Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238

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What’s it called? Weed Eater, String Trimmer, Weed Wacker, Whipper Snipper?
Google Trends map here:
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THE WINNING SHAPES (As a result of this EXTREMELY limited data set)
Oregon “Gator Line” (Called “sharp square” in the video)
288 ft ~ $15: amzn.to/2CFXewP
895 ft ~ $30: amzn.to/2ZlvTHU
Star shaped line
Cyclone Brand
140 ft ~ $15 amzn.to/2AeCmfq
855 ft ~ $50 amzn.to/387oPCV
(I couldn’t find Shakespeare for a good price on Amazon but here is the style I tested)
125 ft ~ amzn.to/2ZnBRbA
Other stuff:
❓Mystery Item (just for fun): amzn.to/38aNmXv
Things I use and like:
📷Camera I use : amzn.to/2VSiruw
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Wide-angle: amzn.to/2SlPchR
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Project Farm Tested Durability: eeexs.info/dash/e4h_qpiAp6ORhI4/video
He tested other considerations here: eeexs.info/dash/a2t3m6t_ZqCIqpg/video
I thought this was a well written break-down of different shapes: www.saraheberle.com/understanding-the-various-shapes-of-trimmer-line/
It’s interesting that so many different companies have their own proprietary shape etc, but I can’t find any scientific research to back any of it up. Fascinating!
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SmarterEveryDay 9 місяців tagasi
Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Huge thanks to Robert. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you! Destin
Thomas Mack
Thomas Mack 18 päeva tagasi
@Yan May strimmer comes from combining the words string an trimmer together. So you're partly right.
Draztraz Місяць tagasi
Weed eater weed wackier potato pototo
Joseph the Inflatable guy
Joseph the Inflatable guy Місяць tagasi
I often use Echo crossfire trimmer line but I should try out Echo black diamond
Metern Місяць tagasi
I would go for the triangle string. Redusing the noise is more important than how the cut is.
Bradley May
Bradley May 2 місяці tagasi
After seeing the 'slo mo' I must say the Aussie slang is bang on the money. We call it the: WHIPPER SNIPPER 🇦🇺
Voltechs 4 tundi tagasi
I wish your mantra was "Let's go get smarter today" (keeping the channel as SmarterEveryDay obviously, in that it's the collection of getting smarter today in each episode). Feels like it would mesh better together. Saying "Let's go get smarter everyday" feels like it has grammatical and tensional issues. Anyway, just nit-picking. Love the content :D :D
Kendall Winters
Kendall Winters 2 päeva tagasi
I wonder if Robert has seen your other videos? It's funny that he meets you at YOUR beckoning in your garage while you in mad scientists mode. LOL He is smart about tech and science but maybe just loves hard work so no time to watch. (omg parish the thought!) Wait till he see your other videos. He might come back and ask you to sign his WEED EATER!
Kendall Winters
Kendall Winters 2 päeva tagasi
I like Robert. Do a video on how to go viral on the internet using Robert! Show us how it's done son! I'm from Texas and we used to call our each other Son instead of boy, man, bro... Anyway... I say weed eater too and string trimmer is the worst thing to call it but I do love strimmer and would say down there!
Jyncarecat 2 päeva tagasi
I call it a weed whacker
pieter 2 päeva tagasi
Benjamin Holcomb
Benjamin Holcomb 2 päeva tagasi
Robert: I wouldn't say expert Also Robert *is clearly an expert* This is the less often seen end of the Dunning-Krueger effect.
Colin Burke
Colin Burke 2 päeva tagasi
how does the cord compare to the plastic blades?
Keoki Cosare
Keoki Cosare 3 päeva tagasi
You forgot the air foil shape
Keoki Cosare
Keoki Cosare 3 päeva tagasi
Living inside everybody didn't know cause it a weed wacker and weed eater is a brand of herbicide
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas 3 päeva tagasi
Dennis Dickson
Dennis Dickson 3 päeva tagasi
The world needs more Robert
Reinis Sproģis
Reinis Sproģis 3 päeva tagasi
My dad once tried metal wire. It still broke apart and the lawn ended up being filled with small needles
Jay Jean
Jay Jean 4 päeva tagasi
NY here and I call it a weed wacker
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan 4 päeva tagasi
Weed eater? Great video name, yep totally not thinking of anything else
Scrubexpress 4 päeva tagasi
I'm from MA and have literally never heard it called anything other than a Weed Wacker. I've heard "trimmer" sometimes, but I think that's usually for a variant that cuts vertically?
