Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron

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Hunter Fillingham
Hunter Fillingham 44 minutit tagasi
I loved Jon for his review on game iether them being bootleg or hard to find, i bet it be really cool lf hed a review on harry potter game's
Asleep Alex
Asleep Alex Tund tagasi
he bak
Danendra Javier Handaru
Danendra Javier Handaru Tund tagasi
"Being a big guy definitely has its advantages" "... Heart disease?" We just found an absolute annihilation officer.
Tatsumi Knight
Tatsumi Knight Tund tagasi
Pussyfooting, ok John Tron sure, that's a word I never thought I would hear. Pussyfooting Jesus I need to look up the definition for that.
Drako Tund tagasi
Whoah a new jon tron video, can’t wait for the next one next year
Rhett Yode
Rhett Yode Tund tagasi
That facial mask looks like Micheal Myers mask
Conner Davis
Conner Davis Tund tagasi
humorus medicineal
humorus medicineal Tund tagasi
Nail clippers with scope: *CYBERPUNK 2077*
Matouš Litera
Matouš Litera Tund tagasi
400 000th like man
Narooks Tund tagasi
6:45 still laughing at this and im almost done with the video.,
Battleax Tund tagasi
As an Irish man once said: AAAAACHOOOO!!! Oh sorry I’m allergic to bullsh*t
Brittany Lancaster
Brittany Lancaster 2 tundi tagasi
Why is he always gone so long
RizEAwesomDanny 2 tundi tagasi
Jhun troon
dj Ijpelaar
dj Ijpelaar 2 tundi tagasi
The return of the king
DatRonin 99
DatRonin 99 2 tundi tagasi
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for coming back we needed you bro! You dropped kid nation right when I was about to move back to the US and it helped me feel like home was calling! Thanks for being your funny ass self we all appreciate you for it! Welcome back brother!
Thepreliminarycatguy 2 tundi tagasi
Why are they speaking English if they're in Korea.
timmy walrus
timmy walrus 2 tundi tagasi
the skyrim edit killed me 😂😂
Cain Beyer
Cain Beyer 2 tundi tagasi
10:10 It puts the enriched toning gel on its skin or else it gets the hose again
William Apodaca
William Apodaca 2 tundi tagasi
"solenoid coils that heat up naturally" "doesn't have the copper wires" pick one
Bird Worldist
Bird Worldist 3 tundi tagasi
OnePlayr 2 tundi tagasi
Luca Bobruk
Luca Bobruk 3 tundi tagasi
Omg his alive
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 3 tundi tagasi
My motivation to study is like Jon...comes back every 6 months
Dear Idiots
Dear Idiots 3 tundi tagasi
Old People when they see anything labelled for old people: 6:46
Pro sir Bronald
Pro sir Bronald 3 tundi tagasi
I just wish Johntron would upload vids more often like ever 2 or 3 maybe even 4 weeks at least
Gallen Dugall
Gallen Dugall 3 tundi tagasi
JonTron used to be so funny... still is, but it's funnier if say it that way
Giga Boi
Giga Boi 3 tundi tagasi
I only smiled because your back jon I swear
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly 4 tundi tagasi
I think PBG did the face mask thing in one video.
Ronney Baca
Ronney Baca 4 tundi tagasi
The mask is so creepy but seeing grandma on the couch with it on had me dying
Avin5441 :D
Avin5441 :D 4 tundi tagasi
Even though jon upload his video so dang late i immediately watch it once he upload a new video
AvocadoHusky 4 tundi tagasi
I love his videos good thing he has daily uploads
Nolan Welch
Nolan Welch 4 tundi tagasi
Hey Jon tron they just made a new flex tape ad called flex max
Àlex Lamb
Àlex Lamb 4 tundi tagasi
Bruh the guy who made Rudy was my robotics teacher years ago. This was the last place I expected to see him
Deviant Hamburgler
Deviant Hamburgler 5 tundi tagasi
For how inconsistent Jon uploads I forget about his channel, then he comes back. His next video probably wont be for a month or longer lol
TRISTAN GEORGE 5 tundi tagasi
16:50 The feel the fear but they do it anyway. Bongos intensifies.
Shanna Lathwell
Shanna Lathwell 5 tundi tagasi
Oh... my... god... he... finally... posted!!!!!!!
