Trackmania's Biggest Shortcut Mystery Was FINALLY Solved

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The shortcut on Trackmania's D03 Acrobatic was first discovered in 2009. At first it seemed outright impossible... but over the years, the community came up with many crazy ideas on how to make it viable in speedruns. And now... they finally managed to crack the code. This is how Trackmania players broke D03 Acrobatic.

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Henry de Jongh
Henry de Jongh 10 tundi tagasi
Hey Wirtual, I have been watching most of your channel. The content is amazing and I absolutely love the visualizations. I subscribed and can't wait to watch more! Thanks!
Valentinim 134
Valentinim 134 Päev tagasi
Rollin got the wr on my bday, lol
Necrathmian YT
Necrathmian YT 2 päeva tagasi
The music in the end where the short cut is reached is beautiful. The song name is "Ori, Lost in the Storm" if anyone was wondering
Dio 3 päeva tagasi
Just imagine how far humanity would have developed if this people used this time and effort to contribute in life saving ideas like for example better vaccines.
Dio 3 päeva tagasi
I want to see what Riolu can do using his time bending powers !! that would be awesome!!
azagedon 4 päeva tagasi
"because you couldnt see your skid marks"
William Weston
William Weston 4 päeva tagasi
I tried this back in 2014 and i did it, how can i see record times and save mine? tried downloading the game buy cant find my old saved replays or maps :(
Nazar Hasan
Nazar Hasan 5 päeva tagasi
Bro, April 11th is my birthday
Aidan Simone
Aidan Simone 5 päeva tagasi
You are the summoning salt of trackmania!
AL D 5 päeva tagasi
C T 6 päeva tagasi
Wirtual is basically Summoning Salt but for Trackmania and with Ori music
DarkFire #1
DarkFire #1 8 päeva tagasi
im finna Download this friken game
Lucas Ruffiner
Lucas Ruffiner 9 päeva tagasi
Hey is tm2 staduim with a map for trackmania nation forever right ?
M2K Developments
M2K Developments 9 päeva tagasi
Awesome Video
Robiero 9 päeva tagasi
I barely ever play trackmania, just joining some fullspeed servers here and there, but damn these videos are so immersive I get a feeling that i was a part of this community for years and it is so exciting to watch and see what players come up with all these shortcut ideas ,bugs and what not.
aizat734 9 päeva tagasi
This is what you call excellent story telling ability
kav 10 päeva tagasi
i love you babe smooch
Zudexa 11 päeva tagasi
Trackmania, the only game where humans can beat a TAS
Zuruki 11 päeva tagasi
of course rollin did it lol
Nick D
Nick D 11 päeva tagasi
I appreciate the ori and the blind forest music
You Pla
You Pla 12 päeva tagasi
The quality of your work is remarkable.
Anki 12 päeva tagasi
People in this community are maniacs, love you guys.
Mikoyan 12 päeva tagasi
When you miss understand a car for a plane lmao
Silvan Gruber
Silvan Gruber 12 päeva tagasi
The German supremacy is real😂
Taylor 13 päeva tagasi
I dont even know what game this is and I still watched it
Tripcord 13 päeva tagasi
You’re Such a good creator, bro. I don’t know anything About this game but I always click your videos when I see them. Captivating shit
Animuss9601 (Matias Millanao)
Animuss9601 (Matias Millanao) 13 päeva tagasi
almost the entire TM saga is my childhood, i love this game
Cosmic Angel
Cosmic Angel 14 päeva tagasi
2:09 Wow I did not expect to hear Ori and the Blind Forest music here, but it does fit quite well.
VERSUS 15 päeva tagasi
It is truly astonishing what human beings become capable of when completely und utterly devoted to wasting their time
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing 15 päeva tagasi
Bet that cheater guy used cheat engine and did the run in half speed.
BodhiZaffa 16 päeva tagasi
"You cant see your skidmarks" lol
Doom guy
Doom guy 17 päeva tagasi
I love your videos. Used to play trackmania years ago this brings so much good nostalgia.
WorldPremiereGaming 17 päeva tagasi
Ubisoft just ruined it and this video is outstanding
Yoon Robichaud
Yoon Robichaud 17 päeva tagasi
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Rol Tol
Rol Tol 17 päeva tagasi
bug , texture bugs, wall bugs, abusing game errors, is that how you suppose to compete in the games ? imagine olympics gona do same way... is it fun ? NO.
Rol Tol
Rol Tol 13 päeva tagasi
@Kobee Vance in terms you say in trackmania i would say also, get your special keyboards joistics, get your brain boosting suplements, oxigen better monitor, but dont cheat, or abuse texture bugs, shortcuts etc.. thats cheating.
Rol Tol
Rol Tol 13 päeva tagasi
@Kobee Vance YES but you cant cheat, or use shortcuts, abuse enviroment.
