Why I’ve Got a Bad Feeling about Sainz and Leclerc at Ferrari

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There certainly hasn't been a lot to be excited about for Ferrari fans over the past year, but now in the post Vettel era they'll be hoping for a fresh start and a return to the highest of being able to challenge for titles with the help of there new signing Carlos Sainz. However, although on paper this signing should be a huge positive for the team, in this video I talk about why I have doubts over whether or not leaving McLaren was the right move for Sainz.

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Lewis Senior
Lewis Senior Päev tagasi
How you said field triggered me
xex 3 päeva tagasi
I hope red bull win a champions again before Ferrari..
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
Arizona Hobbies & Rec 5 päeva tagasi
This aged well as of qualifying today
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
Arizona Hobbies & Rec 2 päeva tagasi
@MoGunz24 reread my comment
MoGunz24 2 päeva tagasi
Did it?
pin55head 6 päeva tagasi
12:47 No. Disliked
Chris San
Chris San 7 päeva tagasi
Yes its all about the myth ferrari. But you don t win by myths but by clever management hard work and the best technology
ccotton99 8 päeva tagasi
Did I hear you say that Danny ric doesn’t have a big ego? Are we watching the same person?
D Kits
D Kits 9 päeva tagasi
Ricc"I"ardo. And he left RB because he did not want to second fiddle ... so why would he go to Ferrari?
Yyaann 9 päeva tagasi
binotto is a jerk
Armah TADSESE 9 päeva tagasi
We know why Carlos is good in rainy situation
Réine grenf
Réine grenf 9 päeva tagasi
Honest opinion.. his decision was made early 2020..May was announcement but would have been speaking to them atleast around April or even March. So he was basing his decision off Ferrari 2019 performance which was very fast. So he didn't make a wrong move based on that, but unfortunately he couldn't have forseen 2020 ferrari. Based on 2019 performance he was making a good career move... Also, sainz moving is actually either going to make or break his career.. Unpopular opinion (not from a charles fangirl) : Charles has always been tipped as a world champion, he was quick out the gate and has achieved numerous podiums. Sainz has never really been given that kind of praise.. And his driving has never really exceeded just above average. He doesn't stand out, never has. Problem is, he is going to be beaten by Charles often. And this is problematic because in the f1 netflix show Sainz was struggling mentally when losing to his team mate. He admitted to this. Lando Norris is no Charles. So if he can't perform at Charles level, he's going to suffer. At Mclaren, he was number one.. He now will most probably be a no 2 driver, and Mick will no doubt join Ferrari. (ferrari adore Michael S).. He is basically a seat warmer. He has also created the same problem for his old teammate Lando Norris at Mclaren. Lando was almost catching up to Sainz in points, they pushed each other because they were close in speed.. But with Ric around at Mclaren, Norris won't match up.. Its a disaster.
FPL Asssist
FPL Asssist 10 päeva tagasi
I think Sainz & Leclerc reminds me of the partnership with Kimi & Massa both team players
Niclas Horn
Niclas Horn 10 päeva tagasi
Sainz is the new Barrichello.
Bob DeVreeze
Bob DeVreeze 10 päeva tagasi
The car is not up to the team....period. Ferrari is only slightly better than last year ..and they have the rest of this year to screw it up...
adam 11 päeva tagasi
I like Sainz and I really hope his switch to the prancing ponies turns out to be a great move but I have a feeling that it’s going to be another Vettel situation. Mick is going to be in a Ferrari in 2023. No doubt in my mind. And they aren’t going to get rid of Leclerc. Unfortunately I see Sainz being a place holder through the next two seasons till Mick get acclimated to F1 then Sainz will be let go. When I heard of the trade last year i thought he should’ve stayed with Mcclaren. I still feel that way but I really hope Sainz goes out there and performs. I just don’t know if Ferrari has the car.
