I Survived 100 Days Inside a Hidden Minecraft Base...

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Kolohe crew
Kolohe crew 46 minutit tagasi
It’s is very hard dude…
Kolohe crew
Kolohe crew 46 minutit tagasi
That has to be a hard challenge because his bunker was seen by the hunter…
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 49 minutit tagasi
This is like some psychology horror stuff from the dudes pov.
theunkownrebel Tund tagasi
Were is tekkers?!?!??!
Meljean Centeno
Meljean Centeno Tund tagasi
Ohtekkers not appload
Bobo Dakes
Bobo Dakes Tund tagasi
He's gone again...😞
Koko 3 tundi tagasi
He's gone );
Gamerpk2214 3 tundi tagasi
Where is ohtechs as he's been gone for 4 months
Zelappy 3 tundi tagasi
I watch OhTekker for 100 days then this happens
ShemuelMackendrick Garcia
ShemuelMackendrick Garcia 4 tundi tagasi
sad section z was blown up but he survived that was intence anyways great vid see ya
BEAST GAMER YT 4 tundi tagasi
how could he move when he is afk😂😂
That Weird Girl
That Weird Girl 4 tundi tagasi
Image if he commented on the video 😂
The Big Copper
The Big Copper 5 tundi tagasi
He’s gone again😭 4 months last time it was 6 is it going to be 8 now😭
The Big Copper
The Big Copper 5 tundi tagasi
My grammar be bustin😂
BlazingPheonixYT 6 tundi tagasi
"When the world needed him the most he vanished"
Logan Montgomery
Logan Montgomery 6 tundi tagasi
Imagine being the dude who has this guy in his base. Minecraft but 100% scarier
gord playz
gord playz 6 tundi tagasi
Tekkers I have favor pls make that again video 200 pls
ElHugixbb 6 tundi tagasi
Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://
ElHugixbb 6 tundi tagasi
Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://
ElHugixbb 6 tundi tagasi
Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://
ElHugixbb 6 tundi tagasi
Well, a youtuber called The_MarZy is coping ur content ://
Finlay McCulloch
Finlay McCulloch 7 tundi tagasi
Mr obvious 3:16
blu_ 7 tundi tagasi
Idk why but you inspired me to play minecraft again
Dogeify Life
Dogeify Life 7 tundi tagasi
Isn’t that stalking
skeletor98 7 tundi tagasi
A youtuber called marzy IS copying your videos
Francisco Urias
Francisco Urias 8 tundi tagasi
Congrats but who is BILL ?????
jayden lujan
jayden lujan 10 tundi tagasi
It's been a while since u uploaded
Midnight Aspect
Midnight Aspect 10 tundi tagasi
amun tops
amun tops 11 tundi tagasi
The marzi te copio el contenido y suvio una segunda parte ojala sepas un poco de español para entender este mensaje
Zack Heygood
Zack Heygood 11 tundi tagasi
I hope you do more of this
Aitor__800 11 tundi tagasi
De lo que se copia marzi salu2
Bacon Family
Bacon Family 12 tundi tagasi
mahesh remya
mahesh remya 13 tundi tagasi
where are you ohtekkers
Nora 14 tundi tagasi
and he's gone again, just like last time
Zuh uhhh
Zuh uhhh 15 tundi tagasi
Ayo when is he coming?
Trippy Skeletons
Trippy Skeletons 16 tundi tagasi
can i play on bedrock?
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano 16 tundi tagasi
Me if person hides in my base: if you attack me, TNT will happen
Raptor3Gamer 19 tundi tagasi
I Subscribe to u
Knight Gaming
Knight Gaming 19 tundi tagasi
Are you dead?
Crafty girl
Crafty girl 20 tundi tagasi
👑FURY👑 20 tundi tagasi
New part
Aboutcomet 20 tundi tagasi
4 Months ago
blocky_worlds 20 tundi tagasi
Should have messed with him by putting signs saying, "I'm in your base"
Technical Gaming
Technical Gaming 21 tund tagasi
Which version ur playing
ProGamer Hd
ProGamer Hd 21 tund tagasi
He must be making a huge video ?
Arielle Reeves
Arielle Reeves 21 tund tagasi
I know your going through it, but please come back we miss you. When im having a tough time I know I can count on your and your videos to Cheer me up. Please talk to us. at least let us know your okay
Amber :P
Amber :P 22 tundi tagasi
jkasdjlfakdsj you ended it like a pro
Sushi studios
Sushi studios 22 tundi tagasi
How to get in on the server
CHEW CAPY 23 tundi tagasi
IV* not IIII
INFERNO BG 23 tundi tagasi
Hes gone again and this time idk if he'll comeback
JusticeForFire 23 tundi tagasi
Nice on 1 mil I know bit late
XxBgGameGX Päev tagasi
I don't know if you know, but a Spanish youtuber called TheMarzy copies you
Raymond Derenoncourt
Raymond Derenoncourt Päev tagasi
Can you survive 200 days?
