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SCR33M 11 місяців tagasi
I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.
benjamalone 18 päeva tagasi
Quincy Hezekiah
Quincy Hezekiah 25 päeva tagasi
@Randy Raphael I will try it out now. Looks promising :)
Randy Raphael
Randy Raphael 25 päeva tagasi
I dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D
Artistically Annelise
Artistically Annelise 25 päeva tagasi
Hotdog2402 2 місяці tagasi
Selena Lemiec
Selena Lemiec 16 tundi tagasi
Amanda is adorable. They are adorable together.
yin Päev tagasi
i am letting you know that im currently watching this video on my zune
Kai Shay
Kai Shay Päev tagasi
Drew and his wife’s relationship is goals
Astrid Kierkegaard
Astrid Kierkegaard Päev tagasi
Gabriella's song is the "Cheer Up Charlie" of this movie
Toast Of riches
Toast Of riches 2 päeva tagasi
Man I love my flip phones you tube I am in 2007 the current year yes year is yes is 2007
Teagan The Dash Man
Teagan The Dash Man 3 päeva tagasi
It’s cool that the exact East high school in the movie is filmed at the actual East high in Utah
Wheels n Stuff
Wheels n Stuff 4 päeva tagasi
Wait did you not have mechanics 3:23
noneyah 4 päeva tagasi
The still at 8:28 needs to go into a museum. There is so much pop culture in one picture
Taygan & Emily
Taygan & Emily 4 päeva tagasi
S Wood
S Wood 5 päeva tagasi
our school has a class for mechanics where they work on a car
The Duck Gaming
The Duck Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Dude I live near East high and Everytime I have to open my widow and I scream high school musical and now I am hated
emmmaa 7 päeva tagasi
im sorry you guys are so cute im deceased
Siya Sharma
Siya Sharma 8 päeva tagasi
"Car Class" had me wheezing.
pan banan
pan banan 10 päeva tagasi
"That's my son" is one of the best things I heard on this channel, I literally think of this everyday and I don't even know why. The guy is fine too.
E To The Z
E To The Z 10 päeva tagasi
As cute as drew and his wife are, it doesn’t even come close to hers and Kevin’s chemistry. I’m sorry drew :/
Le Pie
Le Pie 12 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does the guy who plays the coach really look like Nathan Fillion
Roksforbrains 12 päeva tagasi
there’s car class at my school (if ur doing an automotive certificate lol)
Pranav M
Pranav M 12 päeva tagasi
2:44 that cracked me up
plplpl plplpl
plplpl plplpl 12 päeva tagasi
2:15 my highschool actually did winter sports like. Where most of the season is before winter break and then you come and play the off season
Stout Bros
Stout Bros 13 päeva tagasi
Cool pillow
i am and idot
i am and idot 13 päeva tagasi
Elijah Medrano
Elijah Medrano 14 päeva tagasi
hi drew from the past
Ruth Laliberte
Ruth Laliberte 15 päeva tagasi
WAIT I feel like every girl that liked Kevin secretly liked Joe but one of their friends had dibs on him first...I was obviously this girl as well
The Movie Critic
The Movie Critic 15 päeva tagasi
But... Kevin IS the best Jonas
Jess Soucy
Jess Soucy 15 päeva tagasi
We had "car class" in highschool. It was my homeroom. Imagine your homeroom being a garage
Cosmic Anomaly
Cosmic Anomaly 16 päeva tagasi
Dilapidated is Drew’s favorite word. I’ve heard him say it in two different videos now. No one says dilapidated that much.
SendingGrenades 16 päeva tagasi
This man can expose any tv show or movie
Sara Stueve Vliet
Sara Stueve Vliet 17 päeva tagasi
Oh man I bet they just giggle with each other all the time and I am here for it
Pegah Zabihian
Pegah Zabihian 20 päeva tagasi
I was a nick girl exclusively, and even though I hated most of camp rock 2, it was very nick centric so I had to endure it. I'm also bi, and I very much related to nick because his love interest and demi Lovato with side part are still some of my earliest closeted crushes. Also I still listen to introducing me on repeat.
