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Danny Gonzalez

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEexs, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

FryFry467 Tund tagasi
The moms of high school lmao 😂
Midko StudioZ!
Midko StudioZ! 3 tundi tagasi
Sorry I can't foucse Danny's shirt is so awesome I want it 😭
Albin Thorsson Lundberg
Albin Thorsson Lundberg 7 tundi tagasi
I l ask yuo
Samson Arnett
Samson Arnett 15 tundi tagasi
what model is your airsoft pistol Dan
laughing at you broken hoes
laughing at you broken hoes 20 tundi tagasi
Danny’s channel is just a big inside joke.
Sagaz Päev tagasi
CowboyDog Päev tagasi
Flawless Walrus.
Beliye Kolgotki
Beliye Kolgotki Päev tagasi
Those 2 bitches tried to emulate Clueless and failed epically
Heyo Päev tagasi
Izzy Izzy
Izzy Izzy 2 päeva tagasi
17:49 because he's a robot and he has access to so many data and he decided that US creating wars in middle east is a crime and he doesn't want to enable them so he honourably ends his existence.
Quill Almighty
Quill Almighty 2 päeva tagasi
1:48 I got called a fagot in front of my teachers and they didn't care
Heyo 2 päeva tagasi
The Fairchild Bros.
The Fairchild Bros. 2 päeva tagasi
BettaFishLove !
BettaFishLove ! 2 päeva tagasi
Dam 17 whole days, I feel threatened.
Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden 2 päeva tagasi
When your a nerdy teenager from the 1990s that holds their books like they are a small dog
From the third Planet
From the third Planet 2 päeva tagasi
10% of the comments: pointing random things out 25%: if you are LGBT+ you can’t sit on a chair 10%: meming the whole thing 20%: talking about the age difference 35%: WWII witze
Julian Flores
Julian Flores 2 päeva tagasi
Peso. inactividad Historia familiar. .. ... Alta presión sanguínea
Julian Flores
Julian Flores 2 päeva tagasi
Un grupo de enfermedades que tiene como resultado un exceso de azúcar en la sangre
From the third Planet
From the third Planet 2 päeva tagasi
Super Soldier? *X-Files flashbacks intensify*
Brittany Quast
Brittany Quast 3 päeva tagasi
As soon as I saw the fake boyfriends car I was in love.... with his car (orange🧡)
Aidan Aidan
Aidan Aidan 3 päeva tagasi
11:21 dude I just realized his license plate says "meowsers"
AntiHeroine 3 päeva tagasi
Soooo shes going to jail, right? Love this channel... I laughed evilly at choking out the principle
Alex2979 3 päeva tagasi
I love how this movies are so relateble at least with the social life that i want to put a fork in my hand
Baylee S
Baylee S 3 päeva tagasi
Obviously none of you grew up watching weird science with your father and it being awkward. Too specific? Oh okay.
Madi 3 päeva tagasi
Turns out Mae is very well educated on the military-industrial complex, and explained it to albert on one of their dates, that why he asked her to self destruct him and why she agreed
Aidan Playz
Aidan Playz 3 päeva tagasi
When the robot saids he has no Clothes but he’s wearing a Addis’s sweatshirt 😂
Heyo 3 päeva tagasi
Some EPICness guy with a 1209
Some EPICness guy with a 1209 3 päeva tagasi
Sigma more like sugma
Tobias Ravenscraft
Tobias Ravenscraft 3 päeva tagasi
3:45 Danny: Do you feel dominated Me: *starts sweating*
Jack Aron
Jack Aron 4 päeva tagasi
i watched this when it came out on disney channel
German LegoKid
German LegoKid 4 päeva tagasi
That Guy
That Guy 4 päeva tagasi
I love hella fresh lol
Polly Schott
Polly Schott 4 päeva tagasi
Omg all the cool kids in Disney channel original movies are gay. They can't sit right in chairs 😮
unxcorn 4 päeva tagasi
i love all these references to past videos at 3:10 "Maybe she'll start a radio show" from I'M RADIO REBEL "Maybe she'll join the musical" (ok this one has no reference but if it does please tell me) "Maybe she'll start a band" from I'M LEMONADE MOUTH "Maybe her bones are getting squishy" from Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For "Maybe she'll build a better boy" this video
Joshua Quinn
Joshua Quinn 4 päeva tagasi
5:37 J O H N C E N A
Sunshine 4 päeva tagasi
Yo, you should do 16 wishes next
E F 4 päeva tagasi
This is just weird science
Owlover003 4 päeva tagasi
“Blonde hair and blue eyes” Oh dear god she’s a nazi
RajaGamer08 4 päeva tagasi
when danny was talking about the schooll website I realized our school website just talks about rappers
Kota isn't a Trap
Kota isn't a Trap 5 päeva tagasi
Hitler would probably want that Robot
Cats Are Cute
Cats Are Cute 5 päeva tagasi
Albert did that White Vision exit...
