Tough Love! Katy Perry Pushes Graham DeFranco...Because She Cares! - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

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“Things aren’t frickin’ easy, but you learn!” - Katy Perry to Graham DeFranco, after Graham admits he hasn’t been living up to his full potential, musically. Graham stuns all three judges with his rendition of “Part One” by Band Of Horses for his American Idol audition. Luke Bryan goes as far as telling Graham “you’ve got a world-class voice, and you don’t even mean to have it.” Will Graham find the confidence he needs to make it through Hollywood week?!

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Jonesy 11 päeva tagasi
He is my cousin‘s ex-boyfriend it’s cool to know that I got to meet a soon to be famous Man
Jussainwuturthinkn 28 päeva tagasi
Kim Clem
Kim Clem Місяць tagasi
Love your voice Graham!
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Місяць tagasi
Gosh he’s fab I’d fly over for his concert .🌟👏
Matt Z
Matt Z Місяць tagasi
American idol is the best. Says this 47 yr old. Its just so good on so many levels.
Xx Boba_Deer xX
Xx Boba_Deer xX Місяць tagasi
He’s got that John Mayer type voice. I love it.
Stefen Hainbuch
Stefen Hainbuch Місяць tagasi
Lovely voice
Tim Everett
Tim Everett Місяць tagasi
Elisa E.H.
Elisa E.H. Місяць tagasi
ooomph his voice is raw honey...
Vincent Florio
Vincent Florio Місяць tagasi
He's already got a great name for it!
Kim Gordon
Kim Gordon Місяць tagasi
Absolutely love his voice! Hope to hear a lot more of it. Awesome 👏🏼
Third Shore Paranormal
Third Shore Paranormal Місяць tagasi
His voice made me squeeeeeeee like a 16 year old girl! I did the toddler arm tremble! His voice!!!
Jessi Peck
Jessi Peck Місяць tagasi
Ooohh that tone
angel smith
angel smith Місяць tagasi
Love his voice❤️
Courtney Michelle
Courtney Michelle Місяць tagasi
love him!!
Annais Pulido
Annais Pulido Місяць tagasi
Wow he has a beautiful voice
Gaby A. Ramirez
Gaby A. Ramirez Місяць tagasi
I can listen to him all day. In my car. At work. In the shower. In my bed before sleep. This was really nice.
Shonta Taylor
Shonta Taylor Місяць tagasi
Yes sir ☺️
Nurul Azwa
Nurul Azwa Місяць tagasi
Lulu B
Lulu B Місяць tagasi
He’s so cute and I love his voice
Summer Місяць tagasi
This is the second audition by someone in my area code I've seen today lol 😁🥰
Nathan Reyes
Nathan Reyes Місяць tagasi
John Mayer vibes !
Orce Tata
Orce Tata Місяць tagasi
how it started It can already be seen from him that he has emotions and more than that he can't control plus his voice took her a very very So he can't control me five note five
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Місяць tagasi
I just watched 8 auditions in a row. Some truly enjoyable and great ones. Then came this one. I looked over at my phone to see if I had messages and then he started singing. He immediately grabbed my attention. For a second it was - I did not expect that voice - which soon gave way to damn! I FELT that. It was...well downright sexy.
Maureen Rose-Ice
Maureen Rose-Ice Місяць tagasi
Love him...
Chevy Turner
Chevy Turner Місяць tagasi
Ron Pope who
Chery Carmelle
Chery Carmelle Місяць tagasi
He looks so humble🤗🤗🤗
Lauren MacCutcheon
Lauren MacCutcheon Місяць tagasi
John Mayer vibes heavy.
Lorena Castañeda Rodriguez
Lorena Castañeda Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
Me encanta!
plain jane
plain jane Місяць tagasi
I could listen 🎧 to his voice all day
plain jane
plain jane Місяць tagasi
He’s unique and has John Mayer vibes
St. Dymphna
St. Dymphna Місяць tagasi
Omfg his gorgeous 🖤
Kaitlyn Conyers
Kaitlyn Conyers Місяць tagasi
t alented and will go far and experience and know to grow his potential. Even is he has to be a pilot for a few more years, he will become a recognizable voice
Charlie Grandy
Charlie Grandy Місяць tagasi
Beautiful Song!!
Tanya Chewning
Tanya Chewning Місяць tagasi
eng479 Місяць tagasi
He's one of those guys who self-deprecates because he knows he's good, but doesn't realllllly 'know.' Despite screwing around and being goofy during the pre-audition phase, it was great to see his face start to change when he realized that it was real - that's why I watch this show. This isn't a musical theater kid, this is a guy who needed the push.
