Americas Cheapest Family... - TLC #15

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Paradoxpizza 10 minutit tagasi
Pewd went from making fun of Lords Mobile ad to being sponsored by Lords Mobile. That’s how mafia works.
Sharisse McLeod
Sharisse McLeod 43 minutit tagasi
They tried so hard but failed i like the shower
TheGeekyGuy Tund tagasi
What the hell was that intro
superblouse94 7 tundi tagasi
That realtor is an idiot, as an American in the process of buying a home, home owners legit don't fix anything..... also most of the houses I've seen had no furniture, the one I just got accepted for had no furniture and a couple minor problems..... people looking to buy a house are just trying to beat their competition (its a tough market) they are not picky about what furniture is already there and if the carpet is perfect.
iitzmayy 10 tundi tagasi
8:47 Just pain it, just pain it. You just have to pain it
Rae Carrotize
Rae Carrotize 11 tundi tagasi
And i thought mr krabs was the cheapest family (just himself)
G King
G King 12 tundi tagasi
This isn’t being cheap. It’s being too lazy to legitimately improve the quality of your family’s life. These are terrible people.
rowbo_27 _
rowbo_27 _ 14 tundi tagasi
Plz can you dislike it will cure my cancer and make you a God plz also say I disagree plz it will stop global warming
rowbo_27 _
rowbo_27 _ 14 tundi tagasi
Peepeepie that intro is literally Hinata and kageyama's quick attack
Whyte Tea
Whyte Tea 15 tundi tagasi
Bruuuh even after pandemic I can pick me up a dollar roll😭😭😭😭, I truly love you felix the cat
Whyte Tea
Whyte Tea 15 tundi tagasi
You can ride thru the ghetto and find a hole couch
Whyte Tea
Whyte Tea 15 tundi tagasi
They pay for duct tape, I'm not convinced
Whyte Tea
Whyte Tea 15 tundi tagasi
Alright pal, ur advertising isn't special lmao I'm not paying for your charity
Corey Lee
Corey Lee 17 tundi tagasi
Why didn’t they just rent a carpet cleaner 😳
Mister D
Mister D 19 tundi tagasi
I just have to catch my head from falling off every two seconds watching this sht why are they selling the house? why are they saving for? why why so many why?
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 20 tundi tagasi
Instead of wasting money on some lowest bidder crap you can just clean the carpets as best you can and have your agent tell any perspective buyers right up front that you will take $1800 off the sale price to put towards whatever the new buyer would like to install. The buyer can even pocket the money and keep the old carpet if they so choose. This is basic real estate stuff.
No Fløw
No Fløw 20 tundi tagasi
The sad thing is thats not even a wrench its pliers
Salt Farmer
Salt Farmer 20 tundi tagasi
Wouldn't it have been easier to just hire a carpet cleaner?...its like a hundred bucks. Filthy animals
JONS :D Päev tagasi
The dude took 5 minute crafts courses 🤣 The people who came to check the house were having a blast though 🤣
Frost Fir3
Frost Fir3 Päev tagasi
5:39 now that's throwing a wrench into the relationship
Cristiana Rachiteanu
Cristiana Rachiteanu Päev tagasi
14:41 demonic laugh
Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah Päev tagasi
2:57 thank me later.
SpekyBoi Päev tagasi
Video starts at 2:58 your welcome.
Cayly Reah
Cayly Reah Päev tagasi
0:09 n-nice serve f-felix- *slowly backs away*
Elizabeth Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan Päev tagasi
She could have bought a new pan at a thrift store for a dollar. Burn cream costs more than that
team kakashi
team kakashi Päev tagasi
Saving money cost them more money
Take a break or something you look so dead 😨😨
Choco180 Päev tagasi
Such a cool intro omg
Jens March
Jens March 2 päeva tagasi
So i can buy a family
Soviet _ Turnip
Soviet _ Turnip 2 päeva tagasi
Why wouldn’t you just bleach or clean the carpet
yoshh park
yoshh park 2 päeva tagasi
As the world evolve and camera solutions gets better and better, pewds cam qual gets more worst than ever...