Ricardo Angel
Ricardo Angel 6 tundi tagasi
Damn ... am I the only one who doesn't get this fat guy
Dylan 6 tundi tagasi
Fastest aging population sounds like something a child would say to me.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 tundi tagasi
to really work!” I replied “Grams, satan lives in that and I don’t need that it my home.” 🤣
Wyzai 7 tundi tagasi
9:41 I see the spikes and my brain goes "Torture device!" I'm glad they clarified they're "contact points" and not "skinning blades".
cody hook
cody hook 7 tundi tagasi
Bro the canefu shit killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
king of games and anime
king of games and anime 8 tundi tagasi
So this “Rudy”, can it’s arms pick things up for the elderly in question? Well, no, the arms don’t actually move. I see, and does the head have some kind of function? Is there some sort of powerful computer in it? Well, no, the head is for aesthetic purposes. So, if one were to remove all superfluous parts from this machine, it would essentially be, what, a motorized end table with an iPad attached?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 tundi tagasi
He's Back😆🤘
I'm not qualified to say this, but
I'm not qualified to say this, but 8 tundi tagasi
Lol you still exist
biblically accurate angel
biblically accurate angel 8 tundi tagasi
War time Banana
War time Banana 8 tundi tagasi
I remember him being in game grumps he was just a boyyyyy look at the MAN he’s become he even has a crew im so happy to see his success
Sebastian Hojda
Sebastian Hojda 9 tundi tagasi
I never known that JonTron is one of the Kardashians
Noah Fortner
Noah Fortner 9 tundi tagasi
Watch Infinity Train stans buy that mask
Ryan Power
Ryan Power 10 tundi tagasi
Jon you left your hoodie at my house, not answering my calls or texts, I'm giving it to the cat if you dont come get it. Update: the cat already owns it, sorry.
zly brad
zly brad 10 tundi tagasi
Jontron strikes back Flex tape 3 Revenge of the myth Phill swift
Cheese and Rice
Cheese and Rice 11 tundi tagasi
Jon... *You're as beautiful as the day I lost you*
Dusty The Guzzlord
Dusty The Guzzlord 12 tundi tagasi
8:17 this has got to be my favorite skit of all time.
kissmyass Google
kissmyass Google 12 tundi tagasi
16:50 jontron has no dexterity
Amialythis johnson
Amialythis johnson 13 tundi tagasi
I love when the guy obviously needs help getting up a the robot is like "hey bruh take your meds"
Makiya Staeven
Makiya Staeven 13 tundi tagasi
"Just slap an ACOG scope on that bad boy' *Tactical nail clippers unlocked*
Lucas Downes
Lucas Downes 13 tundi tagasi
what happened to the intro?
G-Spot Gabe 2.0
G-Spot Gabe 2.0 13 tundi tagasi
Oh man Jon dude love y’a but... this vid made me feels bad. Like, about the elderly. Ima go visit grandma now
Optimas Crime 2
Optimas Crime 2 13 tundi tagasi
He's Back😆🤘
goosey boy386
goosey boy386 14 tundi tagasi
See you in another 9 months
theHALObro9622 14 tundi tagasi
Daz Games and Jontron have extremely similar content
August 14 tundi tagasi
holy shit my daily entertainment lmfao
Zomb01 14 tundi tagasi
Can't wait for jontrons yearly hiatus
Winter Heart
Winter Heart 15 tundi tagasi
Thank you John I really needed to laugh....😞
zainy_inc 15 tundi tagasi
zainy_inc 15 tundi tagasi
zainy_inc 15 tundi tagasi
Great video man
PenOverSword 15 tundi tagasi
"As we all know, Korea is one of the fastest aging nations." ...WTF!? How the hell is Korea aging faster than everybody else? THAT'S NOT HOW TIME WORKS!
Aidan Clifford
Aidan Clifford 15 tundi tagasi
Jon please review the tester🙏🙏
dot gif
dot gif 15 tundi tagasi
so like... what's your day job these days? have you just been waiting on savings for the pandemic to end?