Bookworm Girl
Bookworm Girl 5 päeva tagasi
*there you are*
Ilya W
Ilya W 5 päeva tagasi
HOLY SHIT i just realized the establishing shot of this school is the high school across the street from my house in toronto LOL
Jaxon Bullock
Jaxon Bullock 5 päeva tagasi
MISTEA 5 päeva tagasi
This Human
This Human 5 päeva tagasi
I only sit on top of the table to I can or back to read my book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a weirdo. But I’m in a random place, socially. Every girl in my year is friends with me, some of the boys tolerate me, and the rest just shit on me...
This Human
This Human 5 päeva tagasi
Disney channel movies... 👨🏼‍🍳💋
This Human
This Human 5 päeva tagasi
F r o g
AriTheFatRat 6 päeva tagasi
Frog shirt
Liam Clark
Liam Clark 6 päeva tagasi
Ya know, Hitler and May are kinda similar... They think blond hair and blue eyes is the perfect boy
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 6 päeva tagasi
When she said "blonde hair and blue eyes" "meowzers" all 8 could think of was (Hitler alert) that may had the same ideals as Hitler for beauty and perfection
Ethan Rahal
Ethan Rahal 6 päeva tagasi
That nutcracker is sad rn
Faiz Ozigi
Faiz Ozigi 6 päeva tagasi
This could’ve been solved simply Don’t lie to someone just because you were embarrassed that they proved you wrong
Tommy Bartlett
Tommy Bartlett 6 päeva tagasi
Noah Centineo being in this movie is poignant.
Parth Chaturvedi
Parth Chaturvedi 7 päeva tagasi
3:45 i dont know about dominance but i do feel turned on, but i guess both of these words feelings are kind of the same, so yeah
Mayテレビ 7 päeva tagasi
it's really weird to hear your name in a Disney movie "MAY" I know my name is pretty common but it's still weird af
ZaMadDuck 7 päeva tagasi
No one gonna say that his license plate says “Meow Zers”?
Dexter 7 päeva tagasi
Also why does he have to be white 🙄. That's the perfect bf.... some white dude.
Hannes Horn
Hannes Horn 8 päeva tagasi
I feel like China McClain deserves to he in wayyyyyy better movies than these shitty low effort disney channel ones.
Liam Bakker
Liam Bakker 8 päeva tagasi
Like they can hack into the military system
regrettspaghett 8 päeva tagasi
11:33 even though it doesn't happen, i like to imagine him getting out of the car all cool n stuff and then the first thing he says is "gaze upon my pockets and _weep"_
Rose 8 päeva tagasi
Anyone else getting a Disney version of terminator vibe or is that just me
Snake Jr
Snake Jr 9 päeva tagasi
17.04 voice crack!
Daisy The Destroyer
Daisy The Destroyer 9 päeva tagasi
Why me greg?
