Planet Fitness Gym Are Hypocrites

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sea hunters
sea hunters 5 tundi tagasi
In my country the first days you have a trainer which explaines you how to train and use the machines included in the gym price and they give you a working out plan for each day of the week. In other places you just pay for the gym and thats it, you wont get gains that way you will need more time which means more money to the gym
King'SAnimus07 7 tundi tagasi
If you watch, the man hit her first and just triggered that whole ending.
Codey b
Codey b 9 tundi tagasi
6:00 anyone know what water bottle that is? Branding was super poor by thinking putting “hydrate” on a water bottle was a good idea 😂 so generic.
just here to watch the world burn
just here to watch the world burn 13 tundi tagasi
That gym is ridiculous. My brother-in-law used to get the friggin lunk alarm all of the time for basically being too intimidating. For being fit. Already fit. It was too intimidating to the other clients. Lol
HOLLOWED 16 tundi tagasi
No shame culture!!! Puts a Lunk definition on walls.... shaming people
Alliyah dove
Alliyah dove 19 tundi tagasi
Aaahhh He screams every time
Alliyah dove
Alliyah dove 19 tundi tagasi
Aaahhh He screams every time
Vood0o Mami
Vood0o Mami 20 tundi tagasi
How do these people work at a gym and get so fed up with customers dropping weights? Dumb
MarcelMarcel 20 tundi tagasi
I got in trouble for drinking out the jug one time. Smdh
Cin 22 tundi tagasi
its the proper way to deadlift felix...
RolloxRA Päev tagasi
Hate how some gym trainers feel like they are generals of the army
dragonoyxd Päev tagasi
You battal won't fit in the cup and I dont know wat to do. You can't work out, I cant work. I'm going to have to call saycurity
Justin Ansako
Justin Ansako Päev tagasi
Go sign up felix
Koby Dejewski
Koby Dejewski Päev tagasi
I took a literal class for strength training and they tell you to just drop the weights, its a gym not a library
Nathaniel- Päev tagasi
DG Päev tagasi
I would pay for a gym that has no filming policy.
Planet Fitness: Don’t judge Also Planet Fitness: Don’t wear tank tops or drink from gallon jugs
Rustam Rafiev
Rustam Rafiev Päev tagasi
I always forget he lives in the uk
Ezriel Cervantes
Ezriel Cervantes Päev tagasi
MauiTheSamoan 2 päeva tagasi
YEA i understand deadlift hell yea u gotta make noise no way around tht but dont drop it....i deadlift heavy but i dont drop it but lifting make gruntin noise no way around tht but dont drop it lol
Limited Lunar
Limited Lunar 2 päeva tagasi
Nigga, I get 1 dollar a month at gold's gym and its still better than Planet Fitness.
D A 3 päeva tagasi
People being upset about the noise of weights hitting the floor. Well, don't come to Harlem, NYC. Guys bring their own speakers inside the gym and blast their music. Spanish ladies shout on the phones. Neither of these is allowed but the staff doesn't care and doesn't stop it.
D A 3 päeva tagasi
No cell phone use and no video is allowed yet obviously everyone is breaking that rule.
sharkaithegreat 3 päeva tagasi
12:28 When someone tells me to stop deadlifting
Michaela Dougan
Michaela Dougan 3 päeva tagasi
broo these gyms are more intense than the one i work at😂
Mike Ralph
Mike Ralph 3 päeva tagasi
I have been trying to cancel my membership for 6 months. I even went to my home center and left it in writing with the lady at the desk and still no luck. They are a SCAM avoid them like the plague!
Mr. X Raw
Mr. X Raw 3 päeva tagasi
Why does planet fitness still exist? It's amazing. Asylum Fitness, funded by democrats
Gerard Ford
Gerard Ford 3 päeva tagasi
Honestly i like Planet Fitness. Not a lot of people come there, you dont have IG thots and meatheads hugging all the mirros and weights, you can just keep your head down, go do the exercises and come out without waiting or wasting time. Why do i care if the people who go there arent buff
30K 3 päeva tagasi
2:55 Crazy how this is a gym and not you personal yoga studio
T C 3 päeva tagasi
Lol I need to know what excessive grunting is because I grunt when I lift heavy. I don't yell but you know I'm grunting for sure. And I did gym maintenance before at Planet Fitness, I never saw a policy about big water bottles.
kitkat 3 päeva tagasi
my gym/pool and krav maga lesson which you get with a subscription costs 500$ year
Joek9100 3 päeva tagasi
The Lunk Alarm makes more noise than the grunting
Ryan Harkin
Ryan Harkin 4 päeva tagasi
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 4 päeva tagasi
Miss Ashley needs her own gym membership 🤢
Mert A Yön
Mert A Yön 4 päeva tagasi
Seems like planet fitness is created for fragile betas.
