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jinnie eats

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kim seokjin you never fail to amaze me with your mind. you fill every run bts episode with your wits, jokes, laughs, and most importantly your sexy brain. thank you for always entertaining us! ♡
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- jinnieats 🥄
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Samriddhi Pandey
Samriddhi Pandey 11 tundi tagasi
Istg Hes the kid who is funny Gets great marks and always makes it look he didn't work hard for it Modest when required confident and selfless all the fuckin time
J o J ø h
J o J ø h 20 tundi tagasi
2:57 ...
HeavyGirl _16
HeavyGirl _16 22 tundi tagasi
Hi guys, can someone tell me how many bts programs are there? P.S: Jin is my bias and I loved the video 💕
n Päev tagasi
Amo mucho a mi varón .
Dhanjit Boro
Dhanjit Boro 2 päeva tagasi
Our jin
namjoons left dimple
namjoons left dimple 3 päeva tagasi
seokjin supremacy. that’s all i’m gonna say.
Ciane valentino
Ciane valentino 4 päeva tagasi
V:mwa Jin:aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Me:😮😮😮😮
Pragna B
Pragna B 4 päeva tagasi
2:57 omg those sound effects it's so cute 😍😍
Seokjinie00 5 päeva tagasi
2:59 Cuuuuuuuutttte😭
Tanjin Tanjin
Tanjin Tanjin 5 päeva tagasi
Jin love u❤️
Tanjin Tanjin
Tanjin Tanjin 5 päeva tagasi
Riya bansal
Riya bansal 5 päeva tagasi
17:50 me three namjoon
Riya bansal
Riya bansal 5 päeva tagasi
He is an indeed genius..I love him
Riya bansal
Riya bansal 5 päeva tagasi
The little sound effect he gave while dancing to dynamite...just added 10 years to my life
Namjoon's 34th airpods
Namjoon's 34th airpods 6 päeva tagasi
jin: no danceu plz jin again: *Be passionate about your choreography*
jisoo kim
jisoo kim 7 päeva tagasi
DaZzling Minu
DaZzling Minu 7 päeva tagasi
My jinnie💗 moni 🌙 alway wins 💯🙆😍
Rithika 9 päeva tagasi
Again the lachimolola was the best
NightcoreObsession 10 päeva tagasi
This man is out of this world
Mimi Samat
Mimi Samat 11 päeva tagasi
Jungkooks banana milk
Jungkooks banana milk 11 päeva tagasi
By this point bighit should allow jin to open jinhit dont yall think?
Swaha Chakravorty
Swaha Chakravorty 11 päeva tagasi
Who will say that he is going to be 30 (Korean age) this year? He's like 20.
dz_chimmy 11 päeva tagasi
me : * watching bts vd * ma sister : aren't you supposed to study ? me : wait for a while (5 min later) ma sister : do you think they can help you with your result ? me : no , but they can make me happy . ma sister : * surrender and go to her room * me : * continue to watch UTube again and again * - sorry , but i can't stop watching bts even though I'm not an army .
pattithestranger 11 päeva tagasi
I had no idea Jin is so smart, WTH, I love him even more now. also, Jimin yelling "I almost died" is me every time I am forced to have a small talk.
miracle :] johnson
miracle :] johnson 12 päeva tagasi
now that i think about my fav run bts ep is definitely 116-117. i literally always go to that one-
Taehyunqiee 13 päeva tagasi
Could you tell me what kind of font did jinnie eats used......pls?
13 päeva tagasi
i'm repeat 2:47 I love him so much, omg, his voice!!!
Mabyn Kim
Mabyn Kim 13 päeva tagasi
2:47 IDK why but I loovvveed when Jin said in tiny: ᶜᵒˢ ᵃʰ ᵃʰ ⁱᵐ ⁱⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵗᵃʳˢ ᵗᵒⁿⁱᵍʰᵗ It was so cute and melodically pleasing to me😂 And the adorable dance he did afterwards🥺
Ana Clara Dispinzieri Rodrigues
Ana Clara Dispinzieri Rodrigues 13 päeva tagasi
Jin !!!!
