Casually Explained: America

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Casually Explained

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asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 sekundit tagasi
Us Americans are slowly turning into the people in Wall-e.
tylerguitar75 Tund tagasi
There were actually deep points in here about the differences between big city life and suburban and country life and why they are different and don’t need the same rules
P M Tund tagasi
Can you make a vidoe about Conspiracy Theories?
The_Merciful Underdog
The_Merciful Underdog Tund tagasi
Omg this is mee they build the wall to keep us in and push universal healthcare so I can’t have churros!! 😭😭
Chuckle Nuts
Chuckle Nuts 2 tundi tagasi
4:14 - Those two have something special
Junk_ Bear
Junk_ Bear 3 tundi tagasi
Am to nice for America. Literally my goal is to move to Canada and get a citizen ship as soon I a get my bachelor degree .... and hopefully pay all my debts
silver watcher
silver watcher 3 tundi tagasi
Had this American in tears laughing this boy sure had our # 😂
Ian Guțan
Ian Guțan 3 tundi tagasi
4:16 the guy in the 1st scooter is gone
Chad Bergland
Chad Bergland 4 tundi tagasi
As an American I can confirm that this video is 100% accurate
The Polish Cow
The Polish Cow 4 tundi tagasi
Yeah we may have a high death rate but we also have vaccinated more people than any other country. We’re getting to the point where the northern states have so many vaccines that they’re vaccinating Canadians. (North Dakota, actually doing something good for once.)
YhaanZor 4 tundi tagasi
pokemon badges less goooo xD
Hayden Barrera
Hayden Barrera 4 tundi tagasi
Nobody: Closed Caption: Russian (auto-generated)
Yogev Tzelniker
Yogev Tzelniker 4 tundi tagasi
Can we get a casually explained: top gear?
Aishwary Thakur
Aishwary Thakur 5 tundi tagasi
his outro is same as jolly's intro
David Geier
David Geier 6 tundi tagasi
Damn the pokebadge bit got me. Thanks for not being afraid to roast both sides. Over here the left is fairly abusive towards free thinkers and humor
Teddy2t 8 tundi tagasi
3:31 rip green shirt guy 2020-2021, got kidnapped
IPADboii 14 tundi tagasi
why does he sound like technoblade?
Tree Beard
Tree Beard 15 tundi tagasi
Going to Disney land was a big mistake lol
DarkClown 16 tundi tagasi
"now, one crazy thing about America is that your drinking age is 21, as oposed to Canada where it's 18 or 19, or Europe, where it's whenever you have the balls, or latin america where laws are a thing the police make out when they see a tourist" That's it, that's my favorite quote ever, now
boio 17 tundi tagasi
I love the sound at the end video
Luiz___ MK
Luiz___ MK 17 tundi tagasi
Did you noticed the onlyfans in bio?
Nostalgiabobcat 17 tundi tagasi
Idk why but at 3:41 it was kinda wholesome that they drove off together holding hands
The Yemenite Dancer
The Yemenite Dancer 18 tundi tagasi
For those who didn't get it: North: Black people should be free. As in freedom. South: black people should be free. As in no cost. You're welcome :)
ArtistCH74 18 tundi tagasi
USA is a backward country!
PCU 18 tundi tagasi
I'm I the only one that doesn't get the black people should be free joke? Like the video is great but I'm just confused by that one, can someone explain it to me? And this is the most genericly american video about america ever and I love it
PCU 2 tundi tagasi
@Shroood OOOOOOHHHH Thank you
Shroood 11 tundi tagasi
North: Black people should be free->freedom South: Black people should be free as in work for free -> slaves
Derek Derek
Derek Derek 18 tundi tagasi
Those lockdowns in Canada are really scary. I wish I wish the best and hope you can find some freedoms through the summer or Trudeau steps down. Love from the land of the free
DaCrispy Dolphin
DaCrispy Dolphin 19 tundi tagasi
Wait I just noticed.... you left out Hawaii on the America mascot
Sara Noscenti
Sara Noscenti 19 tundi tagasi
Poor guy just proud of his tomatoes.. 😭
Nick 20 tundi tagasi
And so they rode into the sunset, on fatpeoplerrollerwheelchairs.
yoshi's_ minion
yoshi's_ minion 20 tundi tagasi
Yo, he is Canadian why is he talking about America
Pantograf Nożycowy z byka
Pantograf Nożycowy z byka 20 tundi tagasi
now in contrast: casually explained: soviet union
Абдуллоعبدالله 20 tundi tagasi
3:55 Never in my life have I heard something so wholesome and so depressing at the same time.
