Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones

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Cody Ko

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mango Tund tagasi
I don't know if you've been told this before, but you look a little bit like Jason Ralph as Quentin in the Magicians. :)
matt Tund tagasi
i have liked way too many comments
vercingetorix 2 tundi tagasi
She was into him, she threw a compliment. She said no first to have the advantage. He did say he wouldn’t date a woman with a kid. He said obviously I don’t meet it requirements . Talking about how she brought up his height and basically shot him down.
thesofakillers 5 tundi tagasi
Cody we know you're 5'8''
Becks Armstrong
Becks Armstrong 5 tundi tagasi
lol x
Dreadpirate 8 tundi tagasi
"He works out" "Yeah... a little bit" Fucking *BURN* LOL 😂.
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill 13 tundi tagasi
These videos crack me tf up 😂
Xanxer 14 tundi tagasi
That first guy had my ex vibes and I'm triggered He comes off incredibly insecure and super defensive
Sammy Megginson
Sammy Megginson 18 tundi tagasi
she is a douche😂😂
Spider Boy
Spider Boy 19 tundi tagasi
Why tf is everyone bashing the dude and not the girl. She legit started all the beef between them when she came after him by calling his selfies ugly
Chambrr 19 tundi tagasi
100% dudeee
amstultz 20 tundi tagasi
"ok, john caught a stray for no reason" hahahhaha
Killa Mike
Killa Mike 21 tund tagasi
Baby Quinn
Baby Quinn 21 tund tagasi
"you have a WHOLE baby ???" Dude, you're dumb
Daniel G.
Daniel G. 22 tundi tagasi
"This is a man of a face..."
Maxmayer Mustermann
Maxmayer Mustermann Päev tagasi
Bro been real unfunny for a minute now
Brogan Romano
Brogan Romano Päev tagasi
"this is the man of a face"
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace Päev tagasi
I don't see why she thinks she was nice she was just as rude as him
CJ Loud
CJ Loud Päev tagasi
I had both a terribly uncomfortable & infuriating visceral reaction when the guy immediately attempts to scorch her soul to rubble for her phone battery being low...🤦🏻‍♂️... just his level of immaturity, awkwardness, and the obvious display of seeking revenge and embarrassment on her behalf is just atrocious and painful to watch/listen to. Yet pretty entertaining none the less!!! I think what made this (along with all your other videos) so daggon great to watch, though, is your sick references!! Like in this one, you referenced the movie *Holes*🤯...omg so SICK!! Lol ;)
GOLD HUSTLE Päev tagasi
I'm 5'9 and I'm 14 lmao
A Dav
A Dav Päev tagasi
He’s looking to hook up, she’s looking for a partner. Meaning she has actual standards and he doesn’t fit them so he’s mad.
S A N D W I C H Päev tagasi
Both of them are toxic end of discussion .
Jo Päev tagasi
His personality is soooooo unattractive and rude..... you could tell that she hurt his ego and embarrassed him on some occasions but it's what he deserves cause ew... he has a very nasty personality
Morgan Griffin
Morgan Griffin Päev tagasi
I literally gasped when she said she was a fitness trainer. That’s hilarious
Dflame Päev tagasi
This vid made me crack up
aaron cox
aaron cox Päev tagasi
the girl looks like female version of ryan the buzzfeed vegetables guy
Bella Millett
Bella Millett Päev tagasi
I hate that I know him personally. He REALLY exposed his whole self in this video. Embarrassing!!
Edgar The pug
Edgar The pug Päev tagasi
“This is the man of a face” -Cody Ko
moonchild Päev tagasi
why did i read bill gates instead of blind dates
RiseUpToYourAbility Päev tagasi
Why is everyone ragging on the guy. The girl was rude and judgmental, and nobody is calling her out on it. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Plus if the guy ended up being nice to her even after all her trash talking people would just call him a simp.
Diana Nosa
Diana Nosa Päev tagasi
type of guy that says “ok” after you send him an entire message expressing your feelings
JustJez Päev tagasi
Man said Brethren like he a Viking
jomegadude Päev tagasi
That guy was funny asf. I mean, he got blasted on the internet, might as well roast her back. Highly recommend Aba and Preach’s take on this.