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 4 päeva tagasi
I think the star line cuts cleanest; however, that might not be the case with different grasses or even thick brush. I guess it really depends on type of grass.
D Gray
D Gray 5 päeva tagasi
Firstly, I found my way here, after buying today, my first ever, electric weed eradicator ! (There's one I bet you never heard ) And after studying to some degree, felt like I was splitting hairs when it comes to cutting weeds/grass. And seems that unless the tool is just very poorly designed, they all do about the same ! However, there are some huge differences in pricing. As to this video, I think the biggest surprise for me, was the inaccuracies of the initial strikes ! I would think the leading edge of the grass would be struck first, but the video clearly showed many stikes at the center of the blade of grass happening first ? What phenomenon caused the leading edge to be missed ? Has anyone ever experimented with segmented line that actually incorporates a flat line between other shapes ? As it might serve to make the line lay more flat, allowing for a cleaner cut ! Also I wonder about prescribed rpm from each manufacturer, as if their line is built to be used at a specific rpm for optimum performance ? Having never gave it any thought, I too was surprised by how the grass is torn apart, as opposed to a clean cut, much like the difference between having a sharp lawn mower blade, or a dull blunt one ! What else will we pick apart to the finite ? Or should we surrender to the realization that no one will make a product that you only buy once ! I think from my own experience, and I think mentioned here, is controlling the rpm, especially when working near things like a chain link fence ! Seldom do you need to run at maximum rpm. IMHO !
Captain Duckie
Captain Duckie 6 päeva tagasi
It’s whipper snipper or weed whacker. Nothing else. Thank you.
Jayden Reece-Harrison
Jayden Reece-Harrison 6 päeva tagasi
"Australia calls it strimmer" Nah, the chart was correct, we call it nothing but a "whippa snippa" (sic)
Yod Yodhi
Yod Yodhi 6 päeva tagasi
I call it a wipper snipper
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan 6 päeva tagasi
Shoutout to Robert the weed eater dude.
Name Last
Name Last 6 päeva tagasi
The saw blade adapted too it last way longer than. String. Because string always breaks. .
PauL1e 6 päeva tagasi
Its trimer in winland
Вячеслав Иванов
Вячеслав Иванов 6 päeva tagasi
The problem is you dont have accurate shape of cutting edge after a few seconds. so yeah, only weight matters
Jim Powell
Jim Powell 6 päeva tagasi
What about the attachments? Which of those is better?
fekard 7 päeva tagasi
Are these strings biodegradable or made from plastic? In which case we make microplastics.
B whin
B whin 8 päeva tagasi
A wiper snipper
B whin
B whin 8 päeva tagasi
A whipper snipper
Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler 9 päeva tagasi
The grey line with the spiral groove is, I believe, Husquevarna that I used a lot, beecause it lasts longer, especially on rocks, curbs, fencing. But - it doesn't cut sharply, so dont expect less than ragged tops. Now using some star shaped thinner line (.85) given to me, and it cuts really well for grass, but not so good in the bushes & heavy weeds.
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage 9 päeva tagasi
Project Farm just came
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage 9 päeva tagasi
The star has more cutting edges making it more likely to hit the grass on the cut than on the dull.
phrawg boi
phrawg boi 9 päeva tagasi
I like robert. He's chill
Blank 10 päeva tagasi
I call it a weed eater but I just realized I have memories of it being called a weed whacker when I lived in PA for a few years, lol.
Solsol 10 päeva tagasi
10:04 spot the tiny TINY bug on the second grass!
mcburcke 10 päeva tagasi
The Stihl company studied this years ago when they were considering making shaped line (other than round cross-section) and they found that after a few minutes of normal trimming use , all of the various shapes actually wore down to a tapering point and were cutting the same way. Stihl engineers couldn't find any measurable improvement from any shaped line over the standard round line. The only thing they've done is add the spiral groove to cut down on line noise.
Larry Seibold
Larry Seibold 11 päeva tagasi
really cool. I wish you 1. asked robert why he used what he did; and 2. tested the top contenders in real grass and bush conditions outside and viewed the results (clean, speed, durability/$).
