The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

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The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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#SuperBowlLV #TheWeeknd

Afdiat Nuaisir
Afdiat Nuaisir 51 sekund tagasi
I watched more than 3 trillions time right now!!!😎
Loh Nery
Loh Nery 7 minutit tagasi
I love you ❤
Maria de los ángeles González
Maria de los ángeles González 32 minutit tagasi
No me gustó nada pienso que este año debería haber salido daddy Yankee cardi b y Ozuna
Josepaulojp 58 minutit tagasi
Simplesmente foda
suzan 3435
suzan 3435 59 minutit tagasi
9:18 hits different
Shaibal Mondal
Shaibal Mondal Tund tagasi
Jonathan Benazra
Jonathan Benazra Tund tagasi
almost forgot to watch this today
Amber S
Amber S Tund tagasi
We fly soon 👌🏽
Purvi Dutt
Purvi Dutt Tund tagasi
It's the perfect weeknd mashup that I didn't know I needed!
Sezzas Podcast
Sezzas Podcast Tund tagasi
When crowds were allowed rip
Techno Gamerz 13M
Techno Gamerz 13M Tund tagasi
BIg Fan Of THe Weekind
DeeJayy Stevie
DeeJayy Stevie 2 tundi tagasi
Aske A
Aske A 2 tundi tagasi
Starboy and I Feel It Coming just hit different now that Daft Punk split
AleximusPrimus 2 tundi tagasi
True 😥 Daft Punk's legacy will continue to thrive for future generations
Christian Kunze
Christian Kunze 2 tundi tagasi
Imagine being there
Brenda Laura
Brenda Laura 2 tundi tagasi
Что только откроем когда вдохнем свет
Mary 2 tundi tagasi
Woow amazing 🤩🤩🤩
Serkan Karakus
Serkan Karakus 2 tundi tagasi
Man i love this guy
minh lê
minh lê 2 tundi tagasi
f ff f
arvid aa
arvid aa 3 tundi tagasi
MJ is back!
ΠΑΝΤΕΛΗΣ 3 tundi tagasi
He is Michael Jackson and he's alive! This is a mask.
Beatrizquzf Barreracfg
Beatrizquzf Barreracfg 3 tundi tagasi
The heavenly heavy hellish lily finally bump because scorpio lamentably slip aside a steady domain. real, various forgery
Pumpkin Jarl
Pumpkin Jarl 3 tundi tagasi
Wait the super bowl isn’t a super hero bowl!?
Ananteshwar Bhat
Ananteshwar Bhat 3 tundi tagasi
The chorus gave me Chills✨
Bhavna Rasaily
Bhavna Rasaily 4 tundi tagasi
Observation - Upon watching this and Abel's other performances around a million times, the Starboy portion of this resembles, almost matches, his performance of Starboy at the Vevo concert in LA. 🤔Could just be his style, but to me they're very much identical. Let me know if anyone else feels the same way. PS - I absolutely love Abel, no hate this is just what I discovered. XO forever ❤️
Wanda Cabin
Wanda Cabin 4 tundi tagasi
The performance 🎶 was excellent 👏 I heard no issues with the audio quality. 🏈🎈
Arman Ayvazyan
Arman Ayvazyan 4 tundi tagasi
He feels like jesus 😂😂😂
Arman Ayvazyan
Arman Ayvazyan 4 tundi tagasi
Freak show
Sarah is bored
Sarah is bored 4 tundi tagasi
The Weeknd: "Never need a grammy, I'm what a grammy needs"
Eboni Grooms
Eboni Grooms 4 tundi tagasi
i’ve watched this so much i know the entire choreography . send help .
Sarcastic Mango
Sarcastic Mango 5 tundi tagasi
10:14 the anthem of it all.
Sarcastic Mango
Sarcastic Mango 5 tundi tagasi
Biggest moment for the xo fanbase which means for me too.
helena vivas
helena vivas 5 tundi tagasi
JhowGAMES 5 tundi tagasi
Ryan Barker
Ryan Barker 6 tundi tagasi
ads could play at better times
Aarish Jamal
Aarish Jamal 6 tundi tagasi
say what you want about the weeknd’s performance but his idea was really unique and cool and im just so happy to see him make it to such a big stage like this, he deserves it❤️
Jill Alexi Estrada
Jill Alexi Estrada 6 tundi tagasi
I know... I'm a... nevermind, but yeah am one too. Sucks, doesn't it?
idiot with too much free time
idiot with too much free time 4 tundi tagasi
Yumen Urai
Yumen Urai 4 tundi tagasi
Aishwarya Parimala
Aishwarya Parimala 6 tundi tagasi
He reminds me of micheal jackson ❤️
ΠΑΝΤΕΛΗΣ 3 tundi tagasi
He is MJ
Nguyễn Quốc Duy
Nguyễn Quốc Duy 6 tundi tagasi
You can say that the light show was Blinding. Ay?