SWAG MINARI 13 päeva tagasi
I'm happy to see that many ppl are appreciating Jin's personality for some time now. I knew he would make ppl love him the way I do, he is amaJinnn after all.
himani 14 päeva tagasi
Jin is Jinius 💜 you know ✨ I don't even think a episode without him he makes me laugh so much 😂😂
Rylene Sicalag
Rylene Sicalag 14 päeva tagasi
Jin is genius That my world wide handsome kim seokjin 💕💕💯😍
Bangtan the BEST
Bangtan the BEST 14 päeva tagasi
I can help my self but to laugh. hahaha nice video!
Grace Garcia
Grace Garcia 14 päeva tagasi
Last clip at water park is at which eps?
YUkTA Chaudhari
YUkTA Chaudhari 15 päeva tagasi
samanthapetrelli 15 päeva tagasi
He is the king of my heart...
nboni100 15 päeva tagasi
I just ... adore him!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
iman lbn
iman lbn 15 päeva tagasi
18:04 which episode was that?
Ro Sanna Resurreccion
Ro Sanna Resurreccion 16 päeva tagasi
*Here goes KING SEOKJIN🤘💜🇵🇭*
jeszironette fuentes
jeszironette fuentes 16 päeva tagasi
I love it how Jin dances in tiny.
Sagarika Deb
Sagarika Deb 16 päeva tagasi
2:49 watched this part many times just to hear him say dynamite in the most adorable way..
Vitinho Emanuel
Vitinho Emanuel 16 päeva tagasi
E dimais esses entretenimento que eles participam eu racho de dar risadas ,são meninos de ouro, são divertidos, e Unidos, e humildes também, e eles tem um enorme carinhoso uns com o outro, e com as pessoas, que amizade linda e sincera amor incondicional pelo o outro,
MegaBlubblubb 17 päeva tagasi
I so hope he will be a variety show host after BTS. he is just way too good at this. I would watch the hell out of it.
Mikee Gregorio
Mikee Gregorio 17 päeva tagasi
Thundercracker Angry Grip Harrison
Thundercracker Angry Grip Harrison 18 päeva tagasi
"자, 내가 너한테 내 하트를 다 줄게" YES PLEASE
Ju 18 päeva tagasi
So there is a chance to die while laughing 😂😂😂
TrusFrated kIm
TrusFrated kIm 18 päeva tagasi
He gets all these medals and then puts them on auction in Weverse 😀
Pie Sanchez
Pie Sanchez 18 päeva tagasi
Hi there international army here from Philippines! I'm so happy I found your channel, thank you so much for uploading vids in HD 😭
Anne Teo
Anne Teo 18 päeva tagasi
Jin is intelligent, creative and street smart plus an all around awesome entertainer who understands what is fun for us to watch.....❤
UKFanatic82 18 päeva tagasi
The way he made Tae laugh out loud so genuinely warms my heart.
Tabitha Muthyam
Tabitha Muthyam 18 päeva tagasi
Jhope amazed at jin acting skills 8:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I'm dead
Sophia Deski
Sophia Deski 19 päeva tagasi
fudge I love this man :(
Sharanya Sharma
Sharanya Sharma 19 päeva tagasi
I just love that him in gave up and is like " it's always the same name when he is on a team"😂😂😂
Micole Yangco
Micole Yangco 19 päeva tagasi
UniQue Collection's
UniQue Collection's 19 päeva tagasi
JIN 💜 JIN 💜 JIN 🇵🇰 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜 Jin 💜
Alfaz Uddin
Alfaz Uddin 20 päeva tagasi
Alfaz Uddin
Alfaz Uddin 20 päeva tagasi
Aayan Baaber
Aayan Baaber 20 päeva tagasi
Jin May You Live Long With Unlimited Happiness and Success in Your Whole Life My Ultimate and Forever Bias Worldwide Handsome Jin 💕💜💕
•Miracle Tam•
•Miracle Tam• 20 päeva tagasi
2:57 "- Are you in love?" - I'm in love, are you in love? - I'm in love too - Agree, agree, agree" 😭😭😭💜💜💜 I LOOOOOOOOOOVE him
OPRAH OPRAH 20 päeva tagasi
Facts about JIN 1 _ JIN has a Perfect Face Ratio based on Scientific Ratio Analysis . 2 _ JIN is a Graduate of a Prestigious University and was one of the 10 students Accepted out of 2012 applicants in the FILM Department ( the ratio was 10 out of 2012 applicant which is a hard ratio ) . he also was accepetd at SEJONG University an other Prestigious University in Korea. this info was published by the Acting Academy he was attending while at Highschool. and even with BTS busy Schedule he was attending classes diligently according to his Professor . By the way Lee Min Ho graduated from the same Department as JIN 3 _ JIN is considered by the Grammys panel as a “Silver Voice” they said that His breathing is so stable that he can easily switch from his head voice to his chest voice, still equipped w/ a natural vibration & pleasing falsetto which is an extremely strong advantage. 