Sophia Feeney
Sophia Feeney 21 päev tagasi
Who is guy and why do u Greet and fair well him in every video
Young Stove
Young Stove 21 päev tagasi
They didn’t hack the beaker, if they hacked anything it was the heating plate that the beaker is clearly sitting on.
A Capella SUCKS
A Capella SUCKS 23 päeva tagasi
How do some of these comments have like 450 likes but no comments?
Shannon Bullard
Shannon Bullard 23 päeva tagasi
These two I can't😂
Liger Beats
Liger Beats 24 päeva tagasi
Now on paper Camp Rock and High School Musical seem like two similar movies but one key difference....wait for it....this movie is absolute garbage....that part killed me. He dint even blink,,
Lemuel Dunleavy
Lemuel Dunleavy 24 päeva tagasi
Not that anyone actually cares, but there are Camp Rock DVD Game is available on Mercari. You're welcome 💁🏻‍♂️
Lemuel Dunleavy
Lemuel Dunleavy 24 päeva tagasi
Ok. I'm just gonna say it.. High School Musical is considerably better than most all Disney Channel original movies. Especially Teen Beach Movie..
Annie B
Annie B 24 päeva tagasi
I aspire to have a relationship/marriage like theirs
Cara DiFiore
Cara DiFiore 24 päeva tagasi
I totally forgot the dvd game existed
RebelBelle 24 päeva tagasi
The fact high school musical takes place in Albuquerque and it looks nothing like that
you tober
you tober 24 päeva tagasi
I am watching with Zune
The OG Senza
The OG Senza 25 päeva tagasi
Camp rock 2 is so good (very ironic)
Luciana Lopez
Luciana Lopez 25 päeva tagasi
I love yu
9Ma6 25 päeva tagasi
wow !! this video changed my life
Stella Gray
Stella Gray 26 päeva tagasi
I am 13 and when I was 7 this movie came on Disney Channel as a rerun, and I was so confused watching it and I still am😂
jesus christgau
jesus christgau 26 päeva tagasi
i don't get the "what is she strumming?" tiktok. it kind of looks like there are no strings on the guitar but that's not possible. the bridge and tailpiece on that guitar would fall off if strings weren't holding it in place and you can barely make them out at one point... so is it the awkward rhythm and bad form of the strumming? i have never seen camp rock but when someone asks a generic question like "what is she strumming?" instead of just saying what the problem is ... i don't know, she's strumming what looks like a $2500 guitar for a disney movie.
Ethan Matzdorf
Ethan Matzdorf 27 päeva tagasi
Swear we had the HS Musical 3 DVD game. I remember nothing about it. It was probably bought at a garage sale and maybe played once, then forgotten about and sold... The Deal or No Deal DVD game, though, I played THAT all the time...
MorleyQ 27 päeva tagasi
That was a FLASK. Beakers have BEAKS. And GRADUATED cylinders went to COLLEGE.
GlibertTheFrog 28 päeva tagasi
Drew did you forget about north and south high?
LVBBoi 29 päeva tagasi
You're not a real gamer unless you've played the Camp Rock DVD Game.
Madi Hallows
Madi Hallows 29 päeva tagasi
Clarke Dharya Sunarto
Clarke Dharya Sunarto Місяць tagasi
umm stardew valley is a dvd game
Clarke Dharya Sunarto
Clarke Dharya Sunarto Місяць tagasi
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Місяць tagasi
I love you guys. Such a beautiful couple.
Davy Villano
Davy Villano Місяць tagasi
xylophone susie
xylophone susie Місяць tagasi
Sharpay deserved better. The way the basically mock and belittle the act of confidence and girlyness is so disappointing. Obviously she isn't perfect but in conclusion...Stan sharpay
Charlsie Reed
Charlsie Reed Місяць tagasi
Team Kevin for life!!!!