Rep0007 7 tundi tagasi
Return of the 80s?? : )
SCR4TCHK4T - SamScottPony
SCR4TCHK4T - SamScottPony 7 tundi tagasi
*I'm so glad that Daft Punk got a feature in the halftime show before they broke up*
musica R
musica R 7 tundi tagasi
Me encanta
QUIQUE 7 tundi tagasi
Siempre veo los conciertos pero los partidos no jaja 😂 🤣
Miguel Jesús Álvarez Román
Miguel Jesús Álvarez Román 7 tundi tagasi
A Canadian in the Superbowl? New record
Phil Buckhouse
Phil Buckhouse 8 tundi tagasi
If this were Michael Jackson 25 years ago, this would've been the greatest live event of all time.
ΠΑΝΤΕΛΗΣ 3 tundi tagasi
He is alive! It"s a mask! Wait and see.
Holden Eckel
Holden Eckel 8 tundi tagasi
The end was my favorite, but I thought he would have danced a bit more.
Happify 8 tundi tagasi
They need tyler the crator Earfquake next
tea green
tea green 8 tundi tagasi
Worst show ever! 💩💩💩💩
Tracy Morneau
Tracy Morneau 8 tundi tagasi
Awesome..and this coming from an old lady! I loved it!
Charlie Larssimon
Charlie Larssimon 8 tundi tagasi
The weeknd lacks cultural reset! He is a good singer but an awful performer!
idiot with too much free time
idiot with too much free time 4 tundi tagasi
He is not a good dancer, he invested 7m in everything, though, it should be enough with the scenario and his voice, unless youre a whiney idiot who thinks everyone should make a super giant half time
Charlie Larssimon
Charlie Larssimon 7 tundi tagasi
@Celine Terra Pandemic is not an excuse for such a monotone and predictable show! Even more after investing 7 M of his own money for this...
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 7 tundi tagasi
You do know he couldn’t do much because of the pandemic ?
tulsi deve
tulsi deve 8 tundi tagasi
He is the Wow Factor! Amazing performance, Abel! You slayed The Weeknd!! XO❤️
Mr. Obvious
Mr. Obvious 9 tundi tagasi
Amauri Abreu
Amauri Abreu 7 tundi tagasi
Ive been seeing this comment since this came out. I'm assuming youre a violinist so how can you tell theyre faking? Serious question, no shade.
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales 9 tundi tagasi
It was good for being in a pandemic. & it will be known for that !
Anita Ruiz
Anita Ruiz 10 tundi tagasi
Awesome show.
Bigi A
Bigi A 10 tundi tagasi
Glacier 10 tundi tagasi
3:57 POV you get lost after going down the Lego aisle
Jakub Gonska
Jakub Gonska 10 tundi tagasi
i dont like this
Riley Brown
Riley Brown 10 tundi tagasi
PuffyGoldenPants 10 tundi tagasi
i think ya forgot to turn on the microphone
Pain Plain
Pain Plain 10 tundi tagasi
He could play a good Joker i think
Siddharth Petrovic
Siddharth Petrovic 10 tundi tagasi
Lizeth Ingrid Quisbert Romero
Lizeth Ingrid Quisbert Romero 10 tundi tagasi
Tamb zuik
Tamb zuik 11 tundi tagasi
deadstar44 11 tundi tagasi
The transition between (Edit) "House Of Balloons" and Blinding Lights gave me goosebumps.
deadstar44 4 tundi tagasi
@Clarence Smith I stand corrected.
Clarence Smith
Clarence Smith 4 tundi tagasi
House of Balloons***
Екатерина Архипова
Екатерина Архипова 11 tundi tagasi
Просто офигенно!!!