Zulfiqaar Khan
Zulfiqaar Khan 14 päeva tagasi
Carlos is outright quality. And he is there as a younger driver to help develop Charles. Seb has lost his spark and Ferrari needed someone to help Charles and the team. So this is actually a great pairing for future success...my opinion.
one armed man
one armed man 15 päeva tagasi
Mattio Bonehead, the lead of Fercrappi
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 15 päeva tagasi
Ferrari Will stick with their mentality of a #1 and #2 driver. I'm a McLaren follower and I believe that it was best for both to stay at McLaren, but he chose to leave, perhaps in the future he will come back after starting to fade away in Ferrari just as happened with Seb
AdonisGaming93 16 päeva tagasi
Verstappen and dani crash at baku and racing each other shows ego. Sainz really hasn't gotten much ego. With norris there was banter constantly. And with nico hulkenberg and renault the racing was fine imo seemed like they got along.
chumleyok 17 päeva tagasi
Ferrari doesn't listen to their drivers unless they have won a championship for them. That's their main problem.
Theadore Snibblegoober
Theadore Snibblegoober 19 päeva tagasi
Vetted has lost his nerve. Alex albon would have been great he is a aggressive driver and that’s what a Ferreira all about
Monty Boon
Monty Boon 21 päev tagasi
Sainz must feel like his seat is at risk cuz Binotto said he wants to see Mick Schumacher at ferrari by 2023 and Leclerc has a garenteed seat until at least 2024
Noel Gibson
Noel Gibson 22 päeva tagasi
blablabla zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
EverythingTechPro 23 päeva tagasi
Leclerc + Bonito is the worst ferrari combination. Not even Mick can make ferrari win a championship if the management of ferrari is not changed along with bonito. That's why i think Vettal was pushed out to blame it on the driver though the ferrari car was the worst in the grid.
EverythingTechPro 23 päeva tagasi
Ferrari going with Italian it speaks volume how they din't hire talented engineers who went to mercedes just because they were not italian. Stupid management policy. Ferrari will never win like this and also with bonito as head there is no way.
James H
James H 24 päeva tagasi
Most of us just know the surface of the situation. Internal factors, such as policies, goals, strategies based on what the organization have, politics etc..which sets the final decision. The inner circles are not going to tell us. But I would bet the people in charge and pay grades at several millions per year would make the right decisions. The rest of us is based the surface in arrive at our views.
Eric haskell
Eric haskell 27 päeva tagasi
Its all a crap shoot, same as it would be with any other choice of driver. If Charles and Carlos are four or five position different in finish positions (which I doubt) changes will be made.
daniel thompson
daniel thompson 28 päeva tagasi
Leclerc made too many errors last season causing crashes and only getting away without penalties because well he's driving for Ferrari. He is not in the top 3 drivers in F1.
E 1530
E 1530 26 päeva tagasi
Lynyrd 29 päeva tagasi
If you think Daniel Riccardo doesn't have a massive ego, you are only proving either how little you know or your lack of perception. Riccardo is a blowhard and actually thinks that he is good looking. A good looking anteater maybe. He's so full of sh... He couldn't take that he wasn't second to Verstappen, so he left. He announced a commitment to Renault and then left. Riccardo is s Phony.
irritablearchitect 29 päeva tagasi
It might help if the Scuderia drivers got out and pushed...seriously, Hamilton couldn't have gotten that car from last year into the winner's circle.
Dejan Stankovic
Dejan Stankovic Місяць tagasi
Wrong you dont see Vetel loosed 2 opportunities and one was really harsh, and it was up to him and not that Mercedes better car .
Dejan Stankovic
Dejan Stankovic Місяць tagasi
if or what do not count, whats the point is : Its an honor to be in Ferrari... more then any other team
Jlws _117
Jlws _117 Місяць tagasi
I think that Ferrari will probably get more out of signing Carlos than Carlos will. We got to wait to see how Schumacher adapts to F1 but I would not want to have to keep reminding them why they shouldn’t replace me with the son of their most legendary driver ever
C H Місяць tagasi
Leclerc is a devious little shit, I hope it goes pair shaped for him with Sainz!
Thaman Vlogs
Thaman Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Im just waiting to say -"well this didnt age well"
BADBOY Місяць tagasi
Leclerc is up there but definitely not top 3 yet
Jimmy Chin
Jimmy Chin Місяць tagasi
Perez and Verstappen will be more interesting, bcuz we know Perez is more feisty than Albon.
Phobos Productions
Phobos Productions Місяць tagasi
Hope that Schumi won't join them, the Ferrari Era is over, you can't throw money at something anymore and win. They are just lazy Italians, Schumi to Mercedes!