Jimbobjoe 46
Jimbobjoe 46 11 päeva tagasi
Its called a strimmer
Benevolent Protector
Benevolent Protector 11 päeva tagasi
..and that's why it's $18 a roll
Alexander Margas
Alexander Margas 12 päeva tagasi
i live in Florida and call it either a weed whacker or a trimmer
TheGhostFaceKing 12 päeva tagasi
Omg! I get the same kick outta hearing and watching people do the same thing and subscribe. Lol. I Love helping and seeing Humanity learn new things! Its awesome. Subscribed as well 😆
OobleGoo 13 päeva tagasi
Whipper snipper
PhlippyG 13 päeva tagasi
I love robert
Peter Denison
Peter Denison 13 päeva tagasi
As cool as this video is, I value durability over cut quality in my weed whacker/eater.
Papi4l2 13 päeva tagasi
My fav. So far has been the Rotary Vortex line. Echo black diamond seems like a copy...havent used it myself
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 14 päeva tagasi
I say weed whacker. It’s better because alliteration rolls off the tongue.
Grace Nicole
Grace Nicole 14 päeva tagasi
I´ve lived in Indiana and around the Chicago area my whole life and have only ever heard people call it a weed wacker so when I saw the google stats I just had to go ask all my friends what they call it to make sure I wasn´t crazy
Grace Nicole
Grace Nicole 14 päeva tagasi
So far four of them have responded and they have all said weed wacker so we're good
Davo da great
Davo da great 14 päeva tagasi
I grew up saying weed eater
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 15 päeva tagasi
I call it "weed eater" but if you listen to it, it goes like this against the grass: WACK WAK WAC WACK WAK....
h3ssto 15 päeva tagasi
Weed Eater Man needs his own channel...
Nk 16 päeva tagasi
puzzle by different products at the mall? Ask Project farm "PF"
RNdom 17 päeva tagasi
Im in kansas and everyone i know calls it weed whacker Soo.. idk
jamcdonald120 17 päeva tagasi
1:15 "Thats how I do it, Thats how Dad did it, and Thats How America does it. And its worked out so far.
Ant Man
Ant Man 17 päeva tagasi
I really don’t think the shape is making much of a difference. The fact is you wouldn’t really be able to tell which shape was used by glancing at a freshly cut lawn so why even care about it? The only real concern you should have is for durability.
Mark Grassl
Mark Grassl 18 päeva tagasi
...In german we call that thing "Motorsense" or "motor sythe" if you translate it literally.
ManilaChillRide 18 päeva tagasi
Grass cutter
Corey Flatt
Corey Flatt 18 päeva tagasi
Table trippy snipped
RCoady 18 päeva tagasi
You also used virgin line not used line. The line may sharpen with use
Oliver Rosenkrantz
Oliver Rosenkrantz 18 päeva tagasi
Very intereSTRING
Birch Weber
Birch Weber 18 päeva tagasi
I don't think it was a good choice to weigh down the grass with the clamp. The weed eater wire is not designed to cut taught grass.
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores 18 päeva tagasi
Weed Wakah! 😅
Péter Visi
Péter Visi 19 päeva tagasi
Robert is an absolute legend! I just found this video now, have no clue how am I missed it. Probably I didn't hit the bell icon like Robert did. I did not know until now, but this video is just what I needed now.
OMG OMG 19 päeva tagasi
Can we have weed smoker machine in the future xD
viewer1431 20 päeva tagasi
I say weed wacker, haha. Do you guys know what Gooseynight is ?
Nathan R.
Nathan R. 20 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: In Malaysia, people call it a grass cutter
Jill Booth
Jill Booth 20 päeva tagasi
75% explaining what's happening 5% science 20% im a adult who knows big words
Greenicegod 20 päeva tagasi
I worked as a grounds keeper at a university in the mountain west, and we called them "Weed Whips"
Daniel Hale
Daniel Hale 20 päeva tagasi
IMO this is too philosophical for my taste. You find out by actually going out into the yard and weed eating, then assessing the results. Trying to extrapolate on the value of each line this way is just... wildly unhelpful. Why speculate based on experiments that are detached from the real world when you can go empirically find out? Why not follow up by taking the weedeater outside and going to town on some grass, shrubs, etc to see what serves your purposes the best in actual practice? Why not check to see how the grass regrows after? It may be that clobbering the grass blades instead of clean cutting them isn't a big deal.
Osiel 20 päeva tagasi
Here in Texas my Mexican family, and many others that we know, call it a "wirira" or "wira" which comes from trying to pronounce Weed Eater.
