F1's Updated 2021 Rules Explained - Everything You Need To Know

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The 2021 F1 season is closing in, and while it might not be the massive overhaul we expected, now delayed till 2022, there are still some very interesting updates to the regulations coming into play. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at how the FIA's new Formula 1 rules will affect racing in 2021, from car aerodynamics to fuel usage, to copycat teams and even green materials.
0:00 F1's 2021 Rules
0:25 New Aero & Floor Regulations
1:54 The Rear Of The Car's Aero
2:36 Heavier F1 Cars
3:32 Exhaust & Tailpipe Changes
4:02 DAS Is Gone
4:31 Green Materials
5:46 Fixing The Fuel Situation
6:30 Stopping The "Pink Mercedes" Copycats
7:33 Will The Changes Work?
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Rosa Ortiz
Rosa Ortiz Päev tagasi
Rules that affect security of the drivers, I fully support, but there are so many other rules that it is exhausting.
Adi Na
Adi Na Päev tagasi
Mercedes has the best car right now and credit must be given to the constructor and not the drivers because in Sakhir 2020 even a mediocre George Russell was able to perform significantly well compared to his 2021 races.
Bruce Parkinson
Bruce Parkinson 6 päeva tagasi
the next thing to go is 1st, second, and third place. some drivers get their feelings hurt and thats not fun.
Gorditaz 9 päeva tagasi
With these new rules in place, sounds like Ferrari has been complaining a lot about Mercedes 😂
Shep Leonard
Shep Leonard 10 päeva tagasi
SAFETY....PFFFF. Auto racing is inherently dangerous and though I do understand the need for safety and cautions, they need to lift most of the restrictions. Let team build a car that they want to build, that's how F1 used to be. Instead of now you have cookie cutter cars. If a driver thinks it's unsafe then don't let him race, get another driver who will. Let's not forget up until the late 70s F1 had a notir reputation for allowing paper machie cars out on the track. And even though these cars were 100% known to be unsafe drivers still climbed into them and raced, And raced hard. No one enjoys watching cookie cutter cars going around the track using the same technology as everyone else and watching the same 3 teams win. All of the modern regulations from the 90's till current have done nothing but stagnate F1. As a famous racing driver one said, "If you can't run with the big dogs don't come off the porch". Let them build and run whatever they want with ZERO restrictions on the car or refuling. If a team wants to run of V12 let them, if they want to run a 4 cylinder with quad Turbo let them, if they want to run a supercharged V10 let them, If a team wants to put a canopy over the cockpit of the car let them, If another team walked around a hybrid let them. This is what used to make F1 so popular and enjoyable to watch. Most people don't remember the crazy wings the teams used to put all over their cars or the six wheeled F1 car, YES 6 wheels. F1 has become BORING to watch. Oh..... Get rid of the ridiculous point system and just go back to the way used to be. What would be better is the only way to get points is to finish in the top 10, other than that no points given for anything
Gabrielxdxd4 11 päeva tagasi
No one mentioned again the changes in the pit boxes being now a little rotated to make easier the entering to a pitstop, I'm struggling to find that info again as I just saw it on 2020 when they tried it in Bahrain or Sakhir and where going to make it official for this year :/
Mike Bianchette
Mike Bianchette 18 päeva tagasi
Everything is shittier.
MAXIMUS 19 päeva tagasi
These rules suck, period. It's What's the point of racing if you can't even innovate your vehicle and spend money on it?? The FIA needs to sit down and just let these boys race their cars, seriously.
Gary Laaks
Gary Laaks 19 päeva tagasi
Watch Perez this Season. The ever ongoing struggle to keep the sport as safe as possible and competative. Going to be a good season.
Norvigos Racing
Norvigos Racing 23 päeva tagasi
I'm thinking the rules regulators stick their noses way to much into things such as creative engineering. Let F1's be F1s. Stop taking the fun out of things.
