I Built A Surgery Robot

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Michael Reeves

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LilyPichu: LilyPichu
Pokimane: pokimanelol

Twitter: michaelreeves
Instagram: michaelreeves808

comfy vibes - LilyPichu
saib. - Sunflowers
Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Rush
Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Too Good Too Bad

Sweet tooth Baby
Sweet tooth Baby 6 minutit tagasi
I have nightmares now
fryloc359 Tund tagasi
Why have I never seen this guy before?
greyfriday 3 tundi tagasi
Hmm I want it
Lever 9 tundi tagasi
You should probably put the hand tracker a lot farther from the main table cause you know... It might be just a tad bit unsafe. Just a little.
Twisted Wildfire
Twisted Wildfire 9 tundi tagasi
If your doctor is trying to get this robot, fucking run.🤣😭💀
Bryan Tay
Bryan Tay 11 tundi tagasi
U looks like harry Potter
SOVIET 1941 12 tundi tagasi
Clearly he is a true professional
Adam Greenleaf
Adam Greenleaf 14 tundi tagasi
Good shit.
SomeoneStoleMyToast21 16 tundi tagasi
7:49 Cyberpunk 2077
Grizzlydonut Kislov
Grizzlydonut Kislov 18 tundi tagasi
He at least traumatized people
Veronica Evans
Veronica Evans 18 tundi tagasi
My sister told me to watch this, and I wasn't expecting much but omg I have tears streaming down my face. I was doubled over laughing physically unable to breathe. How is this fair, something this funny has no right to exist!
Paisley Bibbs
Paisley Bibbs 19 tundi tagasi
So God damn funny I like the excruciating amount of curseing
Konoko 20 tundi tagasi
I’m not liking this video
ASTHROWS 22 tundi tagasi
I work construction and I'm realizing architects r like this fuckin guy designing shit to look cool, but they don't have to work on it so at least he realizes his fuck ups
Uske Lim Surn
Uske Lim Surn Päev tagasi
ChickeNaut Päev tagasi
Is it FDA Approved? 8:45
ChickeNaut Päev tagasi
Hackster Päev tagasi
why are we not funding this?
JasonGreninja Päev tagasi
Can You Make A Roblox Script for me in adopt me
lionfish plays
lionfish plays Päev tagasi
Ladies and gentlemen. He made a cum joke.
melody Päev tagasi
I fucking love how chaotic he his but yet he attempts to create his own machine
J Davis
J Davis Päev tagasi
dunt say fuk
Jacob Stoddard
Jacob Stoddard 2 päeva tagasi
Can an acne cream company Please sponsor Michael
Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts 2 päeva tagasi
im still shook that this came out a year ago. like wtf where did all the time go
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 2 päeva tagasi
does anyone know the name of the material on which the wheel bearings were moving from at 1:15?
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 2 päeva tagasi
wait, does anyone know the specific name of the wheel bearings 1:15?!
Brown sugar
Brown sugar 2 päeva tagasi
My anxiety kept spiking and I kept holding my breath every time he put his hands on the table or tried to reach for the head.
Dominic Lombardi
Dominic Lombardi 2 päeva tagasi
First time watching a Michael Reeves video so you’d understand my surprise when pokimane shows up?????? WTF????
Emmmanuel Barey
Emmmanuel Barey 3 päeva tagasi
Logan Paul is rich and this guy not.... that it is the problem jajaja eyy men... I got a fight idea.... Logan Paul vs this kid... with the machine off course... Logan can bring that suecide guy if he wants and can figure out with customs
Piper Elizabeth Terry
Piper Elizabeth Terry 3 päeva tagasi
Please don’t say bad words
KuzeyTr 181
KuzeyTr 181 3 päeva tagasi
murderers would use this
Evan Fitzgerald
Evan Fitzgerald 3 päeva tagasi
He sounds like he's about to snap for like 99% of the video.
ILLICITRED 3 päeva tagasi
When did he grow a beard
Liam Beasley
Liam Beasley 3 päeva tagasi
Honestly thought real blood came out
Marika Griffith
Marika Griffith 3 päeva tagasi
2:39 I was eating bread and genuinely fuckin choked, thanks for the near dead experience
AwesomeRG Animates
AwesomeRG Animates 3 päeva tagasi
Soup Can
Soup Can 3 päeva tagasi
His girlfriend be like: You used parts of my bed for what???
Chris Detty
Chris Detty 3 päeva tagasi
If you didn't know, his girlfriend is Lily, so I think shit like that is just expected now 😂
MrDSMek 3 päeva tagasi
he could lose his arm..... WTF
Owen Nowotny
Owen Nowotny 4 päeva tagasi
The final product looks like a torture machine from Saw
DaChickenX VIII
DaChickenX VIII 4 päeva tagasi
He's so toxic and I love it
Kapik 1081
Kapik 1081 4 päeva tagasi
Presenting Cyber-Mengele Mark I, get one for your hospital today for just 6.66 USD!
Remy Koptelkov
Remy Koptelkov 4 päeva tagasi
i keep on coming back to this video.... this video is just amazing
Darron Walker
Darron Walker 4 päeva tagasi
I'm like God, you can't kill me, I'm-
rafa kamui
rafa kamui 4 päeva tagasi
It's a torture method.
Stitch 4 päeva tagasi
my mans got a beard full of acne
Fahd Abdullah
Fahd Abdullah 4 päeva tagasi
I’d buy it
SHINE VON FLORES 4 päeva tagasi
8:55 I Straight up laughing about this 😂😂😂
