Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21

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Valkyrie War
Valkyrie War 11 päeva tagasi
They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.
Genesis Andrade
Genesis Andrade 9 minutit tagasi
@San Pav Lyly mydeA
Gdffyu Ffyy
Gdffyu Ffyy Päev tagasi
@Magicstar7777 m I’m mkkko O
Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis Päev tagasi
Who is AB?
Hey its me
Hey its me 2 päeva tagasi
@Magicstar7777 their opinions are more important/controversial than David’s doing ?
GreaterSociety 2 päeva tagasi
liamaes 22 minutit tagasi
trey murbach
trey murbach Tund tagasi
mack Tund tagasi
I wish Trisha wouldn’t dismiss tanking his wiki feet rating🦶 that’s a big blow 😧
Jillian Coulombe
Jillian Coulombe 2 tundi tagasi
hi what does essayed mean lol
Allenッ 2 tundi tagasi
“Out of everybody in that room you’re the sanest” damnnn
Syd Tha Kyd
Syd Tha Kyd 2 tundi tagasi
Ethan: “and then second of all, shredder is alpha”
lizzie sar
lizzie sar 3 tundi tagasi
Alice Miriah
Alice Miriah 4 tundi tagasi
Maybe EEexs thinks it’s okay because you laughed and didn’t say anything about it. I can go report it to EEexs if it’s still up. I advise everyone else to do the same. That’s so odd that a “prank” like that is okay for EEexs. That’s disgusting. The woman in the video is displaying clearly that it is an issue for her and it’s just sitting online? Doesn’t matter when she said it is an issue. Just wow.
Tosti342 5 tundi tagasi
whats the bleeped out part?
Jaycee Cueller
Jaycee Cueller 5 tundi tagasi
i dont like trisha but i like this podcast
K WVLKS 5 tundi tagasi
Jordan Samuel
Jordan Samuel 5 tundi tagasi
I mean Idk Joel Olsteen but just because someone says the “Bible says something,” it doesn’t mean they have to hate them. The realest Christian kind of mantra is to love others. If people be hating on others they can’t consider themselves accurate reflections of Christianity.
Kenya Hughes
Kenya Hughes 6 tundi tagasi
The whole “daddy” segment had me laughing out loud at work 💀💀
EaSy Adapt
EaSy Adapt 7 tundi tagasi
This is the only podcast that I’m willing to watch
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 9 tundi tagasi
me: "my friend never even calls me anymore" also me: 52:58
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 9 tundi tagasi
47:47 i need this on a shirt
buttercup 9 tundi tagasi
can you guys please talk about trishas time in big brother house
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 9 tundi tagasi
E: "me and you are the same!' T: "fat?" E: "YES!" this is why this show is my fav 😂😂😂
M TM 9 tundi tagasi
Dude the Elon Musk/Joe Rogan stuff has gotta stop. They’re wrong IMO but you’re acting like they’re the first people in existence to be misinformed about something. You’re becoming like those SJWs you use to make fun of.
kiana 9 tundi tagasi
I actually would be interested in a podcast of them talking about the holocaust like Trisha said. I really like how Ethan explains things to her without being condescending
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 10 tundi tagasi
i hate how ethan's arguments was "but AB is a good guy" coz that's exactly what ppl say when defending david and other accused assaulters who are celebrities
Rice Wolf
Rice Wolf 15 tundi tagasi
Man, I want to see Ethan give Trisha a hug. That would be the best thing ever.
Smoke Malone
Smoke Malone 18 tundi tagasi
Wtf is essay?? Whats that mean?
Sammy W.
Sammy W. 20 tundi tagasi
The last 5 minutes of this episode 🥺❤️
Sammy W.
Sammy W. 21 tund tagasi
What word got beeped? It’s been bothering me I can’t tell what word they can’t say if they say the f word all the time
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 22 tundi tagasi
"Is it it it mean to say he looks like a lesbian??"