David Broman
David Broman 23 päeva tagasi
We will all be watching with baited breath to see who finishes 4th.
digs 2000
digs 2000 23 päeva tagasi
Okay so mame Mercedes to make it “fair” fucking joke but I see why they’d do it. Still, the top engineering team might not win
Jackie Dee
Jackie Dee 24 päeva tagasi
FIA is Anti-Advancememt. All they do is justify their "jobs" by coming up with garbage rules.
Len R
Len R 24 päeva tagasi
New to watching F1. The rules and regulations make governmental rules and regulations seem like anything goes.
Michael David
Michael David 24 päeva tagasi
Who's dreading the time when F1 cars will be electric?
TheFinalApproach 24 päeva tagasi
You people are missing the point of the green materials rule for 2021. F1 isn’t trying to be environmentally friendly on its own. F1 is owned by wealthy groups that extensively research new concepts. That is why we love F1, it is the peak of automotive performance engineering. FIA knows that if they allow green materials, these racing teams will look for ways to make new materials that can theoretically be cheap, more environmentally friendly, and possibly offer more performance than carbon fiber. TLDR; FIA is opening the doors for these wealthy racing groups to research environmentally friendly materials that can later be scaled and applied to real world applications in our daily lives on a global level. That is how it will help the world on a larger scale. Possibly creating materials that are better than Carbon Fiber. Allow teams to research and create new materials, environmentally friendly and possibly better than carbon fiber. Eventually those materials will be implemented our daily driving cars, or appliances, or houses, meaning millions of people using it. That is how it is environmentally friendly.
TheFinalApproach 24 päeva tagasi
Imagine, instead of allowing engineering to peak these vehicles out to maximum possible performance that physics allow, and instead demand tire manufacturers to compete to provide the best tire for this high performance car. No, let’s hold back progress and performance because we don’t want to hurt a tire manufacturers feelings for their outdated design. FIA with their ever increasing rules, are turning the F1 sport and industry into a joke. Headed to the path of NASCAR and Golf. Ruined by rules and regulations, rather than allow performance to hit its max ceiling possible, and let the drivers skills determine winners and losers.
Axmed Gure
Axmed Gure 25 päeva tagasi
Clear all regulations and let see wich team can develop the best car. V6; V8 ; V12 ARE ALL LEGAL
Briana sasthap
Briana sasthap 25 päeva tagasi
The red popcorn habitually knock because sort chronically land between a even excellent excited option. receptive, low xylophone
smyffmawzz 26 päeva tagasi
Regulations are holding back F1 . . They are slowing down the Cars because of tyre wear??? Are you serious? keep the Tracks and regulate only the Cars dimensions & Overall Team budget .
brian6speed 26 päeva tagasi
should be called Formula Regulation not F1
Musa Elahi
Musa Elahi 26 päeva tagasi
Hate how were slowing down cars.
Siddharth Joshi
Siddharth Joshi 26 päeva tagasi
Who else is here after 2021 first qualifying trying to understand why Mercedes is slow?
Just watching ffs
Just watching ffs 26 päeva tagasi
This is just getting stupid.
Steelflex 27 päeva tagasi
What a stupid pastime!
Paul Bush
Paul Bush 27 päeva tagasi
Sounds very boring..i thought design should be free to change now all cars will be poor and we wil notl see as before... inventiveness... just luck... what a waste..
Doug B
Doug B 27 päeva tagasi
Still blue flags ? Still DRS ? Boo
SPYDER 27 päeva tagasi
Just glad Mercedes won't have the upper hand and Hamilton will be brought down a notch.
Scott Adams
Scott Adams 28 päeva tagasi
There's no Pink Mercedes issue to see here... its Green now which also means its great for the planet 👍
Gilberto Francisco
Gilberto Francisco 28 päeva tagasi
I dont understand this shit ... downforce degrades tyres ...yeah ...so what?! ... manage the tyres ... thats what racing is about ... managing temps, tyres, fuel, etc etc
thisis_pyae 28 päeva tagasi
I don't think any team from China can involve in F1 anytime soon 😂😂
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans 28 päeva tagasi
Cars are cooler today. But I miss the 22,000 rpm limit.... Good stuff though!