4 _ JIN is very Smart and Intelligent and has the most WINS in RUN BTS in all 137 Episodes 5 _ JIN is most FUNNY according to bts members and most importantly SUGA hhh 6 _ JIN has an attaching personality ....RM once said that if JIN was a girl he would marry him . 7 _ in 2 videos asking foreigners in New York which one of bts is more handsome the majority of the answers where JIN 8 _ JIN is Attractive even with the fact that he don't express his SEXY SIDE like V, Jimin, JK.....He is somewhat reserved and SHY 9 _ JIN is very ATHLETIC He plays Golf .....He do Snowboarding since he was kid ...wins Tennis game He loves jogging .... He do boxing.....He loves cycling JUNGKOOK once said that he becomes more interested in GYM Because of JIN 10 _ JIN is HUMBLE and Down to earth.....His father is Director of a Company. He lived since childhood in an Expensive Area of Seoul Called Songpa-Gu close to Gangnam He attented an Old Private Middle and High School in Songpa . He travelled abroad with his family since childhood . He went to study English in Australia. BUT most importantly He was humble Guy and he went to lives with bts family in that small dorm and cooked for them ....He even brought French cookware from his family kitchen to use them 11_ Jin is known for being a Hardworking Person. that was said many times by BTS members he practice for long Hours even after work.....his Dedication gives Motivation to work hard 12_ RM was the reason JK choose Bighit and JIN was the reason he STAY and didn't return to Busan . Jungkook once told a story....he said that he choose bighit when he saw RM rapping when he was 13 and after that he wanted to leave and go back to Busan because it's was HARD in the begining ... and the reason he STAY was JIN . JK said that he used to go to JIN's Parental House and they treated him like family and finally he gave up the idea of returning to Busan . that is why STAY Song ( Jungkook + JIN + RM ) has a profound meaning for the three of them beside singing for ARMY That why in a VLIVE ....RM jokingly said (i'm sad i need to do point of friendship with JIN because Jin was laughing that he don't remember ( RM part ) of STAY lyrics . and JUNGKOOK was giving JIN some Angry Stares ....I've never seen JK staring at him like this before
Maica Martinez Denia
Maica Martinez Denia 21 päev tagasi
In The Part Of 14:58 always get me and makes me laugh so hard.....and in the part of 18:00 always get me too🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Innocentyoongi 22 päeva tagasi
So smart
muumeee mee
muumeee mee 22 päeva tagasi
Im so sorry but yoongi visual is distract me in 05:35
Envy_ 23 päeva tagasi
We call him JINius
Peggy Malik
Peggy Malik 23 päeva tagasi
And Jin is also a great cook! What can't he do?
Sydney Downunder
Sydney Downunder 23 päeva tagasi
He got it made .. what can I say? Plain genius 😍
Mary Sloan
Mary Sloan 24 päeva tagasi
Jin's a smart cookie so funny to watch laughing so loud 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Maxxi500 lyrics
Maxxi500 lyrics 24 päeva tagasi
trophy goes to.... Jineous💅
BTS 4ever
BTS 4ever 25 päeva tagasi
Fave Jin winning moment : ep. 80 at the mall and Yoongi’s reaction!
Ana Santos
Ana Santos 25 päeva tagasi
Eu amooo quando o Jin se dá bem ele é muito esforçada, não que os outros não sejam e eu ame todos eles💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Dukter Fatema
Dukter Fatema 25 päeva tagasi
Jin was soooo cute when he was dubbing oh my heart 😍😍he is a beauty with brain ❤️❤️
light up
light up 25 päeva tagasi
3:03 what ep is this?
lakshmi devi
lakshmi devi 19 päeva tagasi
Run BTS ep 134
lucky rishi
lucky rishi 25 päeva tagasi
I want to know the all the episodes number please help me 🥺.
lakshmi devi
lakshmi devi 18 päeva tagasi
@lucky rishi most welcome
lucky rishi
lucky rishi 19 päeva tagasi
@lakshmi devi thank you army 💜💜💜
lakshmi devi
lakshmi devi 19 päeva tagasi
3:05 ep 134 3:24 ep 133 0:54 ep 135
lucky rishi
lucky rishi 25 päeva tagasi
2:30 which episode is this 🥺??
