Doctor Reacts To 9gag Medical Memes #15

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Doctor Mike

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9gag has some of the funniest memes on the internet, so I combed through their IG @9gag to see if the had any medical ones. Low and behold, I found a treasure trove of savage memes about spine curvature, dyslexia, the band Disturbed being “down with the sickness”, Spongebob, prior authorizations, heart health, and so much more. Got some more memes? Send them my way!
My OFFICIAL ranking of medical dramas from least to most accurate:
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hey vsauce
hey vsauce 43 minutit tagasi
Mike is longer than Bear
Cat Ganitch
Cat Ganitch Tund tagasi
OMG the preauth moment...I felt that hard.
רבקה אהרון
רבקה אהרון 2 tundi tagasi
Mike is longer then bear
NiсцlагSтаг 2 tundi tagasi
Mike is longer than Bear
tamil selvi
tamil selvi 2 tundi tagasi
4:20 you are a very good rapper
Ashley Ayala
Ashley Ayala 2 tundi tagasi
Who is sam lol
Riley Korte
Riley Korte 4 tundi tagasi
It’s a song dude
Erin Knowles
Erin Knowles 4 tundi tagasi
That is NOT Eddie Murphy
gracemlc1225 5 tundi tagasi
1700’s 😂
Galaxis 9 tundi tagasi
Oh, I don't think I'll have that vein finding problem. Mine are very apparent.
Tiffacheez 10 tundi tagasi
Bear is longer than Mike
SaintAvalon 11 tundi tagasi
Your list is wrong, you need to watch all of scrubs not a few. Doooeeet.
Grace Delgado
Grace Delgado 12 tundi tagasi
When I saw the vein device, I had my jaw dropped. That was so cool! :>
Dominique Navarrette
Dominique Navarrette 15 tundi tagasi
1:26 😭😭😭😭😭
All Might
All Might 18 tundi tagasi
3:32 chill Rebecca :)
Rebekah Chappel
Rebekah Chappel 18 tundi tagasi
I have hEDS. I identify with the pain meme. My physical therapist told me I needed to revise my pain scale so doctors actually understand how much pain I’m actually in.
dimjat 20 tundi tagasi
Uw ahahahah
Sofia Artista
Sofia Artista 20 tundi tagasi
Well, I live in Brazil and here there is a folclore story that is called “Boto” it’s a pink dolphin that turns into a human and wears a hat to cover the hole in his head. And he dates a bunch of women and leaves...
simplydoz 22 tundi tagasi
I worked in a pharmacy for 5 years. Prior auths would happen so often that I could actually predict what medications would trip on which insurances so I'd submit them ahead of patients who I knew would process immediately. Prior auths dont only affect one patient, it affects all patients. But that Latise eyelash medication was sort of hilarious. Never got those approved.
Anonymous 22 tundi tagasi
Ichirou Takashima
Ichirou Takashima Päev tagasi
Doctor Mike saying he got the COVID19 vaccine just reminded me that he's a real life working doctor working in the frontlines and not just a EEexs celebrity.
Margad Perenlei
Margad Perenlei Päev tagasi
rapskalian I think
Margad Perenlei
Margad Perenlei Päev tagasi
why do you sound like pascal from shrek 4
Yaleni Sotelo
Yaleni Sotelo Päev tagasi
Mike is longer than bear
John Lorence Cuya
John Lorence Cuya Päev tagasi
2:37 the 170dos is actually dose
Solaire Päev tagasi
Uuuuuuh that says 1700s. Not 17 dogs
Asrig Päev tagasi
I came here from the last video (no comment section there). Dr. Mike should do more reaction to horror movies death. I like the incompatible with life part.
Damien Paxton
Damien Paxton Päev tagasi
Just came from your “Final Destination” video, thanks for the stress relief 2:38 It says “Claim is based only on theories of homeopathy from 1700’s not accepted by most modern medical experts. There is no scientific evidence that the product works”.
B. B.
B. B. Päev tagasi
Sam to save the day again...thank you Sam!
ceejaysakalam Päev tagasi
Needed this after that Final Destination video :o
Thunderbird FM gaming
Thunderbird FM gaming Päev tagasi
Dr Mike is longer than bear
ILLUM TECH Päev tagasi
2:39 its 170GS
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright Päev tagasi
I thought that meme was of Eddie Murphy for the longest time too! It looks so much like young Eddie
Lukas Albrecht
Lukas Albrecht Päev tagasi
I've used one of these vein finders once. They're real. (The one I used used red light though."
