Teams that Will Look Brand New in Two Weeks

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gavin zondlo
gavin zondlo Місяць tagasi
I really do hope cam does good
Random Name
Random Name Місяць tagasi
I lowkey thought there was gonna be a new team or new nfl logos
Dave Mullin
Dave Mullin Місяць tagasi
this didn't age well with their predictions on the Pats
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder Місяць tagasi
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BVW Entertainment
BVW Entertainment Місяць tagasi
“Patriots re-sign Cam Newton”
Aaron Venn
Aaron Venn Місяць tagasi
Free Agency sucks. Could the owners give the players a little more money so they can get rid of it?
Ag Bannister
Ag Bannister Місяць tagasi
Are the Detroit Lions on the list
J W Місяць tagasi
Want a ring? Come to NE
J W Місяць tagasi
Pugboy6000 Місяць tagasi
Go saints
Craig Says
Craig Says Місяць tagasi
Jared Cook threw tantrums on the sidelines in every Saints game I watched - No surprise they cut him
Kane Spangler
Kane Spangler Місяць tagasi
You Best put my Bengals on that list! 😂
Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
big con
big con Місяць tagasi
I wanna see how the bengals do
gothard5 Місяць tagasi
Well, I mean, the Bengals are getting new uniforms. Does that count?
steve clapper
steve clapper Місяць tagasi
The death star is going to reload and destroy the dreams of other teams, because that is what they do!
antilia vanish
antilia vanish Місяць tagasi
Belicheck's gonna draft a qb and build a team for him
Jamal Brown
Jamal Brown Місяць tagasi
Not gonna lie, that was clever of Nate at 4:40 lol. And this is not the first time he's done something like that.
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu Місяць tagasi
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Devesh Zaveri
Devesh Zaveri Місяць tagasi
Survival Expert
Survival Expert Місяць tagasi
I can't wait to see what my patriots do this off-season
Zero Hero
Zero Hero Місяць tagasi
Thought they meant uniforms....
J F Місяць tagasi
They ruined the league
William Phillips
William Phillips Місяць tagasi
Peter schrager is a f**king moron
Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis Місяць tagasi
Jared Tetreault
Jared Tetreault Місяць tagasi
Chris Ballard got that BDE. He is the perfect replacement for Ryan Grigson. We barely missed out on JJ Watt and Matthew Stafford
Jared Tetreault
Jared Tetreault Місяць tagasi
@justin petner he brought me back to football
justin petner
justin petner Місяць tagasi
ballard is the goat
Jared Tetreault
Jared Tetreault Місяць tagasi
As a Colts fan, I don’t mind the Jags and Texans being a mess. Gives us 3~4 more wins
UuRr Місяць tagasi
Man would love to see my hometown team Jags do something for once. Would make me super happy. But we all know the Jags...😂
Kyle Bangs
Kyle Bangs Місяць tagasi
Patriots new uniforms are ugly, why would they change something that used to look nice into something that looks like that?
jk lauderdale
jk lauderdale Місяць tagasi
Patriots get Alex Smith on the cheap, double down on receivers and shore up their defense - Not what I *WANT* to see happen but it's a very real possibility
guardian ofall
guardian ofall Місяць tagasi
Carolina will have a face lift. Hopefully losing teddy, getting cmc back, an upcoming brian burns and Jeremy Chinn. Etc
El duro
El duro Місяць tagasi
Kay Adams underratedly beautiful
C Homes
C Homes Місяць tagasi
The salary cap will not explode again if sjw messages are shown on uniforms, fields and pregame again this season. It will be more poor ratings and lower salary cap again in a few years. I cant believe anyone honestly believes covid is the reason, when non sjw sports had ratings increases during covid. Ticket sales are a tiny part of revenue so don't pretend its empty seats either lol.
Ben ediktions
Ben ediktions Місяць tagasi
4:44 is it just me or did he say Jacksonville jets or jags 😂
Gavin Roblox
Gavin Roblox Місяць tagasi
I hope its San Antonio
Tony Feo
Tony Feo Місяць tagasi
WFT has $54M in cap space for 2021
-_-Jamari -_-
-_-Jamari -_- Місяць tagasi
Jags haves the brightest future
A P Місяць tagasi
thought ppl were changing logos now i don’t care
Evan Cardenas
Evan Cardenas Місяць tagasi
Talon Forbes
Talon Forbes Місяць tagasi
Jags should sign Alex Smith to help with Trevor Lawrence
The Hershey Dog
The Hershey Dog Місяць tagasi
I think the saints are going 8-8 barley missing the playoffs.
Craig Fordham
Craig Fordham Місяць tagasi
Let’s go Jaguars!!!!!!
BigJon Johnson
BigJon Johnson Місяць tagasi
Loves me some Colts; hope they keep the core together; Really hope Carson ain't a fraud.
Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear Місяць tagasi
Who cares. You take a knee !! We won't watch. When you stand and place your hand on your heart for my national anthem I might watch again .