Darin Campbell
Darin Campbell Місяць tagasi
I didn’t hear it! I guess people are hearing something that I just couldn’t! I don’t know where his voice would fit at in the music industry. Oh, well! We will see just how far he gets in the competition. I bet that he doesn’t make it to the end! Keep his day job! Peace.
Ali Kan
Ali Kan Місяць tagasi
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TheGameChat Місяць tagasi
His voice is breathy like John Mayer but the judges weren’t about to mention that with Katy there 😂
Ali Kan
Ali Kan Місяць tagasi
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Matt Nobrega
Matt Nobrega Місяць tagasi
I wish I had a world class talent : /
Ali Kan
Ali Kan Місяць tagasi
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Kendra Elliot-Sobral
Kendra Elliot-Sobral Місяць tagasi
Damn what a voice! Easy on the eyes too 😍🙌🏼
Ali Kan
Ali Kan Місяць tagasi
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Banana Dole Whip
Banana Dole Whip Місяць tagasi
Oooooh I like him! He’s a pilot. I dig that.
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart Місяць tagasi
Heard a tiny bit of Thom Yorke in there too..'Creep' vibes
ashtyn song
ashtyn song Місяць tagasi
He would do good with a Koe Wetzel song
A Beach Life
A Beach Life Місяць tagasi
Just take a bubble bath light a candle turn the lights off and play is album
Deborah Huffman
Deborah Huffman Місяць tagasi
Great voice
Ali Kan
Ali Kan Місяць tagasi
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Moon O
Moon O Місяць tagasi
He is very talented he can sing...nice voice. ..
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
ivy louise rivera
ivy louise rivera Місяць tagasi
I love his voice 😍
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Tali Uili
Tali Uili Місяць tagasi
He definitely has John Mayer vibes
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
veRGe02 Місяць tagasi
Get this guy a personal trainer, better diet, and/or basic exercise regimen for 3-6 months....and guaranteed he'll have all the confidence in the world. Lovely voice. Just watch.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Dion Flynn
Dion Flynn Місяць tagasi
These three are the exact right judges for this moment. They are a great, goofy, caring combo of talent, wisdom, corniness and heart.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Jason Varela
Jason Varela Місяць tagasi
reminds me of john mayer and bon iver love his voice and playing
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Wallace Thigpin
Wallace Thigpin Місяць tagasi
Kevin James
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Vicki Davenport
Vicki Davenport Місяць tagasi
Love this sound
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Josiah W
Josiah W Місяць tagasi
I love this dude, he has a great voice, and is hilarious 👍👍👍
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Patricia saulnier
Patricia saulnier Місяць tagasi
The 3 of these judges all together are amazing people!
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Leslie Holtzclaw
Leslie Holtzclaw Місяць tagasi
He sounds like John Mayer and a little bit of Dave Matthews. So good!
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Karen Wimberley
Karen Wimberley Місяць tagasi
I like his voice
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
ViolinChick Місяць tagasi
I adored his song choice. Very cool to come in singing Band of Horses. Luke was exactly right, he doesn't even mean to be that good or knows he is, but he knows he isn't happy where he is and needs to change. Been going through some of that myself. It's an odd thing when you actually are blessed with having a "good" (on paper) job, but it's nothing like you want to actually be doing. You don't feel like you have any right to complain so you never complain, maybe settle too much, and don't strive for much more than that. And you feel guilty for not being able to make yourself feel happy- and it takes a while to learn there's a difference between gratitude and happiness. Pursuing happiness almost begins to feel like a privilege, and you feel like why should you when you at least have anything.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Місяць tagasi
Love his voice! I could put on sound drowning ear phones and just sit back and soak it up❤
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Kevin Mark
Kevin Mark Місяць tagasi
Casually mumbles: I’m a pilot 👨‍✈️ 😎😆
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Hey it's Don
Hey it's Don Місяць tagasi
That's really inspiring from Katy. I also have the ability to sing but afraid to use it professionally.
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
High Elementalist
High Elementalist Місяць tagasi
Ray Lamontagne? Anyone?
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Christina Moreno
Christina Moreno Місяць tagasi
So soothing and elegant 😍
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
Sammy Leigh
Sammy Leigh Місяць tagasi
Love remains. Follow & live your dreams. Wake up.🙏
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
ES7 es7
ES7 es7 Місяць tagasi
🙏🥰) .
