2021 Jonesboro Open | R2B9 LEAD | Wysocki, Heimburg, Callaway, Gibson | Jomez

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's moving day round at the 2021 Jonesboro Open.
Card: Ricky Wysocki, Calvin Heimburg, Ben Callaway. Drew Gibson
Course: Disc Side of Heaven | Jonesboro, AR
BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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JomezPro 22 päeva tagasi
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Hamza Zane
Hamza Zane 12 päeva tagasi
@Kristopher Louie Yup, I have been using flixzone for since november myself :)
Kristopher Louie
Kristopher Louie 12 päeva tagasi
pro trick : watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies these days.
Ryan Wheat
Ryan Wheat 18 päeva tagasi
Hey gang! What happened with the person getting blobbed out on hole 18? The people wanna know!
Disc_Golf_Wisco 21 päev tagasi
Thank you thank you 🙏🏽
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 22 päeva tagasi
Nice save lol 😁
Noah W. Elliott
Noah W. Elliott Päev tagasi
Drew just casually pulls his putter put through the cage on 14 💪😶
miko foin
miko foin 12 päeva tagasi
That Vinny thumbnail 😂😂😂
soinu foig
soinu foig 14 päeva tagasi
This is the dream final round lead card. Can’t wait.
Ryan Blazic
Ryan Blazic 15 päeva tagasi
What is nucular?
miko foin
miko foin 12 päeva tagasi
We need to identify the Wysocki whaler! He screams whoa after every good Ricky shot. A lot. That’s why I’m so sick of it.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 15 päeva tagasi
There were such positive vibes on this card. Makes it much more fun to watch when players aren't crying about missing their putts.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 päeva tagasi
This is the dream final round lead card. Can’t wait.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 17 päeva tagasi
33:25 calvin has gone "nuculer"😂
Cody Park
Cody Park 17 päeva tagasi
What’s the blur on 17 tee? Lol
shani yan
shani yan 18 päeva tagasi
Wow, that final round coverage is going to be lit.
werigubskdjgb 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone but me vibing to this theme?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 18 päeva tagasi
Calvin looks like he's celebrating 4/20 early in that thumbnail
Ryen Brousseau
Ryen Brousseau 18 päeva tagasi
Why is Ricky running after hole 15- are they trying to beat the wind ?
shani yan
shani yan 18 päeva tagasi
Drew into his lapel mic: “Calvin did you find your disc?.... over”
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 päeva tagasi
That Vinny thumbnail 😂😂😂
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 19 päeva tagasi
You can see Bens game is super strong, he’s just off by an inch
Moosky 19 päeva tagasi
Is there a place you can buy the polos Ricky and Calvin are wearing?
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 19 päeva tagasi
You can see Bens game is super strong, he’s just off by an inch
Benjamin Doughty
Benjamin Doughty 19 päeva tagasi
What was with the blurred out bit when Calvin was throwing on hole 18?
Matthew Briseno
Matthew Briseno 17 päeva tagasi
Wondering the exact same thing.
AJ Worthing
AJ Worthing 19 päeva tagasi
Vince Fryhover
Vince Fryhover 19 päeva tagasi
We need to identify the Wysocki whaler! He screams whoa after every good Ricky shot. A lot. That’s why I’m so sick of it.
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 19 päeva tagasi
Drew roasting Ricky's cry baby birdie is great. I mean Ricky is probably the best player in the world but win with some grace. I don't dislike him. There are far worse behaving players but man, can't wait till Captain Cool is number 1 without dispute.
Rios180 19 päeva tagasi
Can we talk about how the last few big tournaments Casey White has been right there hanging with these Elite level pros. Congratulations to Casey on having an amazing Season so far!
gill baker
gill baker 20 päeva tagasi
Why did the dude get blurred out at 33:04
johnnydarter 20 päeva tagasi
Idk I was wondering the same thing
Evan Meiners
Evan Meiners 20 päeva tagasi
What's with the blur?
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewer 20 päeva tagasi
Props on editing the guy out during Calvin’s drive on hole 18. I noticed that in the first video so I’m glad you guys caught it and did something about it! Good work guys. Love the coverage as always.
Tres harris
Tres harris 8 päeva tagasi
@Katie PC guess the world will never know
Katie PC
Katie PC 15 päeva tagasi
So curious 🤨
Tres harris
Tres harris 18 päeva tagasi
@bigfootFRG yeah. I'm very curious
bigfootFRG 19 päeva tagasi
What did the guy do?