Papa Päev tagasi
Ashley Bloomer
Ashley Bloomer Päev tagasi
"Say it 3 times"
Alicia Alvarado
Alicia Alvarado Päev tagasi
Aves C
Aves C Päev tagasi
Omg really???
Adelaide Barcalow
Adelaide Barcalow Päev tagasi
Trisha saying “If you have to say ‘with peace and love’ then don’t say anything” Is so hilarious to me
CalebsLyfe Päev tagasi
when he calls 5.8 5.5 lmao
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Päev tagasi
this was my first time seeing this podcast. Who is AB or SA?
Kaleb Carpenter
Kaleb Carpenter Päev tagasi
What does Ethan say at 27:00
Andre Freeman
Andre Freeman Päev tagasi
Can I get a time stamp?
Gam3tt322 Päev tagasi
I'm new, what happened between Tish and AB?
Emily Podesta
Emily Podesta Päev tagasi
“You would hit the ground like a bag of bricks “ 🤣🤣
Glen Curry
Glen Curry Päev tagasi
1:23 Ethen caught in 4K coping
Emily Podesta
Emily Podesta Päev tagasi
This podcast is so funny to me I’m always laughing haha
Alberta Grown
Alberta Grown Päev tagasi
Payday Loans are strictly regulated in Alberta, thank goodness!!
Jamie Stevens
Jamie Stevens Päev tagasi
Honestly stop eating on the podcast it’s so fucking annoying
Yosmira Päev tagasi
Dont watch it lmao
Quendrix Martinez
Quendrix Martinez Päev tagasi
i thought teddy fresh was designed after ethan 💀
Liam Harvey
Liam Harvey Päev tagasi
Starts doing a podcast with one the most hated person on the internet while Simultaneously talking shit about one of the most liked person on the internet, nice career move chump.
Heather Päev tagasi
Trisha’s dream about her becoming a rapper is like when she went on America’s Got Talent and ‘rapped’.
Erol B.
Erol B. Päev tagasi
"How do it go, where you squirting and stuff?" - Ethan. This podcast has come to places.
John Cash
John Cash Päev tagasi
those david vlogs were the best
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth Päev tagasi
“you would hit the earth like a bag of fucking bricks” has me dying
MJ Päev tagasi
im sorry is no one going to talk about 36:33 :o
Angela B.
Angela B. Päev tagasi
Watch meat canyons vid about David Dobrik. Sums it tf up. Trust.
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker Päev tagasi
Whose AB?
Holly Cosmic
Holly Cosmic Päev tagasi
Glam Kevin Smith is a VIBE and a LEWK that resonates with me
It’s sad that David actually convinced Trisha she was the crazy one. Like she really was feeling introverted like she was doing something wrong.
Esme Nicolee
Esme Nicolee Päev tagasi
Ryland needs to take notes 📝 Trisha is in so much drama and she talks about it!
kyra garrett
kyra garrett Päev tagasi
Y’all had me CRYINGG at the end lol
Emma Storey
Emma Storey Päev tagasi
Trisha : I had to do my only fans etc Ethan : oh was you squirting and stuff ? We made it guys, it took some time but we made it.
Serina McFatter
Serina McFatter Päev tagasi
28:20 if it were a movie?!?!? If it were a movie there would be F*ING 👏🏼CONSENT👏🏼!!! There would be no SA because EVERYONE would be aware! What a piece of Human 🗑!! 🤬
Toro hayo
Toro hayo Päev tagasi
I love the fact that even tho people can do the shittest things to you theres people lile Ethan who literally just wishes them the best and speaks nothing but good of them. Thats the kind of positive energy i love to see / hear in podcasts. Can't hate on someone just because they moved up in life. And it took me years to realize this myself.
Blaze Carlton
Blaze Carlton Päev tagasi
I love this podcast it's so real.
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien Päev tagasi
I was never a David fan I would come across like 2 minute clips on fb alot but never watched a vlog 🤣🤣 I always thought there was a weird vibe to that group of people. The laughing always creeped me out to because they laugh about everything....literally at everything. I've been a Trisha & h3h3 fan for a very long time so yeah fuck the vlog squad an their creepy ass behavior.