Joshua Long
Joshua Long Місяць tagasi
Lets just be honest... These teams are all gonna try and Beat Brady. They don’t care about the Ring at this point. It’s all about bringing down Brady... and I don’t think they will be able to do it. Brady is really a all in one package that captivates his Teammates imagination and makes them better Mentally! Everyone Else is just fighting for Second.
Robert Downer
Robert Downer Місяць tagasi
My gods these people are idiots. Anyone who questions EITHER Brady OR Bill is a damn moron. Without Bill there IS no Brady, without Brady there IS no Bill, ( I am ONLY talking in terms of being the GOAT QB and coach) it is THAT simple
thedebo777 Місяць tagasi
Nate was smooth with that segway lol
IMSBrody164 Місяць tagasi
I thought the nfl was saying there making expansion teams
Richard Kulig
Richard Kulig Місяць tagasi
Until the Patriots get a real QB again Who will they attract.. they are has beens They need a lot of work
Leo Salazar
Leo Salazar Місяць tagasi
Patriots should look into qbs and receivers,Julian Edelman is good but he is getting old and this season it felt like it was only him
Little Panda Adrien
Little Panda Adrien Місяць tagasi
Go niners
Mediocrely_Extraordinary02 Місяць tagasi
I'm really intrigued by the WR market. ARob and Godwin could really elevate some offenses
Trey Timmermans
Trey Timmermans Місяць tagasi
Look at Washington now after Smith 👀👀👀
Drew Kellum
Drew Kellum Місяць tagasi
It's the NFL no one cares anymore. You've ruined entertainment with "woke-isms".
Pinoyboy Jasper
Pinoyboy Jasper Місяць tagasi
By the title on the video i was thought they are having new logo and new uniform
Peyton Bedwell
Peyton Bedwell Місяць tagasi
Hard to believe the Colts are really good and still have that much cap space
JE Beast
JE Beast Місяць tagasi
MrPerkanator Місяць tagasi
This man just said AJ Cann is a good player..... no way.
Brady Stewart
Brady Stewart Місяць tagasi
Alex smith to the pats
foxy the pirate fox
foxy the pirate fox Місяць tagasi
Cook was the best te
foxy the pirate fox
foxy the pirate fox Місяць tagasi
Saints are now trash
Daniel Voehringer
Daniel Voehringer Місяць tagasi
Michael Thomas is gonna be released. Dude is only relevant cause of Payton and Brees. On any other team he’d be the third receiver at best.
Sergio Inda
Sergio Inda Місяць tagasi
I feel like it’s the opposite as he did good without Drew Brees and it’s been well known for awhile that Drew Brees doesn’t have a big arm so most of his passes are fairly short. That being said if he had another quarterback who could allow bigger throws he would probably do even better.
AJ Rivera
AJ Rivera Місяць tagasi
That spray tan
AlertGoldfish 70
AlertGoldfish 70 Місяць tagasi
Jets lol
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson Місяць tagasi
5:33 Lol, our only good lineman is Linder, everyone else is average at best.
Killer4life Berry
Killer4life Berry Місяць tagasi
Pats should draft trey lance. Very talented.
PatsFan 4299
PatsFan 4299 Місяць tagasi
@Will Brench 20 TOT to 10 INT isn't completely terrible for the supporting cast he had, and being in year one of the Pats system.
Will Brench
Will Brench Місяць tagasi
@PatsFan 4299 and how did cam work out for them?
PatsFan 4299
PatsFan 4299 Місяць tagasi
@Will Brench neither did Cam, but they still took him
Will Brench
Will Brench Місяць tagasi
@PatsFan 4299 Lance doesn't fit the patriots offensive scheme
PatsFan 4299
PatsFan 4299 Місяць tagasi
I'd love getting Lance, and having him sit behind Fitzmagic or Cam for a year
OffensiveFarmer Місяць tagasi
Colts won't look any different, the only difference between colts 2020 and colts 2021 will be the man under center, they've gone from Rivers who had a bad performance the year prior to signing with the colts to Wentz who had a REALLY bad performance the year prior to signing with the colts.
Will Brench
Will Brench Місяць tagasi
And they will sign Allen Robinson, Kenny golladay, and trey Hendrickson. We will look completely different next year
Killer4life Berry
Killer4life Berry Місяць tagasi
Eagles will look like a whole different team, especially on offense
Steve Bob
Steve Bob Місяць tagasi
@Gomez Family yeah basically as an eagles fan
Sensei Dk
Sensei Dk Місяць tagasi
Fly Eagles Fly 🦅
Dad Bod Boba Fett
Dad Bod Boba Fett Місяць tagasi
I'm calling it now, they're picking first overall next spring.
Gomez Family
Gomez Family Місяць tagasi
From bad to really bad?
kamikaze 21
kamikaze 21 Місяць tagasi
they are busted no cap
Alessandro Fabian
Alessandro Fabian Місяць tagasi
Pats bought to sign Mitch
Chiefs Kingdom
Chiefs Kingdom Місяць tagasi
I can already feel that with the cap spec Indianapolis has, they will be a top NFL team
Dinko Місяць tagasi
My Pats better make some trades and moves!