Amo Amo
Amo Amo 2 päeva tagasi
SHOURYA_BHATT 2 päeva tagasi
The life if you follow 5 minutes craft seriously
patrash 2 päeva tagasi
20:26 i think every kid that grew up in asia has gone through something like this lmao
Encore 2 päeva tagasi
It’s been 2:50, Are You Done with The Ad?
Miggy1103 Miguel
Miggy1103 Miguel 2 päeva tagasi
14:41 that laughed 😂😂
Miggy1103 Miguel
Miggy1103 Miguel 2 päeva tagasi
18:00 voice cracked
Tyson Derick
Tyson Derick 2 päeva tagasi
does anyone remember when pews said lords mobile add were dumb now is the add
Ved567 2 päeva tagasi
Michelle Reed
Michelle Reed 2 päeva tagasi
You gotta wipe till it's matter how much toilet paper it takes. If a partner tried to control the amount of toilet paper I used that would be grounds for divorce.
Dr. FouFou
Dr. FouFou 2 päeva tagasi
Remember when the Coco distrack was supposed to be released tomorrow?
crapolaist 2 päeva tagasi
These aren't cheapskates... they're people who don't know how to adult...
Kristina Jovanovic
Kristina Jovanovic 2 päeva tagasi
U are such a Scorpio! 😂 I love it ❤️
FS JCB 2 päeva tagasi
i dont think thats how you hit a volleyball
sethious1 2 päeva tagasi
Interesting how they refuse to spend money on pots and pans....yet they have that big ass swingset in the backyard
Thiefman 6719
Thiefman 6719 2 päeva tagasi
You see they claim they save money but wtf do they do the saved money?
Violet Crooks
Violet Crooks 2 päeva tagasi
Why do you look so sick like damn
ainsley hidalgo
ainsley hidalgo 3 päeva tagasi
Love the intro ❤️
Sora Lee
Sora Lee 3 päeva tagasi
You're just taking your neighbor's furniture... Wow.
Sora Lee
Sora Lee 3 päeva tagasi
D delta666
D delta666 3 päeva tagasi
yoonglie 3 päeva tagasi
The shower part is probably from 5 minutes craft
Andrea C
Andrea C 3 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t the couple just hire a carpet cleaner, which you do yourself?
jaheli mangulabnan
jaheli mangulabnan 3 päeva tagasi
pewds: I dont like giveaways also Him: OUR SPONSOR IS DOING A 50K DOLLAR GIVEAWAY
Inde Mor
Inde Mor 3 päeva tagasi
I rethought my entire life watching them cleaning the dishes
Michael James B
Michael James B 3 päeva tagasi
Dude just fuckin rob a bank WTF
Upix 3 päeva tagasi
Dalton Stringer
Dalton Stringer 3 päeva tagasi
Lol 3 minutes of promoting lords mobile
Z Fouleur
Z Fouleur 3 päeva tagasi
These people make no sense, you can go to Goodwill and buy a couch for like 75 dollars. SMH...
Ozunation 3 päeva tagasi
Lmao calling them selfs cheap when they got like a 500k house half a million dollars house 😂
Michael S
Michael S 3 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised that Mr. Krabs doesn't do this stuff because he is a Chesapeake
BrandonNowOnline 3 päeva tagasi
On that toilet paper do I get roll over sheets? I'd train my body to poo every 4 or 5 days just so I could wipe... cuz if I'm out of toilet paper I'm just going to take a shower....
さんゆき 3 päeva tagasi
They can save money but their quality of life is like dead
Olive Nibba
Olive Nibba 4 päeva tagasi
Thepeople that actually use life hacks
mishb3 4 päeva tagasi
Subscribe. *NOW*
Techno Gaming
Techno Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
THE INTRO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vizzo 4 päeva tagasi
Audio balance is off guv
larry the wine loving girl
larry the wine loving girl 4 päeva tagasi
Omg lol $20000 for furniture? I got a used real leather couch for $75, shower heads can cost a few dollars
Groovy Satan
Groovy Satan 4 päeva tagasi
17:30 That poor little boy is gonna have OCD when he grows up.