Sudha Mahajan
Sudha Mahajan Päev tagasi
Plz post
QuÆZrION X Päev tagasi
The ending was kinda sad... RIP Section Z
Capcut Shorts
Capcut Shorts Päev tagasi
Yo you haven’t posted in awhile
Kiarimiistired Päev tagasi
He kinda sounds like Ali-A
Rizzy Raee
Rizzy Raee Päev tagasi
The immense china bizarrely chop because prosecution singly warn worth a clear fisherman. easy, worthless pancake
RuyPvp Päev tagasi
What’s the sever
Raposo_gameplays Päev tagasi
Whats your version?
Leonardo obeth
Leonardo obeth Päev tagasi
You stole the rat video
mincraftlifeforever Päev tagasi
Where is oh tekkers
mincraftlifeforever 19 tundi tagasi
I know but why didn't he tell us
Latino With Good Internet
Latino With Good Internet 19 tundi tagasi
He got older duh
Niek Van Der Meer
Niek Van Der Meer Päev tagasi
How can he find u if u have 24/7 potions
Vanessa Honores
Vanessa Honores Päev tagasi
lo haces por el video de marzy
DerthVader 69
DerthVader 69 Päev tagasi
If I saw the sign saying “who are you” I would reply saying death then drink milk and turn visble and then just kill him
XXX Legend
XXX Legend Päev tagasi
This is my fav vid in the world
Ainsley Evans
Ainsley Evans Päev tagasi
That was so close
morning star
morning star Päev tagasi
im not minecraf player but really enjoy this watching this
mangomane csvr
mangomane csvr Päev tagasi
I Spent 100 Days in a Hidden Minecraft Base!
Gacha Schäfchen
Gacha Schäfchen Päev tagasi
The Sheepsssssssss……. NOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭
mangomane csvr
mangomane csvr Päev tagasi
server name?
darkness of the year.
darkness of the year. Päev tagasi
Is been 4 moth
Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards Päev tagasi
Ik how long does it take
jeje bautista
jeje bautista Päev tagasi
im subdds
Kay thekitkat
Kay thekitkat Päev tagasi
I subscribed right at the end when the numbers moved and I panicked. Honestly such a great vid though :)
Jane Gray
Jane Gray Päev tagasi
My dad is a builder
Ben Baerg
Ben Baerg Päev tagasi
I love your vids and u shouldn't stop
Ben Baerg
Ben Baerg Päev tagasi
Do u still post videos
TWardenX Päev tagasi
I late by 4months. Congrts on 1mil
lynn la grange
lynn la grange Päev tagasi
Your not lucky because you survived the fire thats how minecraft works!!
Hugo Alves
Hugo Alves Päev tagasi
hey guys any one knows that is that mob spawn mod that make them stack up?
Tenshi Päev tagasi
I Spent 100 Days in a Hidden Minecraft Base!
Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson Päev tagasi
Where did he go??
ZeninjerXYZ Päev tagasi
Okay now do it in real life
crazy dav
crazy dav 2 päeva tagasi
Where is oh tekkers he has not posted I 4 months
Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott 2 päeva tagasi
Would you do 200 days ? (Another 100 days in same base)
WERKELMONSTER 2 päeva tagasi
Pls part 2
Kitten playz
Kitten playz 2 päeva tagasi
Why he die
Eggieman 234
Eggieman 234 2 päeva tagasi
Can you play in pocket edition?
ZHENG ZEYUAN 2 päeva tagasi
Who are you? Let say herobrine
RawsomeRory 2 päeva tagasi
“My heart was beating” me: Well that’s a relief
SUKIE GONG 2 päeva tagasi
Literally it was hard
Aladdinno 2 päeva tagasi
The video photo was copied
Luis Ángel Cruz zuniga
Luis Ángel Cruz zuniga 2 päeva tagasi
Amigo te copiaron cabronas wey
NAKIJII 2 päeva tagasi
Where is the new vid
Daniel_Yuzu YT
Daniel_Yuzu YT 2 päeva tagasi
Why do i smell potions in my base
Lazy Bear
Lazy Bear 2 päeva tagasi
It’s been 4 months
joaquin montenegro
joaquin montenegro 2 päeva tagasi
Yo a spanish copyng and pasting ur videos
Diavolo /The Boss
Diavolo /The Boss 2 päeva tagasi
Kent Trocio
Kent Trocio 2 päeva tagasi
You shuold just expload hes base to dude
ZanpakutoPlayz 2 päeva tagasi
I think hes doing part 2 of this he havent posted anything yet
Odin Van Koughnett
Odin Van Koughnett 2 päeva tagasi
I’m days were you talking about minecraft days or irl days
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