Game Theory: Your Shiny Pokemon is DOOMED to Die!

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The Game Theorists

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We all love when a shiny version of our favorite Pokemon shows up, right? It is a welcome surprise to any video or card game! Except, those shinies are not as great as we all think. Don't get me wrong, they LOOK amazing but they are lacking one very important thing in the Pokemon universe. That thing, Theorists, is POWER! Shines are WEAK! Not only that, but they are DOOMED! Why? You will have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Malcolm Duffy
Malcolm Duffy 3 tundi tagasi
the song at the start deserves to be on broadway XD
Brent Aiken Balbalec
Brent Aiken Balbalec 8 tundi tagasi
Wait brown panda was in minecraft matpat
Németh Attila
Németh Attila 11 tundi tagasi
Good thing I don't have a single shiny
Nick James
Nick James 13 tundi tagasi
You’re missing the point you still got to catch them all and be the best that you can be. Pokémon go
TheGeekyGuy 14 tundi tagasi
God, if Matt pat wasn’t as nerdy as he really is I don’t think I could stand living
Manic 15 tundi tagasi
Manic 15 tundi tagasi
GachaPlayz066 16 tundi tagasi
Best intro song you've ever come out with -Moana superfan
Denis Ramadanov
Denis Ramadanov 16 tundi tagasi
Waste of life youtube give me the option to block channels enough garbage.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 21 tund tagasi
Love the intro
Maddie McNugget
Maddie McNugget 22 tundi tagasi
I’ve reached the point where I knew the main concepts of this video. Like both the generic and Pokémon stuff. Either I am too old (more schooling and stuff) or I like Pokémon too much (watch a lot of Pokémon videos)
ExoMiner 23 tundi tagasi
Me learning about genetic mutations in school: "How'd you know?"
Coll 23 tundi tagasi
Ngl that intro was epic
Jona Lam
Jona Lam Päev tagasi
Blue man group...
EmptySpace Päev tagasi
The Lion.. From ScribbleNauts, wow i miss that game.
Sheilla Syahputri
Sheilla Syahputri Päev tagasi
That may be the reason I stupidly lost 2 of my shinies by forgetting to migrate them to another game before starting a new game. Now, the only shinies I have is a shiny Magneton and a shiny Geodude in Pokémon Quest.
The darkest Zenitheon
The darkest Zenitheon Päev tagasi
Ball pythons some are breed to be albino
Jenniffer Collazo
Jenniffer Collazo Päev tagasi
i love the intro its so funny and good XD
Yeetus Yeetus
Yeetus Yeetus 2 päeva tagasi
9:05 time to hunt shiny people
Reaven 10
Reaven 10 2 päeva tagasi
Your correct that's why there so rare
Mateo Sandoval
Mateo Sandoval 2 päeva tagasi
Why do you use sience blaster as your intro song
con without an R
con without an R 2 päeva tagasi
In Alabama shiny humans are common
Rio Garcia
Rio Garcia 2 päeva tagasi
kinda click bait
Flower UTTP
Flower UTTP 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone Else Disturbed By The Moana Intro?
Tytoony toons
Tytoony toons 2 päeva tagasi
Well so speaking from experience the suns a gun
Vinson Sorensen
Vinson Sorensen 2 päeva tagasi
Don't know if you have done any research into it already but it would be awesome to see a video like this one on the PokeRus or pokemon virus
Caleb Holiday
Caleb Holiday 2 päeva tagasi
A guy with a messed up face
A guy with a messed up face 3 päeva tagasi
1/8000 Old cursed orb in aut: Laughts in rare
Dk random
Dk random 3 päeva tagasi
Are pokemon just the pokemon world equivalent of animals in the real world?
MrWicked505 3 päeva tagasi
Gamer 756
Gamer 756 3 päeva tagasi
Good thing that my only shiny pokemon is mimikyu or whatever
Armani Johnson
Armani Johnson 3 päeva tagasi
Ha ha ha ha ha ha why why this is so funny
Armani Johnson
Armani Johnson 3 päeva tagasi
Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Ha ha ha that’s so funny I think Memes just dank Memes
Kiddo Middo
Kiddo Middo 3 päeva tagasi
Oh god the cringe
SgtWoomyYT *
SgtWoomyYT * 3 päeva tagasi
ik its just a theory but this ruins pokemon MY ENTIRE LIFE GAME for me
the icecream ninja
the icecream ninja 3 päeva tagasi
Mitei Hiro
Mitei Hiro 3 päeva tagasi
Got a like JUST for the song. 😂
Ethan Young
Ethan Young 3 päeva tagasi
Matpat how do u know about Tesco I thought it was only in England I’d my whole existence a lie
mega solar flame
mega solar flame 4 päeva tagasi
the pikachu you have uhh i think you did something wrong with it
Veemo-bear 4 päeva tagasi
I have a Japanese and English version of the same game
Don Perera
Don Perera 4 päeva tagasi
The singing cringe...
