14 Premier League clubs unanimously reject European Super League

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Sky Sports News

20 päeva tagasi

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The Premier League has issued a strongly worded statement condemning the newly proposed European Super League. It stated that the Premier League is considering all actions available to prevent it from progressing as well as holding shareholders to account under it's rules.
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doire aintu
doire aintu 11 päeva tagasi
Deep down I gotta feeling, everyone wants them to leave. Don't lie.
doliio volay
doliio volay 13 päeva tagasi
It’s not hard to reject taking part in something if nobody wanted you there in the first place.
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy 13 päeva tagasi
3 spambots, 1 fat loser behind screen
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 15 päeva tagasi
It’s not hard to reject taking part in something if nobody wanted you there in the first place.
doire aintu
doire aintu 11 päeva tagasi
Levy out...it was his idea .. disgraceful
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 16 päeva tagasi
They have no power to reject anything.
doliio volay
doliio volay 13 päeva tagasi
managers be punished when they had nothing to do with it
A̶sCE 17 päeva tagasi
With all fairness I would be surprised if they accepted it, after all they were not invited to be part of it. This is kind of laughable.
Matthew Waller
Matthew Waller 18 päeva tagasi
Football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult...” George Orwell, '1984
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy 13 päeva tagasi
Matthew take your tinfoil
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 15 päeva tagasi
are just customers .
Soccerboymedia 18 päeva tagasi
American football supports stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brother football supporters in England.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 16 päeva tagasi
Everton are the only club to put out a statement strongly against it literally ripping the owners and clubs apart !
OptimalMario 18 päeva tagasi
Platini laughing in the shadows
Achintya Tyagi
Achintya Tyagi 18 päeva tagasi
It was never theirs to accept
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser 19 päeva tagasi
I think the fans need to find and devise a plan to take back their clubs and make them fan owned and operated democratically! The current model is tyrannical!
LifeisLight 19 päeva tagasi
Thanks god Portuguese teams weren’t involved
Anthõny's 19 päeva tagasi
Now let's see if Uefa/Fifa will relegate and punished these clubs for jointing the Super League. Let's us see who's really corruption
MekoLuL 19 päeva tagasi
Florentino Perez bottled a 20 year project in 2 days 😭😭😭😭
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 19 päeva tagasi
14 EPL clubs gather for meeting. Sheffield United be like: "Lads, am I still part the gang or...."
thesacrisant 19 päeva tagasi
Sorry for the players and fans of these 12 clubs , but those 12 clubs must be punished. If qualified end of the season for a EC spot by rank or cup win , that ticket must be given to the other clubs in the league who are not listed to the SL , this by rank or loser of a cup final. This by example England , you remove the 6 from the ranking , and then you give those 7 tickets to the highest ranked clubs who remain left. If a final by the remaining 14 was played vs one of the 6 , even if lost , the loser gets the ticket. This atleast for 1 year.
Robert Zeigler
Robert Zeigler 19 päeva tagasi
Dont you just hate capitalism... thats literally all this is. capitalism in motion. Which means the 50+1 everyone is screaming about woukd be communism. Like i get the history and all that but at the end of the day they own the clubs and can do whatever they want with them. They want to leave well okay then toodles. Yall act like you wont watch but you will, even if the current players boycot alright cool they're refusing to honnor their contracts(assuming there is a specific clause that says something along the lines of I insert play name hear by declare that i will play x number of premier league and European games for insert team name). Saying hey you do this and your out of everything is exactly what they want. They dont need the full 20 teams right away they can run a 12 team league for a year and watch psg and bayern maybe as monaco roma sevilla vellencia ect. All try to get a piece of the action once they see a positive return.
Foodways Distribution
Foodways Distribution 19 päeva tagasi
Sky would be praising this new ESL if they had the broadcast rights.
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 19 päeva tagasi
Levy out...it was his idea .. disgraceful
M H K 19 päeva tagasi
People keep saying the clubs involved should be punished no the owners should be punished and made to lose the ownerships of the clubs why should players clubs and managers be punished when they had nothing to do with it
Ro M
Ro M 19 päeva tagasi
I don't understand why the British people are upset about club owners wanting to make money on their investments? I am confused, what am I missing here? You sold your "beloved clubs" to these Sports investors, they are looking for the best platform to maximize their profits and you are upset about it? Are you for real?
gerry findon
gerry findon 19 päeva tagasi
There is a reason why the league here in Deutschland is called " football as it should be ", I actually feel sorry for EPL fans , ok maybe having billionaires as your owners gives you a better chance of winning major tournaments more than us but our clubs treat us as fans and appreciate us ,in England your owners don't treat you as fans , to them you are just customers .