REALME 2PRO Місяць tagasi
He's top ten flavour for me.👍 Edit: Guarantee 👍
Ashley Delfeld
Ashley Delfeld Місяць tagasi
He is seriously so handsome.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Місяць tagasi
Thank you
Dane Curry
Dane Curry Місяць tagasi
Didn't expect a high voice out of a big guy
Shelley Proutt
Shelley Proutt Місяць tagasi
Was not expecting his voice to sound like that !! Would love to hear more of him he’s also very cute. Kinda teddy bearish Reminds me of Rip from yellow stone
aditi srivastava
aditi srivastava Місяць tagasi
What a voice!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Brenda Goff
Brenda Goff Місяць tagasi
Positive affirmations in the mirror was a tool I used to get clean 30 years ago! ✔️✌️❤️
CHRISTI XX Місяць tagasi
Laquisha Jones
Laquisha Jones Місяць tagasi
had that Radiohead creep kinda vibe
zero blackcat
zero blackcat Місяць tagasi
His voice is the most listenable voice I have heard so far in Idol. I can listen to him all day everyday WOW , like actually WOW. I really he hope he sees how amazing he really is
Juliana P
Juliana P Місяць tagasi
Luke, that was easily a lie tho
Kardin Місяць tagasi
This guy has the same quiet, humble demeanor and voice that reminds me of The ROCK !!!!!
Hrishav Sapkota
Hrishav Sapkota Місяць tagasi
Katy went back to 2010’s with that voice
Jeff Geld
Jeff Geld Місяць tagasi
Close your eyes and think, John Mayer.
892965 Місяць tagasi
His like a seth rogan combination with Chris sligh from american idol I forgot the season lol
Pamela Eversole
Pamela Eversole Місяць tagasi
He’s gonna do great!
Tracey M
Tracey M Місяць tagasi
I don't think the message should be you're doing the wrong thing. Doing good work is very important no matter what you do. The music industry is hard, there are so many with beautiful talent who aren't noticed. He should gain more confidence though and commit to reaching further with his talent and see if it leads to a positive path. For some, the industry has ruined their life, so really, it's not the epitome of a good life, but could open doors to some evil things too. Music is wonderful, but the industry is corrupt. Proceed with caution. Don't desire to be idolized, desire to do good in the sight of God.
R Thévenet
R Thévenet Місяць tagasi
Fat, beard and a poor background... The winner, for sure.
Stephen Lotha
Stephen Lotha Місяць tagasi
watch this space.
topgazza Місяць tagasi
Beautiful voice, just beautiful
Louie Adam
Louie Adam Місяць tagasi
WOW!! The Winning Voice!
Amṛt Aayaan
Amṛt Aayaan Місяць tagasi
I closed my eyes and could hear the voice reassemblence between John Mayer. Lovely texture to it.
Rki Paris
Rki Paris Місяць tagasi
What a voice !😘😍❤️👍
Vicki Marlene
Vicki Marlene Місяць tagasi
Like him a lot
Trish Curtis
Trish Curtis Місяць tagasi
Wow. Ray Lamontagne vibes. What a gift he was given. Chills.
Reimon Nacional
Reimon Nacional Місяць tagasi
@1:21 definitely John Mayer vibes!!! "Daughters/Gravity" kind of vibes
White Thread
White Thread Місяць tagasi
Nice song
David Trees
David Trees Місяць tagasi
Quality voice. Super smooth tone and excellent choice of notes when singing. Sweet as!
Louis DiMambro
Louis DiMambro Місяць tagasi
He could play Kevin James’s son. #AmericanIdol
Chota Mulenga
Chota Mulenga Місяць tagasi
Graham you wourld class Zambia is rooting for you
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien Місяць tagasi
Wow WOW WOW!!! A gentle giant!!! Beautiful 💖
Lavinia Baricuatro
Lavinia Baricuatro Місяць tagasi
He lowkey sounds like john mayer 😭 katy’s ex
Mango Smoothie
Mango Smoothie Місяць tagasi
Who is Katy perry she isn't thst great ...
Amanda S
Amanda S Місяць tagasi
AYEEE FAM Місяць tagasi
So good!!!!!!!
Michael Cardoza
Michael Cardoza Місяць tagasi
Sounds like John Meyer
Crazy Bitch
Crazy Bitch Місяць tagasi
Omg!! i love these judges😘😘😘
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