Mclaren Said My 675LT Would NEVER Drive Again...So I Proved Them WRONG (And Made My Car WAY Faster)

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Today, I take my wrecked (and rebuilt) Mclaren 675LT out on the road for the first time. It's 1 of 500 cars made in the world and the most expensive car I've ever built. No pressure.
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Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 23 tundi tagasi
I can only dream!
babemokzar Päev tagasi
needs to race leroy in this trim.... Cleetus might not win that race
Unknown Perso
Unknown Perso 4 päeva tagasi
The 675LT is already fast Why not rip off the entire body?
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja 4 päeva tagasi
With the bodywork off, it kinda looks like a Lotus 340R.
Team Yoshi
Team Yoshi 6 päeva tagasi
A budget McLaren Elva lol
Soto Perez
Soto Perez 6 päeva tagasi
Congratulations 👏🎊 Mate looks amazing as is lol.
Lawrence Szabo
Lawrence Szabo 7 päeva tagasi
Me: Did you do it? Tavarish: yes Me: What did it cost? Tavarish: everything
Auto Top Sim
Auto Top Sim 7 päeva tagasi
Nelson Martinez
Nelson Martinez 9 päeva tagasi
That’s amazing great job
Dennis 10 päeva tagasi
Only a EEexsr would start a project like this! Love it
Lucky Fix
Lucky Fix 10 päeva tagasi
Just imagine mclaren offer him to work as repair man that probably gonna be so fun
I103bKoy 12 päeva tagasi
Issa Supercharged Go-Kart 🏎
Lee 12 päeva tagasi
I got an idea. That engine in a nissan skyline shell 😏 Or maybe a truck 😑
John C
John C 12 päeva tagasi
It’s amazing that you could work on this car. Where is the body?
Fernando Louro
Fernando Louro 12 päeva tagasi
1:53 does anybody know the song in the background?
Fernando Louro
Fernando Louro 10 päeva tagasi
@bedeckt first thing I tried, neither of those 2 is the one in the background ;-;
bedeckt 10 päeva tagasi
look at description and scroll down theres a song-list
james curtis
james curtis 12 päeva tagasi
FORGET THE BODY!!! keep it as is :)
Waldemar Kraus
Waldemar Kraus 12 päeva tagasi
Aren't parts like the roof, doors and windows part of the structural integrity of modern cars. I would be scared driving like this, could maybe do some damage the body parts.
Pheeww 13 päeva tagasi
Really impressive
Justin B
Justin B 13 päeva tagasi
TwinShards 13 päeva tagasi
5:57 0.Nice
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 13 päeva tagasi
When you can achieve this on a supercar then you know you made it.
Dieter MacPherson
Dieter MacPherson 13 päeva tagasi
Lecroix the Savage
Todd 14 päeva tagasi
Tavarish is fun.
Tom Traubert
Tom Traubert 14 päeva tagasi
You only get 1 maiden voyage
Kevin Crum
Kevin Crum 14 päeva tagasi
When are you gonna race cleetus in that lmao
TG Pips
TG Pips 14 päeva tagasi
That's some mad weight reduction right there! :D
serious flight sim llc
serious flight sim llc 14 päeva tagasi
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 14 päeva tagasi
Good on you for spending all of the time and money to rebuild this. How much has it cost you to date?
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 14 päeva tagasi
The gaudy utensil neuroanatomically mate because professor semiannually explode versus a tense fan. apathetic, rapid bridge
KillaWatt96 World
KillaWatt96 World 14 päeva tagasi
Seeing the car like this only gives me one idea.... For the sole reason of showing off the technology that was put into this car........ That all the body panels be replaced with clear Plexi ones, and glued back on with a clear epoxy........ Ensuring that it would be a definite One Of A Kind car.
J Lincoln Burrows
J Lincoln Burrows 15 päeva tagasi
The "Emergency Signal" had me spitting out my food at lunch today. Absolutely priceless. #teamamerica
Bryan Hill
Bryan Hill 15 päeva tagasi
Talk about a go
Ziad Kadi
Ziad Kadi 15 päeva tagasi
Thats awesome congrats
will stovall
will stovall 15 päeva tagasi
“Fuck You McLaren” is really what he meant in the title
Iann Potenciano
Iann Potenciano 15 päeva tagasi
Awesome work, man. Kudos to both of you! I subscribed hoping to see how the Mclaren comes together.