Adam K
Adam K 19 päeva tagasi
Everton are the only club to put out a statement strongly against it literally ripping the owners and clubs apart !
New Thought
New Thought 19 päeva tagasi
All owners of the 6 should now be asked to sell as they have tainted their club and the beautiful game. They have lost all respect after this and have shown extraordinary selfishness, contempt and arrogance. Please leave.
leeedsonetwo 19 päeva tagasi
what a total farce
lindokuhle sithebe
lindokuhle sithebe 19 päeva tagasi
was it Norwich or Sheffield?
Philippe Palmer
Philippe Palmer 19 päeva tagasi
when you've all finished talking says the Sheffield United representative at the 14 club meeting,who's coming down the pub,first round's on us,might as well start spending our parachute payment
sonof amun
sonof amun 19 päeva tagasi
old man Jp morgan wants to buy Football then change it to soccer
Mike Dixon
Mike Dixon 19 päeva tagasi
A big bluff? Or are profiteers so out of touch, they can't understand passion, compassion and honorable objectives?
Jonathan Arthur
Jonathan Arthur 19 päeva tagasi
Since when do soccer fans care about competition? Only seven cubs in the history of the PL have even won or been serious contenders for the title. I don't even know why they have a PL in Scotland, it's basically just Celtic. Same with Bundesliga and Bayern Munich.
oNeHanDGuN 19 päeva tagasi
if EPL "kick" MU Mcity Liverpool Tottenham Chelsea and Arsenal..who is the next king of EPL :)
Cars And Rentals
Cars And Rentals 19 päeva tagasi
Ed Woodward has resigned from United 😱
Steven Atherton
Steven Atherton 19 päeva tagasi
Ed Woodward and the Glazers out now!!!! Cut out the cancer in the club.
Ray Vaughan
Ray Vaughan 19 päeva tagasi
Everyone praising Ze germans.....google Der Spegiels expose on the ESL from 2018 ..... KHR and Bayern were up to their necks in persueing the establishment of an ESL cash cow! They were chief instigators, PSG were involved too , dont know what's happened since but theyve either got cold feet or dont like the presented power structure so theyve backed off 🤷‍♂️ ..... Im in favour of severe sanctions by UEFA & FIFA for the "dirty dozen" .... as a Man U fan it's a last straw, enough is enough! the parasite Glazers have sullied our history and left a bad taste! Banish the 12 from their respective leagues and the champions league/europa cups , they're either in or they're out! No half measures!
Nodders 19 päeva tagasi
Fixed the title . 14 Premier League clubs that were not picked unanimously reject European Super League .
akbarmohammed4eva 19 päeva tagasi
Man Utd should be banned from the Champions League, and deducted 20 points in the Premiere League.
Arthur C
Arthur C 19 päeva tagasi
ESL: well you are not invited anyway....
T C 19 päeva tagasi
Just priming the public with what's to come ...great reset
A Lunatic
A Lunatic 19 päeva tagasi
2030- how a beautiful sport like football ended
Mathew Mercer
Mathew Mercer 19 päeva tagasi
We left the EU don't try and get our footy through the back door!!
Papa Nabri
Papa Nabri 19 päeva tagasi
Finally. Idiots seen sense. European super league tossers.
A Yaw
A Yaw 19 päeva tagasi
Lol you losers weren't invited anyway
Daniel Burwell
Daniel Burwell 19 päeva tagasi
Another Leicester story would never happen if the super league goes through, the idea of relegation one season but still having hope of turning it around, winning the league or even champions league is what makes English and euro football great
YouTube Mix
YouTube Mix 19 päeva tagasi
Relegate them all I say
Mr B
Mr B 19 päeva tagasi
super leagues! How ridiculous that would be.
Martin Griffiths
Martin Griffiths 19 päeva tagasi
14??? Are 14 invited??? 😂
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 19 päeva tagasi
Now the EPL needs to go for the killer blow. Relegate the kingpins in this and relegate Tampa Bay United and Red Socks FC to the 3rd teir or lower and tank their investments. Drive the roaches out or the clubs and back the darkness where they belong.
RedesignTheUniverse 19 päeva tagasi
All the small market squads got their knickers in a knot.