Your battery 😂🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋
ryan Päev tagasi
the girl is a 4 and a single mom, i’d pass too
Fast Defender21
Fast Defender21 Päev tagasi
I’m taller than u ahhahahahah and I’m 13
cheri618 2 päeva tagasi
that dude is a douche man lol
cheri618 2 päeva tagasi
“you actually made offspring??? wtf is wrong with you??” me when people have children.
cheri618 2 päeva tagasi
there’s nothing in my camera roll but bts pics, pics of me and family, pics of different rock bands, a sht ton of memes and my photography. my phone is legit boring lol
Heidy 2 päeva tagasi
“This is the man of a face who is down sooo bad” 😂
Banafsha Tariq 52
Banafsha Tariq 52 2 päeva tagasi
Plzz react to other parts of these date phone videos
spencert21 2 päeva tagasi
This video inspired me to delete all old screenshots of tinder girls. Thanks for the inspiration 🤝
Turd Pickler
Turd Pickler 2 päeva tagasi
Why did you take down the cult video?
Lorenzo Syquia
Lorenzo Syquia 2 päeva tagasi
lmao this comment section is in complete contrast to the Aba and Preach video who defend the man. One of the things I love about EEexs; balanced comments!
Blazingboy77 Gaming
Blazingboy77 Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
This is like when you are the worst at something but you act like your the best at it to someone you think is bad at it, and it turns out there a monster at that and you get called out by them and you embarrass yourself.
ThermalRain_YT 2 päeva tagasi
If bbn I see a pic on my phone I'll screenshot it and it goes into my gallery then I do whatever wth it later. It's not that weird
pub g
pub g 2 päeva tagasi
7:14 "This is the man of a face who is down so bad" NICE CRACK SMOKING THERE, COKY BLO (c wut i did ther tho?)
SlupitaB 2 päeva tagasi
That guy is a straight loser.
Jade Wanderdoff
Jade Wanderdoff 2 päeva tagasi
i do watch this channel for those sick ass refrences haha yeah dawg 😄
Afrikaanse Boer
Afrikaanse Boer 2 päeva tagasi
I wanna do bath salts after that
Arthur Atlas
Arthur Atlas 2 päeva tagasi
I like him lol she’s bare annoying
The Craigfish
The Craigfish 3 päeva tagasi
the like-dislike ratio though...
Noel Hedman
Noel Hedman 3 päeva tagasi
This is so funny 💀
Sreejani Vasireddy
Sreejani Vasireddy 3 päeva tagasi
there is a new one please watch that
Sreejani Vasireddy
Sreejani Vasireddy Päev tagasi
@Jaraiya lmao
Jaraiya 2 päeva tagasi
its too nice
Mathea H.
Mathea H. 3 päeva tagasi
He's a smol Ray Romano.
Ni 3 päeva tagasi
I love her 👏🏻
Apri city
Apri city 3 päeva tagasi
She was a bit harsh but he made it worse for himself by immediately trying to roast her and talking about her phone battery 💀
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 3 päeva tagasi
Shes wearing a Def Leppard shirt so obviously shes way cooler than frat boy
North 3 päeva tagasi
This guy reminds me of Rifty and Oompaville combined
Austin Penley
Austin Penley 3 päeva tagasi
Man was caught in 4K down horrendous 🤦
Abby Ewing
Abby Ewing 3 päeva tagasi
cody: "this is the man of a face who is" LITERALLY WHY IS NO ONE ADDRESSING THIS this is the FACE of a MAN
Luca Perotti
Luca Perotti 3 päeva tagasi
Immediately went to clear my phone after watching this
aola wili
aola wili 3 päeva tagasi
“She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested
Carmensita Davis
Carmensita Davis 3 päeva tagasi
5:05 🤥💀
Six 3 päeva tagasi
Adam is very petty
Ava Piemontese
Ava Piemontese 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah im 5'9 .... and 1/2
Merkz 3 päeva tagasi
the first guy was so down bad holy
Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison 3 päeva tagasi
him, essentially "she MUST be fucking HOT. no girls over 100 pounds!!!" then immediately hes a fucking creep
Crispy Willows
Crispy Willows 3 päeva tagasi
honestly, she was a major dick for making fun of his height.