Rol Tol
Rol Tol 16 päeva tagasi
@Kobee Vance so you say you should have special training for your fingers, special keyboards, mental health suplyments, and other pc gear upgrades thats would be ok. But looking for shortcuts imagine sportsman skiping track... he gets penalty if he does that.. Imagine there would be bug in hockey score detector, and sportman abusing it... and could score from back of the gate... I think you got the idea.. it would be total ok to train fingers, have special keyboards or joistics, special screens or what ever that helps the perfomance, but if you abuse the game itself, its cheating realy.. F1 had one team burning oil with the fuel , and they got caught cause they got more power... Real world competition does not work like that.. like he sugest to cheat, looking for bugs, texture bugs etc.. all those should be fixed by game creators, and records deleted.
Kobee Vance
Kobee Vance 16 päeva tagasi
But, the Olympics DO go to those leinghts. They get custom made shoes that are fine tuned to the runner, machines that give them better oxygen intake, a team of trainers analyzing each part of the rules to get any edge they can. And that's not including the people who cheat to get an edge.
Pavel Soukup
Pavel Soukup 19 päeva tagasi
ori music, I love that
TheZabbiemaster 19 päeva tagasi
this is pretty insane, nice video
Marko Blazic
Marko Blazic 20 päeva tagasi
4:07 Wow first time seeing a Serbian on Wirtual's channel Pog
Ai Dan
Ai Dan 20 päeva tagasi
Bro, shoutout nixion
mind.hacker999 20 päeva tagasi
bruh how did it take them years to learn outside inside outside gives u a faster exit smh that's basic motorsports......
Krce Fran
Krce Fran 21 päev tagasi
comments for the algorith
Joe Zen
Joe Zen 21 päev tagasi
Whats the song at 7:40?
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 22 päeva tagasi
Krok 22 päeva tagasi
Germans optimising everything
PIONN3R 22 päeva tagasi
This man makes me want to play trackmania all day long c:
Sebastian Guido
Sebastian Guido 22 päeva tagasi
different version of fitmc and 2b2t plus the storytelling
Wilko wilkins
Wilko wilkins 23 päeva tagasi
Wow my birthday is on April 11 wierd to think a world record was set on that day lol
Danibollz 23 päeva tagasi
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Man Bun Rider
Man Bun Rider 23 päeva tagasi
It took 12 years with so many tries by different people and when they succeeded, it had still room left for improvement. Someone did better, then another did it more perfectly. That’s what is called REVOLUTION
John Landry
John Landry 23 päeva tagasi
This is such a cool game! The way you tell us makes me want to play!
Tiago Varão
Tiago Varão 23 päeva tagasi
Playing TM again, after a big while, all thanks to your channel 🙌✌️
Freeman 23 päeva tagasi
I don’t know why this is in my recommendations, but I’m fine with it, pretty great video
Luke Clements (TheElictor)
Luke Clements (TheElictor) 24 päeva tagasi
Yo people with anxiety this… yeah this.
Manly Astronaut
Manly Astronaut 24 päeva tagasi
Can I just say that you have an awersome taste for background music. From FEZ to Outer Wilds, you have some good musical taste ;)
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 25 päeva tagasi
What's a good trackmania to start playing there are so many?
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 24 päeva tagasi
@Mr. UwU sweet thanks
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 24 päeva tagasi
TMNF or TM 2020, both are free (TMNF on Steam and TM2020 on Epic)
Kool Shady
Kool Shady 25 päeva tagasi
Slackin But Not Lackin
Slackin But Not Lackin 25 päeva tagasi
I've never even played this game or even really know anything about it but your story telling is so good
Milo Boi
Milo Boi 25 päeva tagasi
ive never played TM but it looks so interesting to watch so i might become a TM Player soon hopefully :)
ゴジラ 25 päeva tagasi
Bro it's a racing game bro
Noth Ing
Noth Ing 25 päeva tagasi
What if you nose glitched the fence before you land in the glitch???
Cryptic Arcane
Cryptic Arcane 25 päeva tagasi
It's crazy what can spawn from such a simple concept like pong.
Yahsky Esquillo
Yahsky Esquillo 25 päeva tagasi
only took 13 years to do this one trick
Pink Kiwi
Pink Kiwi 25 päeva tagasi
why is timber hearth intro playin near the end lol, i love that game
Kiliano Olivera
Kiliano Olivera 25 päeva tagasi
Man, a lot of these comments didn't age well
TheEvryt_ 25 päeva tagasi
the jav clip at the end is so sick
Somniad 25 päeva tagasi
Very good music choices
Laurenralphs YT
Laurenralphs YT 26 päeva tagasi
Why don’t they back up and try the same strategy
Da Link
Da Link 26 päeva tagasi
So after 12 years the solution was turn right
Mustafa Al-kishtainy
Mustafa Al-kishtainy 26 päeva tagasi
i like cars after watching these videos
LOW Brim
LOW Brim 26 päeva tagasi
I just noticed am not subbed I feel so disappointed at myself and useless😢
jack cope
jack cope 26 päeva tagasi
Was that just me or was the theme from the ginso tree boss level in ori and the blind forest playing in the background of rollin's run
ExtraShifty 26 päeva tagasi
So basically your telling me that for 12 years ppl were like "What if we win the lottery"
Kenneth Chen
Kenneth Chen 26 päeva tagasi
why was this so interesting...
buddeeeeeeee 26 päeva tagasi
Not related to this video at all but am just saying the 1.59.92 by zkme on Principal Point was my friend that I personally know irl. He said he pressed the backwards key on that very last part.