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart Місяць tagasi
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John William
John William Місяць tagasi
I guess carbon (a base element) is unnatural. Who would've thought that.
TheFinalApproach 24 päeva tagasi
Not the point, the processes to manufacturer and recycle CF are not as environmentally friendly, but even if it was 100% environmentally friendly, allowing other green materials into the design process opens new opportunities to create innovative materials.
John William
John William Місяць tagasi
@Leigh Taft That resin would be the same for using those so called natural fibers too. I just think there statement was a little silly.
Leigh Taft
Leigh Taft Місяць tagasi
don’t think the epoxy resin is natural at all. But maybe if they used the carbon thread with an eco resin..? Idk 🤷‍♂️
Denisz Місяць tagasi
Look at this idiots 0:20 all the time these baby boomer,politican,rich peoples controls our life,they dont care ,they just make worst
IT'S ELL-S-D Місяць tagasi
Fucking f1 is getting boring ! This isn't f1 ! F1 car in my opinion should be pushing not holding back on ........Boring
Shane Altmann
Shane Altmann Місяць tagasi
Used to love F1. Mercedes dominance has made it boring as batshit. Fingers crossed other teams close the gap.
Tony Ball
Tony Ball Місяць tagasi
f1 is drowning , with all electric coming to a track near you very soon isn't it time to celebrate power performance noise smell etc etc
Ayush Місяць tagasi
So they can’t improve their car because pirelli can’t perform better?
Lesley Moseley
Lesley Moseley Місяць tagasi
U know that all this is about is because Mercedes has made a perfect car. People salty instead of trying to change the rules so to make Mercedes slower why nit make the other team’s faster. That’s just my opinion
A S Місяць tagasi
Wow F1 is really trying to kill the sport
Max Fuller
Max Fuller Місяць tagasi
Pirelli's tires are so shit that F1 made their cars have less downforce just so the tires can survive.
Keapon Laffin
Keapon Laffin Місяць tagasi
"Counteract gains". Thanks for killing what F1 is all about. Just stop naming it F1 already.
AJ S Місяць tagasi
A bit closer mid field is about all we can look forward to. A near pointless season except for the new teams and drivers to gain some experience. But Mercedes 1-2 is assured. Another Hamilton championship by mid way through. Until they really decide to shake things up with the finance then nothing will change. Teams that outspend their rivals by a factor of 10 will always dominate. Kind of pointless showing up for teams below the top 4. Money is the key to getting a real formula 1 worth watching again. Halve the top teams budgets, and feed way more prize and tv rights money into the lower teams, and break the hopeless Ferrari strangle hold ,the points and reward structure is anti competition and makes a three horse race, the other teams are just their to provide some kind of illusion of racing, but really just get in the way of the top 4. Break the mold break the financial model and let real racing and real innovation and real talent back into the sport not paid for seats by billionaire dads and advertising money, we don't even see anything like the best driver talent out there, all because of money. I mean Aloso back? Vettel still driving, Stroll ! it simply doesn't happen in other sports imagine tennis or football being based on who's dad owned a team letting them play for Man united or who got the most adverts on face book its a joke. No merit just money and who brings the advertisers. Its not really a sport as more a advertising circus and a baseball cap sales fest.
Clay Earnest
Clay Earnest Місяць tagasi
Green materials could be used as a sponge to absord any dangerous splattering of carbon fiber but cf probably wont be fully replaced any time soon
Hiroshi Місяць tagasi
F! cars are getting slower and ugly If you really care about the environment and safety is important, stop racing right away.
John Smith
John Smith Місяць tagasi
Does anybody know where the Brawn Racing Team of 2009 got their Double Decker Diffuser from (the technology that ensured they won the F1 championship, before selling out their team and 'technology' to Mercedes in 2010)? If the answer in no, I can report that a small team of aerodynamicists had patented such a device for use on light aircraft years earlier and that the engineering drawings were "borrowed" by a small Swindon company (who made carbon composite parts for F1 race cars). The small team of guys never received a penny nor were ever given any credit for their years of design work. In conclusion I fear that F1 has TRULY lost its way and that the new American owners are simply ensuring they 'milk' the viewing public for every penny they can. F1: Bad sport. Bad management people. Bad PRESS. BAD ethos.