Yosmira Päev tagasi
Omg I thought I was only one!! So many people were obsessed with the vlog squad and i never saw the hype around it. And it just seemed so fake lol
Julia Herndon
Julia Herndon Päev tagasi
Trisha are you a bruins fan?? Boston strong💛
Yosmira Päev tagasi
Boston 🥰🥰
AngelicJess Päev tagasi
Anne frank ended up in a concentration camp, where she ultimately died. Sadly.
Dingus Doink
Dingus Doink Päev tagasi
People go with David's shit and look like they're part of it because cameras are literally always on in that group. Its like a manipulation tactic. Whatever you say is recorded and WILL be put on the internet for millions of people to see, you don't think you'd laugh it off for the camera and be traumatized later?
Korinne Luis
Korinne Luis Päev tagasi
I’m surprised y’all are commenting about David Dobrik and not the fact that Trisha knows NOTHING ABOUT ANNE FRANK LIKE WHAT-
Storm Creator
Storm Creator Päev tagasi
Someone with a teddy fresh hoodie walked into my work and I said “ oh have you seen h3h3 or frenemies?” And he ignored me. H3h3 just know your fans are douche bags
Storm Creator
Storm Creator Päev tagasi
I’m not getting the vaccine until I know it’s safe. But obviously I’m not dumb. I wear a mask and social distance. If I do get it I will quarantine. Also, I think it would be better to temper my immune system by putting it through the sick so it better learns to fight viruses off
Lloyd Trice
Lloyd Trice Päev tagasi
I love that Trish automatically cancels Joel Osteen when she finds out that he doesn’t like gays instead of trying to double down and defend herself!!!!!!!
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina Päev tagasi
It's really funny how Trisha can't say Daddy without making it sound sexual xD
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina 2 päeva tagasi
AB and Trisha couples consoling?
CHINTOog805 2 päeva tagasi
Come to San Luis Obispo I’m tryna meet yall
ghost p
ghost p 2 päeva tagasi
trisha saying "sorry we can bleep that out, im sorry" after realizing she talked about moses family shows how much shes grown. not long ago she was completely the opposite
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights 18 tundi tagasi
Exactly, this is how we know that it’s her environment that is toxic not actually her
Lord Chubs
Lord Chubs 2 päeva tagasi
“ Zac Efron 5’2 “😂😂😂
lucky 2 päeva tagasi
it's so cute how trisha heard a song and thought about her and ethan doing acrobatics to it LOL :,)
Emma Revett
Emma Revett Päev tagasi
When you put it that way it’s soooo cute 🥺
mikaela chavez
mikaela chavez 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly I would really like to hear what Liza has to say about all of this. Maybe this had a play in their breakup? Just curious about her thoughts.
Emma Revett
Emma Revett Päev tagasi
That’s what I’ve been thinking about
Lorena Ramirez
Lorena Ramirez 2 päeva tagasi
David will never talk on it. And if he does he’ll prolly do a giveaway at the end of the apology video🤷‍♀️😃
C Cline
C Cline 2 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: David shows up as a guest and apologizes. I don’t like the frat boy energy from those old vlogs he has to have grown up and realized his mistakes
C Cline
C Cline 2 päeva tagasi
This show really blossomed into greatness
C Cline
C Cline 2 päeva tagasi
I loved David but back then I didn’t realize how bad the vlogs were.. how was I so blind. Maybe he was trying so hard and he was blind too idk you would hope. He needs to post an explanation like his side.. what was he thinking? Does he realize how wrong he was? Or does he not even feel like he did wrong? So many questions... I just don’t understand how blind I was to the ignorance.