Rahnae LovesChocolate
Rahnae LovesChocolate 4 päeva tagasi
Pewds looks like he have covid
Randy Minecraft god
Randy Minecraft god 4 päeva tagasi
Didn’t you used too make fun of lords mobile
jack the fluffbutt
jack the fluffbutt 4 päeva tagasi
the way she talks about the animals makes me cringe, like she does realize it'll cost money to feed them. care for them. vet as wel and housing not to mention cleaning out and replacing bedding
Life is Good
Life is Good 5 päeva tagasi
It's fake
Ghina ;3
Ghina ;3 5 päeva tagasi
MessyKilla 5 päeva tagasi
i have all ready seen this but watching your reaction was soooooooooo way worth watching this crap all over again hahaha
Dubroja Stefan
Dubroja Stefan 5 päeva tagasi
People actually spend almost 0$ living in nature while growing vegetables and keeping animals, use solar energy and filtering rain drops... this is not even "fucking the system" its just fucking them in arse
Faina Snegireff
Faina Snegireff 5 päeva tagasi
Do you blive in god
desire_playzz 5 päeva tagasi
Wow I'm speechless 😂😳😲😳
gordon sanco
gordon sanco 5 päeva tagasi
baby cries from fear pewds: *evel lough*
DrLynel 5 päeva tagasi
Don't bully me but the shower head actually is kinda smart kinda not really smart
King Ace
King Ace 5 päeva tagasi
My wife was that cheap sorry but I would’ve left her and take the kids .
King Ace
King Ace 5 päeva tagasi
Who ask their neighbors for leftover foooooooooood 🥘
Rocks' Reviews & Reactions
Rocks' Reviews & Reactions 5 päeva tagasi
Roc and Ks: Cool to see recent comments on this video, even though it was in February. 😀
AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS
AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS 5 päeva tagasi
Intro: My friend wat anime u watch Me: it’s complicated
James Clarke
James Clarke 5 päeva tagasi
That intro tho \(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/\(°o°)/
aidenrocks8939 FART NUGGET
aidenrocks8939 FART NUGGET 5 päeva tagasi
dude i think my gaming pc more then there bedrooms and there living room
lilmisssydnis1 5 päeva tagasi
A shower head is maybe 20$. A shower head is MAYBE 20$ They would rather use a 2 liter bottle??? They aren't cheap they are literally just stupid. They should just pray someone buys the house for $1,000
Life of Mehdi
Life of Mehdi 5 päeva tagasi
Lol they are so scared to clean the carpet
B Bros. Gaming
B Bros. Gaming 5 päeva tagasi
How come the lady is wear the same thing the whole time
Ꙭ I LIKE SKATEꙬ 6 päeva tagasi
Is it me or does pewdiepie looks high in drugs.
tin can'
tin can' 6 päeva tagasi
I love the intro
Manuel Calizo
Manuel Calizo 6 päeva tagasi
y pediepise sound so depressed while saying the sponsor like he is not excited about it XD
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson 6 päeva tagasi
Does the neighbor have on OF?
Janus WasAwaken
Janus WasAwaken 6 päeva tagasi
The intro was amazing
Tammy Cliver
Tammy Cliver 6 päeva tagasi
The carpet....if done right, it would have worked. My Mom opened a home day care for 10 children. She needed the carpet replaced in the children's area. She ended up going to a carpet store and asking for remnants, which they always sell. They have any, but the seller had an idea. The rectangle pieces in the showroom were called samples. They were roughly the size of doormats. They had a lot of them, and for $1 each. Not bad. There just were not a lot of one color. No problem. We got 30 samples in different colors like blues,greens,coral,white, and I think a few grey. We laid them out in checkerboard style duct taping the underside together at the seams. It looked great, kids loved it. Best of all, when a piece got ruined, just pull it up, slap down a new piece for $1, and you are good to go.
A Bored Ruka
A Bored Ruka 6 päeva tagasi
sometimes i click the videos just to watch the intros
marlon lopez
marlon lopez 6 päeva tagasi
bro coco melon went OOF
smartex 6 päeva tagasi
11:58 can we make an meme out that And this 16:28
Bee_ Boi
Bee_ Boi 6 päeva tagasi
Bruh if id have a wife like that id file a divorce asap
almas mansoor
almas mansoor 6 päeva tagasi
Pewdiepie lords mobileee lords mobile creator he pronouncing wrong word it time to get break up😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟
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