Willzybaby92 Місяць tagasi
It wasn't the double diffuser, that was a decoy, it was the outwashing style designed front wing which was the most important element of their car.
Everything Amazing
Everything Amazing Місяць tagasi
me: make everyone drive the same car for exciting races. people: but then there is no innovation! FIA: you shall have different cars, but with no innovation!
wagner jon
wagner jon Місяць tagasi
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Rambo Richie
Rambo Richie Місяць tagasi
I didn't watch F1, but aren't those rules stupid? Who set the rules?😅😂
confuzler Місяць tagasi
FIA rule 2022: Every F1 car should be 50% edible.
Recruiter Dude
Recruiter Dude Місяць tagasi
I gave up watching F1 years ago. It's been devoid of excitement and suspense forever. Hamilton winning every year hasn't helped matters either.
Jacob B
Jacob B Місяць tagasi
The year is 2035. All drivers are riding twigs
Jacob B
Jacob B Місяць tagasi
So we are going backwards..
Rik MaxSpeed
Rik MaxSpeed Місяць tagasi
Can somebody please translate the “anti-aliasing properties” of the oil/fuel intake meters?!
Scott S
Scott S Місяць tagasi
Ishaan Lalit
Ishaan Lalit Місяць tagasi
Same. Mercedes will win with that same car which was already a year ahead of every other team. Hamilton, I am sorry Sir Lewis Hamilton will win again cementing himself in the history of F1. Bottas will look lost. Ferrari will scowl. Max will be annoying and Checo will smile. The only thing I am unsure about is the green and papaya car battle.
George Romania Jr.
George Romania Jr. Місяць tagasi
Still miss the NA cars. Always will.
pabbs Місяць tagasi
I think this year race will be more closer than last 7 years but mercedes are favourites but people red bull will challenge them big time this year that'd my belief..
Rodrigo Montero
Rodrigo Montero Місяць tagasi
It shouldn't be called "progress" if you are making the car slower and heavier...
Willzybaby92 Місяць tagasi
they are only 8kg heavier and it will save teams a lot of money.
James Kavanagh
James Kavanagh Місяць tagasi
We will continue to nod off and yawn until 2022 arrives
RecoN YG
RecoN YG Місяць tagasi
i want to see the AMR21 livery on the 2022 car.
Sean Astro
Sean Astro Місяць tagasi
How about some tire innovation so they don't have to reduce downforce ??? Won't get that unless we have two or more tire manufacturers permitted. If multiple vendors, could even have a tire maker's trophy for the year.
Dexter Bernard
Dexter Bernard Місяць tagasi
2022 will be the year of change.
harold cooper
harold cooper Місяць tagasi
More of the same, The difference will be a bigger gap between Mercedes, Red Bull.! and the rest. The great pity is the owners of F1 are complete MORONS AS FAR AS THE CONCEPT AND HOSTORY OF F1 IS CONCERNED.
ScubaJoe YT
ScubaJoe YT Місяць tagasi
Eh maybe it’s a good season or a bad one idk
M B Місяць tagasi
F1 will be boring as always
VimWolf Місяць tagasi
ALways interesting to hear they're banning things I didn't even know they were using. Stereowhatogramitry?