Barks Life
Barks Life Місяць tagasi
Very few drivers get to race in F1, and even fewer get to race for Ferrari. That's your answer to that question. McLaren is not Ferrari. He will do better than most people think, but I don't expect that he'll beat Charles over the course of a season on the reg. Charles is on Hamilton, Verstappen, Dan, George level. Carlos is more like Perez. Complete gun, but just a touch off the top tier. Absolutely what you want as a second driver in a top team. I'd be happy to be wrong about either of them, though. :)
Nadir Ünal
Nadir Ünal Місяць tagasi
Is it so difficult to inderstand that Ferrari 2021 season is sold to Mercedes just as the previous season?
Dani Martínez
Dani Martínez Місяць tagasi
If Ferrari drops Sainz to hire Mick Schumacher, remember that Alonso has a two years contract and if Sainz makes a good two years in Ferrari, every team will want to have him in the team. Other thing We are forgetting is that Mick Schumacher has to perform. Just like Russell is doing now. Clearly outperforming his team mate every single time. And He's got Mazepin as a team mate and I think Mazepin is going to be a hard contender.
romeo serban
romeo serban Місяць tagasi
Leclerc top 3 ???? he is not even top 5. Let's see, Hamilton, Alonso, Verstapen, Sainz, Perez, Ricciardo, and I would say Gassly is a way better driver than Leclerc. Put them in identical cars and lets do a shootout. Let's not forget Russell.
E 1530
E 1530 26 päeva tagasi
abitoutofsorts Місяць tagasi
Sainz will shine in the mid field
YEAH RIGHT Місяць tagasi
Well, you may have a bad feeling about this, and time will tell, but there is a reason why you are a EEexsr and not a team manager!
Johnny Rico
Johnny Rico Місяць tagasi
Ferraris strategy is pitting to young ambitious talents together and seeing who sticks out then going with a BOTTAS type after a few
MrKarty01 Місяць tagasi
Binnotto, Charles and Carlos all have two years to prove themselves. Binnotto and Leclerc have to be WC in that time. Pressures on them! I think people will be surprised how close in pace Carlos will be. Still can''t see Ferrari doing it in the timescale the italian media will give them.
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico Місяць tagasi
Ferrari has morphed into another McLaren. Both teams are inconsiquemtial in F1 today.
Robert Stoel
Robert Stoel Місяць tagasi
Sainz is faster than Leclerc i think.
Stu Flyboy Reay
Stu Flyboy Reay Місяць tagasi
Sorry to see Carlos go but happy Danny Ricciardo is joining McLaren. Not sure if it is the right move for Carlos, only time will tell
killerblueskies Місяць tagasi
I completely agree with this. I understand it's tough to reject Ferrari when they come knocking, but it's clear that Sainz is here to be the number 2 to Leclerc when he's arguably in the peak of his career. If he proves himself to be the more consistent driver between the two (and my suspicion is that he would be), there would be tension and disgruntlement from both sides. Leclerc has also shown that he can be a ruthless competitor. When he was still the number 2 driver to Vettel, he refused to give his teammate a tow at Monza so he could protect his pole position. I have no doubts that we'll see this side of Leclerc throughout this season now that Vettel is gone.
Krish T
Krish T Місяць tagasi
How come Ham is best driver ..Russel proved it
Andy Bai
Andy Bai Місяць tagasi
Watch 2018 Baku race and Austria qualifying again, you would understand more Ferrari passed on Ricciardo. Sainz may not be the perfectly ideal choice, but is the lesser less-ideal of the two. I do agree the whole Ferrari politics and Italian culture might cause some headaches for Sainz.
OnjorO Місяць tagasi
rosberg and hamilton v2?
Carlos Geli
Carlos Geli Місяць tagasi
i think Sainz is gonna get screwed over somehow, maybe not this year but probably next year and he’d be looking for a different environment maybe return to Mclaren 🤷🏽‍♂️
sugarman454 Місяць tagasi
It's a shitbox.
Tassy Місяць tagasi
Let's be real here. Sainz is a seat filler for Schumacher. Mick in an interview when asked about why he chose Haas over Alfa he said him and Ferrari spoke and felt it's best for right now. So of course Ferrari has a strategy to bring him in later. Plus Ferrari this year is lending part of their team to Haas ..this can't be a coincidence but preparing Mick for a better Ferrari car later.
