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A few weeks ago we asked you to send us your cars, and today we’re gonna rank some of them! Some are great, a few are questionable, but they’ve all got character, and that’s what counts. This is the D-List!
PS: THANK YOU to everyone who sent us their car! We're so sorry we couldn't feature every single one of you, but if you enjoy this video we'd love to make more.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Місяць tagasi
Seriously though thank you all for submitting your cars and we're sorry we couldn't put everyone in this video! Where do you think your car would fall on the list?
Isaiah Scott
Isaiah Scott 4 päeva tagasi
My dad and I have a project car we are working on, it is a mk2 Volkswagen Scirocco.
Ashton Rutherfurd
Ashton Rutherfurd 8 päeva tagasi
My 1994 dc4 integra gsi
T 59
T 59 9 päeva tagasi
oh man maybe somewhere between not making the video and “at least it’s got spirit”
Magnus 11 päeva tagasi
How about another one. I'd like to show my dodge magnum. 2005 model
Glity007 JDM
Glity007 JDM 13 päeva tagasi
where is the discord link
jacob prawdzik
jacob prawdzik 4 minutit tagasi
should of put my dads camaro
Brayden Markwell
Brayden Markwell Tund tagasi
I'm from kentucky to👍👍👍
eddie pola
eddie pola 13 tundi tagasi
The UK snorkel jk had me dying 😂😂
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 15 tundi tagasi
I think the VW google color car is illegal in Michigan, your car has to have a dominant color.
Rob Griffith
Rob Griffith 15 tundi tagasi
The R34 is my dream car!!!
bart 00
bart 00 20 tundi tagasi
You're ratings are way to low man! I'm sorry.
Laura Lega
Laura Lega Päev tagasi
I want that Silvia soooo bad 💜😩
Hitinder Veer Singh
Hitinder Veer Singh Päev tagasi
and here we are in india where we cant even change any exhaust system
Tom Powell
Tom Powell Päev tagasi
British guy here. Fully using the term "Quid Hole" from now on.
Angelysse Garcia
Angelysse Garcia Päev tagasi
Bro I want a silvia best street car ever created
Han The3rdFlow
Han The3rdFlow Päev tagasi
wait 8 years old? WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!
Nap Pills
Nap Pills Päev tagasi
Wish I saw this. I would’ve submitted my stepdad’s 1968 twin turbo LS Nova
jayr122001 Päev tagasi
I’m from the Philippines I’ve seen that orange car already
Beau P. B
Beau P. B 2 päeva tagasi
'94 Mercedes Benz SL500
Justplayer 2 päeva tagasi
21:20 my find a r34 for 30k wow
Alex Allgyer
Alex Allgyer 2 päeva tagasi
Not one Subie :(
JOACO rivero
JOACO rivero 3 päeva tagasi
More of that please, so fun and interesting
Daniel Müller
Daniel Müller 3 päeva tagasi
5:55 therefore you'd need a fierro and a stuck casette
Lilmann 12
Lilmann 12 3 päeva tagasi
Discord where?
Samuel Johnsson
Samuel Johnsson 3 päeva tagasi
20:55 Israel be like
Evan Rummel
Evan Rummel 4 päeva tagasi
Episode 2!!!!!
Evan Rummel
Evan Rummel 4 päeva tagasi
This would be a cool series
SaftSchinken23 4 päeva tagasi
Hi- Lo with Tacomas? xD
Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez 4 päeva tagasi
Oh goddamnit not a harlequin
YoutubeBassBooster 4 päeva tagasi
need a pt. 2 pls thx
Marvin Kidi
Marvin Kidi 5 päeva tagasi
discord link?
Crystal Link
Crystal Link 5 päeva tagasi
That first g35 is gorgeous I love it so much
Sohum Gupta
Sohum Gupta 5 päeva tagasi
10:00 It also could be a 4-word pun. Montana, Monster, Truck, Kentucky. 🤯
to do
to do 5 päeva tagasi
Of course they finished with r34.