Tristan Daries
Tristan Daries 4 päeva tagasi
6:30 Michael looks like a child that just got his first gaming console
Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez 4 päeva tagasi
Carriage Utility Mechanism
Lmao 4 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ
Derry Roskell
Derry Roskell 5 päeva tagasi
You are a dick . I fuckin love ya
Maya Scorpie
Maya Scorpie 5 päeva tagasi
Is that poki
Jack Dangerous
Jack Dangerous 5 päeva tagasi
alternate title: I Built the Perfect Murder Robot and Sold It to a Hospital
Gabe Ranke
Gabe Ranke 5 päeva tagasi
genuinely thought Michael would die
sk gamer2112
sk gamer2112 5 päeva tagasi
Omg how many times have the F word
Ensignn 5 päeva tagasi
I love that he uses Lily’s music in his outros sometimes
Tempie 5 päeva tagasi
build a claw machine that doest miss
Rufe Shigley
Rufe Shigley 5 päeva tagasi
The angry hood geometrically scrape because hell conclusively undress forenenst a ossified peer-to-peer. crazy, spiky chicory
ProXi 5 päeva tagasi
To think this was a year agoz
bridging to 100
bridging to 100 5 päeva tagasi
Lol pok8mane looked scared when trying it
iz taco man
iz taco man 5 päeva tagasi
10:04 the best moment
Goosity 6 päeva tagasi
People who buy this just want a new toy for their torture chamber not a surgical robot.
Gavincashmoney 6 päeva tagasi
2:35 😩
Beckett Miller
Beckett Miller 6 päeva tagasi
i have watched this video so many times and i want a surgery robot now
leardpong Srivongthong
leardpong Srivongthong 6 päeva tagasi
Animation Park
Animation Park 6 päeva tagasi
Next gen cutting edge technology
Akbar Baig (Bar Boi Animations)
Akbar Baig (Bar Boi Animations) 6 päeva tagasi
its 2 am and im fucking dying from holding my laughter
WhimpyZee 6 päeva tagasi
Micheal is proof that school is not for smart people
no i wanna live
no i wanna live 6 päeva tagasi
10:13 Micheal after he's murdered somone.
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 6 päeva tagasi
Michael looks too funny testing it out with is hands LOL
Lego tutorials
Lego tutorials 6 päeva tagasi
Didn't he just make a arm controlled 3d printer
No 6 päeva tagasi
Serial killers will love this!
TheGeakyGamer 6 päeva tagasi
Surgery = STABBING
Patrick 6 päeva tagasi
"No, you're stupid and I hate you" - Michael Reeves
Piano Pleb
Piano Pleb 6 päeva tagasi
Carriage utility mechanism I see what you did there 😏
Chicken With Ecoli
Chicken With Ecoli 6 päeva tagasi
Do you think that knife will do anything to help that patient? Coward. Real men use swords.
Cod the Seawing
Cod the Seawing 6 päeva tagasi
Sometimes I stay up at night wondering how this would have gone if he used a scalpel instead
Quality Potato
Quality Potato 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine getting kidnapped by micheal and he straps you to that and says theres a fly on your neck
Nakavo Nali
Nakavo Nali 7 päeva tagasi
Tomato spike v2!
{your-local-Russian-fool} -
{your-local-Russian-fool} - 7 päeva tagasi
I’d trust this better than professional surgery robots
Morty 7 päeva tagasi
All the cowboy bebop tracks in this vid make a good atmosphere
Sea Dog
Sea Dog 7 päeva tagasi
bruh 7 päeva tagasi
Someone should make a series out of Michael’s life Like, the crackhead scientist energy is just immaculate
W 7 päeva tagasi
When you're a psychopath that just killed someone and you have a sponsorship but got no time 11:00
Zian Kurt Jorvina
Zian Kurt Jorvina 7 päeva tagasi
Denys Shorodok
Denys Shorodok 7 päeva tagasi
I'm a neurosurgeon and I will by it
7 päeva tagasi
This man accidentally invented a torture device
haje khurus
haje khurus 7 päeva tagasi
*C* arriage *U* tility *M* echanism ...
Fat Memer
Fat Memer 7 päeva tagasi
slothbutt 47
slothbutt 47 7 päeva tagasi
This looks like if jigsaw was just slightly more unstable
Jaxon Playz_YT
Jaxon Playz_YT 7 päeva tagasi
This can also be used to play tetris
Gonza Aguayo
Gonza Aguayo 8 päeva tagasi
Watch videos from Lucas Build The Future! He is insanely creative and smart like Michael Reeves. You who appreciate this video, would love Lucas videos. (Btw, No idea who Lucas is. I know he deserves more views than what he has at the moment)
Chick Chicky
Chick Chicky 8 päeva tagasi
python + pygame + Michal Reeves + homemade surgery robot = an absolute carnage
Hugh Bren Tiger
Hugh Bren Tiger 8 päeva tagasi
Ahhhhhhhh blood ahhhhh blood scares me blood I’m crying
mrflimfat 8 päeva tagasi
I like it when he just murders those things
RHINONICK 8 päeva tagasi
honestly has potential
RHINONICK 8 päeva tagasi
imagine walking into the operating room and all you see is the doctor waving his hands around like a maniac
Steve Parker
Steve Parker 8 päeva tagasi
The comments: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Alephox 9 päeva tagasi
Carriage Utility Mechanism is a great acronym.
ben hoskins
ben hoskins 9 päeva tagasi
i call the last surgery the no brainer
luca. failure
luca. failure 9 päeva tagasi
that noise 9:53
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