TindraSan Місяць tagasi
high school musical is just a metaphor for bisexuality
Mokshda Місяць tagasi
Love how he starts the video by saying "Hey Guy" and not Hey Guys 🤭
Stephan Vojinovic
Stephan Vojinovic Місяць tagasi
honey Blue
honey Blue Місяць tagasi
any time i see even a reference to hsm i always remember all the theories that it's an allegory for Troy coming to terms with bisexuality and I laugh
Jack Fensome
Jack Fensome Місяць tagasi
Jessie Rain
Jessie Rain Місяць tagasi
11:40 most iconic couple moment I stg
Dimitris Paschalidis
Dimitris Paschalidis Місяць tagasi
i am watching this video
now if you two don’t mind I’m going to bed
now if you two don’t mind I’m going to bed Місяць tagasi
NickJGotMeGoinCrazy1 Місяць tagasi
is it bad that it took the pillow reveal to make me realize this is the 'road work ahead' guy?
This Boi Loves P!nk
This Boi Loves P!nk Місяць tagasi
I think Drew and Amanda are the only straight couple I completely obsess over.
Emma Hammond
Emma Hammond Місяць tagasi
Whenever I watch his videos I always laugh every single time🤣🤣
morganlefay33 Місяць tagasi
kevin is best boy how dare you
SecretGardenDesign Місяць tagasi
11:27 for personal reasons. i can't explain but that cute lil laugh smile with eyebrow squint is such an adorable facial expression
- Місяць tagasi
K but Amanda needing to like Kevin because her friend liked joe was actually sad
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini Місяць tagasi
Highschool musical and camp rock were my freakin childhood. Nobody in my grade 5 class would shut up whose Gabriela and Troy within the class 😂
Cadence H.
Cadence H. Місяць tagasi
I am currently watching this video on my zune
Fabulous Roy
Fabulous Roy Місяць tagasi
My school oddly enough has car class...
Flyingkitty67 Місяць tagasi
Charles Evans
Charles Evans Місяць tagasi
“Welcome to the bank ma’am, may I take your order?”
ridespirals Місяць tagasi
how many people in the world do you think have played that game unironically?
LUCREZIA PAOLI Місяць tagasi
CSCStudios2 Місяць tagasi
Currently watching this video on a Zune
Victoria Richard
Victoria Richard Місяць tagasi
Victoria Richard
Victoria Richard Місяць tagasi
hate that belt soo much
Sofia Quinones
Sofia Quinones Місяць tagasi
“They got car class??” 😂
Nautical Soul
Nautical Soul Місяць tagasi
In middle school I liked Joe and my best friend at the time told me she liked him too and I ended up convincing her she liked Nick instead because I wanted Joe
Nautical Soul
Nautical Soul Місяць tagasi
Wait my school had car class but it was definitely nothing fancy it was in the middle of a damn cow pasture. Literally. In the middle.
Lena Carpenter
Lena Carpenter Місяць tagasi
You guys are such a cute couple!
Kainoa Kai
Kainoa Kai Місяць tagasi
Bea Viets
Bea Viets Місяць tagasi
you sound like John Mulaney
Britney Ball
Britney Ball 2 місяці tagasi
me and your wife have the exact same experience with "loving" kevin
ImmortalBroken 2 місяці tagasi
sidharth cs
sidharth cs 2 місяці tagasi
Seems like this is where karan johar got the idea for Student of the year
Dustmopthepig 2 місяці tagasi
Who else watching on a zune
Freda Wirick
Freda Wirick 2 місяці tagasi
BlandSeahorse 2 місяці tagasi
Maybe there's a North High School and South High School
blaise smiley
blaise smiley 2 місяці tagasi
when the guy helps the girl throw the the ball in the hoop, what happened? theyre in the middle of the pitch.
None of That Matters Bro
None of That Matters Bro 2 місяці tagasi
I love it when your wife went "I wanted to do this for so long" she looked like a child who waited a whole year to open her Christmas present
Laura Hitch
Laura Hitch 2 місяці tagasi
I will never forgive you for stealing my zune Lindsey.
Meg Czaban
Meg Czaban 2 місяці tagasi
11:34-11:51 might be the cutest Amanda Drew moment I've ever seen
Sharklops 2 місяці tagasi
Road Work Ahead?? More like: Road Work... A Head
Genesis Funes
Genesis Funes 2 місяці tagasi
what the actual fuck how did i not pin you as the road work ahead vine dude
Mr.Burrito 2 місяці tagasi
This Movie Has Every Stereotype
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