AlexAhrens911 3 päeva tagasi
I think I’m in love with her hahaha
Sophie Skeldon
Sophie Skeldon 3 päeva tagasi
the question we needa ask is y cody hasnt updated his pfp
AleMedinaGTM 3 päeva tagasi
He looks Peruvian
Mitch Scott
Mitch Scott 3 päeva tagasi
This guys lips look like Ajit Pai’s when he talks
Saagar Khan
Saagar Khan 3 päeva tagasi
This guy a fkn weirdo
Running Downn
Running Downn 3 päeva tagasi
i wanna see people check each other’s spotify or whatever they listen to music on. judging people by people by their music tastes would be so entertaining
Rando Human?
Rando Human? 3 päeva tagasi
Woah that's a good idea!
Lauren H.
Lauren H. 3 päeva tagasi
I come here every now and then just to look at the comments and it makes the rest of my day infinitely better lmao
superiorstorm ·
superiorstorm · 4 päeva tagasi
F in the chat for jon
Alichea Coetzee
Alichea Coetzee 4 päeva tagasi
I actually liked the guy WAY more - I have a fuckton of screenshots and just forget to delete them, even if he decided to keep them, so what??? And again, she was very hypocritical - she dissed him so many times, but when my bro clapped back "hE's sO rUde" and that fornication text was funny in my opinion but that's just me XD. She also complained about all the sexy pics, uhm bro, her enitre phone is full of sexy pictures too? Stop with that hypocritical bullshit. Yes he was petty, but so was she - she set the tone and energy, he was just matching it - I'd argue topping it. 100% guarantee you, this guy wouldn't have reacted like this if she wasn't being petty first. ALSO here's a comment from the same video on another channel that I thought was perfect, and everyone should think about this: "She may be a trainer but usually trainers don't emasculate people who are trying to improve themselves."
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that 4 päeva tagasi
That dude makes me think of Jason Mendoza for some reason, but... mean, lol.
Matthias futterer
Matthias futterer 4 päeva tagasi
6:46 IS SUS
Noon Styles
Noon Styles 4 päeva tagasi
I love how this comment section is the only one who is seeing the dude's bs. The comments under the original video were all bashing the girl
V G 4 päeva tagasi
I need to know if you have a skincare routine
Noah 4 päeva tagasi
“Don’t drop my phone” “Ur battery is low” LOLLLLL
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 4 päeva tagasi
“She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested
Renald Music
Renald Music 4 päeva tagasi
I like the guy. He was unapologetically himself
kuromi 4 päeva tagasi
booty_ hunter420
booty_ hunter420 4 päeva tagasi
Im just gon skip the comment section on this one
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that 4 päeva tagasi
good call
Uncool Keanu
Uncool Keanu 4 päeva tagasi
The guy was literally Bryce Hall
Paola Herrera
Paola Herrera 4 päeva tagasi
“This is the man of a face” you thought we wouldn’t catch that Cody? 7:15
Presley Jane
Presley Jane 4 päeva tagasi
NotSandraBullock 4 päeva tagasi
That dude is a textbook incel
John Fasitta
John Fasitta 4 päeva tagasi
did no one notice Cody said ""this is the man of a face"
Abi B
Abi B 4 päeva tagasi
ok but he’s literally so creepy wtf
wheredidyoucumfrom? 4 päeva tagasi
she kinda reminds me of alexandra daddario
panrio 4 päeva tagasi
She didn't roast or insult him she just described him lmfaooooo
Bianca 3 päeva tagasi
Rando Human?
Rando Human? 3 päeva tagasi
That's what I thought. I don't get why so many people think she's being so rude and going hard at insulting him.
Dylan Freemon
Dylan Freemon 4 päeva tagasi
I love this sh*t man thanks for making my day
Mayur Soowamber
Mayur Soowamber 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah I don't think the screenshots is weird but I get why he's a bit creepy and I guess me too since I also do the snaps 😩
terra andrew
terra andrew 4 päeva tagasi
7:10 man of a face..
Taylor Baranowski
Taylor Baranowski 4 päeva tagasi
The men on these comments judging her for being a “single mom” exude tinyyyyyy dick energy.
Spoonses Macz
Spoonses Macz 4 päeva tagasi
Down bad squared
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