Pierre Gasly's First Win And The Top 10 Onboards | 2020 Italian Grand Prix | Emirates

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What better way to look back on an incredible race than through the eyes of the drivers? Enjoy the best onboard reaction, presented by Emirates.
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Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 6 päeva tagasi
Listening to Carlos out of the first chicane on the last lap, I'm not sure he had the beans to take Pierre, one lap more or five.
Akira 16 päeva tagasi
10:26 wholesome how raikonnen asks if the crash was okay
Szandor the 13th
Szandor the 13th 23 päeva tagasi
5:03 and here we hear a Ferrari engine in its natural habitat, screaming for mercy as it’s being pushed to its limit and possibly beyond
Sugandh Saxena
Sugandh Saxena Місяць tagasi
At 4:20 Kimi was going left when he had to turn right
bf Місяць tagasi
"Moving under braking is far more dangerous than moving on a straight." Oh Grosjean, i think he would agree its the other way around now
Arnaud 1404
Arnaud 1404 Місяць tagasi
1:56 We forgot to connect Grosjean, you will not have the Drincc sorry
Rachel Payne
Rachel Payne Місяць tagasi
The sour alligator consquentially beg because viscose intriguingly call off a makeshift temper. gray greasy great, lowly unshielded
Sleazy45 Gang
Sleazy45 Gang Місяць tagasi
Someone always has to give Growjean a position 😂😭
JokerKiller 99
JokerKiller 99 Місяць tagasi
3:59 anche con 100cv in meno il motore Ferrari Vi da la merda sui lunghi rettilinei, motore mercedes=💩
Michael Pereyra
Michael Pereyra Місяць tagasi
what do we do ? jajajajajj Gasly Gasly
CRA1NEY1 Місяць tagasi
Norris : shifts up Engine : *BAP*
Mário Lopes - Brasília
Mário Lopes - Brasília Місяць tagasi
Formula 1 was never so boring like It is now! ALL predictable and ridículos!! Where are the competitive drivers? Hamilton? I have no interest watching anymore!
baccide48 Місяць tagasi
LOOK AT 4:40
AL3X C#OP Місяць tagasi
8:05 if it was mazepain , he was totaly destroy Kimi , btw that was great move by Lance , he's prove that he's a great driver
Evan N
Evan N Місяць tagasi
1:51. No Grosjean, you will not have the drink
Matija Karaula
Matija Karaula 2 місяці tagasi
Sainz needed just one more lap
scottysaye 2 місяці tagasi
The williams sound like theyre about o fall apart 🤣 smh
JettingSpeed87 2 місяці tagasi
Is it me or does Gasly always get sandwiched?😂
qiyubi 2 місяці tagasi
crazy how Gasly managed to save his tyres for the last lap
CrossDragon EW
CrossDragon EW 3 місяці tagasi
mode 5= activate the soft eurobeat
fotosony 3 місяці tagasi
6:32 who let Verstappen drive? This man is a manace!
BROCKATRON 3 місяці tagasi
Raditya Pramana Putra
Raditya Pramana Putra Місяць tagasi
*"WE WIN THE F****** RACE!"*
Muhadi Achwan
Muhadi Achwan 3 місяці tagasi
Well come, super star move racer
Bigbang Yé
Bigbang Yé 3 місяці tagasi
Willams f1 no power ???
Luca Fabretti
Luca Fabretti 3 місяці tagasi
this was the best day, my favorite driver gets his first of many wins.
William Healy
William Healy 3 місяці tagasi
Engineers at the front of the grid: telling the drivers who is next up in front Kimi's engineers: telling him is next up behind lol
MeowingCat45 4 місяці tagasi
s yuhki
s yuhki 4 місяці tagasi
Blake barone
Blake barone 4 місяці tagasi
Who knew Romain also had a problem with “tha dwink”?
xcViejrjwor 4 місяці tagasi
Happy for Gasly but genuinely sad for Sainz
idiopatica 4 місяці tagasi
Alonso the best!!!!!
Chris Quijano
Chris Quijano 4 місяці tagasi
Everytime I see a williams car is being overtaken, I see a broken car.
The Black Watch
The Black Watch 4 місяці tagasi
Did Gasly pit on this race or he used the advantage of red flag and didn'T pit at all?
相川遼河 4 місяці tagasi
Pierre Gasley formula 1first Winner! in monza!
Yekta Çeviker
Yekta Çeviker 4 місяці tagasi
this is fake and just a console game not a real race. Don't cheat on people!..