Holy Moly Christmas Glory
Holy Moly Christmas Glory 9 päeva tagasi
Okay I was doing my makeup while watching this but I stabbed my eye when he started singing I love you like a love song like I had a obsession with that song when I was like 6
Starlight Yuki
Starlight Yuki 9 päeva tagasi
Zoey Miller
Zoey Miller 9 päeva tagasi
B x b y._. ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
B x b y._. ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ 10 päeva tagasi
my names mei prenounced may. help
Ãesthetic_ Wolfie
Ãesthetic_ Wolfie 10 päeva tagasi
legend says albert is still flying in the sky today
noodles time
noodles time 10 päeva tagasi
Just turned on notifications you now own my soul truly greg
_pill_cereal_ 10 päeva tagasi
2:35 I think it looks like that bc she painted it with watercolor
Kelly Cane
Kelly Cane 10 päeva tagasi
I love this class =)
extreme aoyama simp
extreme aoyama simp 10 päeva tagasi
9:49 She looks like in her mind she's saying *"wtf why would u kiss a robot"*
Tombz80 10 päeva tagasi
disney channel original movies r worse than jake paul’s music
UrsaBear 11 päeva tagasi
this movie is literally just a shitty version of weird science lmfao
Ubaidillah Ahmad
Ubaidillah Ahmad 11 päeva tagasi
wait these kids hack into the government and stole there robot how? edit: why am i the only one asking this
Mal Monks
Mal Monks 11 päeva tagasi
3:40 *Rantaro Amami has entered the chat*
nadiaalibaig 11 päeva tagasi
I have seen this movie on T.V before but it was only towards the ending It was awkward to watch with my family, even when I didn't know what I was watching
oo0Hydra0oo 11 päeva tagasi
10:08 LMFAO
Avery Henderson
Avery Henderson 11 päeva tagasi
he should react to Princess Protection Program
Fun Stuff 4 Ever
Fun Stuff 4 Ever 12 päeva tagasi
bones are getting squishy
Fun Stuff 4 Ever
Fun Stuff 4 Ever 12 päeva tagasi
2:00 wtf is that harry potter
[no name] TvT
[no name] TvT 12 päeva tagasi
0:30 Hey danny you're wrong you will be 2000 years old to finish all the Disney movies
Olivia Byrnes
Olivia Byrnes 12 päeva tagasi
This is just steve Rogers if he was a robot
WolfSword87 12 päeva tagasi
If you’d asked me before I watched this video if I’d seen this film I’d say no but watching this slowly unlocked a memory I forgot existed
Trezele Mabalaya
Trezele Mabalaya 12 päeva tagasi
“cool kids never sit right” oh so all cool kids are gay. great! i’m one step closer to being *cool*
You just unlocked a very weird childhood memory and I don't know how to feel about that-
Madison Lockwood
Madison Lockwood 12 päeva tagasi
I love how the squishy bone joke is consistent, I almost spit out my digorno 5 cheese stuffed crust pizza that is bussin byssin
Chris Harvick
Chris Harvick 12 päeva tagasi
Its a me, *ALBERT* from Flamingo!
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 12 päeva tagasi
What’s black sigma?
Grail Montgomery
Grail Montgomery 13 päeva tagasi
Gabby: describe your perfect boy Mae: make him white
Hello mornin
Hello mornin 13 päeva tagasi
That shirt makes me want to run on a treadmill with a phone blasted on rainforests music wearing it.
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 13 päeva tagasi
Can you do one for zapped?
Luke Romano
Luke Romano 13 päeva tagasi
Love this :)
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 13 päeva tagasi
I- I love you like a love song bebe,
The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian 13 päeva tagasi
Are we gonna talk about how she just disses Siberia like that?
XxMøri CanxX
XxMøri CanxX 13 päeva tagasi
Or hear me out the popular guy is gay Because none of us sit properly
Clockwork _the weirdo dragon
Clockwork _the weirdo dragon 13 päeva tagasi
How the Greg did she know he had a self destruct and what if it was a nuclear explosion
tamsin 13 päeva tagasi
cool people don’t know how to sit,, gay people don’t know how to sit ....... conclusion: all cool people are gay
Farheen Rokon
Farheen Rokon 13 päeva tagasi
i love this movie tho...
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