Nate 5 päeva tagasi
1.8T nevar lose
v1rAs yt
v1rAs yt 6 päeva tagasi
Meditation more like modification
ti pr
ti pr 6 päeva tagasi
Someone in my town growing up had a harlequin and i always thought they were just on acid
ti pr
ti pr 6 päeva tagasi
your guys? you pronounced yallzes wrong
mohammed jamal
mohammed jamal 7 päeva tagasi
Im always waiting for : mo powa babeh!
Tuna 7 päeva tagasi
Nah mate we don’t talk like that is English
Greenville Richye
Greenville Richye 7 päeva tagasi
That a rare colour Nissan GTR R34
Gelato WRLD
Gelato WRLD 7 päeva tagasi
that first guy is pissed😂
i dont you
i dont you 7 päeva tagasi
do you like trans ams?
paul humphrey
paul humphrey 7 päeva tagasi
Of that citroen or however its spelled is anything like the one I saw in my town one day and had a long chat about it with the dude who owned it they have hydraulic suspension systems powered by the engine basically early air ride adjustable ride height he showed me it working it was awesome! The engines are nutty looking too
Ashlie Williams
Ashlie Williams 8 päeva tagasi
Funny to me here in Ontario how there's like 3 to 5 skylines at every car meet I go to.
Skizzer 8 päeva tagasi
Daaaaaamn I absolutely want that clean s15
Bite Sized Builders
Bite Sized Builders 8 päeva tagasi
It's actually a 4 way pun since montucky cold snack is a beer brand as well
shayneDABecktold david
shayneDABecktold david 8 päeva tagasi
im gonna take one for the team and add a dislike to get the number to 69
patrick mcmanus dj
patrick mcmanus dj 8 päeva tagasi
Sorry but did he just say borbay type A.. Bor bet
RJ Van Rhyn
RJ Van Rhyn 8 päeva tagasi
1999 S15 Silvia... This car is the best on most lists. So amazing
Mustafa Qadir
Mustafa Qadir 8 päeva tagasi
My car is a Honda Civic and a bmw e46
Aesop 9 päeva tagasi
The Bronco at 10:00 reminds me of the design on a pack of Elements rolling papers
RODA 9 päeva tagasi
I've got a 'Suckyhose'
Demorik 9 päeva tagasi
My favorite car I ever had was my very first car. 1988 Toyota Corolla coupe, 5 speed, AWD, yes you read that right AWD.. over 300k miles on it. I always wished I kept it and somehow fixed it up inside and out and made it as fast as possible. I called her "Blue Beauty".
campbemj180 C
campbemj180 C 9 päeva tagasi
This should be a series or happen periodically
Amy Gillis
Amy Gillis 9 päeva tagasi
What’s the discord
Manuel J Montoya B
Manuel J Montoya B 9 päeva tagasi
Do you think their doing tacomas for hi low?
No Thanks
No Thanks 10 päeva tagasi
Well the r34 became legal import last month soo
Rywen Erendani
Rywen Erendani 10 päeva tagasi
"Quid Hole" fucking SENT me, I doubled over cry laughing
Blazen YT
Blazen YT 10 päeva tagasi
Atarisyad Nuzulla Satrio
Atarisyad Nuzulla Satrio 11 päeva tagasi
and my not so daily honda accord
Atarisyad Nuzulla Satrio
Atarisyad Nuzulla Satrio 11 päeva tagasi
i have my daily nissan serena
Jack Perri
Jack Perri 11 päeva tagasi
Love this.
Kai The Gamer
Kai The Gamer 11 päeva tagasi
I'd take that blue Buick to a Sonic Drive-Thru. That'd be the best milkshake *e v e r !*
Luis Ynayan
Luis Ynayan 11 päeva tagasi
The precious latex prudently invite because scorpion acromegaly complain beside a moldy fairies. general gentle, meek sugar
Sam 11 päeva tagasi
19:27 "I know better than to want it" Yeah, welcome to the b5 platform
Lukeus Morrow
Lukeus Morrow 12 päeva tagasi
Kentucky hillbilly or hillwillian
Jacob Franks
Jacob Franks 12 päeva tagasi
That koeing Porsche I think was with the Koenig c62 look it up. It was at my work for like 6 mouths and it was in Japan so I think the two was we’re together
Patrick McClung
Patrick McClung 12 päeva tagasi
no way they are going to do a high or low on a tacoma. Do a ford ranger that would be 20 times better
starzx64 12 päeva tagasi
you can actually tell the owner of the Silvia actually served to military as he y on his plate
Dave Wsh
Dave Wsh 13 päeva tagasi
How the fuck is a r34 300k in the us
Isaiah mccoy
Isaiah mccoy 13 päeva tagasi
Justice Christopher
Justice Christopher 14 päeva tagasi
So hi low is gonna be Tacomas this season
Jeff Gonsoulin
Jeff Gonsoulin 14 päeva tagasi
Well, that was fun.