Mud MiXah
Mud MiXah Місяць tagasi
Please go pats 🤘
David Marcial
David Marcial Місяць tagasi
BtwMagic Місяць tagasi
I thought it was about logos 😂
Christopher C
Christopher C Місяць tagasi
The Bengals are set to change uniforms. I gotta feeling a swap from black to orange as the main color is in order.
Supreme Samurott
Supreme Samurott Місяць tagasi
AV Місяць tagasi
Laia Smith
Laia Smith Місяць tagasi
Indianapolis Colts
Laia Smith
Laia Smith Місяць tagasi
NE Playbook
NE Playbook Місяць tagasi
The Patriots looked brand new last season!
NoJohN Gaming
NoJohN Gaming Місяць tagasi
Mvp Dj
Mvp Dj Місяць tagasi
I’m really cheering for the Jags and I’m a pats fan.#GoJags
Chach Wa
Chach Wa Місяць tagasi
@Mvp Dj I’m not saying that Lawrence won’t be the guy but the jags might not be the team for him and Meyer college offenses at least were built around very mobile qbs
Mvp Dj
Mvp Dj Місяць tagasi
@Chach Wa Time will tell ⏰
Chach Wa
Chach Wa Місяць tagasi
@Mvp Dj what if they did what the lions do and blow their pick what if Lawrence isn’t the guy?
Mvp Dj
Mvp Dj Місяць tagasi
@Landon Wheeles Hey np bro the jags are in a good position this year bro with the #1 ovr pick and a bunch of cap space they may not making to the playoffs dis year but certainly will next 👍🏾
Blake Neal
Blake Neal Місяць tagasi
Resign ty on a good deal
A Khan
A Khan Місяць tagasi
Saints are gonna be trash
GutierrezAnthony Місяць tagasi
I can't wait to see how my Jags perform, can't do much worse than 1-15 so I'm hoping to see improvement lol
hog n dog
hog n dog Місяць tagasi
1-16! But the Jags will no doubt be better
beetle Місяць tagasi
should the chiefs start rebuilding ? 🤔
Playboi_Gari Місяць tagasi
Ion know why I just randomly think that Nate is smashing Kay on the down low and these other 2 don't know about it lmaoooo
whitebuffulo Місяць tagasi
Colts aren't gonna spend big, they saving to retain key players, they build through the draft. Only position I see them spending on if any are for a LT or a pass rusher but whatever they do in Ballard we trust.
kolbi hawkins
kolbi hawkins Місяць tagasi
trevor lawrence and picks for deshaun watson
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Місяць tagasi
Colts should sign desean Jackson
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Місяць tagasi
Blade Eason
Blade Eason Місяць tagasi
No he’s a scrub
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Місяць tagasi
Jaguars, patriots and rams are going to be super different
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores Місяць tagasi
Raiders needa get Allen Roberson
Laying The Foundation
Laying The Foundation Місяць tagasi
Did you guys forget the Patriots don't spend money no matter how much they have? Belichick would rather lose than overspend.
PatsFan 4299
PatsFan 4299 Місяць tagasi
You're probably right on this one lol
Leeedy 1
Leeedy 1 Місяць tagasi
Why is their so many delusional people in the comment section who think the Gaytriots are gonna be good? 💀💀💀
Stunt Awesome
Stunt Awesome Місяць tagasi
Let’s go jags
JN1099 Місяць tagasi
Breaking News! Panthers Release Christian Mccaffrey Just now
Libert Siagian
Libert Siagian Місяць tagasi
if the pats let go of cam, i'll look at them
747 Місяць tagasi
Can’t wait to see how the Colts turn out
Will Brench
Will Brench Місяць tagasi
@randy Dillabough why are you laughing so much
randy Dillabough
randy Dillabough Місяць tagasi
@Will Brench 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Perry
Jacob Perry Місяць tagasi
@SurgeSwaggy you’re stupid if you think that.
Will Brench
Will Brench Місяць tagasi
@MrGalactic yes he is but you build through the draft, not through free agency thats how we (colts) will be a dynasty with mountains of cap space
MrGalactic Місяць tagasi
Plus Allen Robinson said that he wanted to play with Trevor Lawrence
Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson Місяць tagasi
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Chronicc Jay
Chronicc Jay Місяць tagasi
The patriots gone resign Cam Newton 💯💯Watch
Leeedy 1
Leeedy 1 Місяць tagasi
@AmericaRex dude, he is not the answer for the Pew Stinkland Deflatriots
AmericaRex Місяць tagasi
My money is on Cam 2.0 too. Pats to spend on other areas
Leeedy 1
Leeedy 1 Місяць tagasi
Scam Newton is washed 💀💀💀
Sean Markil
Sean Markil Місяць tagasi
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Cobra Gaming
Cobra Gaming Місяць tagasi
im the 40,000 view
cristian paredes
cristian paredes Місяць tagasi
Random but soon the Pat's are going to trade bill just as the celtics traded doc rivers
Derek Barnett
Derek Barnett Місяць tagasi
So is Bill gonna trade himself as he is the GM too? Lol
Daddy Iwan
Daddy Iwan Місяць tagasi
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