Charlie non-binary whale
Charlie non-binary whale 16 tundi tagasi
JonTron never fails to make me cry laughing. the comfort wipe bit was hilarious 😂
UwU *Waddles away*
UwU *Waddles away* 16 tundi tagasi
Yo, Johntron was in a warpath ad, that’s pretty cringe but I loved the appearance tho
Vincent Does Stuff
Vincent Does Stuff 16 tundi tagasi
12:42 the Houston Astros in a nutshell
Donziba 16 tundi tagasi
This gives me old school jontron vibes. Not old old but pre starcade vibes which is the best type of jontron. Freaking hilarious! ❤ more of this please!! 🤞👍😊
Elijah Adkins
Elijah Adkins 16 tundi tagasi
I love the 2-4 videos a year concept, each of them are 15-25 minutes and they are almost perfect quality over quantity
Aquatic Ape
Aquatic Ape 16 tundi tagasi
Exercise. For fuck's sake, you're getting legit obese.
Freddie 16 tundi tagasi
I can't wait for your next video in 2023.
Incognito Spaghet
Incognito Spaghet 17 tundi tagasi
I’m going to be honest. It’s a little surreal to see people in North Korea speaking perfect English. Not that no one can. It’s just...you know when someone learns a language you don’t always get the accent down. Or if you have a strong accent it interferes with how your words sound. None of that. Not here
Mine gold
Mine gold 17 tundi tagasi
11:35 I'm rejecting my humanity Jojo
Luis Pimentel
Luis Pimentel 17 tundi tagasi
The toilet paper fucking got me 😂
Elisa Sumber
Elisa Sumber 17 tundi tagasi
Jon ate his bird due to pandemic food scarcity. Damned Jon!
TheCoolLEGO64 2.0
TheCoolLEGO64 2.0 17 tundi tagasi
Whenever John Tron makes a new video The return of the king
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker 17 tundi tagasi
Thank goodness. For a second I thought they were using wires to heat the back. Thank goodness it's just a solenoid.
Spoopy Doge
Spoopy Doge 17 tundi tagasi
Its really weird in the first part because you can tell and it definitely feels like a foreign news channel, but they're speaking fluent English without an accent.
Greasesneer 17 tundi tagasi
Oh no the onmoan overheated, now бабушка is on fire!
Match's bad memes
Match's bad memes 17 tundi tagasi
Welcome to the new JonTron waiting room. *It gets longer every time.*
Suicide Squid
Suicide Squid 17 tundi tagasi
“We’re going to be looking at old people. And their pain” 0:00
Bluebyyou Blue
Bluebyyou Blue 17 tundi tagasi
They speak b3tter english then me in Korea...cool
Soggywafflerr 18 tundi tagasi
Jon tron in a nutshell he just likes to take year or so long breaks
Jacob P
Jacob P 18 tundi tagasi
How old is this commercial? Composite TVs are next to impossible to find today.
H 18 tundi tagasi
Honestly machines would probably take better care of the elderly then actual people. Nursing home staff at least in this state have been known to leave the elderly in their filth, rob them when they're not in the room and just be complete asshats to the elderly. Sadly enough.
Gucci McClean 64
Gucci McClean 64 18 tundi tagasi
asspounderify 18 tundi tagasi
Saumik Tajwar
Saumik Tajwar 18 tundi tagasi
Thicc jonTron
j3n x
j3n x 18 tundi tagasi
Ppl make memes about you...
Rowan Duane
Rowan Duane 19 tundi tagasi
Cane Fu Man sounds EXACTLY like Nicolas Cage.
Rocketlegs 19 tundi tagasi
Man the last couple skits had me laughing so hard, love your work dude!
John gobble
John gobble 19 tundi tagasi
he went a hiatus cause he was being tracked down by steven seagal and had to go on the run untimely ending in a battle to the death which jon clearly won
Th3RussBus 19 tundi tagasi
STENCH STEAK 19 tundi tagasi
Michiel Blancquaert
Michiel Blancquaert 19 tundi tagasi
"HELP ME, I'VE FALLEN AND I HAVE A COMPOUND FRACTURE!" "Do you need help?" "YES!" "Don't forget to take your medication, Anthony :)"
Daniel Paul
Daniel Paul 19 tundi tagasi
Jontron was getting some Red alert 2 Brainwashing
Stephanie Kreutz
Stephanie Kreutz 19 tundi tagasi
do a video on air fryer sales men (power xl) 🔥🔥
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