Borja Alonso
Borja Alonso Місяць tagasi
Riccardo has an ego and that's why left RB
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster Місяць tagasi
Hopefully mission spinnow can live up to the name and be mission winnow
vikeng21 Місяць tagasi
Sainz was well off at McLaren. With the mercedes engine below him he could have had a really good advantage. But the allure of Ferrari is too much to handle. He got sucked in and now would have to test waters first before actually going for a win. Then there is Leclerc factor. 2 hot extremely good drivers in a team going for a win and we already know the results.
Daniel O'Kane
Daniel O'Kane Місяць tagasi
If I was him I'd listen to everything you said and still move to fezza. It's a works teams vs a customer engine team. His odds are probably better with Ferrari.
Stan Kub
Stan Kub Місяць tagasi
I have a worse feeling for Norris and Ricciardo...
Giacomo Monaco
Giacomo Monaco Місяць tagasi
This video is full of assumptions. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
sultanabran1 Місяць tagasi
so much talking with no substance in this video
Sibi Renganatth
Sibi Renganatth Місяць tagasi
I think Ferrari would and should have learnt a lesson from Vettel and Leclerc. Vettel's lack of performances was partly due to a car with which he is not comfortable and sudden switch from No. 1 to No. 2. That's the reason, Ferrari also went for Sainz over Danny Ric or even other guys, if it were really under discussion. Sainz has matured as a team player and driver. And that's what Ferrari would prefer. Sainz and Leclerc are equally potent, and they will have neck to neck battles. But Ferrari should realise this and make team calls based on the situations and not on their preferred no. 1 driver
Superior Eight
Superior Eight Місяць tagasi
yea, i think carlos wont be able to joke around with charles selfcentric toxicity. If carlos cant joke around as he used to he will only be an avarage driver. Ferrari simply doesnt know how to build a non- toxic functioning team.
Zee Z Music
Zee Z Music Місяць tagasi
Ferrari is known to switch attention to more successful driver easily, Sainz believe that’s his best option of winning the championship. If he can score more points than Leclerc he’ll become first driver. That’s probably what he believes, and of course who would decline offer from Ferrari besides Mercedes and Red Bull drivers
Wes Terrell
Wes Terrell Місяць tagasi
In the videos I’ve seen, there seems to already be an underlying “tension”. They don’t seem to be having fun.
M Oliver
M Oliver Місяць tagasi
Binotto is not Jean Todt, Leclerc is not Michael Schumacher, Enrico Cardille / Simone Resta are not Ross Brawn. A historic combination of talents like this in the same team as occurred in the years 2000 to 2004 is not easily repeated, now with an impossible ceiling and budget limit, Ferrari will be the hardest hit team on the grid because it has always had the biggest budget in Formula 1.
M Oliver
M Oliver Місяць tagasi
There are no miracles in physics or mechanical engineering, unless there are cheats and frauds in the regulation, Ferrari at most will be able to recover the loss of power compared to last year's engine and slightly improve the chassis due to budgetary limitations in tokens in the regulation for 2021. Vettel is more driver than Sainz, his departure is a loss to Ferrari, although he was not in a good moment, he is a four-time world champion and with extensive experience in driving competitive cars.
Yerrie Місяць tagasi
Ferrari normally want’s and now needs the absolute nr1, neither of them is, sooner or later they will call Jos
Norwegian idiot
Norwegian idiot Місяць tagasi
In my team career mode in F1 2020 Daniel got to ferrari
Casper Hansen
Casper Hansen Місяць tagasi
why do you underestimate Sainz so much
Enzo Місяць tagasi
Don't worry, you are not only one with this opinion...so do I, my friend...so do I, unfortunately..
Mr Tower
Mr Tower Місяць tagasi
Carlos is going to have the edge on race day
Mr Tower
Mr Tower Місяць tagasi
I'm excited for this year , sainz might surprise Leclerc .
NORTHMAN Місяць tagasi
I cant wait to see Charles destroy Sainz. I also dont think Hamilton is in the top 5 F1 driver but hey, that's just my opinion!
Anne Rud
Anne Rud Місяць tagasi
Never felt that Sainz was a top driver. I have Lewis, Max and Riccardo as my tops. Love Seb. None of the others stand out.
Anne Rud
Anne Rud Місяць tagasi
Bonotto already said Sainz is out as soon as they can sign Schumacher. Carlos was dumb to sign w them. Ferrari will screw up his career.