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas 14 päeva tagasi
15:03 15:17
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas 14 päeva tagasi
15:03 somehow sounds like "Sucky for water"
Prod. svmple
Prod. svmple 14 päeva tagasi
i actually gasped at the R34 ngl
*THE VINDACATOR* 14 päeva tagasi
when yall get big you should go back and drive these.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 14 päeva tagasi
I'm hearing a high vs low Tacoma version??!!
SSL 15 päeva tagasi
RWB is a 11/10
Direk.Joe 15 päeva tagasi
DustyKiidd 15 päeva tagasi
Yo I see that S15 just about everyday
Abhinav Mishra
Abhinav Mishra 15 päeva tagasi
i couldn't post it on ig but I have an ae86
Bruh Duh
Bruh Duh 15 päeva tagasi
haha that broncos my brothers didn’t even know he sent it in
Ben Durber
Ben Durber 15 päeva tagasi
3:26 that’s a toy car
Official Tomahawkz
Official Tomahawkz 16 päeva tagasi
theres someone in my town that has a harley quinn i always thought it was just a modded repainted piece of crap but i guess its actually rare and pretty cool
Bert Ernie
Bert Ernie 16 päeva tagasi
Tubero??? What a stupid thing to put on a car
Jonathan Villicana
Jonathan Villicana 16 päeva tagasi
Hi Low on Tacomas PLEASE
Astrax Gaming
Astrax Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
you know, i drive a old dodge, you probably haven't heard of it, it is called the DODGE DAYTONA! yeah i actually do drive one, pretty fucking awsome
Major Doomslayer
Major Doomslayer 17 päeva tagasi
That Midnight Purple R34 GT-R was fire! I think i'm in love
El Ciervo
El Ciervo 4 päeva tagasi
Do you know what's going on with the hood/bonnet though? I can't wrap my head around the change in colour from the grille there.
Sinom 17 päeva tagasi
I’d love if they put together some money and buy the guy with the 700$ miata some upgrades for his car! I’m sure a sponsor would love to pay for it
YourLocal Yeti
YourLocal Yeti 17 päeva tagasi
The way you said that sweet juice. Makes me think you’re watching king and the sting??
jamesandrew borres
jamesandrew borres 18 päeva tagasi
Tubero Ph numba wan
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson 18 päeva tagasi
That r34 is a dmv local I got to see it a few times around Virginia
scorpionplays 1234
scorpionplays 1234 18 päeva tagasi
That s15 ooooh
Gavin Iñigo
Gavin Iñigo 19 päeva tagasi
Philippines 🇵🇭 🔥🔥🔥🔥
slush .mp4
slush .mp4 19 päeva tagasi
10:13 what the hell is that, i’d rather have a lawn mower than that
forvalmoj 19 päeva tagasi
lmao i wish i could have submitted my shitty fully stock sl320 haahahaaa
0HoursAgo 19 päeva tagasi
Steel of Death got cheated
JOSHUA CSINCSA 19 päeva tagasi
For some reason, the ones that were put in the “at least it’s got personality” tier are my favourite ones
Sans the Skeleton
Sans the Skeleton 19 päeva tagasi
15:02, did anybody else laugh a this?
beep12 19 päeva tagasi
1:41 for free ad skip
Dylin Churchill
Dylin Churchill 20 päeva tagasi
Not Telling You
Not Telling You 20 päeva tagasi
Make this a series...please?
Kei -
Kei - 20 päeva tagasi
D-list is fire
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