Raditya Pramana Putra
Raditya Pramana Putra 4 місяці tagasi
Valtteri Bottas: 1 Win At 2020 Season. Pierre Gasly: 1 Win At 2020 Season. Max Verstappen: Yeah, I'm Not Kidding! Charles Leclerc: IS FACT! 04/12/2020 16:15.
Tom Neidher
Tom Neidher 4 місяці tagasi
Verstappen is the dirtiest driver ever seen!!!!!!
劉財富 4 місяці tagasi
Aaron _Games
Aaron _Games 4 місяці tagasi
Oh No!! Ferrari SF1000 Crashed!? Because of Overbrake & Overspeed? The Engine Broke Down
Toni Tontsapoika
Toni Tontsapoika 4 місяці tagasi
räikkönen asked that all ok even before he heard about red flag. Because some youtube nerds comment here before that räik asked only because of redflag that is crash guy ok?, but really he saw what happened there right behind. looked bad in raik's position.
erictko85 4 місяці tagasi
I guess this is the only interesting stretch of this track?? 🤣
arno m
arno m 4 місяці tagasi
Top le gars aux stands . Calme, rassurant et bien veillant à l'égard de Pierre. 6.33 min -> lamentable .
Just_Aris 07
Just_Aris 07 4 місяці tagasi
I wanted sainz to win but I wanted gasly to win im confused
Lukas Becker
Lukas Becker 4 місяці tagasi
Kimi best guy asking if there is everything okay with leclerc
純米ー 5 місяців tagasi
오콘 병신쒝
Hardware Mentor PK
Hardware Mentor PK 5 місяців tagasi
4:18 Best overtake of the season
CL Ren
CL Ren 5 місяців tagasi
making no mistake under immense pressure... Gasly is no longer the guy last year...
君島優 5 місяців tagasi
下手スタっペン まだまだ青いわ もっと勉強しような
yarou26Thewise _YT
yarou26Thewise _YT 5 місяців tagasi
10:27 kind kimmi
yarou26Thewise _YT
yarou26Thewise _YT 5 місяців tagasi
8:32 so were just not going to talk how he pasted him ????
Jacob Wadsworth
Jacob Wadsworth 5 місяців tagasi
15:33 The time Sainz thought his radio button was his overtake button
CPU_ Vesparobi
CPU_ Vesparobi 5 місяців tagasi
0:06 s🅱️innala
luiz guilherme moreira sales
luiz guilherme moreira sales 5 місяців tagasi
Bem Raikonem estava com Muita Dificuldade de guiar o Seu Carro Nessa Corrida
Math_Boi _42
Math_Boi _42 5 місяців tagasi
Imagine developing a car for nearly 14 million and an overzealous driving just wrecks it...🤦‍♂️
Jheneffy Lopes
Jheneffy Lopes 5 місяців tagasi
Carlos Sainz se confirmou Lap:53
Jheneffy Lopes
Jheneffy Lopes 5 місяців tagasi
Não acredito mano que isso acontece só com á Ferrari mano ainda mais com o Leclerc 9:30
Jheneffy Lopes
Jheneffy Lopes 5 місяців tagasi
Não acredito que isso aconteceu Lap:24
stephane grelet
stephane grelet 5 місяців tagasi
Je trouve que Monsieur Grosjean accuse très souvent les autres d'etre stupides . Si vous avez toujours des problèmes avec les autres ...... c'est que le problème c'est vous .
Rares Dacu-Furdui
Rares Dacu-Furdui 5 місяців tagasi
I think sainz is waiting for him to go to ferrari to get his first win
Emanuel Herrerias
Emanuel Herrerias 5 місяців tagasi
when someone hits you are the crews communicationg with each other about it? is there a punishment? What are the rules ?
Emanuel Herrerias
Emanuel Herrerias 5 місяців tagasi
what happens when you go straight through a series of tight turns. do you get a time penalty added at the end?
milosz lewandowski
milosz lewandowski 5 місяців tagasi
That was amatour from Leclerc
oxysz 5 місяців tagasi
I really wish they had the visor cams for stuff like this . Those really short visor clips are so amazing imagine it during actual racing
Roberts 5 місяців tagasi
9:18 that costed him the win
Roberts 5 місяців tagasi
6:17 was that a James May reference
Dulanjala007 5 місяців tagasi
Can't believe Verstappen one of the top drivers, as i heard, (as I am not much F1 fan) the more i see him, more i don't like him, other drivers are like cushions for him, to keep him on the track, let him go alone he will spin on his own... only thing on his mind is push push push, must think tires are part of the road, so it won't slip? so dangerous to be near him..
