Super Max, Sweary Tsunoda And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

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All the radio highlights from a wild Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend.

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Monz Päev tagasi
Wth is wrong with Russell He just crashed bottas its his faulth
STl 2 päeva tagasi
Superlativo Max xd
SNG S 4 päeva tagasi
The rookie is a Rookie! Don't think people expect this much from Tsunoda! Need to remember people are watching from the land of the rising sun! Show it on the result of the track, not otherwise!
Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas 4 päeva tagasi
F1 called max as super max...noice
Lim Jack
Lim Jack 4 päeva tagasi
Kimi: "I got sprayed with all kinds of ******" 😂😂
ExoticFN 6 päeva tagasi
“It’s ok we just lost a couple positions”
Syhko 7 päeva tagasi
“ZIJN INHAAL ACTIES ZIJN BIJZONDER” Zingen ze in het liedje Super Max maar die eerste bocht live zien was echt lijp
Dpmaster9 Smh
Dpmaster9 Smh 8 päeva tagasi
I think is was Bottas fault in the crash with Russell, bottas forced Russell into the grass
Tim HENDRICKX 13 päeva tagasi
Tsuonada isiot
MrasmeetsGaming 14 päeva tagasi
Love how lando had a quadrant helmet
Someone 15 päeva tagasi
Lando sounds so different on radio lol
AL3X C#op
AL3X C#op 17 päeva tagasi
I dont know why but i love the "WHAT A ******* ****" of Valtteri 😂🤔
gigas81 18 päeva tagasi
at 5:44, Yeah thats what I always used to say when I played Ridge Racer
Joe Turton
Joe Turton 19 päeva tagasi
whats the music in the beginning of this video its amazing
AL3X C#op
AL3X C#op 19 päeva tagasi
Kimi : "Yeah i..." Kimi engineer: "Yeah yeah i know" 😂😂😂😭
Luis Carlos Flores-Quintero
Luis Carlos Flores-Quintero 20 päeva tagasi
0:20 "F*** Perez" by Yuki Tsunoda.
gansarmy 22 päeva tagasi
russel angry at bottas while it was his fault
CSGO Clips And Matches
CSGO Clips And Matches 22 päeva tagasi
i like how has anyone noticed that Gasly's voice sounds like his engineer's voice?
Broekje 23 päeva tagasi
Salty Kimi is best Kimi.
Shaneet Saha
Shaneet Saha 23 päeva tagasi
What a day, Tsunoda swore more than Gordon Ramsay
hounsell 23 päeva tagasi
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy 24 päeva tagasi
Raikkonen at 4:39 : Come on, get these two cars out of the way! Perez chequered flag(Did not aired): OK Sergio, sorry to inform you but you are finished 12th. Perez: Disaster! Vettel lap 52: OK Sebastian, we retired the car Vettel: Silent... Radio extra
Korn Wongchotiwat
Korn Wongchotiwat 25 päeva tagasi
David Mecalco
David Mecalco 25 päeva tagasi
Love the title: "Tacos Tsunoda".... LOL, Thank You guys!
Opal Watson
Opal Watson 27 päeva tagasi
The neat taste interstingly answer because flight psychologically match excluding a hard bowl. defective, psychedelic lunge
Kelly Brittain
Kelly Brittain 28 päeva tagasi
Micks engineer so calm compared to Stroll's
Nived 28 päeva tagasi
2:40. Picture perfect shot. Take a screenshot and make it wallpaper ( for redbull fans)
MrSavageKitty 28 päeva tagasi
Stroll: Something's wrong with the car! ****** Engineer: Tells him how to fix the problem. Stroll: Nothing's wrong with the car.
Roberto Segura Arciga
Roberto Segura Arciga 28 päeva tagasi
¿Superlativo Verstappen? ¿Tacos Tsunoda?
Jes 29 päeva tagasi
I love the title, someone waited for some time to do this :D
Van Gaal~
Van Gaal~ 29 päeva tagasi
Tacos Tsunoda?
