How Weird Is My Audience? I Polled 15,408 People To Find Out

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Tom Scott

3 місяці tagasi

I asked my audience six questions: some sensible, some ridiculous. I compared their results to the public. And the results were... interesting. • Graphics by William Marler: and his Lungs Podcast:
Audio mix by Graham Haerther
Owl photo credit: Amol Mende via Pexels
Distracted Boyfriend photo credit: Antonio Guillem via Shutterstock, used under license,
Chuck Testa is from Rhett and Link's Commercial Kings on IFC:
I'm at
on Twitter at tomscott
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and on Instagram as tomscottgo

Tom Scott
Tom Scott 4 місяці tagasi
And that's it for the videos in 2020! As usual, there are some brilliant guest videos coming up in January: please give them a warm welcome!
Michael Fussell
Michael Fussell 8 päeva tagasi
Your audience probably just chose cats more often from their “viral-ness” online
Elias Niwert
Elias Niwert 13 päeva tagasi
I think the reason for the results of the "how weird are you" question is that YOU, Tom are a solid 5 on that scale. We watch your videos, we sympathise with the ways you think and behave so we must be ona similar wavelength here
God's Gamer
God's Gamer Місяць tagasi
A banger of a video
Kenny's Life Stories
Kenny's Life Stories Місяць tagasi
my guess for why tom's audience rates it's wierdness at five is because we are ussually well aquanited with the internet, where we find weird interests, but we see more weird interests that we don't have,
Dan K
Dan K Місяць tagasi
peap pik
TheN0m4d 10 minutit tagasi
I have never heard of, or seen anybody using two spaces after a period. Is this a thing in the English language? I was really confused by this question, because I never would've thought about using 2 spaces and no, I never used twitter.
No, Thank you
No, Thank you 7 tundi tagasi
I have no inner monolog, and can't see things in my head.
GAMATIC -_- 11 tundi tagasi
Protector of the Realms
Protector of the Realms 12 tundi tagasi
It looks like Bob Mortimer’s owl Mavis lmao 14 tundi tagasi
GENERAL GOD 14 tundi tagasi
8:46 That's cuz of normal on longer has a true definition like 50+ years ago
Burned paper
Burned paper 15 tundi tagasi
Out of W.E.I.R.D I am an E.I.D Edit: I'm not Western or rich ( - _ - )
The Editor
The Editor 20 tundi tagasi
I have an idea about why so many people chose Henry. There's that video where someone asks her grandma to name pokemon, and I think that the grandma named one of the pokemon Henry. Maybe everyone who knows that video unconsciously linked that with the owl? I have no idea why that would be the case Edit: I was thinking of said grandma naming a charmander "Hamilton." I'm out of ideas.
Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT
Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT 21 tund tagasi
. Hi. Hi.
Selin Tozkoparan
Selin Tozkoparan Päev tagasi
*kokakikukekuk, esimitasolink, osakilenmis.*
Rina Päev tagasi
I thought henry instantly then maybe harry then oswald...
Tian Louw
Tian Louw Päev tagasi
If that owl ain't a Frank...
Littlefox_100 Päev tagasi
5:32 it looks like a Henry I know I’m late
Littlefox_100 Päev tagasi
Oh my gosh I thought I was original 😐
Littlefox_100 Päev tagasi
5:32 it looks like a Henry I know I’m late
Littlefox_100 Päev tagasi
Thumbnail Me: uhhhhhhhhh
Adam Greene
Adam Greene Päev tagasi
6:27 My elementary school had an eagle as its mascot, and they put the name up for a vote and Jimmy Talon won.
bianca Päev tagasi
i was excited when i saw jeremy on the list of owl names becuase thats what i named it too
Pendragon 2 päeva tagasi
The ones that answered yes to the mist challenge question: 🤡
Derrad - دراد
Derrad - دراد 2 päeva tagasi
Jimmy Talon got me 😂
Ches Nogat
Ches Nogat 2 päeva tagasi
All the Nerodivergent people probably flocked here
Jesse Lindsey
Jesse Lindsey 2 päeva tagasi
I will die on my hill over and over again - IT'S TWO SPACES YOU CRETINS. I had no idea how disgusted I would feel that 2 spaces is falling out of style. Oh my god, why is this affecting me this badly? What is the matter with all of you?
retrosashia 2 päeva tagasi
i didnt think anything about the owl because i wasnt paying attention but im going to name it tessa because i feel like it
Ma Kako
Ma Kako 2 päeva tagasi
I named the owl Geoffrey :)
chinthor 2 päeva tagasi
I'll admit to only learning this about myself now, here, today. I was a 2-spacer. The internet eventually got me to not bother. It wins.