Nok Loon
Nok Loon 5 місяців tagasi
Tank uuuuuu
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart 5 місяців tagasi
Kimi concerned about Leclerc showed Kimi's nature but he will still be gutted as he went from P3 down to Thirteenth.
Bearded Savage
Bearded Savage 5 місяців tagasi
Sainz bad exit on the corner before the straight to chicane on last lap; might have been the overtake.
jayraj sander
jayraj sander 5 місяців tagasi
Kimi : all okay in the crash😂
Ka Wah Ku
Ka Wah Ku 5 місяців tagasi
honda power of dream !
Mohd Yakub88
Mohd Yakub88 5 місяців tagasi
Grosjean i dont like driver in F1 problem...idiot
Lautaro Guadalupe
Lautaro Guadalupe 5 місяців tagasi
Grande pierre grande
fuckoffm8 5 місяців tagasi
When you realize that Max did what Gasly did at spain in pre season testing last year
VAL Compares
VAL Compares 5 місяців tagasi
It's amazing how Leclerc stays calm when he talks to Kimi right after his massive crash
CHOCOLATE PRINCE 5 місяців tagasi
Is it me or at 5:09 u can start to see a slip stream
Big Dillan
Big Dillan 6 місяців tagasi
Albon: They race me so hard! 3:06
Amit S Krishnan
Amit S Krishnan 6 місяців tagasi
9:34 This is Flight Emirates CL16 from parabolica to pit straight...we are cruising at a speed of..... mayday mayday mayday...we have crashed
Greavsey 3333
Greavsey 3333 6 місяців tagasi
I hate verstappen
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 5 місяців tagasi
No one cares
Ryan Breakey
Ryan Breakey 6 місяців tagasi
Gasly: what an incredible moment for him to win. So incredibly well deserved, especially as the year prior was so difficult for him with losing his seat for Red Bull. Such passion and heart in this video, palpable
L S 6 місяців tagasi
The way gasly celebrates is so nice. You can feel his emotions❤️
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 6 місяців tagasi
F1 drivers are all baby's and little divas. Only 3 drivers out there that are real racing drivers. Lewis, kimi, bottas
Juan Jose Jimenez
Juan Jose Jimenez 6 місяців tagasi
Gasly’s reactions are amazing. Pure joy.
SAINNT -14 6 місяців tagasi
That McLaren turbo off the start sounds wicked!
F1 Speedrunner03
F1 Speedrunner03 6 місяців tagasi
Grosjean: ‘MOVING UNDER BRAKING IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN MOVING ON A STRAIGHT!!’ Me: ‘Yeah, you should know that better than anyone with the amount of times you’ve moved on a straight’
your mother
your mother 6 місяців tagasi
he destroyed loads more eardrums
Richard 6 місяців tagasi
Kimi's race engineer lying to him about Leclerc having jumped out of the car. Leclerc was still in the car, talking to his race engineer, when Kimi got his answer. Why?
QbanWay 88
QbanWay 88 6 місяців tagasi
You dont see Vettel anymore... not even in the highlights...
Shaik Yaseen
Shaik Yaseen 6 місяців tagasi
I thought this was video game
John Cash
John Cash 6 місяців tagasi
Stroll’s engineer is always a d!ck
x,cb,x 6 місяців tagasi
Are you sur about that
Max Brown
Max Brown 6 місяців tagasi
10:15 love that kimi asks if it is all ok :)
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 7 місяців tagasi
Aria Futaba's emotion though. WOW.
Gerry D
Gerry D 7 місяців tagasi
Big missed highlight: Engineer to Romain - do you think Hulkenberg will fit in your chair ?🤣🤣🤣
crxdelsolsir 7 місяців tagasi
2018 Gasly: Now we can fight! 2018 Haters: Sure buddy 2019 Gasly: P2 (Germany) 2019 Haters: It is not P1 2020 Gasly: P1 (Italy) 2020 Haters: *Pie Face*
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 7 місяців tagasi
0:33 behind or *ahead* ?
Slashr 7 місяців tagasi
Put me in the seat of that alfa in 2 years. I may be a nobody with very little experience but I’m confident that I’m built for this. It’s a dream of mine to drive one of these cars.
axtech24core 7 місяців tagasi
10:00 saddest apology i ever heard
Hugo Filho
Hugo Filho 7 місяців tagasi
The best run of the year. Finally.
Soraaa 7 місяців tagasi
All ok on the crash?
lapierre jean
lapierre jean 7 місяців tagasi
Magique. Go Pierre go !
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