Jim Halpert from The Office
Jim Halpert from The Office 21 tund tagasi
Don't let this video distract you from the fact that 343 Industries won't add playable Elites in Halo Infinite.
michael chen
michael chen 22 tundi tagasi
Where’d big green go?
Proper Spelinng
Proper Spelinng 22 tundi tagasi
That churro experience actually sounded like a good time haha
o_0 22 tundi tagasi
Took me a few seconds but the black people should be free got me good 😂
dbspaceoditty 22 tundi tagasi
honestly. just because "your country" isnt doing well. if corona is really as bad as people claim. one person could re infect the entire country. thats how this works. Then again. america is the country that got accused of being racist for travel bans. but nobody is calling biden racist for banning travel from india. But literally banning travel from the country that this started in is racist.
Schnecke im Schlamm
Schnecke im Schlamm 22 tundi tagasi
but if the kid wouldnt have weaponst than it wouldnt be a problem to get drunk lol like in the rest of the world
Homo Genius
Homo Genius 23 tundi tagasi
I hate the mobility scooters so much at Disney. I understand the elderly or disabled in them but the fat asses have no excuse
JustCallMeMinty 23 tundi tagasi
I hate being American but I don't know where else I would move. I have literally been called retarded for being American?? Sorry, you are right I should've chose to be born somewhere else. To be fair I have everyone and America is a great place to do that.
felixantoinetremblay 23 tundi tagasi
2:37 I see what you did there...
Arav Tulsi
Arav Tulsi Päev tagasi
I love how simple but true, yet random, these videos are
psdjklgfuiob Päev tagasi
D+ for effort
Jayson Päev tagasi
Is this supposed to be dumb? it's pretty stupid
STEREO Freq Päev tagasi
feel toofree
feel toofree Päev tagasi
Welp, atleast he isn't drunk hahaha
Ereh Päev tagasi
Where'd the green shirt chair guy go?
The Majesty
The Majesty Päev tagasi
Lol bruh freaking love your videos 🤣 but still proud to be American 🇺🇸
CJD Päev tagasi
as an aussie, i forgot covid was still a thing lol
gnuwaves Päev tagasi
I'm astounded by how much other countries pay attention to American politics. As an American I try to tell myself that America isn't the center of the universe. But I couldn't tell you anything about the political system of any other country. Does Mexico have a monarchy? Whats the difference between U.K. and Great Britain? Couldn't tell you.
A Päev tagasi
Though entertaining and humorous there are a decent amount of mis-information borderline dis-information. Anyone taking this beyond hyperbole should DSM badge up. You earned it!
Lil Bird Muse
Lil Bird Muse Päev tagasi
It's kinda funny about the drinking age, because it used to be 18 I believe. My dad mentioned about being able to drink up until he was around 20 1/2 then the age for drinking went up to 21, so he had to wait 6 months before he could drink any again. lol
Ondřej Matějka
Ondřej Matějka Päev tagasi
American tourist: "One coffee please." waiter: "2 eur please." American tourist:" I am from USA." waiter: "10 eur please." :-D
Prozip Päev tagasi
Well now i regret playing Pokemon Red.
Leo Zhou
Leo Zhou Päev tagasi
be jealous - NZ
ktb Päev tagasi
Chur my Kiwis
erich_ika Päev tagasi
Damn not even us Latinos are safe from these videos...
Raina Virago
Raina Virago Päev tagasi
Kia Ora. New Zealander here.
StanleyTheHandsome Päev tagasi
Hey, will the mug come back to the shop and if so is there a possibility to buy a right hand mug for actual normal ppl?
KatieNinja Päev tagasi
Ive cried over 10 times about how my life could be different if I lived outside of the USA. Like full meltdown.
• Arlene •
• Arlene • Tund tagasi
Girl if you wanna leave than leave lmfaoo
Mathews Prakash
Mathews Prakash 12 tundi tagasi
Living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world?
Floast Knowsmost
Floast Knowsmost Päev tagasi
Why does this guy understand what 50% of America can’t figure out. Love it so much
DSiren Sirenite
DSiren Sirenite 10 tundi tagasi
It doesn't matter which group of Americans you are, before you watched this video the other 50% was just a loose ambiguous blob of not understanding shi-
Brandon Miles
Brandon Miles Päev tagasi
Got the political colors backwards but otherwise funny. But I didn't realize you were in Canada. What is happening in your country right now is so dystopian. Just proves what you can do to an unarmed population. Hope everything turns out OK for you Canucks
Can I get 50k with videos?
Can I get 50k with videos? Päev tagasi
America: exists Casually explained: *peace was never an option*
Puggy420 Päev tagasi
4:05 This is the most accurate example of America I have ever seen. Obese people and Crumbling late state Capitalism.