SkippyTrx 2 päeva tagasi
I think we're all just weid Actually
Nace CapV
Nace CapV 2 päeva tagasi
Haven't taking this and I am a 5
Alfia Ishmetova
Alfia Ishmetova 3 päeva tagasi
8:29 The audience hiveminded and made a middle finger.
Quinn Collins
Quinn Collins 3 päeva tagasi
I’m so shook that I thought of Henry when I saw the owl and then it turns out most viewers also thought of Henry... so random lmao
Koen 23
Koen 23 3 päeva tagasi
If the answer to the question 'how weird is my audience?' is slightly more weird then you think you are and i'm part of your audience and the thing that I thought was also slightly more weird then I think I am, then what does that mean?
Joshua McLean
Joshua McLean 3 päeva tagasi
I heard intellectuals are more likely to be cat people, so if you are doing scientific or educational videos that could be why cays were preferred.
Jouke 3 päeva tagasi
As soon as the picture of the owl came up i said henry and apparently I'm not the only one
H Arz
H Arz 3 päeva tagasi
That is OBVIOUSLY Owl McOwlface
Nicklas VEVA
Nicklas VEVA 3 päeva tagasi
Why would you ever use TWO spaces after a period? Books, articles, everything uses one space. What is the purpose of two spaces? It's not aesthetically pleasing. That's for sure.
S 3 päeva tagasi
French Onion
French Onion 4 päeva tagasi
That’s crazy that Harold was #2
Nathan Zaremskiy
Nathan Zaremskiy 4 päeva tagasi
The internet gave tom the finger on the weirdness scale
Bus Italique
Bus Italique 4 päeva tagasi
5:50 I'm sure it's because oh harry potter
Aala Elsadig
Aala Elsadig 4 päeva tagasi
I swear to God I never knew that the discussion of having one or two spaces after a full stop is a thing.
Neil Lunavat
Neil Lunavat 4 päeva tagasi
I put. Two spaces. After period.
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor 5 päeva tagasi
People who uses two spaces after a period are the same people who call the fire department to light their cigarette
Jonne Breitholtz
Jonne Breitholtz 5 päeva tagasi
This was really interesting. Yee yee
Ryanファイサル 6 päeva tagasi
I named the owl John
Wyatt Braun
Wyatt Braun 6 päeva tagasi
Dude that's super weird. I thought of the owl as Harold
Temmie Mew
Temmie Mew 6 päeva tagasi
I saw the owl. I said "Harold" INSTANTLY. WHAT!?!??!! W H A T ??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
Meedup Carol
Meedup Carol 6 päeva tagasi
in portuguese 1 space after the period is the gramatically correct version as far as I know, so it isnt a matter of preference
ToasterBread 6 päeva tagasi
a tad quirky
Shariq Shafi
Shariq Shafi 7 päeva tagasi
This is the most passive aggressive way anyone has ever to ld me I'm a computer nerd.
Daniel Gerber
Daniel Gerber 7 päeva tagasi
two spaces! that's what I learned when I learned to type on an old manual typewriter, as a child.
Katherine Montano
Katherine Montano 7 päeva tagasi
Before the results of the "how weird are you" were showed, I had choosen 5 in my head😶
TomteNisse 7 päeva tagasi
Wow. I've never heard of putting two spaces after a period before. Never even reflected on it being a thing, whenever I've seen it I've just probably thought the person writing it made a mistake.
itsthecolleenlife 7 päeva tagasi
Those are some great owl names.
Willum_ 7 päeva tagasi
What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L
Massimiliano Curzi
Massimiliano Curzi 8 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised there was not an "Owly Mc Owlface" option!
Klondike 8 päeva tagasi
8:57 the right graph is flipping me off
mysteryshrimp 8 päeva tagasi
My pet theory as to how weird your audience self-identified as: we behave as a hive mind, and wanted to give online polls the middle finger.
adam comerford
adam comerford 8 päeva tagasi
I have never even heard of putting two spaces after a period. Is that specific to typing? Because I've never seen that in a book before.
Maric 8 päeva tagasi
how weird am i? 5/7 is the obvious answer
Mr. Pavone
Mr. Pavone 8 päeva tagasi
7:53 Anyone rating themselves as very weird are lying or trying to be interesting. Anyone rating themselves as normal? THAT is weird.
Norb T
Norb T 8 päeva tagasi
Sad I couldnt participate :(
Idefix 9 päeva tagasi
I never heard of two spaces ever.
vompattimies 9 päeva tagasi
Maybe some people though the mist challenge was the mist movie?
Revnik 9 päeva tagasi
The motion/info-graphics are really great. Very good work, William Marler.
Moomoobeef h
Moomoobeef h 9 päeva tagasi
partially surprised there's no hoodie.mp4 on the desktop
hi im nick
hi im nick 9 päeva tagasi
The owl's name is Garrett, guys. Sorry, but it is what it is.
red apple one
red apple one 9 päeva tagasi
james van der beak
Obama 9 päeva tagasi
your editor is hilarious😂😂
Trash. 9 päeva tagasi
people use 2 spaces???? like anywhere on the planet????