Mike Gunter
Mike Gunter 29 päeva tagasi
I root for Red Bull because I like their drink, but I root for max because he is a fantastic driver.
ali ramadan
ali ramadan Місяць tagasi
George rusell went into bottas tf?
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind Місяць tagasi
I wish they'd play this music during the actual races.
Kyan Coleman
Kyan Coleman Місяць tagasi
Can someone nerf Lewis 😂
Saurabh Siddharth
Saurabh Siddharth Місяць tagasi
I hate hamilton winning ,its so boring
TeamKeruak77 Channel
TeamKeruak77 Channel Місяць tagasi
my gosh Lewis pass at 5.37 is so quick ...
Anthony Cajar
Anthony Cajar Місяць tagasi
"The whole thing is on fire brad!"
Ice Cream Studios
Ice Cream Studios Місяць tagasi
Kimi: Is near Russell at Imola Russell: Nervous sweating
Oscar M
Oscar M Місяць tagasi
What is the purpose of the car that shows on 5:57 before Verstappen? It's not Hamilton's Mercedes i believe
santa (mario)
santa (mario) Місяць tagasi
im so confused russle lost it and was complaining about some one ellse?
Tacos de Mazapán
Tacos de Mazapán Місяць tagasi
Tacos tsunoda :v
Ty Whiteman
Ty Whiteman Місяць tagasi
3:36 yea focus on spinning mazespin HA!!!
Curtizz Larsen
Curtizz Larsen Місяць tagasi
Verstappen wins because he have the fastest car...everbody can see that...
Reazon Місяць tagasi
everyone needs micks engineer sometimes :D
SynTaco Місяць tagasi
Yuki radio just starts with a automatic beep
SrFormula1 Місяць tagasi
Tacos Tsunoda B)
Dreamy_ Місяць tagasi
Red Bull Honda will win 2021! Manifest that energy please 🙏
hamiltons engineer soubds like Mumbo Jumbo check his channel
Stego Місяць tagasi
I'm pretty sure Micks engineer could cure my depression
Francis Місяць tagasi
Mazepin doing his best kimi impersonation xd
Aryan Barve
Aryan Barve Місяць tagasi
Fact : every time Russell has an accident in imola , kimi is somewhere near
PEAKcuber 28 päeva tagasi
Kimi is the chase cam
Ivandale Pasustento
Ivandale Pasustento Місяць tagasi
Kimi always has front row seats to Russel's adventures lol
Shaurya Місяць tagasi
The Audacity on George Russell to blame Bottas 😂
João Augusto Nogueira Boaventura 1L
João Augusto Nogueira Boaventura 1L Місяць tagasi
soundtrack at the background plz?
Hannah Renault
Hannah Renault Місяць tagasi
04:18 : George gets angry at Mercedes Kimi: Woah!
Emmanuell8 Місяць tagasi
OZZIE Місяць tagasi
Wow you got it! Same as the previous 7 years... WOW... Hope RB screws them over badly ;D
david42na Місяць tagasi
gasly's engineer sounds like 15 yr old
MadIIMike Місяць tagasi
If Kimi ever quits driving, he needs to be hired as commentator.
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma Місяць tagasi
Bottas's and Russell's cars lined up perfectly 👌 for the camera, even the crashes are perfectly dramatic for the fans satisfaction love the season
Diegsurf Plays
Diegsurf Plays Місяць tagasi
0:52 👀
Abdullah Місяць tagasi
Hamilton breaks his front wing in the first turn, goes in the gravel trap, and STILL manages to get P2! poor max thinks he has a chance this season!
Novastarr Місяць tagasi
Wish Yuki would curse in Japanese. Loving this kid!
N0rmaN Місяць tagasi
Lando talking like a future champion in qualifying
Rydan Місяць tagasi
Russel was at fault there.