LooneyPort 20 päeva tagasi
Jerm referencing hot dogs? Hmmmm, kinda sus🤔
chapii win
chapii win 20 päeva tagasi
: )
Kyle Weir
Kyle Weir 20 päeva tagasi
17 eagles on a par 5 sounds like it's a par 4 to me...
C Hiebert
C Hiebert 20 päeva tagasi
7:06 haha
Jack Cade
Jack Cade 20 päeva tagasi
I would pay no small sum to NEVER hear "Hi, what's up guys..." again as part of either legit content or shyte commercials.
Mason Bonner
Mason Bonner 20 päeva tagasi
Why the blur
flopkin 20 päeva tagasi
Calvin, Ricky, Eagle, and Paul McB on the lead card... Just another day on the pro tour folks... lol
Climber Guy
Climber Guy 20 päeva tagasi
Why was there a blurred circled on Calvins hole 18 drive?
Mike 19 päeva tagasi
Wondering the same thing. I watched the DGN coverage just now and they didn't have the same angle.
Colt45 ForU
Colt45 ForU 20 päeva tagasi
I think Ben Calloway needs a Smaller shirt
nlxon 20 päeva tagasi
What with the blurring?
BonelessJones 21 päev tagasi
Why is Ricky never in Showmez or guest on any other Jomez special... or any other video other than tournament coverage?
Capppibara 21 päev tagasi
Really liking the players being mic'd up! Thanks guys.
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 21 päev tagasi
Disliked it because of the weird blur.
JoosuaPuu 21 päev tagasi
Casey White is playing great this year!
M Бэнтил
M Бэнтил 21 päev tagasi
What was getting blurred out on Calvin's drive on 18? And what a sick drive!
Andy D
Andy D 20 päeva tagasi
Hard to see with the focus, but after the blur it looks like he has a cig in his left hand.
M Бэнтил
M Бэнтил 20 päeva tagasi
I was kinda thinkin that myself. Just thought I'd ask lol
Evan Fitzgerald
Evan Fitzgerald 21 päev tagasi
Good question, I stopped to the frame right before and I didn't see anything that indicated why. Guessing someone made a dumb gesture for the camera.
megamrsoftee 21 päev tagasi
18:54 Ricky: "You used the whole basket on that one..." Trying to get in Calvin's head after he ties him for the lead
Erik Chetelat
Erik Chetelat 19 päeva tagasi
All the great players talk trash esp the athletes from the 80s and 90s. Getting in your opponents head is a part of sports.
Burnt Early
Burnt Early 20 päeva tagasi
After making fun of his put on the previous hole- yeah pretty weak from a guy who says he’s at the top of his game- doesn’t seem like it... lost a little respect for Rick on that one!
ohio31693 21 päev tagasi
should Paul M. take a year off to heal?
Thomas 21 päev tagasi
Ben Callaway looks like buff Trevor Wallace
MakeMuricaGreatAgain 21 päev tagasi
'My Dad bod jiggles when I pick up the putter...' We feel ya Jerm, we feel ya.
soinu foig
soinu foig 14 päeva tagasi
You can see Bens game is super strong, he’s just off by an inch
Van Damage
Van Damage 21 päev tagasi
Only 2k likes guys?? Come on!!!
David Rogers
David Rogers 21 päev tagasi
What got censored out on 18?
Fredrik Theisen Kleveland
Fredrik Theisen Kleveland 21 päev tagasi
Possible to get the stats of the discs they throw? pottensial improvement for future videos
Jeffery Wigginton
Jeffery Wigginton 21 päev tagasi
What was blurred out on 18s tee? Was some dude blatantly adjusting his junk?
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 21 päev tagasi
You censored something out at 33:05. I wonder what happened.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 21 päev tagasi
Ricky "I'm a little tea pot" Wysoki (putting technique)
SamuraiMax 21 päev tagasi
Anyone else notice the blur on hole 18 for Calvin's drive? Wonder what was up there. Great coverage, love you Jomez!
Danielius Laima
Danielius Laima 4 päeva tagasi
My guess was somebody scratching their privates but it could have been just some random movement that would distract from the shot.
Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe 18 päeva tagasi
I thought for sure one of the replies to this comment would explain it. ugh
Jordan Yent
Jordan Yent 19 päeva tagasi
I need to know came to the comments to find out, kept rewinding and pausing trying to figure it out.
Ryan Wheat
Ryan Wheat 19 päeva tagasi
I came to the comments to figure this out as well lol
McSmacks 19 päeva tagasi
Looked like they were censoring out someone for some reason.