Gabe The Ghazt
Gabe The Ghazt 4 päeva tagasi
game theory: shinys are really really rare me who caught a shiny zubat at the start of pokemon eevee: damn i should buy lottery tickets
Michael Lyle
Michael Lyle 4 päeva tagasi
So what you’re saying is that if we wanted the game to be more biologically accurate, the method to increase chances of shinies should have come from you taking two eggs from your daycare pair, breeding them with each other, rinse and repeat until a shiny was hatched.
Michael Lyle
Michael Lyle 4 päeva tagasi
Why don’t we elaborate a little here Matt: LEGITIMATE shinies are really rare. Thanks to the growing trend of Pokémon generated by third party softwares because the players don’t want to put in the actual time and effort for that shiny or that perfect IV competitive mon, the internet is full of shinies these days. No joke, I even get a EEexs ad for a service (can’t recall if it’s a website or an app) these days that generates pokemon and sends it to your game. So having a shiny isn’t even impressive anymore because even if you’re a Puritan who hunkered down and did the work to get yourself a shiny, the internet will always look at your accomplishment with the lingering doubt that you just cheated like everyone else. When everyone is shiny, no one is shiny anymore
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 4 päeva tagasi
Lol now that's a reference
adam oconnor
adam oconnor 4 päeva tagasi
did you know theres a real pikachu its a mix of a rat a duck for the colour and an electric eal it was made in a lab and a real cat dog
Dagurtheone 4 päeva tagasi
i want to know what that fourth quadrant will be! TELL US THE BETA/ALPHA STRUCTURE OF IT! (whichever one comes first, in a little while, at least.)
Josh Willis
Josh Willis 4 päeva tagasi
The cringiness of his openings are just
Onix #95
Onix #95 4 päeva tagasi
Shiny hunters: WHY ARE ALL MY GUYS DEAD?
tommoore2012 4 päeva tagasi
One time when I was at a strip club one of the dancers had a ball python with her that had a good amount of it’s body covered in white scales. Much more strangely though was that the snake was showing no signs of stress or discomfort from the bright flashing lights or the loud music. It was behaving exactly the same way I saw other ball pythons behave when their relaxing in their enclosure when I worked at Petco years ago.
Aulia Gamez
Aulia Gamez 5 päeva tagasi
Gives a whole new meaning to shiny”hunter”
Brendan Burke
Brendan Burke 5 päeva tagasi
ItsPrince Playz
ItsPrince Playz 5 päeva tagasi
I learn more here than I do at school!!!
TheMindBoggler 5 päeva tagasi
When i played Pokémon emerald for the first time. I hadn’t gotten to the first town yet and had gone thru all my pokeballs. Can you guess what i encountered directly after i ran out? A shiny pidgey. No joke.
colosine 5 päeva tagasi
You forgot about the shiny charm being used with the mesudo method for best chance to breed a shiny
Digital Fungus
Digital Fungus 5 päeva tagasi
Love the tesco reference but very english
ItsNateTime 5 päeva tagasi
What Masuda said would happen: "Players from the US or Great Britain can interact with the Japanese or Chinese groups of players and have fun!" What actually happened: "Hey Alexa, change my region to Asia"
Jaran Kennedy
Jaran Kennedy 5 päeva tagasi
.... Flight of the conchords?
Dylan Brewer
Dylan Brewer 5 päeva tagasi
I've seen a "Blue person" a few times before. There's an area in the state next to mine that people set up shop in and sell all kinds of things. She has a spot that she's probably been using for a long time there.
Omar Covarrubias
Omar Covarrubias 5 päeva tagasi
Holy sh** I have a ton of foreign shiny dittos in my pokemon home and now i will use them to hatch eggs lmao
CHARLEE SANTOS 5 päeva tagasi
I like this lol
• Bumble Bee •
• Bumble Bee • 5 päeva tagasi
No wonder Crayola put blue in their colors of the world.
Fredosie S
Fredosie S 5 päeva tagasi
Mat:and there are badgers that have a white back Me who once saw one of those and passed it of as albino 😬
CHOYERO 5 päeva tagasi
"My pokemon are shiny "
Johnnyblox _7255
Johnnyblox _7255 5 päeva tagasi
Im sending this to my bio teacher
Tin Can't
Tin Can't 6 päeva tagasi
As someone in the reptile community the rare ball python thing is 100% true. They are line bread in captivity and aren't that hard to find captive breed, so they must not be expensive right? Nope! People will spend thousands for pi-balds.
PHONEIX STRIKE 6 päeva tagasi
and i also have A TRADE SHINY UMBREON IN THE BANNED POKEMON GAME/Fake pokemon game
PHONEIX STRIKE 6 päeva tagasi
shiny pokemon are just albios of a diffrent color in pokemon-_-
Bra Zill
Bra Zill 6 päeva tagasi
Good reference
Melody Fuller
Melody Fuller 6 päeva tagasi
I once saw a white catfish
Ieshia Johnson
Ieshia Johnson 6 päeva tagasi
Well that's no problem for me because I want to make friends over the whole entire Earth cell no stopping me
Star Girl
Star Girl 6 päeva tagasi
Matpat “all your shinies are doomed to die Me “ahhahaha yeah yeah heah”
nickyboi augmentol
nickyboi augmentol 6 päeva tagasi
I only subscribed to correct an error in your video. Zebras are striped to help keep bugs like flies and mosquitoes off of them.