Mateo López
Mateo López Місяць tagasi
Here’s an idea: instead of making the cars slower make the tires more durable to match the car
Robert Rendall
Robert Rendall Місяць tagasi
Why did they not get rid of the Drs and make it more interesting
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy Місяць tagasi
The new rules are following 1. There are still three qualifyings, but the time in each qualifying is reduced Q1= 15 minutes, Q2= 12 minutes and Q3= 8 minutes 2. The collison penalty is become more strict Old penalty: 3 place grids penalty New penalty: Back of the grid penalty 3. If the driver unable to served full penalty, they will started the race in Pit Lane. Example: If a driver who qualify 19th/20 and get five place grid penalty, he only down one but will received a Pit Lane Start Penalty because he is unable to served penalty 4. The 107% rules is reverted back in Wet race. Any drivers who didn't set on 107% but advanced in Q2 will not allowed take part in Q2. Example: Only 7 drivers managed to set 107% time, while Q2 entries had 15. If the new rules introduced, seven drivers will automatic went to final qualifying. If more than ten, the elimination change 14: 4 drivers and went to 11, where one driver will get eliminated. 5. The fastest lap point now increased to two and if the driver who get fastest lap did not finished on top 10, the riders who had second fastest lap will get Extra Point
Armyan1988 Місяць tagasi
Wow! These regulations seem to be focusing on punishing teams with quality R&D departments. This is definitely going hurt MB, Ferrari, and McClaren
Maciek Місяць tagasi
F1 should keep improving instead of caring about the planet. If they want to be green they should just cancel all races and permanently stop the entire organization, but not invent some stupid rules that make F1 greener. In my opinion it is just hypocrisy.
Maciek 24 päeva tagasi
@TheFinalApproach Maybe you are right, but this competition has very big potential and such rules just kill many good ideas. I think that only safety rules should apply there. If engineers had more freedom and they could develop their cars as they wish it would be way more entertaining and diverse. If some people want to make the world better, they should create another competition promoting green technologies and leave F1 alone instead of making it worse.
TheFinalApproach 24 päeva tagasi
F1 isn’t trying to “save the planet” on its own. The green rules, are to introduce new materials that are cheap and environmentally friendly, and as you know, F1 developments and breakthroughs eventually find themselves onto road cars that we drive everyday. If F1 team can make these green materials into something we can use everyday then it will be drastic in change on a global scale.
Owen Mccubbin
Owen Mccubbin Місяць tagasi
In terms of cutting costs sustainability and technical advancement should there be more research into tyre development..ultra durable tyres that can de driven flat out at race distances with mandatory pit stops...more exciting races
Jr H
Jr H Місяць tagasi
Isn't it absolutely nuts that restricting something to a 2mm maneuverability could be seen as a game changer and field equalizer. Absolutely incredible. The pinnacle of technical know how and innovation. Love this form of motorsport. To go back in time a little, Schumacher and his transparent air flow directors on his helmet, feeding the air flow to rads and around body work. Innovative. Come on f1 2021, please don't disappoint. No Lewis this year though please.
Andrew Moody
Andrew Moody Місяць tagasi
Why all the changes to accommodate the limits of years old tyres? Tell Pirelli to get a move on some better tyres instead.
Jason Davies
Jason Davies Місяць tagasi
I believe Lewis Hamilton's record is being tarnished by videos like this to suggest that's all you need is Mercedes to be world champion is not true
MegaFrixi 2 місяці tagasi
F1 was died.. And we still watch it.. Fools.. :) btw i wait more the new netflix season than the real season...wtf is this...
Herr K
Herr K 2 місяці tagasi
Nothing really changes. Everything should've changed this year, but the new rules have been postponed to guarantee mr. Superstar another easy title. It'll be another "super interesting" season, with kneeling, dirty political topics instead of racing etc.
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief 2 місяці tagasi
I don't see how the FIA or anybody can stop teams from copying each other to some degree. It's a bit like a class being split into teams while working on some science project. You're going to SEE what everyone is doing; what works. You'd be dumb not to make mental notes of that stuff. Proving you came up with things all on your own is just academic at that point. With plenty of people on payroll it wouldn't be hard to reverse engineer things. My point is, I don't get why people hate on the pink panthers last year. Whether they waste years coming to the same conclusions as Mercedes just to feign ignorance or they just get on with it, what's the difference? You'd be dumb NOT to look at a winning car for inspiration. Teams are trying to win, so I don't really see how you can stop people from recognizing what works on a given car. There's still resources they won't have. And the fact that the midfield was so fun last year, I say let it go. It is what it is.
scotty s
scotty s 2 місяці tagasi
Get with Michelin build better tires 🤷🏻‍♂️
Mirozenx 2 місяці tagasi
The FIA is a joke, they're going to kill the sport
Joel Sánchez -Gil
Joel Sánchez -Gil 2 місяці tagasi
I don't think these new "rules" are going to be good for the competitions
Justin Timbersaw
Justin Timbersaw 2 місяці tagasi
2022 car would be made out of rice and cookies powered by hamsters and steering wheel using robe attached to caster wheels.