R Parmar
R Parmar 15 päeva tagasi
So whats the update...
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 15 päeva tagasi
Weight savings yo..
Al Laroche
Al Laroche 15 päeva tagasi
man I need a homie like that in my life
Lewis Harvey
Lewis Harvey 15 päeva tagasi
Mad skills bro!! Love this channel as well 👊👊👊
Paul Bratton
Paul Bratton 15 päeva tagasi
romdatt 15 päeva tagasi
Exoskeleton and some over fenders and do some open-wheel lapping events.
Nigel Mason
Nigel Mason 15 päeva tagasi
I have looked everywhere to see this car finished and I cannot find it. Have you finished it ?
Nick Lynam
Nick Lynam 15 päeva tagasi
Weight reduction +10
Chris Bicknell
Chris Bicknell 16 päeva tagasi
for real i bet that mclaren the fastest one out there it has hardly any weight to it lol. if the wind drag doesnt effect the car that is
redsplatr gaming
redsplatr gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Has anyone ever told Jared he sounds just like Peter brown, and kinda looks like him too, sounds more like him thi
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward 16 päeva tagasi
do you really need to have music behind every conversation you have? It is very distracting.
Tomasz Budnik
Tomasz Budnik 16 päeva tagasi
if someone can build something than for sure someone else will be able to destroy it... ... and some other person will be able to rebuild it :)
Zaharia Nicolae
Zaharia Nicolae 16 päeva tagasi
Man, it took me a while to finally SUBSCRIBE to your channel. Idk why it took so long. But now im here ! (and i have a lot of catch up to do ;) )
Zaharia Nicolae
Zaharia Nicolae 16 päeva tagasi
7:28 Best explanation of Caster i have seen online until now. And i didn't look for it either. Thank YOU!
OPBjorn 16 päeva tagasi
How's your manual SL going? Have you abandoned it like the rest of your projects...
Kristaps Banis
Kristaps Banis 16 päeva tagasi
One of the best car youtuber mad respect to you guys 👊
DownLow0099 16 päeva tagasi
Ah... Coolest go kart EVER!!!!!
bertal1991 16 päeva tagasi
Massive respect on the money you put and effort, while you can buy a new one in the amount of equipment you use
Fred Krueger
Fred Krueger 17 päeva tagasi
Next Part!
Magistro 17 päeva tagasi
Straight outta 2077
ZIP-FIX GUITARS 17 päeva tagasi
I do the same with guitars. They say it CAN'T be fixed. I say. O YA! I'll fix it. AND I DO. Nice car.
That Guy
That Guy 17 päeva tagasi
Hate to you you fined the price of a McLaren for illegal drone fight... be careful. The FAA wants some people to set an example of, to stop unlawful drone use.
YB 17 päeva tagasi
Update.....Update.... Update...
Steven Santopietro
Steven Santopietro 18 päeva tagasi
Tavarish your fire extinguisher made questionable choices 🤣
Joe R
Joe R 18 päeva tagasi
For a British car to not have electrical problems is a miracle especially if it is over 2 years old.
John B
John B 18 päeva tagasi
Wondering , could a Pinto body be mounted on it ??
Spector NS5 RD
Spector NS5 RD 18 päeva tagasi
All the more reason to support The Right to Repair bill in your state. If you own something, you should be able to get OEM parts and schematics at reasonable price.
Crazy Harry the Muppet
Crazy Harry the Muppet 19 päeva tagasi
Would love to see a statement from McLaren on the this series. Not as an endorsement of course, but just as a Congrats on bringing it back to life - kind of thing.
Fred Roche
Fred Roche 19 päeva tagasi
Maclaren don't like what you did! fixing a car whit out them🤣🤣🤣
thefinalroman 19 päeva tagasi
Quarter mile it before assembly
Zero the Wanderer
Zero the Wanderer 19 päeva tagasi
You guys should just leave it like that, like people do with Vette Karts. Just put a windshield in it and protect sensitive bits, that's it.
skdb16 19 päeva tagasi
Kingping inclination point KPI
Drebin2293 19 päeva tagasi
Don't worry, the ticket is in the mail.