Watscz Schwein
Watscz Schwein 19 päeva tagasi
This is all really quite laughable. How can people support the most corrupt organisations and think this is about the fans. We can't have a bunch of middle men who contribute nothing to the sport except stealing money and colluding with sports betting houses dictating what happens. These fans think UEFA and FIFA are the best things that have happened to football? Your eyes shall be opened when news starts filtering on the levels of corruption and collusion with betting syndicates comes out. Quite ridiculous this backlash
Darth Baylen
Darth Baylen 19 päeva tagasi
WKDXcrime X
WKDXcrime X 19 päeva tagasi
I think it’s time I support the other fcb that wins trophies most of the time
BucharestRed 19 päeva tagasi
Barca, City, Atletico and Liverpool withdrawing
Rod Jones
Rod Jones 19 päeva tagasi
(Apart from west ham who rent they ground) the top 6 clubs in EPL will join the ESL you can kick them down it would help the small clubs in the lower league's remember when they did it to Rangers in Scotland the small clubs got record attendance. the other top team almost went broke. what makes them the top 6 take a look at there gates. just because they don't want to be under the control of UEFA.
Tshepo Seanego
Tshepo Seanego 19 päeva tagasi
Someone answer me this, How did the Premier league start?
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell 19 päeva tagasi
Love your vids keep up the cracking work
Bruno Richard Phocus
Bruno Richard Phocus 20 päeva tagasi
I am waiting for that little turn of events , because am sure this so called owners must have seen this coming and got prepared
Shaun Twed
Shaun Twed 20 päeva tagasi
Why haven't they been relagated, booted out the Champions/Europa League?
EMANZINOO 20 päeva tagasi
Abaphehli Organization
Abaphehli Organization 20 päeva tagasi
"2021 European Super League flop", 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why did they go on with it 🚶
Partha Pratim Ghose
Partha Pratim Ghose 20 päeva tagasi
Imagine thinking uefa and fifa are rejecting this league cause they care about fans LMMMMMMAAAOOOO
PumpActionPanda 20 päeva tagasi
Although I hate the idea of the Super League; Burnley rejecting this competition is like me saying I'm rejecting a threesome with Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson.
Sukhwinder Singh
Sukhwinder Singh 20 päeva tagasi
Deep down I gotta feeling, everyone wants them to leave. Don't lie.
David O'brien
David O'brien 20 päeva tagasi
Chelsea are preparing to leave this super league according to sky sports, Thank goodness
Super PantMan
Super PantMan 20 päeva tagasi
If EPL is without these 6 clubs, who do you honestly think would win it?
Volkan Yıldırım
Volkan Yıldırım 20 päeva tagasi
Big players like alan shearer, Steve gerard, David Beckham or ibrahomic or Ronaldo or or the most of them started in clubs Who have super supperters, where they must giving their best to Earn it to play in this club and maybe the will be Big players and than they have a chance to change a Big reach club.
C. T
C. T 20 päeva tagasi
Headline change... "14 clubs reject a competition they werent invited to"... Let them have it, keep the CL let cryatal palace , leicester etc take a good run at it from now on. No biggie so long as the league stays
BanjoLuke1 20 päeva tagasi
Having been an enthusiastic customer of Arsenal Football Club for almost fifty years, I find that I am likely to stop being quite so keen on their season if they go ahead with current plans. Further, I do not know any other Arsenal customers who are pleased about the new proposed corporate direction. I believe the Arsenal Football Corporation may have to build a new customer base abroad to make a success of their brave and emerging strategy.
Mo Davidson
Mo Davidson 20 päeva tagasi
The 14 clubs who weren't invited?
Samuel Wilson
Samuel Wilson 20 päeva tagasi
Good 👍
Dedy Alvarizie
Dedy Alvarizie 20 päeva tagasi
Does FA ready decreased revenue from TV Rights? We talk about million pounds mate.
Torrez 20 päeva tagasi
Sky sports brainwashing you and you didn't even notice
angel bustos
angel bustos 20 päeva tagasi
The NBA stripped Donald Sterling’s ownership Bc of his racist comments. Premier League should have the power to force a sale of ownership from those clubs.
Scott James
Scott James 20 päeva tagasi
Is it the clubs or the owners wanting this super league. Surely if it's the owners then there the ones that should be punished instead of the clubs especially if there Staff/players are against it.
Brian Wylie
Brian Wylie 20 päeva tagasi
On top of all the money grabbing what happens if the 5 teams invited to play in the ESL make the top 5 places and they get. Oh the irony
James Broad
James Broad 20 päeva tagasi
If they've broken Premier league rules shouldnt they get a points deduction or something?? 🤔
davd1986 20 päeva tagasi
Politics and sport? Always a nice mix 😂
Ray Chau
Ray Chau 20 päeva tagasi
This is owners wanting to take control of the league. They want the same power as the US owners of NFL/NBA/MLB.
Aditeacha gaza
Aditeacha gaza 20 päeva tagasi
I had a dream that racism in footy was met with the same level of discontent
philip013 19 päeva tagasi
Is it football's job to solve racism in the UK? It's right they should act when it happens inside the grounds, but they already do. If racists are identified they're kicked out, banned and have their season ticket voided. They're also reported to the police.