Tia Gen
Tia Gen 27 päeva tagasi
Gonna be honest, the fact no one ever did try the right side is questionable ^ '
Tia Gen
Tia Gen 27 päeva tagasi
Dutch cars being orange, uhg
ERZ Neos
ERZ Neos 27 päeva tagasi
Oh boy... I used to play this in 2009 with my friends offline and we actually used that shortcut 😂😂😅
Darryl 27 päeva tagasi
i have chills watching this...
MelonePokemon 27 päeva tagasi
Im so happy that we have a few austrians in the Trackmania scene!
Antonio Russell
Antonio Russell 27 päeva tagasi
What is the song @ 10:44
Guy Alam
Guy Alam 27 päeva tagasi
Is trackmania on Nintendo??????? Someone plz tell me
yoshi _
yoshi _ 27 päeva tagasi
simon kohler
simon kohler 27 päeva tagasi
I've never played this game but it's the most beautiful one in terms of world records etc. this game is just perfect and it's thanks to those players
Lukajski 27 päeva tagasi
nixion is probably one of us serbian kids who played tm in class and made a shortcut
cars7881 cars7881
cars7881 cars7881 27 päeva tagasi
6:42 GG EZ
Andreas Toth
Andreas Toth 27 päeva tagasi
If shortcuts are legal, then imagine if one could take off with so much torque one flips the car in the air and back over the start line to finish every track under a second... Of course, this would only make sense if the finish is at the same location as the start line.
_ Mpower
_ Mpower 27 päeva tagasi
There are checkpoints. Bullshit
DdariQ 27 päeva tagasi
I have no idea what you are talking about, nonsense
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor 27 päeva tagasi
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Dave Reeves
Dave Reeves 27 päeva tagasi
Hole up, why do you keep saying "secret", like the track designer intended for these things to be a best time strategy?
braces11111 27 päeva tagasi
Why cares? Sure it's cool but doesn't matter.
Harley Light
Harley Light 27 päeva tagasi
There was another trackmania game I used to play on the ps4, it was awesome, making my own tracks was the best, God I love this game
Kaho 28 päeva tagasi
Awesome video, it's been a long time since i've played this game, i absolutely love it.
Uige 28 päeva tagasi
I just like how the outer wilds ost plays at the end.
Silverstar66666 28 päeva tagasi
Good to know, how shitty you act behind the cameras. Thanks for showing us your real face!
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 24 päeva tagasi
@Silverstar66666 What are you referring to? riolu is the one being memed about, and is also the one that ruined their friendship
Silverstar66666 24 päeva tagasi
@Mr. UwU still the same lul. now wirt gets memed
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 24 päeva tagasi
This comment aged so poorly xd
janrl16 28 päeva tagasi
Lmao. Riolu has very likely cheated, now imagine a "friend" who lies to you for years. He was hoping to get a confession and not complete denial. Right now i don't see with what excuse riolu is gonna come up with, which would explain his inputs. Wirtual probably is just sad by now and that was riolus last change of confessing. Wirtuals and Donadigos report is basically waterproof. I just hope Pingu never knew about this and then riolu doesn`t lose his streamer job, he even could lose his org, so he wouldn't be able to play in tmgl. Wirtual even was more professional in the discord dm leaked. And ofc riolu didn`t even leak the whole dms but well i just hope this all ends well for him.
NixionTM 28 päeva tagasi
You are making that claim based on what?
fhb04 28 päeva tagasi
I got one of these videos recommended to me. I don’t play Trackmania, but I’m not disappointed.
OnMySun 28 päeva tagasi
Seen this type of game on memes for years and was always like wtf are those crazy maps? I always thought it was just a Ai driving , came across your channel yesterday and I’m binge watching all your vids 😂😂😂😂 I know jack shit about this game but I am intrigued to the maximum … you really have to be a special person for your brain to process this game at a competitive level… and your story telling is the cherry on top
good - ol - cam
good - ol - cam 28 päeva tagasi
I got an Uber ad after you said uberbug
OddLotus 28 päeva tagasi
God I need to get trackmania
Jessie O'Mahony
Jessie O'Mahony 28 päeva tagasi
POV: you don't even play track mania but you stay cause he's so good at story telling
Jessie O'Mahony
Jessie O'Mahony 26 päeva tagasi
@Neddier not really. I mean here you are
Neddier 26 päeva tagasi
*boring and forced
OTHOUD 29 päeva tagasi
your videos made me have interest in trackmania , i love racing and putting the fastest time possible and this game seems quite fun , i think i might upload the game thanks to you mate haha
MataRiko 29 päeva tagasi
bro i know hefest
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