Aace Carter
Aace Carter Päev tagasi
Clayon Gayle
Clayon Gayle Päev tagasi
4:57 “Did I just do a racism?”
Clayon Gayle
Clayon Gayle Päev tagasi
Sooo...Maybe could ruin medical insurance...?
6-3 Элбэрэл. Ц
6-3 Элбэрэл. Ц Päev tagasi
1:29 just gonna leave it here, you guys find it
Jaahnavi Sunkara
Jaahnavi Sunkara Päev tagasi
I think it said docs, not dogs. Maybe.
Brenna Reeves
Brenna Reeves Päev tagasi
Kennie loo
Kennie loo Päev tagasi
I’m here from the final destination video lol. That was gonna be the last one before bed and I should’ve known better.
Idiot Päev tagasi
is mike longer than baer?
Cottencandy Päev tagasi
Ames Päev tagasi
His gf: ooh I love it when you talk medical! Him: so turns out you have varicella and this will cause a lot of pruritus.
youruncleslim Päev tagasi
mike is longer than bear.
Gabriel Davila
Gabriel Davila Päev tagasi
man, your neck vein looks angry 😳🤣
Nishanth MC
Nishanth MC Päev tagasi
Mike is longer than bear
jdzspace33 Päev tagasi
”Mike is longer than Bear” ーDr.Mike 2021-
jackalo34 Päev tagasi
bear just puts the biggest smile on his face i love it
John Wong Kim Siong
John Wong Kim Siong Päev tagasi
2:39 I think it says 17 DOs.
Vegan Atheist- Coral
Vegan Atheist- Coral Päev tagasi
Bear is just such a mood
Damien Burroughs
Damien Burroughs Päev tagasi
i was at a doctor's appointment a few months ago maybe late last year all i know is my dad was not there, and me with MS and a BAD memory (to begin with, it was never that good with going to some places or hearing some information) i asked the nurse what does HIPPA stand for, but i asked after reassuring her it had nothing to do with her work, or what she was doing with me, it was a random thought. She also had to pull out her smart phone because we both knew what it meant, just not what it stood for. So it was a small 'wow, that is interesting' moment i forgot soon afterwards that she probably talked with someone about later. I mean, if your patient randomly asked you what it stood for, after reassuring you it had nothing to do with you, your nurses, or the doctor's office itself, would you not mention it to someone who worked there later Dr.Bear's Dad?
moonlit dewdrops
moonlit dewdrops Päev tagasi
2:37 I'm pretty sure that says 1700s
•ImNotCandy• Päev tagasi
4:34 That doesn’t make me feel better that my sister tells me i look ugly with bad posture all the time
Carola Joy
Carola Joy Päev tagasi
Mike is longer than Bear 🐻
Yuri Sexon
Yuri Sexon Päev tagasi
Mike is longer than Bear😂
Nat -
Nat - Päev tagasi
Normal amount of pain is zero? I cannot imagine what it's like to have no pain
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Päev tagasi
Who else came here to decompress after the final destination video?
Nava Reeves
Nava Reeves Päev tagasi
same. just got here.
Candy_In_The_Van _
Candy_In_The_Van _ Päev tagasi
1:16 look up down with the sickness and then you will get the reference
KingBoo _
KingBoo _ Päev tagasi
3:36 This is the Voice of "I'm really Holding myself back so i won't kill you Dumb guy"
Awesome_By_Default Päev tagasi
Bear is longer than Mike... Oh did I do it wrong?
ironheart191 Päev tagasi
love it when same explained what is "Down with sickness" ... oh ahah ahaha hah!
Arika Staley
Arika Staley Päev tagasi
No prior authorization required on that sadness, because it's a non-payable diagnosis and will therefore be 100% patient responsibility! Seriously, though, prior auths stole almost 3 years of my life that I want back. Smh.
theChillChanneL Päev tagasi
3:05 The uncensored reality of the American medical system or lack-there-of. I just want to bring Doctor Mike to Canada so he doesn't have to suffer anymore!
James Päev tagasi
Wow, American pharmacy sounds terrible.
Nordiana Halip
Nordiana Halip Päev tagasi
Come to this video to recover from the final destination reaction video
Lemon K :D
Lemon K :D Päev tagasi
3:28 this is very true...