LavishMcTavish Місяць tagasi
@2:28, I really thought he said: "The whole thing is on fire, bruh" Wouldve been better IMO xD
Shaheen Nedhal Shaheen Saqer Shaheen
Shaheen Nedhal Shaheen Saqer Shaheen Місяць tagasi
Lando is rising to the top now
Fish Voltage
Fish Voltage Місяць tagasi
Max max max super max max super super max
Reed_ Shaw
Reed_ Shaw Місяць tagasi
Can we just appreciate how calm micks engineer is
ItsLiam42_2013 Місяць tagasi
0:33 LOL
We are playing uno right now
We are playing uno right now Місяць tagasi
Kimi is his own engineer he tells his crew what to do
11RollsReus11 Місяць tagasi
Did not expect Tsuonda to have that sorta mouth on him lol. Seems like a timid guy in interviews, then brings out his inner Guenther in the cockpit
Itsmeyesisstupid Місяць tagasi
Perez be like getting in the front row: i am mr steal your front row position
_ Zynergy
_ Zynergy Місяць tagasi
Always amazed how the editors achieve to still get more attention to the Hamilton as to Verstappen; doesn't matter who wins or loses. Here again: Ham loses but gets more footage and Ver wins the race and gets less than 5 sec. Why the complain of Ham after turn 2? Ver had racing line.
7vik Ja9
7vik Ja9 Місяць tagasi
Stroll: the brakes are on fire!! Engineer: Drive Quickly (get out of our pit lane)
FormulaManuel Місяць tagasi
I always thought GP was a great engineer but Mick's one is just awesome! Hat off
SajidGaming Місяць tagasi
The guy who edited that, should get a bonus for beeping Yukis comments.
Prince Solomon
Prince Solomon Місяць tagasi
why bleeping? we aren´t children here, it´s pathetic
Federico Eiriz
Federico Eiriz Місяць tagasi
Why no simply lovely...
Punisher649 Місяць tagasi
Yeah lets go 😂😂😂 Lando Noris
Thiagosouza Ponte
Thiagosouza Ponte Місяць tagasi
Max e o melhor
Ryn Місяць tagasi
5:21 the new steering wheel
Jai Dev
Jai Dev Місяць tagasi
Tspunoda !
Slinky_Malinky Місяць tagasi
I love Tsunoda lol
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow Місяць tagasi
So glad Norris got on the podium. Totally deserved.
ResonNL Місяць tagasi
Stroll: I can't see anything Engineer: Try to use your eyesight Stroll: Yeah, that works!
superi0r Місяць tagasi
5:20 new version of "gloves and steering wheel"
bla5102 Місяць tagasi
Lucky Lewis again.
Beau Scheenstra
Beau Scheenstra Місяць tagasi
Mazepin is so rude... he makes so many mistakes before being so rude you need to prove yourself first
Illgner Місяць tagasi
Feliz que tenha legendas para o publico brasileiro e portugues
Vinicyus Lima
Vinicyus Lima Місяць tagasi
I love it's channel
Machiavelli Місяць tagasi
Still can't believe that Ferrari finished 4 and 5
Nemo DK
Nemo DK Місяць tagasi
Where is norris overtakes?? was probely the best overtake in the hole race
Friso Flor
Friso Flor Місяць tagasi
I missed Scenario 7 unfort
cc Rider
cc Rider Місяць tagasi
4:36 "It's raining Datsun Cogs."
TundeTheEpic Місяць tagasi
Yuki Tsunoda: PEREZ IS A ******* Also Yuki Tsunoda: TRAFFIC PARADISE! Then Yuki Tsunoda: **crashes into the wall**
Bakers Oven
Bakers Oven Місяць tagasi
They are absolute ducks to the engineers
Gowtham Gunasekaran
Gowtham Gunasekaran Місяць tagasi
Kimi violates his engineers every time man
Isaac Prado
Isaac Prado Місяць tagasi
Legenda em português era tudo que eu precisava bom trabalho
_Ice Місяць tagasi
***** ****** ****** Kappa
Serhiy 123
Serhiy 123 Місяць tagasi
Why Kimi's engineers are *never* listening to him?
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