Jay Rizuri
Jay Rizuri 7 päeva tagasi
boxingman channel
boxingman channel 7 päeva tagasi
wait a minute, I think i have seen that white snake before.
MrMetsMan 7 päeva tagasi
A shiny I found was doomed to die a tragic death when I thought snorlax's Snore would put it to sleep...
Prejudiced Pizza
Prejudiced Pizza 7 päeva tagasi
What an opening to come back to after a year xD
SamLes Creations
SamLes Creations 7 päeva tagasi
Lololololol 10/10 intro
QueenRatMan 8 päeva tagasi
ive been watching this channel for 4 years and i just realized that in the end of the intro on the middle bottom it says “ruining your childhood since 2011”
Antthraxx 8 päeva tagasi
@9:40 i thought you were choping your Weed down
Mack. H.
Mack. H. 8 päeva tagasi
5:28 Was I the only person that realized this lion was from the game Scribblenauts???
Neon Kirby kid
Neon Kirby kid 8 päeva tagasi
Pls just don’t be tru
Joey Flvkko
Joey Flvkko 8 päeva tagasi
Man talk about cringe 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The talentless Bug boi
The talentless Bug boi 8 päeva tagasi
4:18 my albino snake was blind
Rollinontheboard 8 päeva tagasi
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc 8 päeva tagasi
Yeah, and humans purposely breed albino snakes for profit. Its the same with dogs and cats with scrunched up faces and munchkin cats. Short legs in a cat is a genetic disorder but it was considered "cute" so they continued doing it
Wesley Damen
Wesley Damen 8 päeva tagasi
Meanwhile the fugates somewhere: im blue da be de da be dai
Junior Writer
Junior Writer 8 päeva tagasi
SO we were learning science about genetics. and I showed my teacher the video to be like hey look genetics in a game theory And she said she'd watch it and that alone gives so many happi chemicals. Thanks! Edit: SHE LIKED IT TOO MUCH AND WANTS TO SHARE IT IN THE CLASS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Well. Thanks again I suppose ;w;
Junior Writer
Junior Writer 4 päeva tagasi
@Monu Singh ayee some of us are minors begine bot.
Monu Singh
Monu Singh 4 päeva tagasi
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Dylan Brewer
Dylan Brewer 5 päeva tagasi
That's awesome.
Juliet Schwab
Juliet Schwab 8 päeva tagasi
I liek the blue joke
Bionicle Prime
Bionicle Prime 8 päeva tagasi
Never forget the shiny pokemon that got away. My case a weedle and tauros.
Thomas Brock
Thomas Brock 8 päeva tagasi
I just realized that the neighbor is in the intro
Alexandra Pacanins Colban
Alexandra Pacanins Colban 8 päeva tagasi
Heyo! Zoologist/Biologist here! The zebra stripes fact is not found in any scientific literature. In fact there have been many studies concluding the stripes are more likely to be used for countering flies in the hot savannah environment. Please fix it this or do some more in depth research!
Ravenous Rex
Ravenous Rex 9 päeva tagasi
I breed for a chance to get an all best shiny Pokemon. That requires a lot of inbreeding lol
louise grisolia
louise grisolia 9 päeva tagasi
im patiently waiting for when matpat writes a musical
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 9 päeva tagasi
I live in Kentucky so uuuuh
UMIZUMI :D 9 päeva tagasi
any of ya’ll need a japanese excadrill? cuz i have one
Maximum 9 päeva tagasi
human shiny aye???
ChasingDeathbeds 9 päeva tagasi
I have insanely good luck in finding shiny Pokémon, to the point the first Pokémon I saw & caught in PokemonX was a shiny Zigzagoon I SADLY killed multiple shiny Druddigon in Pokémon Ruby....before I knew shiny Pokémon were an actual thing......I don’t deserve my shiny luck😭 I found a shiny Karrablast just trying to show my brother where to catch it I went through a flower patch & said “please don’t let me catch a shiny fairy Pokémon here, please” & found a shiny Flabebe... I caught 2 shiny Pokémon in a month timeframe on PokémonGo--Psyduck & Wooper & this is barely scratching the surface on the shinies I’ve caught I was legit making my way through a shiny Pokédex before the games’ data corrupted & the game became a plastic paper weight
Doctor Cat
Doctor Cat 9 päeva tagasi
ThE SuN iS a DEdLeY LaSEr
SmaugSlayr 28
SmaugSlayr 28 9 päeva tagasi
Me, watching this while shiny hunting: 😐
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