BRYTE Kru 4 päeva tagasi
I would fucking deck that guy that stepped on the weights if he came up on me while working out. Not because I'm a hot head but because that's insanely dangerous especially during deadlifts.
jazminestryder 4 päeva tagasi
I go to a school and use the gym, and there are football players that go there and I never hear them grunt.... like idk I guess I need to go to a gym with pro weight lifters or bodybuilders or something. I don't give a crap if they're grunting. Yelling would get annoying probably, but grunting and normal exertion noises are fine.
katie petkiewich
katie petkiewich 6 päeva tagasi
I actually love 💘 planet fitness
katie petkiewich
katie petkiewich 6 päeva tagasi
They will help you if you ask if you don't know how to the machines
Marcus Barbee
Marcus Barbee 6 päeva tagasi
Wack “ThaRealAoD” has made it clear
yayayaokoksure 7 päeva tagasi
Sir can you please deadlift slowly so your back will rip in half?
Ur way lawn service
Ur way lawn service 7 päeva tagasi
They should call it Library Fitness
Schleppy Silberman
Schleppy Silberman 8 päeva tagasi
Planet Fatness
Schleppy Silberman
Schleppy Silberman 4 päeva tagasi
@RX I Ohgawd it's anuddah sh0ah!
RX I 4 päeva tagasi
Oy vey
Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews 8 päeva tagasi
12:24 someone needs to take away her pre workout powder.
Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Respectful Rowland Arel Master 8 päeva tagasi
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆
Dino D'Anna
Dino D'Anna 8 päeva tagasi
PewDiePie is confirmed lunk
Ro Yamada
Ro Yamada 9 päeva tagasi
Retro fitness run by out of shape Karens
strongocho 9 päeva tagasi
12:47 I died when you pulled out that water jug XD
Phoenixpro 73
Phoenixpro 73 9 päeva tagasi
all of this shit is why I lift at home
Veinor13 9 päeva tagasi
12:34 women privilege
منوعات trend
منوعات trend 9 päeva tagasi
Ragin BallisticKrow
Ragin BallisticKrow 10 päeva tagasi
I almost got kicked out of my local planet fitness for lifting 185 around their new people.
Sam Parker
Sam Parker 10 päeva tagasi
Don’t judge, but publicly humiliate :)
DysfunctionalBubble 10 päeva tagasi
Why have a dead lift bar if you can't drop it. For safety sake, dropping is sometimes necessary.
LARRY LEWIS 10 päeva tagasi
Planet Fitness are for fat outta shape people lol Don't have any weights over 25 lbs lol
Dagger 10 päeva tagasi
I was going to say something mean, but I won’t have a great day pewds
Tristin Sperry
Tristin Sperry 11 päeva tagasi
4:15 dont do THIS. if anyone did this during my lift they getting put to the ground quick. Then imma take the weights off the bar and beat the living shit out of em with it. 40lbs of correction swinging across the face will teach a lesson not soon forgotten
Xavy Rivera
Xavy Rivera 11 päeva tagasi
月光月光 11 päeva tagasi
Sooo... they are against body shaming but they shame 'lunks' for being fit? I mean, slamming weights is one things, but An excercise tanktop? What are you supposed to excercise in? A Button down and skinny jeans?
Something Or other
Something Or other 11 päeva tagasi
Seems like they don't like the big cups so they can sell their water.
moomie 11 päeva tagasi
You know what I hate way more than gym grunting? Whenever I go boxing there's always those people who always hiss after every punch. Most annoying shit because with weight lifting it can actually help you exert more force, but hissing does fucking NOTHING for your strength or form.
Tom P
Tom P 12 päeva tagasi
imagine telling some1 whos deadlifting 2x their bodyweight and more to make no sound
longulongus D
longulongus D 12 päeva tagasi
Ego lifting is a word made up by weak people who cant lift a certain weight and get angry at others for doing so
longulongus D
longulongus D 11 päeva tagasi
@Jason zhen if you can lift it you can lift it that simple. Best way to build muscle is 3-5 reps on a heavy weight
Jason zhen
Jason zhen 11 päeva tagasi
No ego lifting is when you lift too much in order to impress that they can't handle, I have a friend who ego lifts and his body is all kinds of fucked up when he went to see a chiropractor
Captain Hands
Captain Hands 12 päeva tagasi
Know why I like planet fitness? Because the tubby people who have memberships never use them so if you like working out in absolute silence and don't feel like buying a home gym, go to planet fitness.