Erica D
Erica D Päev tagasi
That's not Eddie Murphy...
Aleksandra Kotas
Aleksandra Kotas Päev tagasi
Can you imagine there is a doctor far far away, somewhere in Poland that's gets you 100% !!!??? I feel it all the same:) so amazing that we doktors have the same attidute all over the world!:) Great job you are doing, i really appriciate it, wow!:)
Oscar Sommerbo
Oscar Sommerbo Päev tagasi
Heart attack and stroke victims suffer from anxiety and depression, yeah almost dying will do that to a human being.
Smegnigma Päev tagasi
Here after the Final Destination video to decompress
Ya Boy Blue
Ya Boy Blue Päev tagasi
The GOAT Dr.
Ghost of my Soul
Ghost of my Soul Päev tagasi
3:57 stop making dr mike sad. insurance companies are kind of the worst. prior authorize the sadness, lol.
Darby Domingue
Darby Domingue Päev tagasi
Awh that’s so cute. His dog’s name is bear! I wonder if he actually looks like a be- oh. Yes. Yes he does.
Phoenix Leader
Phoenix Leader Päev tagasi
Last I checked Mike and bear are the same length, both have 4 characters
sir knight62
sir knight62 Päev tagasi
2:37 I think it says 1700’s and not 17 dogs. Which is still bad either way
Murp Päev tagasi
1:30 it says with not on some it could be in its mouth
Yinzhou Xu
Yinzhou Xu Päev tagasi
mike is longer than bear
Isabella Kaiser
Isabella Kaiser Päev tagasi
I like how he went from 😡 to 😘 in a matter of seconds when bear walked in
Frankie Saenz
Frankie Saenz Päev tagasi
Ow ah ah ah 😂
{Sunnii_Mocha} Päev tagasi
17dogs lol 1700
Robi_CK Päev tagasi
2:38 - no, sir, It says 1700s, i.e. 18th century
Vera Muses
Vera Muses Päev tagasi
So, the 'ow ah ah ah ah' meme Look up Disturbed songs, you won't regret it.
Ege Mavinil
Ege Mavinil Päev tagasi
Mike: kooks at 9gag memes 4chan: We will put mike into the jar
Debb Curry
Debb Curry Päev tagasi
Now I know why I didn't watch those films. Excuse me whilst I go throw up!
Eli Steeli
Eli Steeli Päev tagasi
9:46 I got major fine broa flashbacks when Sam fact checked Mike
squiddy edits
squiddy edits Päev tagasi
“Claim is based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700’s not excepted by most modern medical experts, there is no scientific evidence that the product works” 2:40 🤨
Monkey King
Monkey King Päev tagasi
Im very tolerant to pain i once went 6 weeks with a broken arm and 4 weeks with a broken foot before even noticing it. Long story Short my arm didnt heal properly and i cant move it in all directions
LeonKing Päev tagasi
Who's here after Dr. Mike's reaction to Final Destination "injuries"?
gavo gaming
gavo gaming Päev tagasi
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC Päev tagasi
1:14 XD Disturbed - Down with the sickness song xD
Shelby G
Shelby G Päev tagasi
Once my GP asked me if I had felt any symptoms of depression lately and I answered “doesn’t everyone?” 😂 she looked shocked for a moment then said No!
Crystal Bettis
Crystal Bettis 2 päeva tagasi
The medicine label says 1700s
TheNuclearOne 2 päeva tagasi
Bear is longer than mike
Chubbyhubby 2 päeva tagasi
Agent. dolphin 🐬
Marie-Ève Leclerc
Marie-Ève Leclerc 2 päeva tagasi
Dr Mike : Complains about insurance issues Me : Laughs and cries in pharmacy
maša kosmač
maša kosmač 2 päeva tagasi
Bear is longer than Mike
gece_dogan _gunes
gece_dogan _gunes 2 päeva tagasi
Not me simping over Sam's voice 👁👄👁
PurpleTylenol 2 päeva tagasi
Bear is longer than bear
Average C
Average C 2 päeva tagasi
Wow so lucky to have freeeeeee and cheap healthcare in Australia, that asthma story sounds terrible.
looseycanon 2 päeva tagasi
Man, I don't know, what NDAs you're under... but start dropping names of insurance companies and get other doctor youtubers to do the same. You'll see a shift in insurance provider behavior real quick.
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