Stroe 20 päeva tagasi
This is hipocrisy, this is not about footbal, not about fairplay, nor fans, nor sportmanship. Money is above all. The pandemic created deep debts in the budgets of the big teams in Europe. Super League is like a new strategy to win money(just for participating in the Super League one can get about six times more money than from a Champions League title. UEFA is aganist Super League because they know that this would mean less cash. Why would they care about fans? Its been more than a year since the stadiums are completely empty. This is just a battle for money. Money is above all. Plus, why would Real or Juve or PSG or other big teams play with, for example, Crverna Zvesda or Sparta Prague or idk... teams that nobody (without their country of provenience, of course) cares about ? Whats the point here? The Champions League final would always be Real-Juve or Real-PSG, or Bayern-Manchester or Barca-Psg. I mean... nothing changes at all, but I personally believe this could be the Ressurection of modern football. If you dont like playing/coaching a team in this league, then be fair and go play at/coach teams like FC Voluntari or Milsami Orhei, or why not, Petrolul Potcoava. But, I repeat, this is all about money. The only thing UEFA or FIFA cares here is MONEY.
Zeus 20 päeva tagasi
They were not invited 🤨 So how can you reject it ?
Andy Hay.
Andy Hay. 20 päeva tagasi
Sky are already in talks for super league coverage.
Scott Bradbury
Scott Bradbury 20 päeva tagasi
Martin Tyler - Super league Soccer “AND ITS LIVE!!!!” Who needs to win this one Gary? Ideally, United as they’ll get an extra £20M with 3 points today. Disgrace!
Sad End
Sad End 20 päeva tagasi
Capitano 20 päeva tagasi
Well obviously because they aint in it 😂😂😂
Tyler 20 päeva tagasi
Thay just fucked up football
Jayant Rawat
Jayant Rawat 20 päeva tagasi
So much fuss for nothing... chill this league is not going to happen , it's just a way of telling we demand more money from UEFA.
koolworld27 20 päeva tagasi
As a lifelong Liverpool fan, i can assure anyone that no-one at the club wants this. FSG spearheaded this move and have thrown Klopp and his players under the bus. Any true supporter of their club will not favour this move. YNWA.
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 20 päeva tagasi
Oh well we all know it won't happen it's all talk but the problem is football has become a business 🇬🇧
jme king
jme king 20 päeva tagasi
Oi I'm sorry for sounding dumb, someone explain to me but does this mean the 6 english club's will be leaving the premier league for this "super league" ???
Ads Thomas
Ads Thomas 20 päeva tagasi
Rather than punish the clubs, punish the individual owners. After all its them who made that decision, why should fans and players be punished!?
Caleb dejoun
Caleb dejoun 20 päeva tagasi
I don’t know y people don’t like the super league. Why Fifa can just do partnership with super league and everything we’ll be smooth but they hatin they are afraid of getting taking over😂 smh
Mark Steele Jr
Mark Steele Jr 20 päeva tagasi
I have to agree with the statement by the other 14 teams said here, yet this matter most likely will be adjudicated, In a Swiss Federal, European Union, or US State of New York Supreme Court on the Superleague charging Fifa and Uefa with Anti Trust Violations. If the case is adjudicated in NY, the Superleague would prevail on the basis of the Sherman Antitrust Act, since FIFA and Uefa have no immunity and the owners of several of the ESL clubs are majority-owned by US ownership groups.
HONDA ZXR 20 päeva tagasi
We need SUPER LEAGUE! We dont need this crap premier league ok
midlife coastercrisis
midlife coastercrisis 20 päeva tagasi
of course they reject is as they are not going to be involved initially. Any of these threatened bans or sanctions by the PL will be thrown out in court. Not to mention that it would be financial suicide for the league if the big 6 are not involved.
BabsW 20 päeva tagasi
We need the goverment to step in and effectively force these owners to sell their clubs at market value. Then bring in the 50+1 fan ownership law like in Germany.
Dimi215 20 päeva tagasi
Stop Football Mafia - billionaire owners immediately out of football - this game is from and for the fans
Daniel Hobbs
Daniel Hobbs 20 päeva tagasi
if any of these clubs were invited they would have joined straight away.
A W 20 päeva tagasi
Someone get this man a tablet jeez
Gaurav Calel Chandok
Gaurav Calel Chandok 20 päeva tagasi
They were not invited. They can go back to denying 5 subs and fighting against relegation like West Ham last year.
Babatunde Shegun
Babatunde Shegun 20 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain the problem with the ESL
John López
John López 20 päeva tagasi
It's all about the money UEFA and FIFA I am mad because they're not getting the piece of the pie
What a pass 😱🤯
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