Tommy Juliansyah
Tommy Juliansyah 12 päeva tagasi
Planet Fitness taking the "mental gymnastic" to the whole definition
Sam Sandage
Sam Sandage 12 päeva tagasi
I’m sorry why didn’t someone pull the lunk alarm when the Karen was literally trying to kill that guy, that seems like she was louder than any weight lifter
Lucy Rivera
Lucy Rivera 12 päeva tagasi
they literally have pictures with explanations on how to use each machine come onnnnn T.T
David Aeon
David Aeon 12 päeva tagasi
U know pewdiepie have good genetics. He doesn't even know how to use the some of the machine, yet he rocks 6pack abs
Fallen Ship
Fallen Ship 12 päeva tagasi
14:33 Wow James Bond at the gym 0:
jater 10
jater 10 13 päeva tagasi
3:00 He actually lowered the deadlift properly. The gym is a place of noises and weights. Mind your own business and get the work done. If you want quiet go to a library.
Darwinesh Silvarathnam
Darwinesh Silvarathnam 13 päeva tagasi
Anotha one please😭😭
Hey Im Watchin You
Hey Im Watchin You 13 päeva tagasi
Apparently some just want deadlifters to break their backs to put the weight down silently
Justin Abata
Justin Abata 13 päeva tagasi
It's like the olive garden gym.. when you're here you're family. Planet fitness feels like home. Home Home Home I feel like their professionalism is perfect.
Justin Abata
Justin Abata 13 päeva tagasi
I love planet fitness. The staff are always friendly and smart. The atmosphere makes me feel like my family is becoming healthier and bigger.
jo jo
jo jo 13 päeva tagasi
this is four days after my birthday
Hannah _bugg__
Hannah _bugg__ 13 päeva tagasi
I love watching these cause I work at planet and it’s ALWAYS us😂
Ara Ferg
Ara Ferg 13 päeva tagasi
The alarm was more annoying than the grunts frl
maac angulo
maac angulo 13 päeva tagasi
There is one of those here in Panamá, that Alarm never gets on
ventusluca 13 päeva tagasi
I just read the Planet Fitness contract lol. Section 4d is that you give up your right to sue if you're injured in the gym. But somewhere later in that same document it states that glass bottles or other containers aren't allowed in the gym. Which is fucking retarded tbh, imagine wanting to stay hydrated in the gym.
laddybug3 13 päeva tagasi
I wouldn’t belong there. The alarm will go off because I powerlifting.
Kidnoob 13 päeva tagasi
The get out guy i was in the gym that day
EllieOinks 14 päeva tagasi
Damn that woman is calling the cops because of a man having a large bottle of water Lmaoo
Counselor Gallius Rax
Counselor Gallius Rax 14 päeva tagasi
Felix you are the best! This video made my day, because it’s so true! XD
TRAILER HUB 14 päeva tagasi
Skini af gang where are you?
AcidifyIt 14 päeva tagasi
That's my school bell sounds like a cluster strike
Morgan Boxsell
Morgan Boxsell 14 päeva tagasi
Typical americans
Awesomeflipper Gamer
Awesomeflipper Gamer 14 päeva tagasi
So wait u don't have to sign anything if u sign up in person for planet fitness? Because if u can those forms legally have to have the rules so if nothing says it it's not a rule. Also that's a petty rule that shouldn't be allowed lol.
Taylor Mears
Taylor Mears 14 päeva tagasi
Man, I don't miss working there 😂
Liam Dare
Liam Dare 14 päeva tagasi
Me: criticise’s people for going to the gym and not properly working out Also me: why tf am I criticising him I don’t even go to the gym Me once more: I’m using the fact that we gotta lockdown in my town to not go to the gym
chicagofan76 14 päeva tagasi
So basically I’m bring my knife for when I deadlift
none none
none none 14 päeva tagasi
i go to a planet fitness gym, its cheap and all but its filled with newbie amateurs that don't know what they are doing. but they have great machines and if the person knows how to use them properly for maximum benefit, it has everything you need to stay fit. P.S never heard them use the lunk alarm at my branch ever, idk about other places or if I'm just lucky enough but never saw it in use.
Austin Bosma
Austin Bosma 14 päeva tagasi
I’m not loud in the gym but idk why people care if you are! Most people have headphones. Also it’s a gym not a library! If there’s someone making grunts/sounds, I’m more trying not to laugh than getting mad at them.
Fish with Limbs
Fish with Limbs 15 päeva tagasi
Now i understand why sam refuse to accept the shield
cat12carmen 15 päeva tagasi
Well I won't be going to Planet Fitness rofl
Liz Marie
Liz Marie 15 päeva tagasi
I’m surprised he didn’t find out about pizza Monday’s and donut tuesdays or whatever it is
shunYT 15 päeva tagasi
whenever I go to the gym just down the street from my house, most of us have no problem of people making noises while exercising. saw this and wtf is their problem with it?
Ítalo Santos de Almeida
Ítalo Santos de Almeida 15 päeva tagasi
It's not wrong for planet fitness to exist, but it's not right either
fauxshowyo 15 päeva tagasi
PF is literally the gym microcosm of our modern woke sjw culture. Nuke it from orbit.
Vaishnavi Priya
Vaishnavi Priya 15 päeva tagasi
Hey where did you get the water bottle tho?
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