SpagYeti 9 päeva tagasi
The owl is called Erold and I will fight you on that
aluminyo 10 päeva tagasi
When scott lost his composure you could slowly so him smiling more and more
vsm1 10 päeva tagasi
Regarding the cats vs. dogs difference, I think it's not your audience thing, but the "general public" thing. The audience was american and it's a cultural thing for americans to be dog people. One of the reasons is dog food companies, they constantly run ads which link puppy/dog images with images of happiness. They don't "sell" you dog food, they "sell" you an idea that owning a dog means you feel better. It's much more profitable because if you get a dog, you become a dog food buyer for the next 5-10-15 years.
Darris Hawks
Darris Hawks 10 päeva tagasi
Two spaces is stupid
Matthew Wu
Matthew Wu 10 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain henry the owl?
Alessio Doomboy
Alessio Doomboy 10 päeva tagasi
Cats are Dogs for introverts
Imbad 10 päeva tagasi
Ayyy 1 space gang
Flinchous 10 päeva tagasi
5:04 I didnt even know that there were people who would even think to use 2 spaces. I dont understand why you would either
AstolfoIsMyHusbando 10 päeva tagasi
i said henry •-•
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 10 päeva tagasi
Let's create a mist challange.
JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS
JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS 10 päeva tagasi
i would have picked 5 on the scale too :| i guess it's true
Lambogis 10 päeva tagasi
Why would anyone use two spaces?
Adrian Tam
Adrian Tam 10 päeva tagasi
Animator at the end having a bit of fun
Killian Brady
Killian Brady 10 päeva tagasi
It feels weird having always been two-space despite being terminally online for at this point literally more than half my life. It's definitely reflex, but I also think it looks magnitudes better in longer-form text, which is where my typing leans anyway. Just one of those things, I guess. 25-34 group, too.
Neil Ghaskadvi
Neil Ghaskadvi 10 päeva tagasi
this is a bit outdatEd bEcausE EveryonE is making an 📧 with youtubE polls
BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ 10 päeva tagasi
The owl is clearly called Horace.
Skyquaky 10 päeva tagasi
this owl is clearly an edric
IT'S MEEE333M 10 päeva tagasi
8:26 You plotted a middle finger thanks
Steven Utter
Steven Utter 10 päeva tagasi
Wait people can make themselves smell things the same way we can imagine a picture in our heads? I smell something and am bombard with any memories or experiences connected to that smell, but the other way around doesn't produce the smell. I can't force myself to smell a fart that isn't there.
Shreya Sanjay
Shreya Sanjay 10 päeva tagasi
I've heard somewhere that smart people like cats more soooo I'm gonna leave that here 😉
Ben Stanfill
Ben Stanfill 10 päeva tagasi
I would have put very normal. I think I'm interesting enough, I have plenty of random knowledge and I'm fairly personable, but I don't consider anything about me 'weird'
Td Td
Td Td 10 päeva tagasi
When I saw that owl I immediately thought that's Henry. Wierd. The algorithm has us, the audience, down to a T.
Jan Dudek
Jan Dudek 11 päeva tagasi
What stuck me actually weird is the fact that you didn’t list Hedwig as definietly female name. My guess would be that’s the result of lack of articles in English, animals are by default addressed in neuter (it). I don’t think any Polish or German HP viewer would ever consider Hedwing to be anything else but female, despite her sex was never addressed in the books
FEMBOY 11 päeva tagasi
We all know that the best thing on the World is the Walter-Dog aka Nelson
Slaps Only
Slaps Only 11 päeva tagasi
I can’t accept these findings as legitimate. Owl McOwlface wasn’t in the top 3 of owl names from Twitter results.
Eris 11 päeva tagasi
Wow. Does yt do that?
Bo 11 päeva tagasi
that owl totally does look like a henry
Probably Maybe
Probably Maybe 12 päeva tagasi
1:42 I suspect it is an introvert thing. Or possibly an indoorsy person thing. (They tend to go hand in hand, from what I've heard.)
au7WeeNg 12 päeva tagasi
I think Athena was because there's a literal genus of small owls called Athene, not _directly_ because of the general association of Athene with owls. IOW, the respondents wouldn't have said Athena to a picture of a big owl.
CD80QL2 13 päeva tagasi
i love the very specific names for the owl
NotANameist 14 päeva tagasi
I got to the answer for question 1 and I’m already going to peace out. I don’t want to be associated with *those* people.
QueenEon 14 päeva tagasi
I so glad Scruffy was in the top 20 for the owl because that was my immediate reaction to seeing it’s scruffy little face
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