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans 11 tundi tagasi
3:57 Me looking for the doors they said NCS would open for me
Payton Turpen Vlogs
Payton Turpen Vlogs 11 tundi tagasi
Watching this video is a daily routine for me 😌
jeni lalala
jeni lalala 12 tundi tagasi
2022 Daddy Yankee in the Super Bolw please!!
ixkuakualtzin tonatiuh
ixkuakualtzin tonatiuh 12 tundi tagasi
11:24 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Lukasz Pindel
Lukasz Pindel 12 tundi tagasi
It was boooooooooooring 😂😂😂
Thick pink Buttcheeks
Thick pink Buttcheeks 4 tundi tagasi
Yet you’re watching it
Emilia Isabella
Emilia Isabella 12 tundi tagasi
i’ve rewatched this so many times
Fit Life
Fit Life 12 tundi tagasi
I got the honors of seeing The Weeknd live twice in Amsterdam(opening for Drake and the Starboy Tour). This man sounds better live than on the record. Name any other artist than can top him right now....
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia 12 tundi tagasi
Coman vejetalessss
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 13 tundi tagasi
Luis noe Guarneroz
Luis noe Guarneroz 13 tundi tagasi
Aquí un comentario en español
Ethar Anas El-Gaily El-Dardiri
Ethar Anas El-Gaily El-Dardiri 13 tundi tagasi
Fact :this performance get better the more you watch it I cat get over it now.
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki 14 tundi tagasi
The fluttering traffic expectedly escape because flax particularly risk following a profuse pelican. ambiguous, watery hardware
Boris Chapin-Fortin
Boris Chapin-Fortin 14 tundi tagasi
That was a horrible show hard to watch!
random nigga
random nigga 9 tundi tagasi
how so?
Folarin Olukanmi
Folarin Olukanmi 14 tundi tagasi
The performance is okay but we all know the weekend was way more enthusiastic in blinding lights video I feel he's holding back here and he could have put more of his nice dancing skills
NPJ Global
NPJ Global 14 tundi tagasi
1993 ⯅ 2021
Yuri Rivera
Yuri Rivera 14 tundi tagasi
I 50 times
Dominick Biafore
Dominick Biafore 15 tundi tagasi
i lov the weeknd
Pule Mothobi
Pule Mothobi 15 tundi tagasi
If this guy could dance😭😭🔥
idiot with too much free time
idiot with too much free time 4 tundi tagasi
It wouldve been a great show, still, i think its still good :)
jellemig08 15 tundi tagasi
admit it, its not your first time your watching this. And if it is, then its defo not your last time
Coffee and Me
Coffee and Me 15 tundi tagasi
4:00 roller coaster ride
Ash 15 tundi tagasi
Imagine how confusing the rehearsals for the backup dancers would've been
Ash 15 tundi tagasi
Khang Le
Khang Le 7 tundi tagasi
Muhammed Ozmen
Muhammed Ozmen 15 tundi tagasi
Ulan 300 kere izledim yine de bıkmadım
Caleb McMillan
Caleb McMillan 15 tundi tagasi
I have watched this probably 10 times everyday
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 15 tundi tagasi
I like the weekend Súper bowl 55 👌👍🏻
Vicki Bryan
Vicki Bryan 15 tundi tagasi
This made me proud to be a Canadian:) But I would like to add, Still waiting on the day Taylor Swift would do a halftime show..
Alex Goins
Alex Goins 16 tundi tagasi
One of the best halftime performances we have seen in a long time.
Eric Snow
Eric Snow 16 tundi tagasi
4:37 is when I am singing to my crush
Harrie Peels
Harrie Peels 16 tundi tagasi
good singer, but overated and always the same
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 16 tundi tagasi
up and now that I've watched it I don't see why people don't like it. I was captivated and not once did I lose my attention to what was happening.
Amauri Abreu
Amauri Abreu 7 tundi tagasi
Just haters.
Harrie Peels
Harrie Peels 16 tundi tagasi
no performer, sorry . usher usher come back
kdparttwo 16 tundi tagasi
Imagine if drake performed in the Super Bowl
Azlan Mahmood
Azlan Mahmood 16 tundi tagasi
Man nailed it totally
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz 16 tundi tagasi
Wow the weekend I like when he wose to the gold
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 16 tundi tagasi
gangstalk me on a daily basis. They intimidate me with police cars. I want my privacy and human rights back now! assas
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue 17 tundi tagasi
This is iconic show 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Anwesha Bor Saikia
Anwesha Bor Saikia 17 tundi tagasi
KCT X 17 tundi tagasi
idiot with too much free time
idiot with too much free time 4 tundi tagasi
Whats a blackpink
Procrastinator 14 tundi tagasi
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