Miguel Paiewonsky
Miguel Paiewonsky Місяць tagasi
bruh why u nervous, if it gets bad itll be hella entertaining, being nervous kinda gay ngl bruh
shaunmark1 2 місяці tagasi
Great video as always. I don't think I like Binnoto in his role, unless he can do what he wants and is backed, which he isn't. He's set to fail. For Sainz I think he's a good fit for #2 at Ferrari. I can't think of anywhere Sainz could go and not be #2.
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar 2 місяці tagasi
2:02 wait what?? They are both GREAT drivers? No way Everyone knows Daniel Is GREAT can't say for sure for Carlos. He is just not the same level. So calling both regardless THE SAME is wrong in my opinion.
DaGauntlett 2 місяці tagasi
I think he made a mistake. I expect way more from McLaren with the Mercedes engine and Seidl on the lead. But probably the magic of the word Ferrari has more value than a better team and winning, because I think this will take some time.
PsD14JR 2 місяці tagasi
Drivers are talented.. Ferrari has big problem.. Ferrari itself.. they need new Ross brawn / Jean Todt..
John Abney
John Abney 2 місяці tagasi
The reason is simple, you hit it at the end - FERRARI, the prancing horse, end of story. If two F1 drivers hit on the same woman in a bar and one says I race a Mercedes and the other says I race a Ferrari, who is she going home with? 🤣
TheJellyFish626 2 місяці tagasi
I don’t know if this was the intention of his statement but it sounds like he’s implying that Sainz made a stupid decision
DayDream Believer
DayDream Believer 2 місяці tagasi
I’m afraid in the end they will crap on Carlos. Vetted isn’t the first driver they have treated that way.
Jay S
Jay S 2 місяці tagasi
I'm getting my popcorn out for this show. Ferrari is a toxic team where careers go to die and banks on nostalgia of the Enzo era.
A Z 2 місяці tagasi
I am asking myself...why did I spent time to watch this....honestly ..there are more interesting subjects to devote time as audience and as video makers.Time is precious,I shouldn’t waste it listening to someone’s mental masturbations.I am speaking as a car enthusiast and professional in the automotive world.
Frankie Ag Nostos
Frankie Ag Nostos 2 місяці tagasi
How many race wins in F1 has Carlos Sainz? Is he more likely to win races in a Ferrari or in a McLaren?
eden5260 2 місяці tagasi
What's the thing about mentioning the drivers ability to speak Italian ? Its F1 ! Does anyone expects Mercedes drivers to speak German ?
Sixty4motorsport 2 місяці tagasi
yeah I think this will not end well. Just doesn't seem like a match made in heaven.
Marcel Oliete
Marcel Oliete 2 місяці tagasi
Sainz is in Ferrari to become WC, and he will. Charles is a good driver but in my opinion overrated. Sainz has a full knowledge of mechanics and he knows how to develop and improve his own car. Let's see how Leclerc handles having Carlos as his teammate, mmm not sure about that...
juggamii nagalö
juggamii nagalö 2 місяці tagasi
Nobody wants to work with the Googly eyed Principal of ferrari! The ego of that loser is pathetic.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 місяці tagasi
Whats happened to your voice and the 'd's?
Deplorable Irish
Deplorable Irish 2 місяці tagasi
I reckon that 10" square piece of the bulkhead either side of the drivers head "ray ban" must be the most expensive piece of real estate on the planet!!!
WacKEDmaN 2 місяці tagasi
leclerc will throw his toys and have a cry when carlos out does him every race... Sainz is a wayyy more mature driver than leclerc will ever be how do you say no to ferrari? "the car is a POS!"
deedas 2 місяці tagasi
Don’t get me wrong leclerc is top notch, but at worst third best driver? You’re bat 💩 crazy.
ShadowClaw115 2 місяці tagasi
sharl legerg
Erman Lund
Erman Lund 2 місяці tagasi
Ferrari needs a new management completely! the performance will be like last year. maby its the end for Ferraris aera?
titancheat 2 місяці tagasi
Both young guys that want to win and be number 1. What could go wrong? Especially at Ferrari. 🤣
Paul Tomasso
Paul Tomasso 2 місяці tagasi
Ricardo would of been a better choice for sure
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