Puggy420 Päev tagasi
Daily Reminder that America still doesn't have government healthcare like every other first-world countries.
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Päev tagasi
It took me a second to understand the “Black people should be free” bit.
Flannel Päev tagasi
Can we dark mode please? It’s hard watching these late at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping 😂
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Päev tagasi
"One side collects military grade firearms as a hobby, and one side thinks mental illness are pokebadges" 💀💀💀 I'm dead bruh
Connor Sewepegaham
Connor Sewepegaham Päev tagasi
Man I love the Canadian care system
Jere Benitez
Jere Benitez Päev tagasi
As a Latin American, I'm pissed! The police doesn't make up laws when they see a turist 😠 they make them up when they see anyone that's not a police officer or a politician
• Arlene •
• Arlene • Tund tagasi
Now before any other snowflake comes for me I’m Hispanic so that gives me the green card to be racist to my own race.
lonewolf711 Päev tagasi
I need this type of video for other countries it is incredible
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Päev tagasi
you still can't drive
J C Päev tagasi
that califoria bit was real relatable
Jobrino Päev tagasi
Man I love all your videos but this was a serious masterpiece
Dark Squirtle
Dark Squirtle Päev tagasi
Glad I am down here in Australia where we only really need to worry about dropbears and can drink from 18.
Ottie J.
Ottie J. Päev tagasi
Nuclear subs AND aircraft carriers, cmon man
theReal Fish
theReal Fish Päev tagasi
Oh!! I had to think about that "black people should be free" for a microsecond, and I loved it when I got it😂😂
Insaniac Päev tagasi
Dogetuberyt Päev tagasi
We ARE the best country ;)
Sum Dude
Sum Dude Päev tagasi
As a Mexican I can confirm laws don't exist until police see a tourist or someone with money
Brandon McMahan
Brandon McMahan Päev tagasi
The half-assed American response to Covid was overkill, as clearly demonstrated by the differences in death rates in stricter vs more lax states. Everything else about this video made me laugh though, as always.
Ben Engle
Ben Engle Päev tagasi
"I was at Disneyland waiting in line for a churro and I kid you not, there were 3 or 4 mobility scooters in front of me with very hefty people..." WALL*E
TheJaco26 Päev tagasi
2:45 why is this so accurate?
Kay Proper
Kay Proper Päev tagasi
This thumbnail did not include Hawaii. And even though I've never been there, I'm offended. 😠😢
• Arlene •
• Arlene • Tund tagasi
If this isn’t a joke I’m gonna punch you
alejandra pan
alejandra pan Päev tagasi
LMFAOOOOO “or latinamerica where laws are things police make up when they see a tourist” yo im pissing myself
Khawar Ali
Khawar Ali Päev tagasi
I wish if i had a teacher like you.
xedication 2 päeva tagasi
you still can't drive
smushbrain 2 päeva tagasi
u r funny :)
Ben Bowland
Ben Bowland 2 päeva tagasi
Nice touch putting the googly eyes in the welding helmet
Bob Klassen
Bob Klassen 2 päeva tagasi
You plugging express VPN is very sneaky
RaLiBoBs isRaami
RaLiBoBs isRaami 2 päeva tagasi
Halo 3 references gets a like 😚
ツE 2 päeva tagasi
• Arlene •
• Arlene • Tund tagasi
Uh oh
General G
General G 2 päeva tagasi
lauren 2 päeva tagasi
he’s saur sick for the black people should be free joke lmfao 😭✋🏾
Heavenclone 2 päeva tagasi
I think most of this sarcasm is so well done that a lot of americans won't get it :(
Heavenclone 2 päeva tagasi
@KDH2130 no u
KDH2130 2 päeva tagasi
That's dumb
Terminator Productions
Terminator Productions 2 päeva tagasi
ah new zealand the land that can't be found on maps and globes
DaKrazyK 2 päeva tagasi
2:45 in some parts of Canada the drinking age is only 18 which I think makes the most sense because that's the legal age for everything else.
A Dude
A Dude 2 päeva tagasi
As a kid I was exposed only to American cities . Now as an adult, rural america is very beautiful. If I have the money I'd change my nationality and maybe move to Utah.
William Hayward
William Hayward 2 päeva tagasi
Kyran grant
Kyran grant 2 päeva tagasi
Bro 500,000 is wayyyyyyy to much for a country that size india and China has much less
EditorialJoe 2 päeva tagasi
"So anyway, that's my argument against universal healthcare." And EEexs and Canada both let you get to 3.46 million subs? Now you have at least 3.4600001 million.
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