James Healy
James Healy 20 päeva tagasi
Coo watching this process
Diomar Maldonado
Diomar Maldonado 20 päeva tagasi
1170stoo 20 päeva tagasi
Hat off to you both, what a rebuild!!
Chiefpep 20 päeva tagasi
This is pretty awesome
Andy Paredes
Andy Paredes 20 päeva tagasi
Do any of your cars pass smog 😂
Eric Kauppila
Eric Kauppila 20 päeva tagasi
Good job fixing car I'm sure it was a lot of hrs but you'll make a huge profit
Eric Kauppila
Eric Kauppila 20 päeva tagasi
The commercials suck
Alejandro Salazar
Alejandro Salazar 20 päeva tagasi
This has to be the most Florida thing to do in a McLaren!
headskull FPV
headskull FPV 20 päeva tagasi
Wish I could experience that car 💯🤘
Jonathan Lang
Jonathan Lang 20 päeva tagasi
Call it MCLeroy!!!!!!!!!!!
Alfyan Sapwan
Alfyan Sapwan 21 päev tagasi
13:20 for eargasm
agus benzaenuri
agus benzaenuri 21 päev tagasi
Truth Supremacist
Truth Supremacist 21 päev tagasi
Used the Mousesucker 5000 on that bad boy.
Marc Dupont
Marc Dupont 21 päev tagasi
Just binged the whole playlist. EPIC SERIES sir. You guys are insanely entertaining. Can't wait for the next one
Sour412 Mishimamain
Sour412 Mishimamain 21 päev tagasi
You spray painted the civic?
nightfall22 21 päev tagasi
Wow, so wow... damn good job boys!
Cidane So So
Cidane So So 21 päev tagasi
You guys have a awesome work environment
Matt Netko
Matt Netko 21 päev tagasi
could this become a Mclaren Leroy?
Matt Netko
Matt Netko 21 päev tagasi
Tavarish is proof of human nature. Have a dream, chase it...if you catch it you must find another dream and chase that, it is impossible to remain satisfied. Love the projects.
888 Trains
888 Trains 22 päeva tagasi
Great job but I don’t know if it’s faster than before I think you just have a little bit less weight on it right now check and see if it’s faster after the trunk lid over the engine the bumpers and hood and everything are put on LOL
Chad Andersen
Chad Andersen 22 päeva tagasi
Love the 675lt style, IMO better than the 720s
hello 23 päeva tagasi
That 288 is one of the nicest Ferraris ever built.
Bradley Scheurich
Bradley Scheurich 23 päeva tagasi
Thats like the worlds funnest go kart
Paolo Di Paolo
Paolo Di Paolo 23 päeva tagasi
Is it not illegal to drive (as it is now) that on the road?
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 24 päeva tagasi
hollywoodcheremonkey 24 päeva tagasi
I remember having the carbon tub fixed by the bike repair guy. This build is legit! Great video!
Alex silver
Alex silver 24 päeva tagasi
I think it's awesome. I would love rebuilding one I use to own a shop and worked on allot if Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati jaguar super cars bmw I did allot of work for two major super car dealers in Toronto. I know exactly how awesome it is. Most of the cars I worked on were from Dubai Japan and Germany allot from Italy. Some from the states. Unfortunately I got into a motorcycle accident in 2013 and wrecked my skull my jaw and broke all my teeth except for 4. A woman did a u turn in front of me andi ended up in someone's yard then she took off without ever being caught.
Dk The Magikman
Dk The Magikman 25 päeva tagasi
@ 15:12 that “I’m having a grand”ol time” laugh love it
Juan Morrison
Juan Morrison 25 päeva tagasi
Hey Tavarish, when do we get an update on your McLaren build, your smashing it mate.
javer garcia
javer garcia 25 päeva tagasi
I wish he would finish this project already
Yusuf Domun
Yusuf Domun 26 päeva tagasi
Imagine pulling in this car in a Mclaren dealership ! Damn impressive work
IronReece13 26 päeva tagasi
Mid engine Leroy
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