Adam Riches
Adam Riches 2 місяці tagasi
I think it’s sad that most of the new rules are actually going to slow the cars down, surely F1 should be the pinnacle of technology and allow development and new technologies. I understand the budget caps to allow for competitively amongst different teams but surely this is all just backwards. Faster, louder, lighter stronger. If they’re not careful they will ruin the whole concept of what F1 is and should be. The best and most up to date technology providing optimum and ultimate performance in every aspect not the opposite.
Spoorsey 2 місяці tagasi
Pirelli either need to step it up or the teams can assess the tire damage levels and adjust their strategy accordingly. I can't stand when the FIA come in to ban progression.
Jeff Holmes
Jeff Holmes 2 місяці tagasi
Boring sport I never watch anymore. Watch MotoGp, World Superbikes, British superbikes or touring car racing for excitement. F1= yawn zzzzzzzzzz
Kirin Kirin
Kirin Kirin 2 місяці tagasi
Why not push to a limit the downfoce.wasted
Ed Mu
Ed Mu 2 місяці tagasi
hamiton will still win in any car.
APM M 2 місяці tagasi
The FIA deliberately leave loopholes in the regulations, to keep the top teams happy. So the cars will probably lose little time from last year. Don't forget Ferrari, Mercedes etc basically run F1.
Catcrumbs 2 місяці tagasi
1:47 Newtons (N) are not the same as newton-metres (N·m (note that a space or a half-high dot (·) is *required* between the unit symbols of a compound unit to indicate multiplication)). Sort yourself out, Autosport.
audiocrush 2 місяці tagasi
yea how stupid are people in thinking you could replace carbon in carbon fiber composite materials with hemp and make it environmentally friendly that way? you still have the epoxy stuff in it and it is completely unrecyclable might as well figure out a way on how to recycle carbon fiber composite materials... money way better spent
Matias Diaz Borbolla
Matias Diaz Borbolla 2 місяці tagasi
I just saw Mclaren's 2021 car, is the same thing!! hahaha
Griffin Gaming
Griffin Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
sooo to make racing more exciting they are trying to force all the cars to be the same and slower, so basically comes down to who has the better engine, well loos like Mercedes win again,
SMELLY GLUEBAG 2 місяці tagasi
why do they hinder advancement. We need a F0 no rules go.
pino de vogel
pino de vogel 2 місяці tagasi
We need less downforce to safe Pirelly who is unable to make better tires so lets add weight that surely adds less strain to tires. and they need to just allow copying. that way teams have limites benefit from huge budgets. After all the next week other teams can use it if they can make it fast enough. that keeps innovation going. we had this 2 decades ago and racer where a LOT ore fun.
lampros karajohn
lampros karajohn 2 місяці tagasi
one day 2 strokes f1 cars... waitng the day... xaxa
Malcolm Gambrill
Malcolm Gambrill 2 місяці tagasi
The whole point of F1 was to develop the best car to win a race and stick the best driver you could lay your hands on to achieve that. All this restriction and dumbing down prevents that happening, it's a big boys game, if you can't afford that don't play. As for the risk, drivers all know the risks and they get paid a LOT of money to do it, if the risk is to high for you, you are playing the wrong game. Bring back one than 1 tyre company that will spice it up.
csl 2 місяці tagasi
Yip... One of these all drivers will be getting a participation award while driving lawnmowers around the track
Andre Martindale
Andre Martindale 2 місяці tagasi
I’m looking forward to the new rules regulations for the racers. The new era is like eco friendly, less downforce.
zabaleta 2 місяці tagasi
Dumb rules mostly....if the tyres are wearing quicker than improve the tyres! Glad DAS is gone though.
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