Aaron Herman
Aaron Herman 21 päev tagasi
What are they blurring out in the background at 33:09?
Nathan Goodson
Nathan Goodson 21 päev tagasi
This is such a great peek into what these fellas are like on the course. Rick's audio on this round really changed my understanding of his character. Super cool!
kamakazeguy 21 päev tagasi
I think that's the first time I've seen someone in the gallery get blurred. Seems like the guy was doing some kind of lewd gesture to the camera during Calvin's nuke at 18.
Tres harris
Tres harris 18 päeva tagasi
@Katie PC yeah I'm very curious
Katie PC
Katie PC 20 päeva tagasi
I was hoping someone knew what was blurred. I couldn’t figure it out
Michael Jarnagin
Michael Jarnagin 21 päev tagasi
Hey Jerm a limb is a huge branch 🤦‍♂️ also what was up with the blurred circle in hole 18? It covered a couple people, but unblurred early. WTH!
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II 21 päev tagasi
What a final four for tomorrow, jesus!
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II 21 päev tagasi
During Calvin’s drive on #18, what was being blurred out?
FractaLens 21 päev tagasi
Clicked for the thumbnail Stayed for the excellent coverage Fainted from Calvin’s drive on 18
Jonathan Fitzgerald
Jonathan Fitzgerald 21 päev tagasi
What was the blur for?
Northwest Elite
Northwest Elite 21 päev tagasi
Too many adds! We want discgolf, not adds.
D Peters
D Peters 21 päev tagasi
Love seeing Paul and Ricky on the same card. They remind me of the old days of Federer and Nadal battling at what felt like every major in tennis.
kayboord 20 päeva tagasi
I agree. Great comparison!
Infinimetrical 21 päev tagasi
The best kind of clickbait.
1andonlyMiro 21 päev tagasi
Exactly the final round lead card I expected. 4/4 of the best players in the world atm. The chase card looks almost exactly as fascinating though.
Kyle Rebo
Kyle Rebo 21 päev tagasi
What’s with the blurring on the left at 33:08??
GoaliePro6 21 päev tagasi
Calvin said “425’ I’m going with an ESP Nuke” on 18’s tee
Alex Judy
Alex Judy 21 päev tagasi
“My Dad butt jiggles when I pick up my putter.” ROFL!!!! I’m dead.
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt 21 päev tagasi
What was with that blurred circle at 33:04? You can see a glimpse of what it's blurring out right before it appears but it doesn't look like anything weird is going on.
Andy D
Andy D 20 päeva tagasi
Hard to see with the focus, but after the blur it looks like he has a cig in his left hand.
Grant Kadansky
Grant Kadansky 21 päev tagasi
Saw that too! Guy probably scratching his unmentionables or something
mrDROCK 21 päev tagasi
What was the blur for on Calvin’s drive for hole 18?
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 19 päeva tagasi
I just figured someone used the porta potty and forgot to zip up and he was hanging out before someone let him know about... Could be wrong tho 😂
Andy D
Andy D 20 päeva tagasi
Hard to see with the focus but it looks like he had a cig in his left hand.
saxophone_guy 21 päev tagasi
I assume someone was making some sort of rude gesture
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 21 päev tagasi
Came to the comments to try and figure this out too... No idea 🤷🏼‍♂️
Trevor Asel
Trevor Asel 21 päev tagasi
Drew into his lapel mic: “Calvin did you find your disc?.... over”
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 17 päeva tagasi
lol this thumbnail of Calvin is GOLDEN
Damen Huth
Damen Huth 21 päev tagasi
Nice shout out to idle wild lol I live about 15 mins away.
Mitzelnation 78
Mitzelnation 78 21 päev tagasi
Why were people blurred 33:09?
Grimm Sop
Grimm Sop 21 päev tagasi
Big Jerm sure does like talking a bout hot dogs for a guy whos "NOT" the hotdog bandit...
Jesse Bradford
Jesse Bradford 21 päev tagasi
What was blurred out at the 18th tee?
Goodwije Päev tagasi
My favorite part of disc golf is when Gibson talks sh!t and then melts down.
Ron Miller
Ron Miller 11 päeva tagasi
@Doctor Fumi My guess as well and waited until the final hole to do so.
Eric Britt
Eric Britt 16 päeva tagasi
Looks like they were the only one wearing a mask?