MrGrimdrawings 2 päeva tagasi
MrGrimdrawings 2 päeva tagasi
god trisha is cool but when she brings up joel SHE IS TRASH
Lana Davis
Lana Davis 2 päeva tagasi
i just love how much their relationship has grown ♥️🥺 it’s very heartwarming to see someone try to understand why trisha does certain things and Moses seems like a very genuine guy too.
carlyxoxo lexy
carlyxoxo lexy 2 päeva tagasi
Agnesia 2 päeva tagasi
Ethan: With peace and love, I hate to say this, it's like the Anne Frank diet. Trisha: **death glare intensifies**
Kerrin Cochrane
Kerrin Cochrane 2 päeva tagasi
Kerrin Cochrane
Kerrin Cochrane 2 päeva tagasi
Cleo Roback
Cleo Roback 2 päeva tagasi
2 minutes of unedited dead air footage is exactly what we’re looking for when subscribing to Trisha she knows her demographic
Haley Hansen
Haley Hansen 2 päeva tagasi
In the wise words of Taylor Swift “Karma is real” and I’m just keeping that in mind for David Dobrick
ahz 2 päeva tagasi
45:32 time stamp for me
ahz 2 päeva tagasi
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday 2 päeva tagasi
1:10:40 Funny enough, Bernard from Santa Claus was actually on a recent episode of WWE RAW.
Unrushed 2 päeva tagasi
who is ab? i'm lost
MsLalaUsagi 2 päeva tagasi
I like Trisha, but when Ethan called her dangerous, he was 100% accurate. She can do damage and I’m glad Ethan sees that clear as day. Easier for him to protect himself as well as Hila. I guarantee you that if Ethan wanted to hook up with Trisha, Trisha would jump on it in a second. Might be just me thinking this, but I think Trisha secretly has a crush on Ethan
Mizako 96
Mizako 96 Päev tagasi
Nah I think you’re lowkey calling Trisha a slut and it’s honestly gross. Trisha is many things but she is not a cheater, nor is she one to actively try to destroy good things in her life. That comment was uncalled for. She’s finally found someone like Moses that loves her unconditionally and shows her respect after all the shit she’s gone through. She wouldn’t throw that away.
Hi There
Hi There 2 päeva tagasi
Trisha is super happy with Moses. I don’t think she would ruin that
Anthony Peck
Anthony Peck 2 päeva tagasi
How hard is it not not lip-smack eat into the mic. Makes me want to vomit. Trisha manages to eat without the gross noises.
Just Joss
Just Joss 2 päeva tagasi
Frenimes is always so fun! I can’t wait to see what you have in store in the future ❤️
Sarah Deaver-Newman
Sarah Deaver-Newman 2 päeva tagasi
Your momentum is going straight into the earth TRISHA 😒😬.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Its Jbunny
Its Jbunny 2 päeva tagasi
saying u look like a fetal alcohol baby is DUMB AF!!!!!!!!!
Appysito 2 päeva tagasi
where is the hmmmm part at?
Aaron 2 päeva tagasi
Is saying being gay is a sin, the same as hating them? I believe it's a sin but I definitely don't hate gay people
Mizako 96
Mizako 96 Päev tagasi
No. If you only see it as a sin then you are really just viewing it as something god will judge negatively but it doesn’t particularly affect you anyway. Deep rooted hatred would be like what the Westboro Baptist church does
2 päeva tagasi
Vi 2 päeva tagasi
If you have a good PR don’t they pay off magazines so they don’t expose certain things. I don’t remember what docu I watched that would break down everything media does.
aviana rae
aviana rae 2 päeva tagasi
it’s disgusting how everyone just has looked past all this
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange 2 päeva tagasi
I genuinely had to stop myself from cracking up laughing when Trisha said "I used to have daddy issues...they're resolved now." Dude same. Then responding with "time" to "how do you resolve daddy issues?" was just so good. I love the real personal growth moments in this podcast.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 päeva tagasi
I wish Trish would spill the tea on why Jeffree and Nate broke up.
Mizako 96
Mizako 96 Päev tagasi
@Hi There I don’t think she gives a fuck. Many people openly dislike Jeffree now. She’s publicly called him evil and a monster. I just think she’s done with him because of what a nasty person he is.
Hi There
Hi There 2 päeva tagasi
She knows jeffree would come for her LOL
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