محمد الزعبي
محمد الزعبي 21 päev tagasi
I call it weed yeeter
ar a
ar a 21 päev tagasi
In Germany we call it MOTORSENSE
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 21 päev tagasi
Will a cleaner cut change how quickly the grass will grow back next time?
Tecueme 21 päev tagasi
Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]
Scott Adams G [Scotianbank] 22 päeva tagasi
A "weed eater" is as much of a weed eater as the Cookie Monster is a cookie eater... They only chew them up and spill everything out
Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]
Scott Adams G [Scotianbank] 22 päeva tagasi
As someone not from the US, how come I've always known about it as a weed wacker? My family's from Texas, and they say weed wacker, and I swear that I've always heard "weed wacker" when used in a movie or show... I had never ever heard the term "weed eater" until Destin's previous video about them. Weird...
Craig Morley
Craig Morley 22 päeva tagasi
In Sydney, Australia we say whipper snipper....🐨🦘....
Fanny Magnet
Fanny Magnet 22 päeva tagasi
Weed wanker??
Fabric 22 päeva tagasi
Didnt realize people didnt know it as a weed whacker
Cl Arice Tayag
Cl Arice Tayag 22 päeva tagasi
The grateful gratis thunderstorm pharmacologically zoom because coach meteorologically improve midst a tight sail. pricey, changeable song
RaneyNickel 22 päeva tagasi
I'd pay Robert double time to maintain my outside anyday!
Michael Mccoll
Michael Mccoll 22 päeva tagasi
im asuming the "puling" into the center of the sharp sharp squer hapens ones due to on gap on conteac but the stat has atles 2 but prolple more
Jimbo Jackson
Jimbo Jackson 23 päeva tagasi
I glue goat teeth to the end of my line. _Evolution baby!_
R4M_InternetExplorer_EXE 23 päeva tagasi
Whippa snippa
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 23 päeva tagasi
strimmer and yes i am UK haha
MrClaypogue 25 päeva tagasi
Star is like using a high tooth blade it makes smaller slices of the grass each high point breaks off /cuts the grass at that point but it would also be rotating ever so slightly back and forth which would act like an ultrasonic saw essentially.
Antonio Rios
Antonio Rios 25 päeva tagasi
its a weed whacker it whacks weeds
Douglas Folk
Douglas Folk 25 päeva tagasi
You do know that Weed Eater is a registered trademark / brand. This is like people in the south calling everything "Coke" when they want a Pepsi or other soda/pop/tonic type drink. :)
Норден Конрад
Норден Конрад 27 päeva tagasi
How much plastic ends up in a square meter of your garden?
RichardofOz 27 päeva tagasi
Did you allow for different materials used in making the lines? And did you contact manufacturers for their test results and reasons for using different profiles? They've probably done a lot more testing than you ever could. And if you're cutting brush, you probably don't want to use line at all. Use the steel fittings that really handle the heavy stuff.
Alan Fletcher
Alan Fletcher 29 päeva tagasi
From a golf course super which I am not. The cleaner the cut the faster the grass heals which makes it grow faster. That's why mower blades are not razor sharp. I like to mow less so ripping the grass works for me.
Molly Gundies
Molly Gundies 29 päeva tagasi
What do the lawn care experts say about trimmer string?
Horizon Місяць tagasi
*W e e d E a t e r* Part 2: Electric Boogal-
Daniel DiBono
Daniel DiBono Місяць tagasi
Ok so it looks like everyone agrees weed "whipper snipper" and strimmer are not at all names.
Wolarski Місяць tagasi
how about using a lawn mower? lol blades > string
Sabi1234567890Asdf Місяць tagasi
How many times do I have to watch this to get Robert a case of beer I'm about 50 times in since the release. Ps if you want more consistent data I would think paper would be a good sub for grass.
Triste 421
Triste 421 Місяць tagasi
Doesn't it depend on the type of grass too?
Anthony Barrett
Anthony Barrett Місяць tagasi
Mate, Destin. Nobody says strimmer here. Always whipper snipper. Always!
Svndwich Місяць tagasi
Weed wacker
Svndwich Місяць tagasi
It doesn’t eat the weeds it just whacks them really hard
Jasper Місяць tagasi
whipper snipper ftw
WafflesEatDogs Місяць tagasi
its a weed wacker
mozkito life
mozkito life Місяць tagasi
You should've heated up the sharp-sharp square to straighten it up. It's curved because you used a short strand of it instead of off the roll. I'd like to see a dB reading of each strand next time.
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