Katie PC
Katie PC 20 päeva tagasi
This was the reason I came to the comments. I was hoping someone knew. I watched it in slowmez and still couldn’t tell at all
Doctor Fumi
Doctor Fumi 21 päev tagasi
If I had to guess the person behind was making some sort of gesture they wanted to blur out. Perhaps something as simple as flipping his friend the bird. Just a guess though.
Pete Mills
Pete Mills 21 päev tagasi
Best. Thumbnail. Ever.
Caleb Bowen
Caleb Bowen 21 päev tagasi
Thank you for your consistent, excellent work!
curdit9 21 päev tagasi
Bad boy bogies...smh, jerm 🤣
Cooper Colbert
Cooper Colbert 21 päev tagasi
By accident hit 2020s r2 b9. Heard the old music and got hyped. Realized I was living in the past. Feelssadman
427jared 21 päev tagasi
Put it on slow motion to watch something a little closer. Accidentally put it on .75 speed after. BagBarri sounded like they had spent a fair amount of time at the bar. I kind of found it hysterical
S.0.S 21 päev tagasi
Uli is pretty boring and dull
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 21 päev tagasi
Final round is gonna melt my brain
@disccombobulated 21 päev tagasi
So stoked
Brian Corbett
Brian Corbett 21 päev tagasi
Casey White has been playing out of his skin🤯🔥
snikwahjets 21 päev tagasi
Yeah. It's a shame he just missed out on the final round lead card
Mike Tuites
Mike Tuites 21 päev tagasi
This thumbnail is legendary
Keith Huntington
Keith Huntington 21 päev tagasi
Final round card is a mega card.
curtis casey
curtis casey 21 päev tagasi
Titans on the final card! So stoked to see it.
Sand Marcus
Sand Marcus 21 päev tagasi
Can't wait for tomorrow... what a stud of a final card.
John Hofer
John Hofer 21 päev tagasi
Calvin's putting stroke looks so lackadaisical - the fact that he just freaking jams putts with that stroke is amazing. What a legend
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt 18 päeva tagasi
Easily my favorite putting style, I'd love for him to upload a video on his technique.
Michael lestinsky
Michael lestinsky 21 päev tagasi
Philo said it right, stay ridged lined up with the basket, don't sway from side to side, point towards the basket.
Drugs Delaney
Drugs Delaney 21 päev tagasi
That drone music got me craving a bit of the ultra-violence.
Mike 19 päeva tagasi
Great reference. Wendy Carlos approves.
Evan DeMeyer
Evan DeMeyer 21 päev tagasi
10/10 thumbnail😂
Brady Ward
Brady Ward 21 päev tagasi
Calvin looks like he's celebrating 4/20 early in that thumbnail
Triiptych 21 päev tagasi
Cant wait for the final round with those 4
Josh Gibbs
Josh Gibbs 21 päev tagasi
This round of coverage might be in the top 3 all time faves. Good job guys! Way to clean up that messy hot dog 🤣🤣🤣
Mr Black
Mr Black 21 päev tagasi
You guys are the best sports commentators hands down. I click for the disc golf and stay for the made-up terms.
Tom Garwitz
Tom Garwitz 21 päev tagasi
Drew looks like a metalcore vocalist
M B 21 päev tagasi
What a card for the final round tomorrow. The top four rated players currently. Awesome.
GlowWorm 21 päev tagasi
lol this thumbnail of Calvin is GOLDEN
CAB 21 päev tagasi
Ben is Jacked!
david Clark
david Clark 21 päev tagasi
It hurts my heart when Drew doesn’t do well, I’m always hoping he will crush! On another note Ricky is also hard to root against, like Gibson he is too likable no matter how much you want to see others win here and there. Haha
YoYo10542 21 päev tagasi
Pawn Manwich I think maybe my issue with Ricky is that he’s so casually good? Like he seems like he puts no effort in and does exceedingly well which is somehow annoying I don’t know. But for someone like McBeth who I feel like is super analytical and puts a lot of thought into things is someone I can relate to and like because of the visual effort we can see.
Pawn Manwich
Pawn Manwich 21 päev tagasi
Honestly I find it pretty easy to root against Ricky. I really enjoy him in his vlog videos but during rounds he just seems....idk maybe a bit irritating? I honestly can't really put my finger on it. Maybe he's just to good and i'm just jealous lol.
ii PuRe Nv
ii PuRe Nv 21 päev tagasi
Avery is right, I can’t wait for this next video man. Wow I love to see that
CAB 21 päev tagasi
People's champ... Drew Gibson
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