as hell
BROK Місяць tagasi
*Ah yes, the Poop Bowl*
Christian Ramsey
Christian Ramsey Місяць tagasi
Dolphins vs raiders and Seahawks vs pats should be on here
mlouis035 Місяць tagasi
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Carvon Gibbs
Carvon Gibbs Місяць tagasi
Carolina be chiefs?
paloma felan
paloma felan Місяць tagasi
fun fact the tennesse ended up losing in the playoffs to the ravens
1999worldjacob Місяць tagasi
I hate that fun fact. Titans offense and defense didn’t even play well or even tried making it a good game. Henry ran the same route through the middle every time and got stopped
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali Місяць tagasi
What about Washington vs Pittsburgh
anjana vadiveloo
anjana vadiveloo Місяць tagasi
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paloma felan
paloma felan Місяць tagasi
Leveon bell is washed up
COLE WILSON Місяць tagasi
Low key needed the NFL in 2020, some great games this season
Ian Burke
Ian Burke Місяць tagasi
My favorites on this list are # 10, 7, 6 and 3
Eli Slovik
Eli Slovik Місяць tagasi
Seahawks vs patriots?
Graham Cracker
Graham Cracker Місяць tagasi
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