Joonscape 25 päeva tagasi
If Jungkook is the Golden maknae well then Jin is the Golden hyung
Lucas Orbegozo
Lucas Orbegozo 25 päeva tagasi
Jin es un genio incomprendido.
endxofxeternity 26 päeva tagasi
Lol you keep having to make updated videos because he *KEEPS WINNING* him and Hobi just won the latest episode 138 😂😂
AIMAN BIBI 26 päeva tagasi
DCxAvengers 27 päeva tagasi
I love his jinhit entertainment💜😂
Aarti Dubey
Aarti Dubey 27 päeva tagasi
Moon❤️ WWH
lovely malasarte
lovely malasarte 28 päeva tagasi
Jineous is Jin❤
I should love myself
I should love myself 28 päeva tagasi
this guy is funny and JINius at he same time
I should love myself
I should love myself 28 päeva tagasi
10:27 this is calming
NODUSTOLLENS 28 päeva tagasi
What I like about Seokjin is that though he could easily win every competition he focuses on the experience of the viewer, he's professional, intelligent and entertaining, never one to get caught up in his ego. I watched a clip on YT recently about choreography mistakes on stage, and Seokjin was the one with the least mistakes in the entire group, now this tells me 2 things, 1.He's naturally gifted when it comes to dancing because we have seen that he never slips and I'm personally a fan of his clean moves that are never exaggerated. 2. It's the result of discipline, lack of arrogance and hard work. Another thing we need to acknowledge is his eye for details, his observation abilities, Intelligence can show up in a physical context, too. Maybe you can’t explain how to get to a specific restaurant, but your feet know the way - even though you only walked to that part of town once, several years ago. High bodily-kinesthetic intelligence can translate to better dexterity and coordination. You remember patterns of movement and you can also replicate them. This can make you pretty good at sports and other physical activity, but it can also improve your skill with fine details. I have also noticed that Seokjin adapts to any situation handed to him no matter what it is like, he did it with the big item, it was nearly impossible to hide, but he found a way to do so, Adaptability is a key component of intelligence. It describes your ability to adjust to new situations or changing events. This trait can also connect to resilience, which is your ability to recover from adversity. I think Seokjin would excel no matter the art form or the situation. I think he's versatile and has natural prowess for most things, his graduating from a top university while being in one of the biggest boy groups says a lot about him.
Niki Ravani
Niki Ravani 28 päeva tagasi
We don't simply call him LeJINdary for nothing
Ştefania Enache
Ştefania Enache 28 päeva tagasi
He's way too good at them games👏
namratha BTS
namratha BTS 28 päeva tagasi
Jin love u 💜
Aryagandhi Jennifer
Aryagandhi Jennifer 28 päeva tagasi
9:34 Jin is so limber..OMG!!
Letícia Almeida
Letícia Almeida 29 päeva tagasi
aaaa você coloca os eps 😭💜
i think tae always win too tho ,tae and jin are ace
hojung111548 29 päeva tagasi
The Jisoo
The Jisoo 29 päeva tagasi
I can choose favourite song of BTS but can't choose the favourite run BTS 💟
Margaux De Jesus
Margaux De Jesus 29 päeva tagasi
*"Wah, this is legendary!"* Me: Er, I think u mean _✨LeJINdary✨_ 😏
溝口ケイ子 29 päeva tagasi
ジン君は兎に角頭抜群いいですなんでも出来てピカイチ 大好き❤❤❤❤ 動画有り難うございます
Shiza Khan
Shiza Khan 29 päeva tagasi
That lightning effect on hobi will always remain hilarious 😂😂😂
Morel And fade
Morel And fade Місяць tagasi
Aaron Santiago
Aaron Santiago Місяць tagasi
jiminspinky Місяць tagasi
Which run ep was the clip where Jin hid the box
Elia Simon
Elia Simon Місяць tagasi
I CANT HANDLE JIN. And every day it gets worse, someone help me I've fallen into a deep hole and cant get myself out.
Loreden Nica Elminero
Loreden Nica Elminero Місяць tagasi
why his name is jin cuz JINeous😁
bts being amazed by jin; the king of quizzes
be my jinnie
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